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WATER films this Sunday (3/29) from 3-5p: Ventura Film Festival

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  • Sara Brooke Benjamin
    Two water-related films, Damming the Angry River and FLOW (for the love of water), are screening at the Ventura Film Festival this Sunday (3/29) from 3-5p
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2009
      Two water-related films, "Damming the Angry River" and "FLOW (for the love of water)," are screening at the Ventura Film Festival this Sunday (3/29) from 3-5p at the Elks Lodge. Recommended!


      More info:

      Ventura Film Festival Features Water Resource Documentary

      For Immediate Release
      March 9, 2009
      Contact: Jim Passanisi, Water Utility Manager, 805-652-4504

      Ventura Film Festival Features Water Resource Documentary

      The City of Ventura Environmental and Water Resources Division encourages
      the public to attend the Ventura Film Festival's screening of FLOW (For the
      Love of Water) on Friday, March 27 at 3:10 pm and Sunday, March 29 at 3:15
      pm, at the Elks Lodge in Ventura. The City's Water Resources Division is a
      proud sponsor of the festival and this 90-minute documentary featuring
      worldwide issues in providing clean and safe water, our most precious
      natural resource.

      The film FLOW centers on the importance of water as the essence of life and
      the varying obstacles to providing safe water delivery throughout the world.
      While it is estimated that there is a sufficient water supply worldwide,
      some regional areas struggle because the water is not in the right location
      or the available water is not of acceptable quality for human consumption.
      The lack of reasonable funding approaches for water supply and its
      associated infrastructure also prevents projects from being constructed,
      especially in poorer communities who cannot afford the necessary financial
      FLOW documents that the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation
      facilities are some of the root causes of hunger, disease and poverty.
      Creating safe water supplies and sanitation systems must be a high priority
      for communities in developing countries. Water projects in third world
      communities are found to have an immediate life-changing impact,
      particularly for women and children, who bear the daily responsibility of
      gathering water for their families.

      Water resource projects designed for the future will integrate drinking
      water, stormwater and sanitation processes to create sustainable water-use
      systems. This approach to water recycling and conservation is an important
      tool to support sustainable social and financial development in communities
      across the globe.

      For more information, please contact City of Ventura Water Utility Manager
      Jim Passanisi at 805-652-4504.

      This press release is available on the City of Ventura's website at

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