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Septic Systems in the surf zone

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  • Paul Jenkin
    Septic Systems in the surf zone Malibu braces for forensic fecal investigators to suss surf
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2006
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      Septic Systems in the surf zone

      Malibu braces for forensic fecal investigators to suss surf
      "Malibu residents are in for a shock.  State investigators will test sea water off Malibu and DNA check to see if the offending waste is human, and if so, a lot of Malibu residents will have the state of California environmental agencies up their bottoms checking to see who the offenders are. The sewage could really hit the fan."

      While public money is being spent to determine the source of high bacteria levels in the surf in Malibu, a few miles up the coast Ventura County is permitting new development that may lead to the same problem in the future.

      Last week, the Ventura County Planning Commission ok'd the subdivision of the Neptune's Net parcel to include 4 residential lots on the bluff above the popular rural restaurant.  As part of the deal, the developer is permitted to privatize and gate off Elise Street, which runs parallel to PCH, in exchange for undergrounding the power lines along that stretch of coast.  This development will consist of 13 large homes on the bluff above the beach, all on septic systems.

      This past summer, Surfrider Foundation representatives met with County Planners and the proponents of the proposed development above the popular surf spot known as Ventura County Line.  Following the discussions and input, the developer incorporated several innovative measures to improve potential impacts from stormwater runoff.  But regulating agencies including the County Environmental Health Department and the Regional Water Quality Control Board did not see cause for concern over the septic systems planned just 400 feet from the shoreline.

      Meanwhile, at the other end of the county, it looks like a solution is in sight for the notorious septic system problems at Rincon Point.  Surfrider Foundation Blue Water Task Force volunteers first detected high levels of fecal coliform bacteria in the surf at Rincon in the mid 1990's.  The annual "Rincon Clean Water Classic" surf event raised money for further testing, that in turn led to an all-out campaign spearheaded by Heal the Ocean.  After the City of Carpinteria agreed to run a sewer line out to Rincon Point, homeowners sued to avoid the hookup fees.  It appears this issue has now been resolved, and the program to eliminate the impacts of septics in the surf zone is once again moving ahead.

      Sewage Switch Planned To Clean Up Surf Spot
      September 20, 2006 - (CBS) CARPINTERIA, Calif. Cleaner waters are coming to the famed Rincon surf spot.
      Eight years after surfers first blew the whistle on Rincon Point pollution, officials unanimously approved a plan to switch 156 area beach-side homes from septic tanks to sewer lines. The septic tanks were long suspected as the source of high bacteria levels at Rincon. Many area homes are just above sea level, so septic systems often become waterlogged and stop working during heavy rains and high tides.

      Officials expect the sewer hookups to be costly, since sewage from the Rincon Point homes must be pumped more than a mile -- mostly uphill -- to the district's wastewater plant. The original article can be found here -

      Paul Jenkin
      Environmental Director
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      Coordinator, Matilija Coalition
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