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Surfrider November Events + Local News

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  • Paul Jenkin
    Saturday, November 3rd Ventura Stream Team 9am - 1pm - Come help us collect water quality data at 15 sites in the Ventura River watershed. Meet at the Ventura
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007

      Saturday, November 3rd
      Ventura Stream Team
      9am - 1pm - Come help us collect water quality data at 15 sites in the Ventura River watershed.
      Meet at the Ventura Surfrider office at 239 W. Main St. in Ventura (near Patagonia).  From there we will travel by car to our sites.
      Visit www.stream-team.org for more information about Stream Team!

      Tuesday November 6
      Ventura County Chapter Meeting
      6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EP Foster Library, Ventura
      Election of new board members

      Sunday November 11
      14th Annual Salmon Run/Walk
      Patagonia Headquarters, Ventura
      Proceeds from this years event benefit Los Padres Forest Watch http://www.lpfw.org/

      Friday November 16
      Ventura College GIS Day

      8:30 -9:30 am - Keynote Speaker Paul Jenkin
      "Matilija Dam and the Ventura River - Resource Assessment, Data Gathering, and Mapping"

      Local News:

      Whale guts removed from beach burial site
      According to Surfrider member Steve Cook:
      10/30/2007  And the good news is…..THEY ARE DIGGING UP THE WHALE CARCASS WHILE THERE IS NO SURF AND IT IS LOW TIDE.    What whale carcass you say?   The 70 ton Blue buried 300 yards up current from Pitas Point.   They buried the whale while there was sand.   Then, a swell came in, washed away the sand and exposed whale parts which drifted down coast creating potential shark attacks on surfers in the line up at Father Johns and Mary’s, not to mention the stench became rancid for all the campers at Faria Campground and the multi-million dollar homes along the beaches south of Pitas Point.   There was going to be a continuous plume of whale oil/blubber and guts in the line up for about 3-5 years.   This is a great day……..I wonder where they are going to dump the mess?

      Taylor Ranch runoff results in sediment plume and coastal impacts

      Recent expansion of agricultural operations on Taylor Ranch, just north of the Ventura River, resulted in significant impacts to the coast.  For several weeks in October, runoff from the fields discharged through a storm drain onto Emma Wood State Beach.  A plume was visible in the ocean extending downcoast through Surfers Point.  Photos were sent to authorities.  If you see continuing problems, please take photos and document the impacts - we'll continue to pass the information on to regulators.

      Channelkeeper investigation leads to Notice of Violation for oil extraction facility

      The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board recently issued a Notice of Violation for NPDES permit violations at an oil production facility near Faria and Solimar Beaches. Regional Board action was a direct response to complaints and information offered by Santa Barbara Channelkeeper. Over the last year, Channelkeeper collected chemical and photographic evidence suggesting that the 4,236 acre facility was negatively impacting a small creek that opens out onto Solimar Beach. 
      more info: http://www.sbck.org/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=130

      Remember - as a Surfrider member, YOU are a "Keeper of the Coast" - please document and photograph any issues that you see and pass the information along - together we CAN make a difference.

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