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422Offshore drilling is not the answer.

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    Apr 2, 2010
      Not The Answer
      Dear Paul,

      As you probably heard, The Obama administration opened vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling, much of it for the first time.

      By opening up the coast to new offshore oil drilling and exploration, the Minerals Management Service not only places our environment at risk, it threatens the livelihoods of millions of Americans who rely on clean, healthy, oil-free oceans and beaches to support fishing, tourism and other industries.

      We know this is a controversial and polarizing issue. But, it's our mission, our passion and our duty to fight for the oceans, waves and beaches we all love. As a member of the Surfrider Foundation, I think you expect this from Surfrider - that we will fight for the safety and health of our oceans and the people who rely on the oceans.

      Our coast comes first. Surfrider will be at the forefront of this fight. And here's how you can stand with us:

      There is power in numbers. The more Surfrider Foundation members there are, the louder our collective voice will be to stop drilling on our beloved coasts.

      Join the Surfrider Foundation TODAY!

      Your support today will send the message that offshore drilling is not the answer and it will never be worth the risk to our coasts.

      For our oceans, waves, and beaches,

      Jane Kelly
      Director of Membership
      Offshore Drilling Myths

      1. New technologies will prevent oil spills.

      Try telling the Australians that. In August 2009 a state-of-the-art rig using "new technology" spilled 2000 barrels of oil a day for 10 weeks into the fragile East Timor Sea.

      2. Offshore drilling is good for the economy and will create jobs!

      Our beaches are economic engines. One oil spill would devastate the local coastal tourism industry and the livelihood of people working in the fishing industry.

      3. We won't be reliant on foreign oil.

      We'll still have to import at least 40% of our oil to meet our daily consumption needs.

      4. We'll have a long-term supply of oil.

      It won't be enough. Offshore drilling will only give us about 18 months of supply at our current rate of consumption.

      For more myth debunking, take a look at this fact sheet and pass it on to your friends and family.
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