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  • mark quested
    The below email may interest... Regards Mark Quested * * * * * * * * If you like rock, heavy metal and other alternative music, then please check out the
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      The below email may interest...

      Mark Quested

      * * * * * * * *

      If you like rock, heavy metal and other alternative music, then please check out the following:

      Transcend Internet site - http://www.transcendmediagroup.com/
      Transcend Mailing List - http://www.transcendrecords.fanbridge.com/

      Transcend Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/TranscendRecords

      Transcend Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/Tran...scend_Crew

      Transcend Media Group, and its record label Transcend Records, manage a number of bands including the legendary Goth Rocker Carl McCoy, who is better known as Fields of the Nephilim. Transcend are also responsible for the UK HELLFIRE music festival, whose headline acts last year were Saxon and Fields of the Nephilim.

      Tell all your alternative friends and metalheads! Spread the word and let us help publicise the Transcend label!
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      Sent: Friday, 25 November 2011, 20:06
      Subject: Jungle Records - Gothic News 24.11.11Mark
      Jungle Records Gothic Newsletter.
      New releases:
      1. Anne Marie Hurst
      2. Bone Orchard
      3. The Eden House
      4. Gothic Rock 4
      5. Goth Xmas.
      We’re proud to announce the first solo album from the former Skeletal Family and Ghost Dance singer!  Anne Marie is backed by original Skeletal Family members Trotwood and Stan Greenwood.  The album also features guests PAUL WELLER and OCEAN COLOUR SCENE’s Steve Craddock.
      Skeletal Family regularly topped the UK indie charts in the 80’s and toured with the likes of Sisters Of Mercy and Siouxsie & the Banshees.  Following two albums they split, and Anne Marie Hurst formed Ghost Dance, who signed to Chrysalis for a national chart album and toured with The Ramones
      Now, after a 20-year hiatus, Anne Marie is reunited with Skeleton Family founder-members Trotwood and Stan Greenwood for this new album.  It features guest appearances from Paul Weller and Ocean Colour Scene’s Steve Craddock.  It was recorded at Paul Weller’s studio, and mixed by Steve Carey of The Eden House
      Anne Marie and the band have been gigging across the UK and Europe over the past two years, showcasing both her back-catalogue and new songs, rekindling her strong fan-base.
      More info here:
      A sampler for the album can be seen here:
      and a video teaser here:
      With more new videos due to be added shortly.
      The official release will be in January BUT along with the band for a limited period it will be available exclusively by direct mail.
      It’s in stock now, and you can order here: -
      The first time on CD for this cult Post-punk / Gothic / Psychobilly 80’s band from Brighton.  A comprehensive 17-track anthology of the best of their series of Jungle releases, PLUS DVD with seven video promo clips + seven archive live performance tracks, and 12-page booklet with 1,000-word history by Grave Jibes webzine editor and the Inca Babies' Harry S, plus lyrics and photos.
      Bone Orchard grew out of an alternative Brighton nightclub ‘Subterfuge’ run by singer Chrissy McGee in 1983.  John Peel gave them a session, which led to a record deal with Jungle.  Their debut 6-track EP ‘Stuffed To The Gills’ was followed by ‘Swallowing Havoc’, and the album ‘Jack’, on which they added violin and piano, with a bluesier, jazzier sound.  Their final Jungle release was ‘Princes Epilepsy’ 12”.  They gigged with The Birthday Party, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Alien Sex Fiend, Johnny Thunders & The Meteors, and issued a mini-LP on their own label before splitting in 1986.  This compilation includes the best of the Jungle recordings on CD, and seven video promos, plus bonus live footage on DVD.
      Four of the video promos are new on Youtube.  Here’s links to two of them (you’ll find the other two in ‘related videos’) -
      More info here:
      In stock now; buy it here:
      3.  THE EDEN HOUSE
      Stay tuned; stay subscribed. 
      There’s some exciting Eden House and Jungle release news coming very shortly!
      4.  GOTHIC ROCK 4
      This project proved hard to fast-track, with 40 tracks to compile.  But we’re back on track with it.  More news soon!
      5.  Meanwhile, Christmas is coming…
      … so we made sure we’ve got plenty of ‘The Ultimate Gothic Rock’ 5-CD box set in stock.  They’re here, nicely shrinkwrapped, and a great present for someone you know who probably needs it.  Or ask your gran for it.  On sale at our ebay shop for £9.99, here:  http://bit.ly/rTxMR7
      Our news goes first to those subscribed here: -
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