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Re: [stumptownshooters] Tiffin Fest/Johnson County

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    Thank you Bradley! ________________________________ From: Brad Grupe To: stumptownshooters@yahoogroups.com Sent: Saturday, July 6, 2013
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      Thank you Bradley!

      From: Brad Grupe <bradgrupe@...>
      To: stumptownshooters@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, July 6, 2013 8:59 AM
      Subject: Re: [stumptownshooters] Tiffin Fest/Johnson County

      Mark (and all)- I have requested July 25 off and should be available for the duration. I may be able to help with rack setup on Wednesday after work as well.
      I don't know if I'll be at Tiffin or not.
      Brad Grupe


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      From: "pyrowoody2" <markstephenwoodburn@...>
      To: stumptownshooters@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, July 5, 2013 11:23:04 PM GMT -06:00 US/Canada Central
      Subject: [stumptownshooters] Tiffin Fest/Johnson County

      Hi All,

      We had a decent crew for Trek Fest. Many Thanks to Abbie & Adam Dietz,
      Andy/Erica Neuzil, Dave Goodner, Greg Levin, Tom (Sorry man, don't
      remember your last), Dustin (Rodriguez maybe?), and Lisle Naumann. It
      was a very nice show despite the little hiccup we had (see my last
      message). On to the next - Tiffin.

      Even though the system had almost no misfires at all at Trek Fest and
      performed perfectly in every other way after continuity checks were
      over, Andy wants to shoot Tiffin on the Mighty 96 - OK. We will be
      setting up on the South East (farthest end from the entrance gate behind
      the Eastern Ballfield at the Ballpark Facility on the East end of Town
      (If that makes sense). We met there last year about 9am, which was a wee
      bit early, so let's try 10am this year for anyone who wants to play that
      day. That is NEXT Saturday (not tomorrow) on July 13.

      I'm not too concerned about a crew for Tiffin Fest - that's on a
      weekend, I am concerned about Johnson County. It's on a Thursday. I took
      that Thursday off but the plan is to setup the majority of the racks (or
      all of them if we can), on Wednesday the 24th as soon as folks can get
      there after work (usually 5:30 for most people) to get a jumpstart on
      setup at 9am on the 25th. We are all meeting at 7:30 or quarter to 8 at
      the Regina Boosters Concession Building for Breakfast (on the
      Fairboard), and then meeting anyone not coming out for Breakfast at the
      bottom of the Big Hill at 9am. The Fair has put in a road (of sorts) on
      the LEFT/SOUTH of the Hill. NO ONE is to go up the North Side as in
      Year's past. That is Private Property and the Fair No Longer has access
      to it. To get up the left side of the Hill go around the end of the
      South Show Barn (open-sided, last building on the Southeast Side of the
      Fairgrounds). It is not as steep, nor as long of a drive as it has been
      in the past.

      Please anyone who can, please (please, please) turn out for this one. It
      is a weekday, and if you don't already have the day off, or can't get
      off early or whatever - please - show up when you can. If that is 3pm or
      5pm or whenever, every hand helps. We shoot at 9:30, the Color Guard
      Sets up at 8:30 and they shut down the Garden Tractor-Pull to allow us
      to shoot at 9:30. We will break for Lunch (also on the Fairboard) around

      Thanks All.

      Play Safe and Stay Green,


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