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    Since it s the start of the month and we ve got a lot of new members, here are a few helpful pointers that will help everyone get the best use of this Group.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 1, 2009
      Since it's the start of the month and we've got a lot of new members,
      here are a few helpful pointers that will help everyone get the best use of this Group.

      You can change your e-mail Preferences at
      It's the fast way to change to "daily digest", and add another e-mail address
      (or remove one, if you have too many registered).

      If you're getting too many e-mails, just send a blank e-mail to
      This will put you on "daily digest" (one e-mail a day with all the messages in it).
      And if you want to stop getting e-mails altogether, e-mail
      studio-ni-nomail@yahoogroups.com and follow the instructions.

      - DELETE the bits of the message you don't want to repeat, and put your
      message at the BOTTOM. Top-posting is lazy, amateurish and childish.

      - If you want people to e-mail you off the list, put your e-mail address in the body of your message [or in your .sig].
      Some people seem to hit "reply", and thus send their response to the entire list!

      If you want to send Documents (or pictures) to the Group, here are the rules:

      Please note - the Studio-NI Group provides a free service to all our (currently
      over a THOUSAND!) members.
      It's a contributor-based Group, every message comes from the members themselves.


      If someone wants to share a document (Word, PDF, whatever) or a picture with the rest of the Group, don't just e-mail it.
      Upload it to your web server (or to the Studio-NI site http://groups.yahoo.com/group/studio-ni ) and e-mail the URL
      (including the "HTTP://" bit) as part of a plain-text message.

      If you use Flickr for hosting your photos, you can also join our Flickr Group:

      If you want to share a YouTube video, just add it to the Studio-NI YouTube
      Group: http://www.youtube.com/group/studioni


      If a well-paid office-staffer just sends us the documents and expects our unpaid volunteers to do all the work for free,
      we'll be asking for a �10 donation to the "Curing Cancer" charity campaign for Action Cancer at

      Good luck!
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