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x @indymogul just uploaded FIGHT SCENES, PART II - w/Special Guest Host, Andrew Kim : FRIDAY 101

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    indymogul just uploaded a video FIGHT SCENES, PART II - w/Special Guest Host, Andrew Kim : FRIDAY 101
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2012
      indymogul just uploaded a video
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      indymogul just uploaded a video:


      1) Proper Convention Guest Etiquette - http://youtu.be/jxHR2ptncY0
      2) Elemental Battle! - http://youtu.be/ohFSWrhBLhE
      3) How NOT To Approach Johnny Yong Bosch At A Convention - http://youtu.be/3pwcHoBkMEE

      This week, Andrew Kim of the channel, WMAIStudents, wraps up his guest hosting gig by going over how to shoot fight scenes, the importance of actors "selling" your fight scenes, and a few other miscellaneous bits. And Russell reclaims his office!

      If you have a question, are seeking advice (FILMMAKING advice, Russ is NOT, in fact, a licensed therapist), or were just wondering about anything at all film or video related, send an email to:
      Even quick, simple questions will do.

      Have something to add to any of the topics we discussed on this episode? Send us a video response, or a Youtube link via email, and record yourself weighing in!

      If you have made a movie and want advice as to how it could be be... more

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