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New pages on the struggle site - anarchism, leninism and globalisation

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  • Andrew
    New pages on the Struggle site Hi folks, Below are the latest additions to the Struggle site. Many of them are a new archive of writings by a Scottish
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2002
      New pages on the Struggle site

      Hi folks,

      Below are the latest additions to the Struggle
      site. Many of them are a new archive of
      writings by a Scottish anarchist called anarcho
      which deals with globalistaion, leninism and
      anarchism among other topics. The bottom half
      are all a result of a re-arrangement of the WSM
      subject index's to tidy up the site.

      Access these pages as always via

      Large protest in Dublin against police brutality
      [with photos]
      After two days when the first item on the
      evening TV news was the brutal Gardai attack on
      a Reclaim the Streets party it was not
      surprising that thousands joined a rally against
      police brutality outside Pearse St police
      station on Thursday night.

      John McGuffin
      Obitury for an Irish anarchist who died at the
      end of April

      Anarchist writings from Anarcho
      A selection of writings from a Scottish

      Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
      A leaflet handed out at a Globalise Resistance
      conference showing the state capitalist nature
      of Bolshevism.

      Anti-capitalism or state capitalism PDF leaflet

      Capitalist "anti-capitalism"? Whatever next?
      A reply to Monbiot's critique of anarchism and
      his vision of a reformed capitalism as a
      solution to the problems of capitalism.

      Monbiot on Genoa
      A critique of Monbiot's discussion of the Black
      Block in Genoa in the Guardian.

      "The ecstasy of resistance"
      A review of "On Fire: The Battle of Genoa and
      the anti-capitalist movement"

      The Paris Commune
      An essay on the Paris Commune of 1871 and its
      links and lessons for anarchism.

      Send in the Clowns...
      An article on the Gothenburg anti-EU summit
      demos. Printed in edited form in Freedom

      And the protestors are missing the point?
      An analysis of the Guardian's comments on the
      battle of Quebec.

      In Defence of the Truth
      A critique of John Rees' "In Defence of October"
      and its account of the Makhnovists and

      A few comments on "Bakunin's Statism and
      Anarchy: A review by Chris Gray"
      A critique of Chris Gray's review of Bakunin's
      "Statism and Anarchy."

      The Spanish Civil War by Antony Beevor
      Review of one of the best histories of the
      Spanish Civil War

      We, the Anarchists: A Study of the Iberian
      Anarchist Federation (FAI)
      1927-1937 A review of Stuart Christie's new book
      on the FAI.

      Marxism and "Anarchism": A reply to the SWP
      A lengthy critique of an SWP article on
      anarchism. Published in Freedom.

      Through the Looking Glass: Anarchist adventures
      at Marxism 2001
      An account of my experiences at the SWP's
      Marxism 2001 conference

      Dead Dogma Sketch (apologies to Monty Python)
      A parody of Monty Python's "Dead Parrot Sketch"
      inspired by my experiences at Marxism 2001.

      A reply to Pat Stack's "Anarchy in the UK?"
      A critique of one of the worse articles on
      anarchism ever. It was printed, in edited for,
      in Socialist Review.

      A Communist turned Comedian?
      A critique of the SWP's analysis of the history
      of Germany's Green foreign minister Joschka

      A reply to Louis Proyect's "A Marxist Critique
      of Bakunin": Or "how not to critique anarchism."
      A lengthy critique of a particularly bad Marxist
      attack on Bakunin.

      Lying for Leninism: An analysis of G. Zinoviev's
      letter to the I.W.W.
      A lengthy discussion of how Zinoviev lied about
      conditions in Bolshevik Russia in order to win
      the IWW to Communism.

      The Weekly Worker, Anarchists and Genoa
      A critique of the Communist Party of Great
      Britain's analysis of the Genoa demonstrations
      and the part anarchists played in them.

      First letter to the Weekly Worker
      Second letter to the Weekly Worker
      A series of letters discussing the replies to
      the above article which appeared in the Weekly

      A New Word in Our Hearts
      A reply to the Weekly Worker's "After
      Gothenburg: Where now for anti-capitalism?"

      What Nightmares! What Dreams?
      A review of the Spanish Civil War exhibition
      "Dreams + Nightmares" at the London Imperial War

      Reclaim May Day!
      A history of May Day.

      Media May Day! Please send help...
      An analysis of some of the media's comments on
      May Day 2002.

      The Daily Maul
      An account of the Daily Mail's coverage of May
      Day 2001.

      Workers Against Lenin: Labour Protest and the
      Bolshevik Dictatorship
      Review of an excellent book on working class
      protest and struggle in Russian from 1920 to

      Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
      I Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
      II Socialism or Statism?
      III Does it matter?
      VI For a real anti-capitalism!

      A pamphlet on the state capitalist and statist
      nature of Bolshevism which also explains the
      anarchist alternative
      Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism? PDF booklet

      The fight for Abortion rights
      A history of the fight for abortion rights in
      Ireland and the issues central to this fight.

      Anarchism and the fight against Imperialism
      Areas covered include S11, the 1991 Gulf War,
      2001 Afghan war and the UN interventions in
      Somalia and Yugoslavia.

      The Irish economy
      A look at how the economy has functioned from
      the early 1980's on.

      Drumcree, July 12th and the Orange Order
      an anarchist analysis of sectarianism in Ireland
      and the role the Orange Order has played

      Imperialism and northern Ireland
      Irish anarchist texts written from the early
      1980's to the mid 1990's on the conflict in
      northern Ireland and the respective roles of
      British imperialism, Irish republicanism and

      Community organising and the Dublin drugs
      (heroin) crisis
      Heroin killed hundreds of young people in Dublin
      in the poorest working class communities which
      have organised a number of anti - drug campaigns
      in response.

      The Irish 'Peace Process'
      Articles and statements about the Irish 'Peace
      Process' and the IRA cease-fire

      Refugees & Asylum seekers in Ireland
      The struggle for freedom for refugees and Asylum
      seekers in Ireland

      The Russian Revolution
      The Russian revolution of October 1917 was a
      defining point for socialism. Was there an
      anarchist alternative to both Leninism and the
      return of Czarism?

      Workplace struggles and the unions
      analysis of the unions alongside specific
      coverage of strikes and workplace disputes in

      Thinking about anarchism
      Explains many of the basic ideas of anarchism
      and how they apply in Ireland

      The fight against the Water Charges
      The story of how the Water Charge was defeated
      in Dublin

      Modern anarchist writings by women
      recent writings by anarchist women

      Womens Liberation
      Under modern capitalism women continue to
      receive lower pay then men and in many countries
      are still legally discriminated against.

      The anarchist arguments against capitalism
      A guide to how capitalism functions and why it
      is destroying our world and the people who live
      on it.

      Crime, prison and punishment
      What is crime and who defines it, if we get rid
      of the police then who will stop crime occuring.

      Anarchism, ecology and the environment
      General theory plus reports of lots if Irish
      direct action protests related to the

      The international anarchist movement
      Articles on the anarchist movement and anarchist
      organisations all over the world

      Anti - Racism in Ireland
      Articles on racism in Ireland as it effects
      Irish Travellers

      Anarchism and Religion
      Anarchists traditionally have a hostile attitude
      to religion, summed up by the slogan 'No Gods,
      No Masters'

      Anarchist history and theory on revolution
      Anarchists insist that to get rid of capitalism
      and all its oppressions we need a revolution.
      But what exactly is a revolution and who can
      create one

      Access these pages as always via

      3000 + pages on anarchism, Ireland, Zapatistas
      revolutionary history and struggles around globalistaion
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