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New pages on Struggle

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  • Andrew
    Hi folks, latest updates includes Workers Solidarity 80. Also we are mirroring the EUfortress page for the Mayday protests, see http://struggle.ws/eufortress
    Message 1 of 15 , Apr 7, 2004
      Hi folks,

      latest updates includes Workers Solidarity 80. Also we are mirroring the
      EUfortress page for the Mayday protests, see http://struggle.ws/eufortress

      Acces new pages at http://struggle.ws/new.html

      Workers Solidarity No 80 is online
      Individual articles can be accessed below
      PDF file of Workers Solidarity 80
      For you to print out and distribute locally

      Mayday Mayday
      EU leaders in the castle - we'll take the streets. On Saturday, the first
      of May, anarchists and other activists from the Dublin Grassroots Network
      are calling for a day of action and protest against the EU.
      Thats capitalism
      Racist attacks, Fianna Fail bribes and housing shortages in Ireland
      Deporting our neighbours - Government plays race card to divide and rule
      It suits the Irish elite to scapegoat refugees for all the problems that
      their mismanagement of society causes. The ruling class wants to set Irish
      workers against immigrant workers so as to prevent the workers from seeing
      that their interests are the same regardless of nationality
      Quebec 1, Global Elite 0
      When the summit circus came to Quebec and lost. The Summit of the
      Americas, a meeting of 34 head of state to advance the agenda of
      neo-liberal capitalism, was held in Qubec in 2001.
      On the frontlines of the health crisis
      An interview with Dr. Ciara McMeel, a GP working in West Tallaght
      Book Review - Palestine by Joe Sacco
      In the book '1984', Winston Smith is told what the future is going to be
      like. He is told to imagine a boot grinding a face into the ground over
      and over again.
      Thinking about Anarchism - Immigration
      The flip side to the world of freedom of movement for the wealthy and
      their commodities is that there are massive restrictions on the freedom of
      movement for those seeking to escape the poverty of the third world.
      Hijab: lifting the veil
      Standing up to religious oppression or state racism? Ultimately we believe
      that people should have the freedom to dress whatever way they like. This
      means freedom from state interference and freedom from religious
      interference in how one should dress.
      International Women's Day
      International Women's Day is an expressly political day. In 1907 women
      sweatshop workers marched in New York and thus the first International
      Women's day was born.
      Transport privatisation: working conditions under attack
      Reduce wage costs, increase fares, cut back on less used routes. That's
      the plan for the bus service. Airport workers are also looking at
      worsening conditions with the threatened break up of Aer Rianta
      Tough on Blair. Tough on the causes of Blair
      On why Blair's justifications for war are nonsense and why the focusing on
      Blair by some parts of the anti-war movement is wrong. We need to change
      the system, not politicians.
      No to all forms of Terrorism!
      On the Madrid bombings. Written the day after the event and correctly
      doubts whether ETA was responsible.
      Union busting, Iraqi style
      Labour unions in "liberated" Iraq? You should know better!
      Money talks...
      Some light is shed on Blair's meetings with big business. A truly
      listening government.
      What is Anarchism?
      A review of Alexander Berkman's classic introduction to
      Communist-Anarchism. A highly recommended book.
      say no to Fortress Europe, come to Dublin for the Mayday No Borders
      weekend 2004
      Mayday Flyer PDF or DOC
      Flyers for Mayday 2004 in Dublin
      SIPTU section supports Columbian Coca-Cola
      SIPTU members in Trinity College have called for no investment in
      Coca-Cola by the Trinity College pension fund
      The attacks on the USA, September 11 2001
      Index of useful articles and anarchist statements on the attacks.
      Anarchist anti-war PDF files
      Collection of leaflets, posters and booklets for you to print out and
      The US war on Iraq, analysis and resistance
      Archives articles up to the fall of Baghdad
      Israel/Palestine, an anarchist analysis of the conflict
      Articles from an anarchist perspective
      Islam and the 'war on terror'
      Articles on Islam and links to information sources
      Anti-war protests in Ireland and the world
      Reports on protests that have taken place and some historical reading
    • Andrew
      New pages on Struggle Hi folks, Here are the latest additions to Struggle which include two PDF publications, one being an anarchist paper being put out in
      Message 2 of 15 , Sep 24, 2004
        New pages on Struggle

        Hi folks,

        Here are the latest additions to Struggle which include two PDF
        publications, one being an anarchist paper being put out in campuses
        around Ireland. As usual you can access them via

        Campus anarchist
        New index of material related to campuses in Ireland

        No Masters issue 1

        Education and control
        Education is not accessible to all in society. The reasons for this
        inequality are abundant. The main reasons are predominantly due to broader
        social and economic inequalities created and maintained by the present

        What Type Of Student Politics?
        Basically the future of education is up for grabs this year. There are
        frightening prospects at stake here: Privatisation, reintroduction of fees
        and basic notions of democracy are on table and the student movement could
        very easily lose

        Listen 'Student.'
        For the rest of my life I will have to work for somebody else, selling
        them my ability to work, selling them my energy, so as they make a profit
        out of me, and so as that I can live. I say live with reservation, can I
        really call the life ahead of me 'living'?

        Housing For Profit
        Its that time of year again, when a vast majority of students realise one
        simple thing: we are being ripped off by our landlords. You've probably
        couch surfed for weeks, or ran around trying to open accounts in what ever
        bank it is that will extend an immediate over draft.

        On the new regime in Iraq and why Iraq is not "liberated" or "free." And
        how the US has taken over Saddam's role as the crusher of Shia revolts.

        Beating about the Bush
        On the lies, smears and distortions of the Republican National Convention
        in New York. How imperialism abroad is distracting from class at home.
        Bush as "girlie-man" and the Republican love of the leader principle.

        Another letter on GM crops
        More on GM and why it is not like a machine and why the evidence suggests
        a rethink on it.

        Final letter to Freedom on GM crops
        Explaining (yet again) why there is no sound scientific reason to assume
        GM crops are safe.

        The Folly of Racism
        Citizenship Referendum:Politicians played the race card and most workers
        were fooled
        Surviving on the Minimum Wage in Dublin
        The amount of money you earn is one of the most important factors that
        influence your quality of life.

        SIPTU's Dirty Deal
        SIPTU has signed its first ever no-strike deal with Connex, who run
        Dublin's LUAS trams

        Slaughter and Lies
        Over the past decade Chechnya has been torn apart by a vicious and brutal
        war between Russia and Chechen separatists.

        Squatting in Dublin
        One Squatter's Story: On August 8th of last year, a group of us moved into
        an abandoned and run down house on Leeson St and proceeded to make it our

        The Joy of Reclaiming Streets
        The first feeling at any Reclaim The Streets is a strange one for someone
        accustomed to the plodding, predictability of your usual lefty "protest".

        Review of Understanding Power by Noam Chomsky
        Understanding Power is a collection of edited interviews, presentations
        and discussions that Noam Chomsky has had with activists and community
        groups over the ten year period from 1989-99

        That's capitalism
        The rich in Ireland and the state of the health service

        The Role of the Gardai
        The primary role of the police is to preserve the status quo in society.
        In other words, the first task of the police force, of any police force,
        is to ensure the rule of the State and the rich elite

        Thinking about Anarchism - Crime
        Whatever nice theories about crime anarchists might come up with we can be
        sure that any community subjected to a murder or a rape will want
        something done about it.

        About Workers Solidarity
        We don't believe that being able to choose between a bunch of gangsters,
        grafters and gombeen men every few years adds up to democracy

        Midwest USA: An anarchist view
        It was my first time in the USA. I came with all the baggage. I had lived
        near a tourist town and had experienced thousands of grey haired, green
        clad, overweight, camera wielding yanks. The Mid West was an eye-opener.

        What sort of anti-racism do we need?
        Dublin day school, see PDF file of program

        Resistance Pays ... Cork Anti-Bins
        Figures released by Cork City Council confirm that the non-payment of bin
        charges remains very high despite the Council's bullying tactics

        Mayday Court Appearances - The Word from no. 46 - the Security Cut
        One of the mayday defendants informed me that the state was going to
        introduce 52 x 3hr video tapes as evidence against him

        Access these pages at http://struggle.ws/new.html
      • Andrew
        It s been a while but I ve just completed an update to the Struggle site that includes a lot of new pages. Plus I failed to announce updates done over the
        Message 3 of 15 , Oct 19, 2005
          It's been a while but I've just completed an update to the Struggle site
          that includes a lot of new pages. Plus I failed to announce updates done
          over the summer. So you'll find lots to browse at

          the latest additions are below

          Crazy Cleric strikes again
          Some one should tell Pat Robertson about "Thou shalt not kill".
          The Joys of Democracy
          Yet again, Iraqis are asked to brave death to vote, this time for a
          constitution shaped by their occupiers, which they have not read and which
          can be changed at will by politicians.
          Incapacity benefit: lies, damned lies and statistics
          New labour are attacking people on Incapacity Benefit. Find out why people
          are on it in the first place and what it says about neo-liberalism and
          Not putting their money where their mouths are...
          Not only won't they fight for their war, the right will not even pay for
          Why bother?
          A few notes on the 2005 Labour Party conference. Why do people bother
          going? And the expulsion of a heckler shows the real purpose of
          anti-terrorism laws.
          Anarchy in New Orleans?
          Exposing a few myths about what happened in New Orleans and why it has
          nothing to do with anarchy.
          The real looting of New Orleans begins
          How the right are using the destruction caused by Katrina to transfer yet
          more monies to corporate America and to impose their ideology.

          [Print out the PDF file]
          Tescos Exploits Foreign Workers
          During July and August, major Polish newspapers, TV and radio stations
          carried a story about two Polish workers, who were dismissed from TESCO in
          Dublin, because of their fight for workers' rights.. One of sacked
          warehouse attendants, Radek Sawicki tells us about the struggle against
          TESCO and its consequences.
          Why Would Gays Want To Marry?
          The issue of gay marriage has come to the fore again recently with both
          Canada and Spain approving bills to make it legal. In this interview we
          talk to Judy Walsh, from the Equality Studies department in UCD about how
          marriage and partnership rights are currently constructed in Ireland.
          Politicians - We Don't Need Them!
          Unelected bodies 'quangos', have responsibility for a wide share of Irish
          society from the health service, to tourist promotion, to inland
          fisheries. And who gets appointed to these boards? The wealthy and the
          The Price of Being Reasonable
          There were fewer strike days last year than in any year since the 1920s.
          At the same time the number of disputes referred to the Labour Court was
          up 21%. Does this mean that 'going through the procedures' and being
          'reasonable' is paying dividends of workers?
          Solidarity - The Working Class Weapon
          In reality, sympathy strikes are a workers' best weapon as individually we
          have little power compared to the boss. Standing together, however, we can
          defend our rights. The bosses know this, hence the attack on even the
          barest form of solidarity by workers
          Popular Response to Shell's Pipeline Shows Way Forward
          Over the Summer in a small corner of Mayo a mass campaign of non-violent
          direct action systematically, and in part spontaneously, shut down a major
          development being carried out by several multi-national corporations and
          the state.
          Rebel Girl: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn's Autobiography
          Though born in the US, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was of Irish descent and
          came from a long line of rebels and revolutionaries. She begins her
          autobiography describing the exploits of some of her ancestors who joined
          the French when in 1798 they landed in Killalla Bay to help free Ireland
          from British rule and set up an Irish Republic.
          As Capitalists Waste Earth's Resources...... Organise for a Free Society
          ...For Anarchism
          As another summer draws to a close, it's worth taking a snapshot of the
          state of the Ireland as the dawn of the 21st century casts its light upon
          us. The struggle for equality and justice continues unabated, whilst our
          elected 'leaders' and their corporate paymasters keep their head in the
          Thinking About Anarchism: Organisation
          There is no one right form of anarchist organisation. Rather, different
          forms are used for different purposes. What all these forms have in common
          is a desire to avoid the creation of any hierarchy while at the same time
          making sure that whatever needs to be done gets done.
          That's Capitalism
          Crazy bosses, tax cheats and starving children
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