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6945Re: [streetlights-l] Cree and the Lollypops

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  • Gnsitgh
    Aug 17, 2014
      Hi, Barry!
      Just a plain 3" diameter metal pipe pole, with a simple round plastic ball on top.  I didn't dub them "Lollypops", but our handyman and our electrician both call them that.  I guess they somewhat resemble a Tootsie-Pop.
      The spacing is odd--a couple are located almost directly under tall parking lot poles with 250W HPS Luminaires.  (Both the Lollypops and HPS poles were installed at the same time when this place was constructed in 1981).  And I suspect one or two Lollypops have vanished over the years. 
      I guess they were meant to be more functional than ornamental, but the really bad optics are only emphasized with the installation of the modern Cree LED bulbs.
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      Hi Glen~
      What do you mean by "Lollypop lights"?  I gather these must be mostly ornamental??
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      Gang--slightly OT, but possibly of interest.
      I've touched on this before--I'm always pushing our Condo board to improve the lighting around here.  But, our reserves won't fund a replacement project for another 3 years.  So meanwhile, we repair, repair, repair ...
      The electrician was here yesterday, replacing a couple of HPS bulbs (and a photo-cell).  He also asked why one of the "Lollypop" lights nearby was so dim.  Our Lollypops are essentially 8 foot poles, with a plastic round ball on top.  I had never opened one--so when we did, we found that the illumination came from a barely functioning 22W Circline tube, topped by an Edison based socket, which had a 9W G23 fluorescent tube in a screw-in adaptor that wasn't working at all.
      "Oh, I've got a 100W (equivalent) Cree LED Daylight Bulb (1600 Lumens) you can have", said the electrician.&n bsp; "I just love these; I use them everywhere".  So I fetched a new Circline tube (we have a whole Storeroom full of them!), we replaced the two illumination sources--and I waited for nightfall.
      The results were a glaring mess; light thrown everywhere.  So, today,  I thought I'd dial it down a notch, and picked up a 60W equivalent Cree LED Daylight Bulb (800 Lumens), installed it in another fixture (that also had a barely working 22W Circline/dead G23 9W combination).  With the new Circline, and the lower lumen LED, the Lolllypop still looks like it would do just fine in a prison yard.  Light thrown all over--I'm sure some of the condo residents will be complaining tomorrow, and probably a couple of the surrounding neighbors, too.
      The 800 Lumen Cree uses 9 Watts, so coupled with the 22W Circline, I'm using the same wattage as before with the 9W G23 tube.  But the optics are so bad in the old fixtures, I can't even make the effort to use more efficient lighting in them.  Maybe this will bolster my case for some new "dark sky" fixtures.
      Or, next stop, 40W equivalent Cree!
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