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6943Cree and the Lollypops

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  • acorn_8332
    Aug 14, 2014

      Gang--slightly OT, but possibly of interest.

      I've touched on this before--I'm always pushing our Condo board to improve the lighting around here.  But, our reserves won't fund a replacement project for another 3 years.  So meanwhile, we repair, repair, repair ...

      The electrician was here yesterday, replacing a couple of HPS bulbs (and a photo-cell).  He also asked why one of the "Lollypop" lights nearby was so dim.  Our Lollypops are essentially 8 foot poles, with a plastic round ball on top.  I had never opened one--so when we did, we found that the illumination came from a barely functioning 22W Circline tube, topped by an Edison based socket, which had a 9W G23 fluorescent tube in a screw-in adaptor that wasn't working at all.

      "Oh, I've got a 100W (equivalent) Cree LED Daylight Bulb (1600 Lumens) you can have", said the electrician.  "I just love these; I use them everywhere".  So I fetched a new Circline tube (we have a whole Storeroom full of them!), we replaced the two illumination sources--and I waited for nightfall.

      The results were a glaring mess; light thrown everywhere.  So, today,  I thought I'd dial it down a notch, and picked up a 60W equivalent Cree LED Daylight Bulb (800 Lumens), installed it in another fixture (that also had a barely working 22W Circline/dead G23 9W combination).  With the new Circline, and the lower lumen LED, the Lolllypop still looks like it would do just fine in a prison yard.  Light thrown all over--I'm sure some of the condo residents will be complaining tomorrow, and probably a couple of the surrounding neighbors, too.

      The 800 Lumen Cree uses 9 Watts, so coupled with the 22W Circline, I'm using the same wattage as before with the 9W G23 tube.  But the optics are so bad in the old fixtures, I can't even make the effort to use more efficient lighting in them.  Maybe this will bolster my case for some new "dark sky" fixtures.

      Or, next stop, 40W equivalent Cree!



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