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3638RE: [StreetAtlas] SA+ 2012

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  • Barry & Cindy
    Jul 31, 2012
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      I think I understand your question now. You are asking about how long the
      battery power lasts?

      If that is the case, our Holux Bluetooth GPS receiver does not rely on
      battery as we have it plugged into a 120-volt power supply, and it is on all
      the time.

      Let us know if I did not answer your question

      -----Original Message-----
      ok, lets see if I can explain and or understand .. doesn't the yellow
      antenna (for lack of knowing model number) need to recharge? Will it work
      for hours?
      Susan I

      -----Original Message-----
      From: Barry & Cindy
      What do you mean by how long ... connection? Our Bluetooth is always on and
      when we start SA on either computer it connects to the GPS receiver and
      stays connected until we close SA.

      -----Original Message-----
      How long does the Bluetooth connection last? I've continued to keep it
      Susan I
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