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3636Re: [StreetAtlas] SA+ 2012

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  • FLW300@aol.com
    Jul 31, 2012
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      I'll second Rich's opinion.

      Have used every DeLorme mobile mapping program since AAA Map 'n Go 1.0 when
      traveling in my RV. I'm a full timer and give the program a lot of use.

      While I use Garmin in the toad (not enough dashboard room for a computer
      with DeLorme), nothing beats Street Atlas for RV trip planning and then the
      actual traveling.

      There have not been a lot of posts recently. I suspect part of that is
      folks "defecting" to the Garmin or Tom Tom type units. I think the other
      reason is Street Atlas is a good product that does not require a lot of hand
      holding once you get used to it.

      Just my opinion,

      Fred White
      Polk City, FL

      In a message dated 7/31/2012 8:40:09 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      rk911@... writes:

      i'll second that opinion. we've been using SA for most of a decade
      now...maybe a bit longer...and really like it. the overlays available from
      Discovery Owners, other sites and those i have created make it a very
      versatile package. are there gaps in the maps? sure. but show me a 100%
      perfect GPS mapping application and i'll dance a jig on top of your local
      dunkin donut store. even paper maps have their gaps. it's a foolish person
      who blindly follows *any* electronic or paper mapping data but SA is about
      as good as it can get.

      yes, this group doesn't have a lot of posts. i think that's a testament to
      the quality of the product and not a statement about the membership. i
      would like to see this list continue.

      rich, n9dko

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