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  • Susan I
    Jul 30, 2012
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      I must like it .. I'm still using it. I love it for pre-planning. I know nothing better, and with the overlays I get, like Passport America, planning is easy.

      How long does the Bluetooth connection last? I've continued to keep it hardwired.

      Susan I

      From: Barry & Cindy
      Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 1:13 AM
      To: streetatlas@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [StreetAtlas] SA+ 2012

      Since there has not been much activity lately, everyone must be pretty
      satisfied with Delorme Street Atlas USA.

      We had a difficult time buying the 2012 version.

      Usually we find a new version in retail office stores around December of
      each year.

      But not with 2012 version.

      We made 20 calls and stops and heard from uninformed clerks that maybe
      Delorme was not coming out with a new version.

      And it seems that Delorme has decided to not sell SA in retail office
      stores. I did stop looking so I don't know if stores are carrying it again.

      Finally, I learned that 2012 was coming out and only in the Plus version and
      was available from Delorme store via online or phone purchase.

      We quickly purchased a copy and have been using SA 2012 Plus for several
      months and it works great.

      We plan our trips with SA and use SA while we are driving our motorhome down
      the road with a laptop on our dash.

      We have a wireless Bluetooth connection that has a roof mounted 'active'
      external GPS antenna wired to our Holux Bluetooth GPS receiver located on
      the dash.

      Only time will tell us about availability of 2013 version.

      We have read that some are unhappy when they find a street missing or
      located in the wrong place.

      I say that SA works great and no USA wide street level database will be
      perfect especially with a program that sells for less than $50.

      I don't know of any better mapping program.

      Thanks to Delorme, "have a safe journey" happens for us.


      (We are up in the Mt Adams WA area National Forest with off road travels
      planned with Delorme.)

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