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Re: Choosing a New moderator to take over

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  • yinyangdragonz
    That sounds PERFECT!!!! How can I help?
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 10, 2012
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      That sounds PERFECT!!!!
      How can I help?

      --- In stranger_trilogy@yahoogroups.com, "fantasyblue28" <fantasyblue28@...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone,
      > I really enjoy this group and wish to keep it going. We have all read and re-read Jono's
      > stories and I think this group would be a great place to keep clean and full of activity, WITHOUT spammers. We can make this a place of fanfiction recommendations and whatnot. And when/if Jono comes back we can return the group to it's rightful owner. I have found a link that talks about yahoo groups and adopting ownerless abandoned groups.
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/GroupManagersForum/message/31008
      > I am all for this change, we all know who the TRUE owner is of this group Jono, but I would really like this group to not die a slow death as I feel it is doing now. I also think that once we change the new moderator, we make the new moderator have a second in command that has pretty much the same power. This way if the moderator is inactive for a while to clean up spammers and such, the second can take the responsibility.
      > Let me know what you all think.
      > Here is a short blurb of the how-to......
      > "To do this, I wrote to customer care. Asked them to turn on the poll feature
      > because we wanted to elect a MODERATOR, because our owner last posted in 2001,
      > and if there was anything else we need to do/know about this process.
      > Following Yahoo!'s suggestions, I ran 2 polls, which showed the address of the
      > voter. In the first one, I asked if anyone wanted to be considered for the
      > position. [Yes, I want to. No I don't.] For the second poll I used the addresses
      > of those who said "Yes" as the candidates to be voted for by the group. Each
      > poll ran for one full week. When I closed the final poll, I sent the results
      > back to customer care, and that morning, we had our Moderator with all the
      > privileges to run the group. To make sure that this doesn't happen to this group
      > again, we now have 3 equal mods with full privileges [the same as 3 co-owners]
      > running the group."
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