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Re: So I assume Jono is still...AWOL?

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  • disturbeds_disciple
    Honestly, I think the reason no one s tried is because that s like admitting defeat...like saying Jono s gone and done, so I m going to take his story and
    Message 1 of 7 , May 1, 2010
      Honestly, I think the reason no one's tried is because that's like admitting defeat...like saying "Jono's gone and done, so I'm going to take his story and make it my own." When it comes to a great fanfic like this, people should at least have the decency to wait for an official end from Jono or his beta, whether that be continuing the series or saying it's been abandoned. Don't rip off ideas from this brillant writer, and treat his work with the same respect you would wish towards your own.

      --- In stranger_trilogy@yahoogroups.com, "angelskratos" <angelskratos@...> wrote:
      > Praying he does return eventually, but even still...Anyone have plans to do...Something? Like, Iunno, write some one-shots that might happen throughout Unholy Land or what we have of Promised Land?
      > I was reading through the Q&A thing a bit, and noticed someone else had mentioned this. But I couldn't seem to find an answer (there are a lot of messages there). I know it'll be hard to match up with what Jono's made for us here, but...It sure would be nice to try, right?
      > Uwah, sorry if this is gonna annoy some of you.
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