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  • blackphoenix667
    Em, has anyone touched on the fact that this is still a kids book? I think that would kind of explain the relationships. Of course they are cliche and
    Message 1 of 31 , Sep 1, 2007
      Em, has anyone touched on the fact that this is still a kids' book?
      I think that would kind of explain the relationships. Of course they
      are cliche and predictable, most addolecents don't really care about
      the whole relationship thing. I personally think that the whole
      relationship thing for Harry should have just been tossed out the
      window, but then again, I don't entirely get having Harry pining
      after a girl while his neck is on the chopping block. Ok maybe not
      pining, but yeah.

      --- In stranger_trilogy@yahoogroups.com, "canis_lupus03"
      <canis_lupus03@...> wrote:
      > Well, if those are the psychological facts, I believe you, since I
      > don't know that much about psychology myself.
      > Still, I think it's weird. I mean, she's his sort-of-brother's
      > sister, and he really never paid her that much attention. I always
      > had the impression that she was sort of his little sister. I mean,
      > come ON, it's Harry! He breaks up with her to "protect" her, what
      > sort of condescending, sexist nonsense is that? Ginny can take care
      > of herself, as she's proven on numerous occassions. Honestly,
      > shouldn't he fight for their love tooth and claw if he really
      > her? I cite a favourite author of mine, Vorabiza, who let's Fred
      > about that: "Spoken like a good brother, not a good lover." ...
      > well, I know one can interpret a lot of things into a text, so,
      > that's my point of view as an uncureable, and unrepentant, slasher.
      > Of course it's quite possible to see things differently.
      > My other point still stands, though: This romance is so utterly,
      > ridiculously predictable, it's just... cliché! Boring! Absolutely
      > fun! Where's the tension? Where's the challenge of taking an
      > text, and tweaking and turning it around until it fits your own
      > designs while actually never directly contradicting that
      > original? 'Cause that's what makes fanfiction writing so much fun,
      > least for me... Finding all those little hints and bits and things
      > someone said somewhere and building a new story from them.
      > By the way, I in no way have anything against Ginny as a character.
      > In fact, I think she's way cool. As long as she doesn't behave like
      > some brain-dead, hero-worshipping little fangirl, that is.
      > Admittedly, she wasn't like that in Book 6 (and I haven't read Book
      > yet, so don't spoiler me! Please!), in fact, the two of them were
      > actually sort of cute. I still don't get this convoluted reasoning
      > of "she never got over the crush, but pretended to so Harry would
      > attention to her". While a friend told me that teenagers DO, in
      > think that way, I myself have never done so and still think it's
      > utter rubbish and makes no sense whatsoever...
      > The thing about the pairings was not about archives, but about this
      > little merry round of recs we've been doing here...
      > Enough rambling,
      > so long,
      > Lupus
      > --- In stranger_trilogy@yahoogroups.com, "hele br" <hele.br@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Mmh, psychologically incest is related to the people you grew up
      > with as a
      > > family --the first five to ten years-- (in the brain, I mean),
      > that's how
      > > people that doesn't know they are related (children adopted in
      > different
      > > families, for example) do not feel their relationship is wrong on
      > > emotional level (on a rational, of course, we define incest in a
      > biological
      > > manner, so it is incest).
      > >
      > > Harry did not grew up with Ginny, Ron or Hermione. Though I agree
      > that due
      > > to his lack of family he sees Ron and Hermione as a mix of
      > > parents/siblings/friends, Ginny was, sagely, left out of this
      > arrangement by
      > > JKR. I have yet to read any kind of canon that points out that
      > Harry feels
      > > family of Charly/Percy/Twins/Ginny/Bill/Arthur. With Molly you
      > would have a
      > > point, but I think it's more of a reaction to her mothering him
      > (and mothers
      > > in law can do that too, you know ;)).
      > >
      > > About the warnings/pairings: I have yet to find an archive that
      > does not
      > > marks its pairings clearly, I guess.
      > >
      > > hl.
      > >
      > > PS: no problem with you taking (what, some hours?) to answer. I'm
      > on South
      > > America, I always assume everyone else on the 'net is on different
      > > timezones.
      > >
      > > On 31/08/2007, canis_lupus03 <canis_lupus03@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Gee, if I'd known that "incest" comment would cause so much
      > > > confusion, I'd have expressed myself more clearly... I
      > meant "mental"
      > > > incest. Of course Harry and Ginny aren't related closely enough
      > for
      > > > it to be real incest. But, in my opinion, Harry regards her as a
      > > > little sister. I've got the same reaction to any Harry/Hermione
      > > > Harry/Ron pairings... No, folks, not for me...
      > > > Harry/Lily? Wow, that's... kinky? Though possibly interesting...
      > > > Yes, posting the pairings negates the need for an additional
      > slash or
      > > > hetero warning (as long as the pairing is unmistakeably clear.
      > > > Example: H/L... Harry/Lily? Harry/Luna? Harry/Lucius?
      > > > Harry/Lavender? ??). However, I seem to be the only person here
      > > > include pairings in my recs... So, can I actually read any of
      > new
      > > > recs, or will I notice after one and a half chapters that I
      > > > like the way the story turns out, romantically speaking?
      > > > (Btw, why haven't I replied to the confusion caused by me
      > > > Answer: 'cause I was asleep. And at work. I'm in Germany,
      > different
      > > > time zone...) <http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=7566>
      > > >
      > >
      > >
      > > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
      > >
    • Christen DiBiase
      I guess I can t really blame you for disliking H/G. 95% of it is horribly written. Of course, the same can be said for slash. I personaly won t read anything
      Message 31 of 31 , Sep 3, 2007
        I guess I can't really blame you for disliking H/G. 95% of it is
        horribly written. Of course, the same can be said for slash. I
        personaly won't read anything that is slash or H/G unless I have it
        recomended to me by someone I trust.

        I just have to respond to this comment. 95% of EVERY PAIRING is horribly written. Having websites open to anyone is a gift and a curse, as Monk would say.
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