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  • strangeparadiselibrary
    Hey there, Debby! I just finished reading the final installment of your Paradise Regained serial (sorry it took me so long to get to it), and I wanted to let
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      Hey there, Debby!
      I just finished reading the final installment of your "Paradise
      Regained" serial (sorry it took me so long to get to it), and I
      wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I was really
      impressed that you not only managed get Jean Paul out of that
      terrible predicament I left him in, but that you also managed to
      incorporate a real (and obscure) piece of SP mythos as a major part
      of the solution. SPOILER ALERT (read further at your own risk). As
      I was reading Chapter 6, I thought of the clock at Fort Desmond just
      about two paragraphs before you introduced it to your storyline. It
      blew me away that you remembered it (since it's only mentioned in a
      single episode of the series). I thought it was a fantastic way to
      resolve the story happily. Of course, now I'm tempted to write
      something else awful for Jean Paul, just to see if you can rescue
      him again, but I'll resist the temptation. I do, however, promise
      to at least try to write some more original fic if you'll do the
      same. Thanks for a very entertaining read. - Curt P.S. Be
      sure to keep an eye on your snail mailbox. I just sent you that
      package I promised.
      --- In strangeparadise2@yahoogroups.com, "Debby Graham"
      <dnt61350@...> wrote:
      > Last September Curt Ladnier wrote a short story called Paradise
      > Regained. I thought the story was great but I wanted to add a
      > different ending, I hope he doesn't mind.I started writing it in
      > chapters,so let me know if anyone thinks its interesting enough to
      > continue. Debby Graham
      > Paradise Continued
      > Chapter 1
      > On the Island of Mariacas, seated at a corner table in the
      > Leave Cafe, a man in his early thirties was listeneng to a
      > conversation
      > between one of the waitresses and the bartender.
      > "We could see flames from miles around that Island. but no one
      > could get across to help."
      > "But I heard that a boat came from the Island carrying the house
      > keeper,that deaf mute and a young girl,but not the owner Jean Paul
      > Desmond." replied the waitress. "They think Mr Desmond perished
      > the fire."
      > The stranger rose from his table, paid his bill and headed outside
      > toward the boat dock. Looking across the water he stared at the
      > Island of Maljardin. Turning he headed back toward the Inn.
      > In room 12 at the Inn Raxl and Holly were seated, Quito is
      > very agitated.
      > "Raxl, we just left Jean Paul in the mansion." cries Holly.
      > "There was nothing for us to do Miss Holly. Quito could not get
      > doors open. I needed to get you to safety." replies Raxl.
      > "Please there must be something we can do, we must go back to help
      > Jean Paul."
      > "No, I am sorry." says Raxl.
      > There is a knock on the doorand Raxl tells Quito to go answer it.
      > At the door stands the stranger. "Hello my name is David . I must
      > talk with you about Mr Desmond."
      > Holly and Raxl stand and look at the stranger.
      > "Jean Paul Desmond is alive, he escaped when rhe mansion was
      > and he collapsed outside. We must leave for the Island
      > "How do you know this?" asks Raxl.
      > "There is no time to talk, we must leave now." says David.
      > Raxl nods to Quito and tells Holly to stay in the room until they
      > return. Raxl, Quito and David heads to the boat dock, then they
      > head to Maljardin.
      > Back at Maljardin after Jacques taunts Jean Paul about being
      > back, Jean Paul slides down the wall sitting on the floor next to
      > Jacques' Portrait with his head down.
      > Jean Paul raises his head and shouts " I will not let it end like
      > this, I will find a way to desroy the pact I made with you."
      > Jacques mocking laughter is heard thru the room. "Be my guest and
      > try Jean Paul Desmond, our battle shall begins again."
      > Jean Paul stands and walks out the door.
      > Quito drives the boat next to the burnt shell of the boat house.
      > Raxl, Quito and David leave the boat and climb the cement steps
      > leading to the mansion.
      > Standing outside the mansion, Jean Paul hears the sound of a motor
      > and heads toward the boathouse.
      > On the path Raxl sees Jean Paul and runs to him touching his arm.
      > "Master I thought you were trapped and killed in the mansion. We
      > would never have left had I known."
      > "Raxl, you are here,I thought you had been called back by Julien."
      > "Called back?I don't know what you mean." Raxl remarks bewildered.
      > "Never mind." Jean Paul says then notices the man walking up with
      > Quito.
      > "Jean Paul, my name is David Siena, I am your cousin Phillip's
      > brother. Please come with us now. I will explain when we get
      > from this Island."
      > "Phillip?How does he know I am back on Maljardin?"asks Jean Paul.
      > "Not now Jean Paul, we must leave now!" says David. As they head
      > for the boat , thunder and lightning start shaking the Island.
      > rain starts pouring down on them, wind starts churning the water
      > around the boat. (So, it starts agin Jean Paul think to himself)
      > David walks to the edge of the dock and stares out at the water,
      > water becomes calmer. "Hurry, I can not hold out for long ."
      > tells them. They board the boat and head across the lagoon.
      > (end of chapter 1)
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