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Paradise fiction

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  • Debby Graham
    Paradise Continued Chapter 5 by Debby Graham Upon awakening Jean Paul heads down to the dining room, Emily is alone eating breakfast.
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      Paradise Continued

      Chapter 5 by Debby Graham

      Upon awakening Jean Paul heads down to the dining room, Emily is
      alone eating breakfast. She is quiet and doesn't notice Jean Paul.

      "Good morning.Emily." Jean Paul says.

      Emily jumps. "Good morning Jean Paul." She looks at him with a sad
      look on her face. "Phillip will not answer his door . He's locked
      Jean Paul, could we take a walk?" Emily asks.

      Jean Paul nods and they go through the doors to the outside. Slowly
      walking Emily is deep in thought. At last they stop in a shady tree
      lined area. Standing with her back to Jean Paul, she tells
      him. "Last night something happened when I went to bed. I fell
      asleep and started dreaming. I saw images of you, Phillip, Raxl,
      Cort, myself and two people I have never seen before. There was a
      young girl and an older man.
      The dream centered around that portrait. There was also a star, and
      a strange mark upon your hand. Except it wasn't a dream, was it
      Jean Paul?" Emily turns around looking at Jean Paul..

      "No Emily, it's true." Jean Paul tells her.

      Back at the mansion in Phillip's room, Jacques calls
      him. "Phillip. Go outside, your cousin Jean Paul and Emily are
      waiting for you." Phillip
      gets dressed and leaves his room, slowly he walks down the
      staircase. He leaves the mansion, following the same path that Jean
      and Emily had used. Seeing them he hides in the trees upon Jacques
      orders. He watches as Emily turns toward Jean Paul.

      Emily steps into Jean Paul's arms. "I remember everything Jean
      Paul. We were just married, we then left for our honeymoon. After
      going to bed I woke up on a train heading to Desmond Hall at the
      request of your brother Phillip." Emily tell Jean Paul speaking
      against his shoulder.
      She lifts her head and Jean Paul kisses her.

      As Phillip watches this he feels anger building up inside himself.
      Jacques voice calls him. "Phillip, come to me. I can help you."

      Phillip turns and slowly walks back to the mansion.

      Emily breaks the kiss and looks at Jean Paul. "I still have
      feelings for Phillip, but it is you I love. Oh Jean Paul! What are
      we going to do?"

      "If this was a normal situation we could talk to him, but we have a
      bigger problem. Jacques Eloi Des Mondes took possession of Phillip
      last night. You and he were brought here because Jacques wanted
      revenge for your involvement against the Mark Of Death."

      "But you brought us here."

      "No, it was Jacques, he controls me when I do not agree with his
      plans. We stopped the star and the Mark of Death.
      But I made a pact with Jacques. I gave him my soul so he would
      bring my wife Erica back from the dead. Oh God! I must have been

      "Oh Jean Paul." Emily says sadly while holding him tight.

      Phillip enters the mansion and goes to Jacques portrait
      "Your fiancee has deceived you, you must punish her." Jacques
      tells Phillip. On a table a jagged dagger with a black pearl
      handle materializes.
      Again Phillip feel seething anger building inside. He picks up the
      dagger and slowly walks out of the room. Jacques laughter is heard
      through the room.

      Phillip walks down the path toward Jean Paul and Emily. He raises
      the dagger Emily hearing a sound turns and screams, Jean Paul
      shoves her behind himself. As Phillip's arm comes down Jean Paul
      grabs it. He wrestles the dagger away from Phillip and throws it.
      hands reach for Jean Paul's throat, Jean Paul grabs Phillip's
      wrists and pushes him back with his leg. Phillip tries going after
      Jean Paul with a murdeous rage. Jean Paul finally pins Phillip to
      the ground. Phillip tries to throw Jean Paul off acting like a
      wild animal..

      Behind Phillip and Jean Paul David starts materializing. Phillip
      sees him and screams "David!"

      Jean Paul looks up and sees David. "David, help me. I don't want
      to hurt Phillip."

      "You may release him now Jean Paul, the spell is broken for now."
      Jean Paul slowly gets off of him.

      Emily rushes up to Phillip, taking his hand. "Are you all right?"

      "Yes, but I feel so weak. How did I get out here? The last thing I
      remember, you left the table, then Jean Paul asking me to join him.
      I went to the Great Hall I started looking at that portait of
      Jacques Eloi Des Mondes .
      Then evil consuming me." Phillip whispers.

      "Cousin, the same evil controlling me has also taken you."Jean Paul
      tells him.

      "But I am protected by the spirit of my people. My totem..."
      Phillip checks his pockets. "It's gone, now I remember. You took it
      from me."

      "No cousin, not I but that demon Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.
      He can control me, he takes my body when I don't agree to do his

      "Jean Paul, I will invoke my Gods to fight him, but first I must get
      the Totem back."

      "Are you strong enough to walk back?" Jean Paul asks Phillip.

      "Yes I think so." Jean Paul gets Phillip to his feet and with
      Emily's help they head back to the mansion.

      "Jean Paul, I could have sworn I saw my brother David."

      "We'll talk about it later." Jean Paul tells Phillip.

      After settling Phillip on the couch, Emily sits next to him. Jean
      Paul goes to the portrait.

      "Jacques, I don't hear you laughing now. Why don't you speak or is
      it you no longer can?"

      "This is not over Jean Paul Desmond. You and your cousin belong to
      me." Jacques tells hiim.

      "So it is true, I hear him also Jean Paul." Phillip says.

      "Welcome to my family." Jacques taunts him.

      Jean Paul walks back to Phillip and Emily. "We have to go down to
      the crypt. That is the only place he can't hear us." Jean Paul

      "What are you plotting now my descendents?" Jacques asks.

      Jean Paul is looking around the room.

      "Jean Paul I asked you a question!" Jacques says louder.

      Jean Paul picks up the Totem and takes it to Phillip. "Hopefully
      your destruction!" Jean Paul shouts. Jean Paul and Phillip hear

      Raxl comes in and speaks to Jean Paul. "Master , you and Msieu
      Phillip missed breakfast. All three of you had no lunch, I have
      an early supper for you."

      "Thank you, Raxl." Jean Paul tells her.

      As Raxl passes Jacques portrait she tell it. "So you have been up
      to your old tricks again today I see. Hopefully you will be
      banished to hell for the rest of eternity." Raxl leaves the room.

      "Raxl know too." Phillip asks.

      "Yes, at least this time she is helping us."

      "What do you mean this time?" Phillip asks.

      "We will talk later cousin." Jean Paul tells him. They go to the
      dining room. After dinner Jean Paul asks them to meet him in the
      in an hour. They go to their room to rest. In an hour they
      assemble in the crypt.

      "Nice place to have a meeting." Phillip says.

      "We have been in worse." Emily tells him.

      Jean Paul nods then looks at Phillip. "Now explain about David."

      "My grandfather was the chief of our people, he had no sons only one
      daughter, my mother. Her first love was a man named James Siena.
      They married and David was born. David was about three when his
      father died in a car accident. Two years later my mother met my
      and a year later I arrived. They seemed happy, but there were many
      days I did not see my father My mother cried a lot not knowing
      where he was.
      When we were growing up David seemed to live in a mystical world.
      He could make things happen. I was eighteen when we got word that
      my father and grandfather died in a fire. My grandfather was trying
      to stop something evil that was slowly destroying my father, but
      something went wrong. They both died. David being the eldest
      grandson was to step into leadership of our people. My brother
      denied his heritage.
      Leading our people was not his destiny he told me. We had a
      terrible argument. I cursed him and told him if he leaves he is
      dead to me, I
      would no longer recognize him as my brother. David left that
      night. The next morning all memory of my brother was gone. My
      mother drew
      into herself. I blamed it on the death of my father and
      grandfather. About a month later my mother died, the elders of my
      people said her
      spirit had left and she had no desire to go on. Jean Paul it's my
      fault my brother left."

      "Phillip you were in mourning for your father and grandfather, your
      brothers leaving was too much for you to handle." Emily tells him.
      She puts her arms around Phillip and hugs him.

      "Phillip, as I said to you many years ago my destiny was all ready
      made for me. Do not blame yourself." David materializes but he
      has a ghostly image.

      "David, you are here. I am so sorry."

      "No Phillip, I am sorry. I left in anger and because of my anger
      your memory of me was wiped out."

      "Why are you here like this?" Phillip looks through David.

      "My physical form can not come here, only my spirit."

      "You seemed so powerfull when I was growing up. Can you help us?"
      Phillip asks.

      "My powers are weak, the evil on this Island can defeat me. But
      there is a way, ask Jean Paul." David fades away.

      "Well cousin, what should we do?" Phillip asks.

      "I don't know, David told me you have to remember Desmond Hall."

      "Emily and I came from there , I do not understand." Phillip tell

      "I don't think David was talking about this time but before, it's
      in our past." Emily tells PHillip.

      "What past? I still don't understand." Phillip tells her.

      "Phillip, when you met me at the Inn did I seem familiar to you?"
      Jean Paul asks.

      "No , I have never seen you before."

      "What about the Mark of Death , the Desmond curse." Jean Paul asks.

      "What are you talking about? You mentioned that upstairs when we
      were in front of that portrait."

      "That wasn't me, that was Jacques. Our family was cursed starting
      with a pact involving Jacques Eloi Des Mondes, Raxl and the devil.
      Each generation of the Desmond Family was driven with an
      uncontrollable urge to kill. At Desmond Hall we defeated the Mark
      of Death. You, me, Emily Julien, Susan and Cort were involved. We
      thought Jacques was destroyed. We missed something that night that
      should have destroyed him. I think you saw or read something that
      would have saved us from this nightmare."

      "I don't remember any of this Jean Paul. I need to go to my room
      and think things out." Phillip tells him.
      He walks up the stairs leaving the crypt. Emily goes up to Jean
      Paul and walks into his arms..

      Looking up at him she asks. "What are we going to do?"

      "I don't know, wait I guess." Jean Paul answers.

      "Jean Paul? What about us, we have to tell Phillip."

      "I don"t think we can, Phillip has enough on his mind right now."
      Jean Paul kisses Emily, then walks with her towards the stairs. "Go
      to your room and get an early nights sleep."

      Emily nods and goes up to her room.

      Jean Paul enters the Great Hall and goes to his favorite chair.

      "What are you planning now? Or should I guess." Jacques speaks to
      Jean Paul.

      "Maybe I am thinking how we are one big happy family." Jean Paul
      tells him.

      "My, my didn't things work out down in the crypt." Jacques taunts
      him. Jean Paul looks up at the portrait.
      "Oh yes, I do know you were down there, you and your cousin belong
      to us.
      My master can not be defeated by an old Indian Spirit."

      "Maybe I should take my life, then your link to Phillip will be
      gone. I can at least save them."

      "Oh no Jean Paul. If you die you will join me. And because your
      dear cousin was possessed by the Mark of Death, he will never be
      free from me." Jacques tells him.

      With a defeated look on his face Jean Paul climbs the stairs to his

      Phillip is pacing in his room, he comes to a decision. He grabs his
      jacket, picks up the Totem and heads down the stairs and out the
      door. He goes deep into the woods and finds a clearing.
      Using both hands Phillip raises the Totem. "Orendo , Orendo,
      guardian spirit , hear
      me Orendo. Help me remember what it is I must remember from Desmond
      Hall. Send me the strength to fight the evil that possesses me.
      Help my cousin Jean Paul Desmond...." Phillip starts shaking, he
      lowers the Totem. Jacques is taking control of Phillip. He squats
      down ,
      reaches into his pocket and pulls out matches. He tries to set the
      Totem on fire. The Totem fades away. Phillip comes out of the
      looks around and notices the burn't outline on the ground.
      Realizing what he has done, he rises then backs away ,turns and runs
      towards the mansion.

      (end of chapter 5)
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