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Paradise Fiction

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  • Debby Graham
    Paradise Continued Chapter 4 By Debby Graham Towards evening Jean Paul, Emily and Phillip are sitting in the Great Hall. Holly comes down the stairs
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      Paradise Continued

      Chapter 4 By Debby Graham

      Towards evening Jean Paul, Emily and Phillip are sitting in the Great
      Hall. Holly comes down the stairs and hearing their voices, joins them.

      "Holly, I am glad to see you are up. Are you feeling better?" Jean
      Paul asks.

      "Jean Paul why did we come here? After everything that happened why
      would you bring us back here?" Holly asks.

      "We came back to view the Island and mansion, to check on the damages."
      Jean Paul is staring at Jacques portrait.

      "Jean Paul, the mansion looks wonderful, it's hard to believe anything
      terrible could have happened." Emily says to Jean Paul.

      "It was terrible! There were seven of us on the Island, also Jean Paul,
      Raxl and Quito. When we arrived Jean Paul's wife Erica was dead.
      Then somehow she came back,then everyone started dying. I think Erica
      killed them."

      "That's hard to believe." Phillip tells Holly.

      "It's true! I saw Erica stab my mother." says Holly.

      Jean Paul turns to Holly with a smile on his face. "Poor Holly, you
      are delusiional." Jacques has taken possesion of Jean Paul's body.

      "Jean Paul, how can you say that! You know it's true! Last time you
      were keeping us here as prisoners. Please, I want to leave!"

      "Holly, come here." Holly goes to Jean Paul, looks into his eyes. She
      quietly turns and takes a seat.

      "What did she mean when she said you were keeping her here?" Phillip

      "Holly has a very vivid imagination." Jacques tells them. Raxl comes
      in and announces that dinner is ready to be served. Jean Paul takes
      Holly's hand and escorts her to the table. Holly eats but doesn't say
      a word through the meal. Phillip keeps glancing at her . They all
      retire to their rooms for the night.

      Jacques leaves Jean Paul's body. In his bedroom Jean Paul calls to
      Jacques. "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes I want to speak to you."

      "Yes my dear descendant." Jacques answers.

      "Leave Holly alone, she has suffered enough because of you."

      "But she is so entertaining." states Jacques.

      "I am warning you Jacques, I will find a way to stop you! Jean Paul
      tells him angrily. His answer is laughter echoing through the room.

      The next morning Holly refuses to leave her room. Jean Paul, Emily and
      Phillip meet in the dining room. Jean Paul semds Raxl up with a tray
      for Holly. After the meal Jean Paul asks Phillip and Emily to accompany
      him to check out Maljardin. They walk to the boat house, it's a total
      loss. All that is left is a blackened, burn't out frame. Many of the
      trees are black and dead or dying. The boat house fire had spread
      about halfway to the mansion taking the trees and grass with it.
      Emily is taking notes for Jean Paul on the damage.

      "I don't understand why there is no damage to the mansion." Phillip
      says as they walk back to the mansion.

      "I guess the fire did not spread to the mansion." Jean Paul answers.

      "But Holly told us you were trapped and the mansion was burning."
      Phillip tells Jean Paul.

      "Everything was so hectic that night, Holly was mistaken." Jean Paul

      On entering the mansion Raxl meets them. "Master may I speak with you."
      Raxl asks.

      "I will be with you in a moment . Phillip, Emily would you join me in
      the library." Jean Paul asks.

      After they enter Jean Paul tells them to sit down. "Thank you for
      helping but I don't think we will stay on the Island. The history of
      Maljardin can wait. Forever as far as I care." Jean Pauls tells them.

      "Jean Paul, I warn you, have you forgotten what will happen to Holly
      if you oppose me. I will not let you leave." Jacques voice comes to
      Jean Paul.

      Jean Paul clenches his fists then looks at Emily. "I have changed my
      mind, I think I will have you start working on the Island's history
      today." Jean Paul tells her. "Now if you would excuse me, Raxl wanted
      to see me.."

      "Your cousin sure doesn't know his own mind." Emily tells Phillip.

      "Yes, I noticed. I also sense there is something evil here, I wonder
      if I can help Jean Paul." Phillip answers.

      Jean Paul finds Raxl in the kitchen. "You wanted to speak to me Raxl."
      Jean Paul asks.

      "Yes Master, Miss Holly refuses to eat. She has locked herself in her

      "I'll talk to her Raxl." Jean Paul leaves the kitchen and rushes up
      the stairs.

      Jean Paul knocks on Holly's door. "Holly, it's Jean Paul, please let
      me in."

      "Not until you agree to send me away." Holly cries through the door.

      Jean Paul turns and walks down the staircase to the library. Emily
      is alone, sitting at Jean Paul's desk, glancing through volumes of

      "Where is Phillip?'" Jean Paul asks.

      "He went upstairs, he said he had something to do. Jean Paul, I have
      the strangest feeling looking at these books,like I have done this
      before. Also everytime I look at you I feel like I am in a fog or a
      dream. I start remembering something important than it's gone. Then
      I start feeling sad."

      "Oh Emily." Jean Paul reaches out to hold her.

      "Please don't Jean Paul."

      Jean Paul drops his arms and turns his back to her. "Please forgive me
      Emily." he says quietly then leaves the room closing the door behind

      Phillip is standing in his room holding a wooden carved figure. It's
      in the shape of an otter with a feather on top of its' back. Holding
      it up with both hands Phillip chants. " Orendo, Hear my plea. There
      is evil here,I call upon you to help my kinsman Jean Paul Desmond.
      There is something wrong on this Island that affects my cousin and
      his ward Holly Marshal. Keep us all safe and send us a sign that you
      hear me." Phillip lowers the totem, (Now we can only wait.) Phillip
      thinks to himself.

      In the kitchen Raxl hears David's voice, she follows it down to the
      crypt. The cryonics capsule no longer sits in the room. There
      are name plaques mounted below coffins built into the walls. This is
      the final resting place of the Des Mondes family. Raxl looks at the
      newest one, it says on the plaque Eric Desmond- Beloved wife of Jean
      Paul Desmond. 1942-1970.

      David appears to Raxl, his body almost transparent. "My powers are
      very weak because of the evil forces that are on this Island. I need my
      brothers help to come to my full powers while on this Island." David
      tells her.

      "How can I help Msieu Siena?"

      "I am leaving a talisman, give it to Jean Paul, He will know what to do
      with it." As David starts fading away, a solid gold cross appears on
      the floor at Raxl's feet. It has an unearthly glow to it. Raxl picks
      it up and walks upstairs. She then goes to Jean Paul's room and
      knocks. Jean Paul bids her to come in.

      "Master, I must speak to you but not here. Come to the crypt." Raxl
      leaves the room.

      Jean Paul enters the crypt, Raxl is waiting for him. "Master, Msieu
      Siena has left you something. He called me here, I think his power
      stops Jacques Eloi Des Mondes from knowing about his appearance in this
      room. Somehow we are protected." Raxl holds up the heavy gold cross,
      it still seem to shimmer with a light from within. "He also said you
      would know what to do with it." Raxl tells Jean Paul.

      "How could I know?" Jean Paul asks. He is reluctlant to take the

      "I do not know Master, I just know you must take it." Raxl tells him.

      Jean Paul takes the cross. The shimmering glow stops. "What does it
      mean?" Jean Paul looks at Raxl.

      "Again I do not know." Raxl replies.

      Jean Paul turns and leaves the crypy and Raxl follows.

      That evening before dinner Jean Paul again knocks on Holly's door.

      "Holly, please let me in."

      "No Jean Paul, leave me alone." Holly tells him. Jean Paul feels
      something warm against his leg, he looks down and reaches for the
      cross he had slid into his pants pocket. It is again glowing. David
      slowly materializes next to Jean Paul, again he is not solid.

      "Jean Paul give Holly the cross." David fades away.

      Jean Paul knocks again. "Holly, I'll let you leave tonight, please open
      the door."

      Holly opens the door, Jean Paul hands her the cross. " Keep this with
      you and be ready to leave soon. I hope it can protect you. I will
      send Raxl for you."

      Jean Paul goes to the kitchen and finds Raxl. "Have Quito bring the
      boat to the dock. I am going to try to get Holly away from the Island."
      Jean Paul sits at the table and starts writing. He hands the letter
      to Raxl. "This is a letter to my cousin Ada, I want her to take Holly
      in. Please contact her to make the arrangements. The less I do here
      the better for all our safety. I have a feeling as long as Holly hols
      that cross, Jacques can not harm her."

      "Let's hope you are right Master." Raxl tells him.

      "You must be the one to take her. For some reason Jacques doesn't
      seem aware that anything is going on. Please get ready to leave

      "What about Msieu Phillip and Miss Emily?" Raxl asks.

      "The cross seems to be sent for Holly only. I passed and spoke to
      both Phillip and Emily. There was no reaction from the cross . I
      do't dare try to get them off the Island, if Jacques takes over my body
      while leaving we will all be doomed."

      Raxl goes up to get Holly, they leave through the kitchen door. Once
      safetly aboard the boat they cross to the mainland. At the Inn, Raxl
      sees Holly off in a cab heading for the airport.

      "Raxl, Why doesn't Jean Paul come, everyone on that Island is in
      danger. Please, can't you make them come?"

      "No Miss Holly, there is to be a final confrontation so Jean Paul
      can finally be free or die trying. I know we will meet again. Remember
      keep the cross close to you at all times. "

      "I will Raxl." Holly hugs her and Quito and climbes into the cab.

      As the boat arrives back at Maljardin thunder and lightning starts
      crashing over the Island.

      "Quito, he knows, may the Gods protect us." Raxl tells Quito. Quito
      nods. They quickly walk to the mansion.

      Jean Paul enter the Great Hall and stands in front of Jacques portrait.

      "So Jacques, you have lost. Holly is gone. You can no longer harm

      "You will be punished for this Jean Paul Desmond!" Jacques voice booms
      in anger.

      "I don't fear you Jacques, I am already damned from our pact. I don't
      think you can do anything else to destroy my life."

      "Did I say anything about your life. There are other people here that
      you care about." Jacques tells him.

      "Leave them alone!" Jean Paul sees Emily and Phillip entering the
      Great Hall on their way to dinner. He looks at them with fear for their

      After they are seated Raxl serves them. Jean Paul seems very
      preoccupied with his thoughts. Emily tries to talk to him.

      "Jean Paul, when I was going through the books about the mansion, there
      doesn't seem to be much remodeling done, in the last three hundred
      years nothing seems to have changed."

      Jean Paul gloomingly stares at his plate, not answering her.

      Phillip is sitting and watching Jean Paul. "Cousin, did I hear a boat
      leave and return to the Island?"

      Jean Paul looks up at Phillip. "Yes, Holly left, I sent her to Desmond
      Hall. I think it will do her good." Jean Paul doesn't say anything
      else. Phillip is still watching Jean Paul. Emily stands and excuses
      herself, she is turning in for the evening.

      After she leaves Jean Paul is hit by a wave of dizzyness . Jacques
      has once again taken over his body.

      "Well cousin, I think I will retire also." Phillip tells Jean Paul.

      "Phillip, may I talk with you. Let's go somewhere we will be more
      comfortable." Jacques tells Phillip.

      "Of course Jean Paul." Phillip walks through the doorway with Jean
      Paul following behind him. Jean Paul has a smile on his face.

      Jacques walks up to his portrait. "Phillip, could you join me please."

      Phillip comes up and looks at Jean Paul. "Yea Jean Paul, What is it?"

      "Look at the eyes of the portrait, doesn't it seem like they are
      burning right through you."

      Phillip looks at the portrait and starts trembling. He reaches into
      his shirt and pulls out his totem. "Orendo, protect me, give me the
      strength to fight this evil that is trying to possess me."

      Jacques reaches out and takes the totem away from Phillip, throwing
      it across the room. "On Desmond Hall you were cursed with the Mark Of
      Death. Even though you stopped the star the curse is still upon you.
      Because of your cousin Jean Paul Desmond and the pact he made with me
      you are still linked with us."

      Phillip starts trembling again, then is still. Slowly he turns and
      in a trance heads up the stairs to his room.

      Jacques, still in Jean Paul's body throws his head back and laughs.
      He then pours a glass of brandy and sits to sip it slowly.

      Jacques leaves Jean Paul's body. Jean Paul looks up at Jacques
      portrair and stands. "Oh God, no!" He cries, then he hurries to the

      "David, David! I need your help now. Please you must help us!" Jean
      Paul cries.

      David slowly materializes. "There is nothing I can do Jean Paul. I
      warned you to keep Phillip away from here." David vanishes.

      Jean Paul dejectedly walks up the steps to the Great Hall. Jacques
      laughter echoes through the room. Jean Paul picks up the decanter
      of brandy and hurls it at Jacques' portrait. Jean Paul walks slowly up
      the stairs to his room with Jacques laughter accompanying him.

      (end of chapter 4)
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