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Paradise fiction

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  • Debby Graham
    I have chapter 2 ready to post. Paradise Continued chapter 2 By Debby Graham After they disembark from the boat, Jean Paul stops David on the path from
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      I have chapter 2 ready to post.

      Paradise Continued chapter 2 By Debby Graham

      After they disembark from the boat, Jean Paul stops David on the
      path from the dock.

      "You said you are Phillip's brother. I still don't understand why
      you are here. And where is Phillip? Also what happened at
      Maljardin? It
      seemed like the water was under some kind of spell."

      "Please, not now Jean Paul, let's go back to Raxl's room at the
      Inn. I
      will explain what I can there." David tells Jean Paul.

      Raxl walking with Quito stares at David but doesn't say a word. On
      entering the Inn every person inside stop talking and watches as the
      foursome heads towards the stairs to the rooms of the Inn.

      Raxl steps forward and taps on the door. "Miss Holly, it is I Raxl
      with Jean Paul Desmond. Please let us in."

      Holly flings the door open and rushes into Jean Paul's arms sobbing.
      "I knew you could not be dead. Was it all true, did Erica kill my
      mother, then try to kill me? After Raxl and I went outside we could
      see flames, then the whole mansion was engulfed. Quito went to the
      doors to get you out but it was like they were sealed shut."

      "Yes, I am afraid it is true, all of it." Jean Paul replies quietly.

      David steps up to Jean Paul. "We must talk now Jean Paul, alone."

      Jean Paul looks down at Holly. "Go with Raxl Holly, I will come to
      you soon."

      Raxl leads Holly into the next room. Jean Paul looks at Quito.
      "Quito I need a change of cloths, would you go and take care of it
      for me."

      Quito nods and heads out the door.

      "Now, please explain who you are and what you want." Jean Paul tells

      "As you know Phillip helped you rid the curse of the Mark of Death
      from the Desmond family." David replies.

      "How do you know, did Phillip tell you about Desmond Hall?" Jean
      Paul asked.

      "No, I have not seen Phillip in years, we had a falling out, I
      blamed him and we can not see each other."David tells Jean Paul.

      "That doesn't sound like Phillip." replies Jean Paul.

      "Phillip is not to blame but I can not change things as yet."

      "But that doesn't explain how you came to be here if not by Phillip."
      says Jean Paul.

      "I came because of Phillip, he will be in danger because of his
      involvement with you and your ancestor Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. You
      banished the mark of death, but you are linked to Jacques because of
      your pact with him. His anger at my brother could be felt through
      the heavens and the earth."

      "How can I help him, I don't know where he is. From what I have
      been told time has stopped and will repeat past events." Jean Paul
      tells David.

      "Phillip will not remember the events that took place at Desmond
      Hall, he is on his way here now but do not let him go to Maljardin."
      David replies.

      "Maljardin! why would I take anyone back to that cursed place!" Jean
      Paul cries. Laughter is heard through the room.

      "Jacques is still a part of you, you must be strong. Do not let him
      get the upper hand." David tells Jean Paul. The laughter is louder.
      "Now I must speak with Raxl."

      Jean Paul goes to the bedroom and knocks quietly. Raxl answers the
      door. "Miss Holly is exhausted, she has just fallen asleep master."

      "I will sit with her Raxl, Mr. Siena would like a word with you."
      Jean Paul tells her. He enters the room, sits down and lays his
      head back and closes his eyes, he is also exhausted.

      Raxl enters the room and approaches David. "You wish to see me
      Msieu Siena."

      "Yes, You are here to make atonements for your past sins,I have had
      you brought back to right a wrong."

      "Brought back, I do not understand." Raxl answers.

      "I think you do Raxl, your life was ended at Desmond Hall, if you
      succeed you might see the right side of heaven. If you fail me I
      will see you sent to the darkest pit of hell for all eternity."

      Raxl looks at David with fear in her eyes, then nods acceptance.

      While asleep Jean Paul hears his name called. "Jean Paul you will
      come to me."

      "No" Jean Paul replies shaking his head and becoming restless.

      "Then I will bring you to me." Jean Paul's body fades from the

      Jean Paul opens his eyes, he is back at Maljardin sitting in a chair
      facing Jacques portrait. He starts noticing the room. Everything
      in the room is back like it was before the fire. Jean Paul stands
      and looks around in wonder, then he turns around and faces Jacques

      "You have restored the Great Hall." Jean Paul says astonished.

      "Not just the Great Hall but the entire mansion ." gloats Jacques."We
      can't entertaim our guests in a burnt out home, now can we Jean

      "Guests, what guests?" Jean Paul asks.

      "The ones you will bring to our home, Holly, Phillip and a special
      surprise guest." Jacques tells Jean Paul.

      "No!" Jean Paul shouts " I will not. I will not allow you to hurt
      anyone else. You will leave them alone."

      "I have a score to repay with your dear cousin Phillip. You will
      not defy me or poor Holly will suffer. She will relive her last day
      on Maljardin each night until she goes insane and takes her life,
      then she will belong to me through etenity." Jacques tells Jean
      Paul. "Now sit down, it is time for you to return to the Inn."
      Dizziness starts overtaking Jean Paul , he collapses into a chair,
      his eyes start to close and his body fades away.

      Back in Holly's room Jean Paul opens his eyes, he is still sitting
      next to Holly. (Was it all a dream)Jean Paul thinks to himself.

      As she sleeps Holly starts crying out and thrashing about on the
      bed. "Holly, wake up, Holly you are having a nightmare, wake up."
      Jean Paul is trying to shake her awake. Laughter is heard through
      the room. Holly's cries intensifies. Raxl comes into the room, she
      stands across from Jean Paul, she touches Holl's brow, "Wake up
      Holly, come back to us."

      Holly opens her eyes still sobbing she sees Jean Paul she throws
      herself into his arms. "I could hear you calling me, but I could't
      come to you. I was back at Maljardin. Oh Jean Paul what is
      happening?" More mocking laughter is heard by Jean Paul. He raises
      his eyes and looks at Raxl.

      "Where is David ?"

      "Msieu Siena has left. I do not now where." Raxl replies.

      (end of chapter 2)
    • Debby Graham
      From my outline this story should finish with either 5 or 6 total chapters. Paradise Continued by Debby Graham Chapter 3 Jean Paul settles Holly back in her
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        From my outline this story should finish with either 5 or 6 total

        Paradise Continued by Debby Graham
        Chapter 3

        Jean Paul settles Holly back in her bed. Raxl brings her a hot cup
        of tea.

        "Jean Paul I want to leave now, please send me away, I can't stay
        here!" Holly cries.

        Raxl looks at Holly then at Jean Paul. " Leaving will not stop the
        evil, we must fight it. Master may I speak to you outside."

        "Holly, try to rest. When you are up to it come out for breakfast.
        Maybe getting out into the sunshine will help dispell some of your
        nightmare." Jean Paul tells Holly. Raxl and Jean Paul leave the

        "Master, even if Miss Holly leaves,that demon will pursue her. the
        only way to defeat Jacques Eloi Des Mondes is to stay and fight his

        Jean Paul slowly nods his head. "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes will not
        win, I will do anything to stop him." Jean Paul tells Raxl.

        "There is also Msieu Siena, although I do not understand his power.
        I can sense good in him but also a darkness." says Raxl.

        The phone in the room starts ringing. Jean Paul answers it. The
        front desk announces that a visitor is asking for him.

        "Could you please ask who it is." Jean Paul asks.

        "He says his name is Phillip Des Mondes and he has come from Desmond
        Hall." says the receptionist.

        "Please send him up." Jean Paul tells her.

        A few minutes later there is a knock at the door. Raxl steps
        forward but Jean Paul signals her back and opens the door.

        "Hello my name is Phillip Des Mondes, your cousin Ada heard about
        the fire and sent me. I have been staying at Desmond Hall, to learn
        more about the Desmond family. Ada wanted to be sure you and your
        wife are safe." says Phillip.

        "Please come in." Jean Paul tells him.

        "This is my fiance Emily Blair." Phillip tells him."

        Jean Paul stares at Emily. "No." says Jean Paul very shaken.
        Laughter is heard by Jean Paul through out the room.

        "Are you all right." Phillip asks.

        "Please forgive me cousin it has been a long night, please have a
        seat. I need to get cleaned up. Raxl will serve drinks." Jean Paul
        leaves the room to change his cloths.

        "Well, well Jean Paul now we know where your lovely Emily has
        disappeared to, after all you did ask me on Maljardin if I knew
        where she was. Perhaps I will give her back to you." Jacques
        torments him.

        "Leave them alone Jacques, you have your pact with me." says Jean

        "Your cousin will pay for his interference! Jacques says in anger.

        "No! Please Jacques I beg of you leave them alone." Jean Paul pleads.

        There is silence. Jean Paul enters the sitting room, he looks at
        Phillip then he can't take his eyes off of Emily. Phillip stands
        "Mr. Desmond is everything all right?"

        "Please call me Jean Paul. And please be seated. Would you like
        another drink."

        "No, we only stopped in to see if there is anything we can do. Is
        your wife Erica resting?" Phillip asks.

        "My wife is dead." Jean Paul says contemptuously.

        "Oh no, I am so sorry." says Emily.

        "Don't waste your sympathy on her, my wife died a long time ago."
        Jean Paul pours a brandy and gulps it down, then takes a seat.

        "Don't you think you should have informed your family? Phillip asks.

        "It does't matter now." states Jean Paul.

        "That's an odd thing to say, first your wife dies, then you loose
        your home to a fire. This is the time you need your family."
        Phillip says.

        "Jean Paul." calls Holly as she walks into the room. Phillip and
        Jean Paul stand up.

        "May I introduce my ward Miss Holly Marshal." Jean Paul tells them.
        Introductions are made and Holly joins them.

        "Were you on the Island also Miss Marshal?" Emily asks.

        "Yes, and please call me Holly. It was awful, we thought we had
        lost Jean Paul." Holly tells her.

        "From the reports at Desmond Hall it sounds like the entire Island
        and mansion are gone." Phillip says.

        "I don't know, we got off the Island when the mansion started
        burning and Jean Paul got trapped, Raxl said there was no hope to
        get him out." Holly tells him.

        "Actually it was your brother David that brought me across with Quito
        and Raxls help." Jean Paul tells Phillip.

        "My brother, what are you talking about? I Don"t have a brother."
        Phillip replies.

        "He said he is your half brother David Siena.

        "My mother's name is Siena but I don't have a brother and she has no
        other sons." Phillip states.

        "I don't understand." says Jean Paul.

        "Well, whoever it was it was not my brother. Now if you would excuse
        us we have to check in. I'll stay around for a few days to help
        out." says Phillip.

        "No!" says Jean Paul "I don't need you here."

        "I think you do Jean Paul." says Phillip. As they head to the door
        Phillip turns "Jean Paul, when I entered your hotel room earlier I
        could have swore I heard laughter."

        Jean Paul stares at him with a frightened look on his face. As they
        head down the stairs mocking laughter is heard through out the
        room. Jean Paul rushes past Holly and slams his bedroom door close
        after entering.

        Jacques voice is heard through the room. "I have decided you will
        bring our guests tomorrow morning."

        "No!I will not bring Phillip to you and Holly will never agree to go
        back to Maljardin." Jean Paul tells him.

        "Holly will come willingly and you will obey me unless you want poor
        Holly to not wake up from her dreams." Jacques replies.

        "You demon from hell, how I wish I had the power to send you back!"
        yells Jean Paul. Laughter is heard through out the room. The rest
        of the day passes quietly.

        Everyone retires for the evening. Towards morning Holly starts
        dreaming. She is back at Maljardin but it's a pleasant dream
        everyone is alive and there is a party. Jacques voice starts
        calling to her. "Holly, everyone misses you. Jean Paul wants you
        to join him." Holly opens her eyes and in a trance and leaves her
        dresses and goes out the door to the sitting room.

        In Jean Paul's room Jacques calls to Jean Paul. "Jean Paul, wake up
        it's time to call Phillip and tell him to join you. Tell him you
        need to check out damages from the fire."

        Jean Paul starts shaking his head and crying out. "No!, I will not
        do it!"

        "Then I will have to take charge." Jean Paul opens his eyes and as
        he sits up he has a sarcastic smile upon his face. He goes to the
        phone and asks for Phillip's room.

        "Hello Phillip, this is Jean Paul. I have changed my mind about you
        helping me, could you join me in about an hour to check out
        Maljardin for insurance purposes. Oh and please bring Miss Blair if
        she would like to help. You did say she worked in the library at
        desmond Hall. She might be helpful in recording the damages." says

        "Yes Jean Paul, I will ask her. I'll meet you at the boat dock."
        Phillip tells Jean Paul.

        After changing his cloths Jacques in Jean Paul's body saunters from
        the room with a smile upon his face.

        Raxl, coming from her room sees Jean Paul walking towards Holly.
        She stops him with her hand upon his arm. "Please Master do not do

        " Why Raxl, we're just going for a boat ride, why don't you join us?"
        Jacques says mockingly.

        "I want no part of your evil, you should have been destroyed at
        Desmond Hall." Raxl tells him.

        "Well, well, well so you do remember our last meeting." Jacques says
        to her.

        "I do. Msieu Phillip's brother brought me back, I think you may
        have met your match Jacques Eloi Des Mondes."

        "He has no power over me, my master is the powerful one." Jacques
        angrily answers.

        "We shall see." Raxl retorts.

        Jacques takes Holly's arm and tells Raxl "I order you to send Quito
        to me, he will take us over to my Island."

        David's voice comes to Raxl "Go with them Raxl, you will be needed
        on the Island." Raxl looking at Jean Paul and tells him. "I will
        Quito and I will meet you at the dock." Raxl lowers her eyes and
        heads to her room.

        They board the boat and head across the lagoon. When they reach
        Maljardin they head for the mansion.

        "Jean Paul, I don't see any damage, I don't understand." says

        "The fire was an exaggeration." Jacques answers him. He reaches
        for the door of the mansion and bows as he followes them in.

        Holly stops in the foyar, looks around and starts screaming.
        Jacques comes up to her "Why Holly, what ever is wrong?"

        "Jean Paul, how could you bring me back here?" She's hanging on him
        almost collapsing.

        "Raxl, take Holly to her room to rest." Jacques orders.

        "No I want to leave now Jean Paul!" Holly sobs.

        Raxl comes up, "Come with me Miss Holly. Quito and I will come
        with you." After they head up the stairs Raxl tells Quito. " Stay
        outside Miss Holly's door and guard her." Raxl takes Holly in to
        settle her for a rest.

        Jacques, Emily and Phillip enter the Great Hall. "Poor Holly, she
        is so high strung. I shall have to get her help." Jacques tells

        Phillip notices the portrait of Jacques and stands in front of it.
        While gazing at it he feels a shiver go through him. "I have a
        feeling I have seen that portait before."

        Jacques steps up to Phillip and also glances at the portrait. "He
        is an ancestor of mine and also yours. He's quite a devil. They
        say he was a pirate and has a fortune hidden on the Island." Jacques
        answers him. "That's one of the reasons I have asked your lovely
        fiance here, we have many books on the Des Mondes family and I wish
        to ask Miss Blair to do research about this Island and it's history."
        Jacques looks at Emily.

        "I would be honored to." She tells him.

        "Phillip, I would also like you to help with the damage that came
        from the fire." Jacques asks.

        "But I don't see any evidence of a fire." Phillip says.

        "Oh there will be." Jacques answers. While looking at the portrait
        Jacques leaves Jean Paul's body. Dizziness hits Jean Paul, he lifts
        his eyes and looks at the portait. "No!" he cries.

        "Are you all right?" Phillip asks.

        Jean Paul looks at Phillip and Emily. "Yes, I'm fine, if you will
        excuse me I will send Raxl in to see you to your rooms." Jean Paul
        stumbles up the stairs as mocking laughter follows him.

        end of part 3
      • Debby Graham
        Chapter 6 Paradise continued Phillip runs into the mansion screaming Jean Paul s name. Jean Paul comes running down the stairs. Jean Paul, I tried
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          Chapter 6 Paradise continued

          Phillip runs into the mansion screaming Jean Paul's name. Jean Paul
          comes running down the stairs.

          "Jean Paul, I tried burning the Totem, my Guardian Spirit has left
          me." Phillip slides down the door, hanging his head in misery.

          "Cousin, why would burn it?"

          "I was calling on Orendo to protect us when that deman forced me.
          Jean Paul, I don't think we have any hope."

          "Phillip, please go up to your room. Maybe things will look better
          in the morning." Jean Paul tells him.

          Emily comes down the stairs. "Jean Paul what's wrong?" She sees
          Phillip sitting on the floor.

          "Emily could you accompany Phillip to his room." He reaches down
          and helps Phillip to his feet. Emily takes his arm and walks up the
          stairs with him.

          Jean Paul heads to the portrait. "Does't your evil ever end? What
          do you want from us? Answer me!"

          "Only your full cooperation without any interference." Jacques

          "Cooperation for what?"

          "You stopped the Mark Of Death, But by controling you and your
          cousin, I will take your cousin's soul. Life will be given to me
          in physical form. I will have the power that my master bestowed on
          me to use in your world. "

          "No! Jacques, I warn you, we will find a way to stop you!"

          "Go ahead and try Jean Paul Desmond, but do not forget you and I are
          linked. What happens to me also happens to you."

          "I was a fool for releasing you!"

          "But think how boring your life would have been without me. No go
          to bed, you tire me."

          Jean Paul turns and slowly walks up the stairs.

          Phillip is tossing and turning in his sleep. In his dream he has
          his hands around Irene Hatter's throat. Jean Paul stops him and
          sends him inside Desmond Hall. The dream makes him see more
          images, a star, a strange mark on his hand, being locked in a room
          and being guarded by Raxl, sometimes Jean Paul. A portrait that
          laughs at him, now he sees himself strangle a young blonde girl in a
          bedroom. He sees himself, Jean Paul and Cort holding hands in front
          of the portrait. The images come faster. Putting ashes on the
          portraits mouth , and eyes then flashing to Jean Paul laying dead
          on his bed. Emily and himself seeing Jean Paul step from the
          portrait. More images follow. Phillip opens his eyes, it's morning
          and clutched in his hand is his Totem.
          "Thank you Orendo, you have come back to me with all the answers."
          Phillip leaves his room and knocks on Jean Paul's door.

          Jean Paul answers it. "Yes Phillip, what is it?"

          "Cousin, my memory of Desmond Hall has come back to me."

          "Do you know what will stop our ancestor?" Jean Paul asks.

          "No, but it has something to do with time."

          "Time?" Jean Paul asks.

          "Yes, one of the books in your brother's secret room mentioned
          stopping time. Making it go forward or backward." Phillip answers.

          "I don't know how that would help." Jean Paul tells him.

          "I don't know, but in my dream, the book opened to that page."

          "Has Emily brought any notes from Desmond Hall from her research?"
          Jean Paul asks.

          "Yes I think so." Phillip tells him. They both leave the room and
          go to Emily's door. Jean Paul knocks.

          "Jean Paul, Phillip what's wrong?"

          "Do you have any notes with you from the books at Desmond Hall?"
          Phillip asks her.

          "Yes, What are you looking for?" Emily asks.

          "Phillip mentioned seeing a book in his dreams about clocks and
          time Phillip has remembered everything that happened at Desmond
          Hall. Like you, it came back in a dream." Jean Paul tells her.

          Emily turns around and opens a case with files of notes. She dumps
          them on the bed and the three of them start looking through them.

          "I found something." Phillip says. Emily and Jean Paul crowd
          around him. "It says, In the tower at the Great House at Fort
          Desmond there is a clock that is supposed to control time. Time can
          move backward, forward or stop. Only a Desmond can retrieve it."

          "There is no way we can leave, Jacques will not allow it even if we
          decided to get the clock." Jean Paul tells them.

          "There might be one way." Phillip pulls out the Totem and with
          both hands holds it above him..":Orendo, my Guardian Spirit, once
          you gave your protection to Jean Paul Desmond and his cousin Cort
          Desmond. We ask for your help again. Send a message to Cort to
          retrieve a clock at Fort Desmond, a clock that will end our
          suffering." He lowers the Totem and it fades away from his hands.

          "Phillip you had the Totem, I thought you said you burned it." Jean
          Paul asks.

          "Burned it?" Emily questions.

          "It left, then came back, Orendo didn't desert us. He gave us the
          answers we needed." Phillip tells them.

          "When you called on Orendo you wanted Cort to get the clock." Jean
          Paul said. "How?"

          "Cort is already at Fort Desmond, Ada sent him to check on storm
          damage in that area." Phillip answers.

          "I'll send Quito each day for mail pickup, hopefully it will
          arrive. Does it say how the clock works?" Jean Paul asks.

          "No, there is nothing else. The book only mentioned the clock."
          Emily tells them.

          "I guess we just have to wait." Jean Paul says.

          Two days later Quito arrives with a large wooden crate, about six
          feet long and four feet wide. In his room the Totem appears back on
          Phillip's dresser . Phillip picks it up and heads to the dock with
          Jean Paul. Jean Paul, Phillip and Quito carry the crate into the
          house and down to the crypt. Jean Paul finds a hammer and works on
          the lid. Inside is a dark maple Grandfather clock. The three men
          stand it up and Emily joins them.
          "You may go now Quito." Jean Paul tells him. Quito nods and goes
          up the stairs.

          "Well, what should we do now?" Jean Paul asks while looking at the

          "Jean Paul Desmond, Phillip Des Mondes come to me. I command you to
          come to me!" Jacques voice echoes through the room. Phillip starts
          to shake.

          "Phillip, fight him!" Jean Paul yells.

          "Jean Paul Desmond through our pact I command you to come to me!"
          Jacques demands.

          In a trance Jean Paul and Phillip turn and walk toward the stairs.
          Emily runs and grabs Jean Paul's arm. "Jean Paul, no!"
          Jean Paul pulls his arm free of Emily's hold. Emily steps in front
          of Phillip. " Phillip stop, don't go to him!" Phillip steps around
          her, Jean Paul and Phillip continue up the stairs and go to the

          "Jean Paul, raise your head and look into my eyes." Jacques tells
          him. As Jean Paul obeys Jacues takes control of him.. He turns to

          Phillip comes out ot the trance.

          "If you want to keep Emily from death you will forsake your God and
          promise your soul to my master for all eternity." Jean Paul tells

          "Jean Paul, what are you saying."Phillip asks.

          "Jean Paul is no longer here, I am Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. With
          this dagger your dear Emily will die." Jacques draws the black
          pearl handle dagger from a sheath.

          Phillip tries to step forward but he can not move. Jean Paul's body
          turns and starts toward the stairs for the crypt.
          "Jean Paul, no!" Phillip cries Jacques keeps walking. "All
          right! All right! I will agree."

          Jacques turns back to Phillip. Phillip is able to move.

          "Take your Totem and lay it on the floor at the bottom of my
          portrait." Jacques tells him. Phillip does as he is told.

          Back in the crypt, Emily runs to the clock. It's not running and
          Emily has no idea of what to do.
          "David! David if you can hear me your brother and his cousin are in
          danger. They need you now!"

          David's form starts shimmering then materializes in solid form.

          "David , Jean Paul and Phillip are upstairs, we got the clock but
          they were forced to leave. Please help them!" Emily says to David.

          "Emily stay here with the clock, when it starts ticking you must
          push the hands backwards."

          David runs up the stairs.

          Phillip is standing in front of the portrait with his eyes looking
          into the portrait's eyes. "Orendo, I know longer recognize you as
          my Guardian Spirit. I reject you in the name of Lucifer!"

          "Phillip stop!" David yells.
          Phillip spins around and Jacques turns.

          "Well, well, well if it isn't the guardian of mankind. You have no
          power here. Leave in the name of my master." Jacques tells him.

          "You are wrong Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. My brothers forgiveness of
          me has brought his memory of your past evil back. He and Jean Paul
          have the means of stopping you."

          "Jean Paul and I are one and your brother will soon join us."
          Jacques tells him.

          "No." David raises his hands out to his sides, palms
          outward. "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes I command you to leave this body
          and go back to where you belong!" David's voice is louder.

          Jean Paul shudder and he looks at David. " Phillip bring your
          Totem to me. Jean Paul go and stand in front of the portrait but do
          not look into his eyes." David tells them. They quickly follow

          David raises the Totem with both hands. "Orendo, Guardian Spirit
          of my people. I call upon you to combine with my power to turn back

          Wind starts picking up outside, with thunder and lightning shaking
          the mansion.

          "Do not allow the evil one to take control. I call upon all the
          power granted to me to join with this Totem." The Totem takes on a
          golden glow. "Take Jean Paul Desmond and send him back to where it
          all began. Help him correct the mistakes he made long ago."

          In the crypt the Grandfather clock's pendulum starts swinging.
          Emily reaches for the hour hand and forces it backwards.

          As Jean Paul is listening to David's chant everything goes black.

          Jean Paul notices that he is holding a glass of brandy. Raxl is
          behind him.

          "There are forces here of ancient evil, good and evil that you must
          not tempt to rise and you will. Let your poor wife rest in peace.
          Do you dare to fly in the face of God?" Raxl is speaking.

          "On this Island from this moment forward I am God" Jean Paul says.

          "Bravo." Jean Paul turns with his glass raised, he looks at the
          portrait. Raxl turns looks at the portrait then turns back to Jean
          Paul. She reaches for his wrist. "Msieu, Msieu Desmond."

          "Three hundred years apart but like me he lost a wife." Jean Paul

          "Please don't compare. Please, please." Raxl is getting upset.

          "But for a span of centuries, he and I could be the same man." Jean
          Paul tell her.

          "No, no he was the devil." Raxl tells him very upset. "And after
          what you have done!"

          "No more talk Raxl. Goodnight." Jean Paul tells her. Raxl
          leaves and goes up the staircase.

          Jean Paul turns back to the portrait. "Who are you?"

          "You heard faithful old Raxl." the portrait tells him.

          "The Devil!" Jean Paul turns walks away to stand next to the

          "Can you turn your back on him." the portrait says.

          "No! No, this is my own battle!" Jean Paul says.

          "For the want of an alli the battle could be lost. Turn. Face me.

          Jean Paul turns toward the portrait.

          "Come closer." Jean Paul walks. "Closer. Now who am I? " Jacques
          asks..Jean Paul lifts his eyes toward the portrait. "The man you
          are, the man you might have been."

          Jean Paul is transported to Jacques time. He watches as Jacques
          greets his wife, then leaving with her to the laughter of their
          guests. Then Jean Paul is back at Maljardin still holding the glass
          of brandy. He looks around the room.

          "How lovely a woman is, especially a mans own." the portrait says.
          Jean Paul turns and looks at the portrait.
          "For my life, I give you back your woman."

          "You are the devil." Jean Paul turns away.

          "He lives in every man. Find me where I lie in the tomb." The
          portait tells him. With his back to the portrait Jean Paul raises
          his glass.

          "Poor sweet Erica, poor darling suspended forever between life and
          death." the portrait tells him. Jean Paul turns and rushes away.

          "Find me where I lie in the tomb. Find me!" the portrait's voice

          "No! No!" Jean Paul hurls the glass at the portrait . He turns and
          looks down, in his hand is the Totem. He hears the drum beat. "Not
          this time Jacques Eloi Des Mondes." Jean Paul says. He runs up the
          staircase to his room, on entering everything goes black.

          Jean Paul opens his eyes, sunlight is streaming through his hotel
          window. He turns his head and sees Emily asleep beside him. He
          reaches out to hold her and falls back asleep with Emily in his arms.

          The End

          Disclaimer Strange Paradise was created by Jerry Layten and Ian
          Martin This story was for entertainment only. and can not be
          sold.. .
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