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Peyton Place

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  • Frederick Schrader
    Good news! There is a gentleman who has the entire series in pristine condition and available on tape (six episodes on T-160 tape for $23 plus shipping). I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005
      Good news! There is a gentleman who has the entire series in pristine condition and available on tape (six episodes on T-160 tape for $23 plus shipping). I haven't been in touch for a while so I don't know if he does DVD-R's now as well. The entire series is about 80 or so videocassettes.
      His information is as follows-
      John Mason
      493 Hogsback Road
      Greene, New York 13778

      Please let me know if he is still in business. I started getting the tapes from him but got sidetracked by other projects. I would love to hear he is still in business. I too would love to have the entire Peyton Place on video.

      Best regards to all,
      Frederick Schrader

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      Subject: [Strange Paradise] Re: Question (Fav Soaps) DS, PP & F. CREST

      >Other than "Strange Paradise", what is/are your
      >favorite soaps, past
      > and/or present?

      Well, other than SP and DS (of course!), my favorite
      was PEYTON PLACE, which I saw in daytime re-runs as a
      kid during the mid-70's.

      The neat thing about PEYTON PLACE ---besides a stellar
      cast and wonderful crisis structure that always left
      you hanging--- was that it was filmed (not taped) on
      the 20th Century Fox lot, and therefore was able to
      have lots of real exterior scenes which gave the
      series a real sense of "place". There were complete
      scenes outdoors in the town square (everybody
      remembers the town gazebo), the boat docks/wharf,
      storefront streets, etc .... all of which combined to
      "open up" the series and lift it out of the
      soundstage-bound feeling of most soaps. These were
      not brief exterior establishing shots, but whole
      dialog scenes played outdoors for a real small town
      feeling (actually the 20th-Fox backlot, but it worked
      beautifully. In the 60s when PP was made, Fox still
      had the designers and artisans from the golden age of
      film still working on the lot, and THEY really knew
      how to get high production values quickly).

      It has always baffled me why PP doesn't turn up more
      in syndication. Other than a run on the Romance
      Channel (now WE) in that channel's early days (I
      didn't receive it...RATS!!), I haven't known PP to
      show up in syndication. I wish MPI or some other
      company would release it on DVD. Like DS, I think it
      could be very successful released that way. PP was
      huge in it's day, and it still retains a powerful
      dramatic whallop. Being a film collector, I have a
      few episodes on 16mm, but only a few. I suppose the
      fact that the first few seasons were in b&w hurts it,
      although personally I find the b&w very atmospheric.

      I also liked the first year or two of FALCON CREST,
      when it was really centered around the wine making and
      featured lots of location work at the house and winery
      (I'm big on having a sense of "place") and had a
      certain sense of mystery revolving around the initial
      death in the family. However, sadly, it soon fell
      into routine "sleeping around" soap elements (and
      silly imitation of the J.R. Ewing elements of DALLAS)
      and, IMO, lost most of it's charm after that.

      Happy Viewing!

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