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RE: [Strange Paradise] Re: STRANGE PARADISE - Drive-In Classics Information Update

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  • Scott Spears
    Hey Steve, Thanks for the update and for clearing up some of the mis-information around Strange Paradise. Too bad about the missing shows as some featured
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 10, 2004
      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for the update and for clearing up some of the mis-information around
      Strange Paradise. Too bad about the missing shows as some featured Helena
      Raleigh and Erica's ghost. Anyway, some of the episodes around them fill in
      what happened anyway but too bad those shows did not really recap the action
      as some Strange Paradise episodes did eventually become the standard. Any
      ideas why during the run the voiceovers were used and then suddenly stopped?
      Great to see you at the Dark Shadows convention. I was the guy working in
      registration going up and down the lines checking for tickets, etc.. Great
      to put a face to a name. Do you have all of the episodes (minus the missing
      ones?) yet and weren't you working on a Strange Paradise book (sortof like
      the Dark Shadows Almanac)? Thought I might have been jumping the gun a
      little about "the Key" plotline as it wrapped up around volume 26 or so at
      the end of the second story arc, but was trying to figure out the episodes
      in my head instead of checking the tapes. Do the vignette's still exist or
      are we left to the pictures that make up the Strange Paradise logo on our
      strangeparadise2 pictures page? Proof that these vignettes were made appears
      in them as they use what looks like Pauline Collins as Erica, a different
      painter than Bruce Gray and that guy they used for the attorney Dan Forrest
      in the first episode. Did anyone ever get his name? I could post pictures if
      that would help jar someone's memory.

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      >Information Update
      >Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 21:09:32 -0000
      >Hi Scott,
      >From my own viewing of SP, the Key of Life storyline doesn't start
      >until week 24 or 25 of the series, so it is after episode 105.
      >The so-called "pilot" was always referred to by the production staff
      >as "the vignettes." The vignettes were supposed to have been shown
      >to potential backers in the US. I forget the details just offhand of
      >the backing of SP but it was very complicated, and I believe this
      >ultimately resulted in some of the actors not being paid on time.
      >(At least this is what Bruce Gray claims in his memoir of his work on
      >the show.) The actual pilot for the show was episode 1. Apart from
      >the scene at Casa Loma in Toronto involving Kurt Sciegel, this was
      >filmed in Ottawa at the CGOH studios (and the office scenes were
      >filmed in the network's administrative quarters and boardroom).
      >Production at Crawley Studios in Old Chelsea Village began with
      >episode 2 in August 1969.
      >From a memo from somebody or other's office, I believe that the
      >master tapes of the 3 episodes you mention have been lost. Perhaps
      >once the show actually begins airing (assuming that really happens--
      >I'll believe it when I hear from somebody who has seen it), we'll get
      >some Canadian members with cable on this list, and they can keep
      >track of what is shown and the condition of same.
      >Steve Shutt

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