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RE: [Strange Paradise] Re: Episode 3

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  • Ms Erica Desmond
    Yes, please send me all the details. Love hearing more about Strange Paradise. Love, Erica ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2004
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      Yes, please send me all the details. Love hearing more about Strange



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      >Subject: [Strange Paradise] Re: Episode 3
      >Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 18:18:16 -0000
      >Well, I interviewed the assistant (floor) director who was working
      >closely on the show from the beginning, and he gave me a copy of the
      >Ian Martin pilot script. It is the same (apart from a few small
      >differences in dialogue, as I recall) as episode one.
      >I was shown call sheets for the shooting of episodes 2 and 3 dated
      >August 1969. I have detailed notes about these if anyone cares.
      >What happened is that the pilot was shot at the CJOH studios in
      >Ottawa. Starting with episode 2, production was moved to the old
      >Crawley Studios in Old Chelsea. A lot of work was needed to kit up
      >Crawley for production of SP. If you look closely at the set layout
      >for episode 1 and episode 2, you can spot some differences because of
      >the more cramped space in Ottawa. At the end of the Maljardin
      >storyline (also the end of the first 13 weeks), the production
      >returned to CJOH and moved into a brand new studio that had been
      >built in the fall of '69. I found a newspaper article on the opening
      >of the studio into which they moved while going through microfilm
      >collections in Ott.
      >The so-called "pilot" of which mention has been made was known to the
      >production team as "the vignettes." This was a short introductory
      >episode produced roughly around the Spring of '69 when money was
      >being raised for the show's production. I have the script for this
      >as well and there were differences in the cast and in the names of
      >certain characters. The script for "the vignettes" included material
      >relating the Bruce Grey character (named Pat in this version), and
      >Vangie Abbott who had a different name and was going to be played by
      >the chanteuse who belted out "That Old Black Magic" in Episode 1.
      >Unfortunately nobody knows what happened to the master tape of "the
      >vignettes." It's possible that Judith Krantz has it lying around in
      >one of her storage spaces somewhere...

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