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Biography: Colin Fox

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  • Ms Erica Desmond
    COLIN FOX Biography Colin Fox was one of the few students to have entered the National Theatre School of Canada holding an Equity card. He had earned it over a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2003

      Colin Fox was one of the few students to have entered the National Theatre
      School of Canada holding an Equity card. He had earned it over a period of
      two summers slogging it as an apprentice in summer stock: building sets,
      doing prop runs, operating sound and lights and then walking on as detective
      no. 2 in "Craig's Wife" starring Talullah Bankhead.

      In his last year at NTS (after paying his way as replacement announcer at
      CBS Montreal and as CJAD's classical music host) Colin won the title role in
      CBC-TV production of "Macbeth," went on to co-star in Edward Albee's "Tiny
      Alice" at the Crest Theatre in Toronto, and enthusiastically accepting an
      "as cast" contract for the Stratford Shakespearian Festival - found himself
      with a season of slogging (again) through "Henry v - Henry VI" as filthy and
      disreputable soldier - speaking a grand total of 12 words.

      Finally on the brink of recognition Colin was offered one of the "Three
      Musketeers' (Aramis) which was to be televised , then included in
      Stratford's 1969 season. With the cameras rolling he flew out of second
      story window onto an awaiting trampoline, his boar snared in the webbing,
      and the resulting injury sidelined him for six months.

      While recovering he was offered the starring role in the gothic horror
      series "Strange Paradise" - which to this day retains a cult following that
      still remembers the "good" jean Paul Desmond doing battle with his alter
      ego: the "evil" Jacques Elois des Mondes.

      Now mostly in the world of television and film Colin continued to alternate
      between those good and bad guys - only not at the same time.

      A few examples:

      Ellen Burstyn's suitor in the feature "Silence of the North": back on the
      boards on Broadway as Rosemary Harris' neighbour who turns out to be a sup"
      pursued by Scotland Yard's Patrick McGoohan in "Pack of Lies": the dotty
      father in "Anteroom" opposite Elizabeth Wilson at Playwrights Horizon: a
      compassionate bishop in "The Equalizer": and a reluctant priest on "Law &

      Over a four year period Colin co-starred in the TV series "psi Factor -
      Stories of the Paranormal" as psychiatrist Dr. Anton Hendricks, a role that
      has earned him a following from Texas to Stuttgart to Auckland.

      At the same time he was appearing in another television series - "The
      Adventures of Shirley Holmes". He'd leave the set of "psi Factor" fling his
      New York bow tie collection in a suitcase and head off to Winnipeg to play
      every high school's nemesis; The history teacher, Mr. Howie: a comical foil
      whose mishaps would bring Shirley and her sidekick Bo to the rescue! He even
      had to be rescued from the amorous clutches of Shelly Duvall who guest
      starred as a smitten librarian who case spells on poor Arthur Howie!

      Colin loves the contrast between the two utterly different characters in the
      two series. "I'm glad one was in Toronto and the other in Winnipeg - the
      flight gave me time to make the adjustment!"

      It wasn't until the end of "Shirley's" fourth season that Colin found out
      the Mr. Howie was based on a real life character who had been the bane of
      producer Kim Todd's high school existence!

      Although he has often joked that he never seems to get sent to exotic
      locations - the 90's broke is travelling dry spell:

      Nice and the French Riviera to film "Star for Two" with Anthony Quinna nd
      Lauren Bacall; To New Zealand for "The Sound and the Silence" Montana for
      "Return on Lonesome Dove" and best of all: Rome for six months as one of the
      survivors of a tunnel explosion and flood (rescued by Sylvester Stallone) in
      "Daylight". Claire Bloom played his wife. It was a grueling six month shoot
      at Rome's Cinecitta studios but it meant being in one of the great cities on
      earth. Colin's wife Carol joined him and their daughter Sarah who was
      enrolled in school in Italy. E ver since Colin & Carol have made plans to go
      back. Recently they toured Sicily for a month

      Colin and Carol decided that somewhere in Italy they would find a second
      home. Presently they live in an 1860's stone farmhouse outside of Toronto
      while Sarah is attending McGill university in Montreal.

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