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Episodes 181 & 182

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 181* * Episode 181a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2cks9l* *Episode 181b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/yt92xj* As Ada becomes
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 181*

      * Episode 181a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2cks9l*

      *Episode 181b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/yt92xj*

      As Ada becomes unconscious the tin of ashes falls to the floor and spills.
      Laslo looks at the floor as the ashes burst into flames and disappears. The
      door starts to open and Laslo rushes to Ada side and hides the syringe
      under a book. �Ada my God what have you done to yourself?� Laslo asks as he
      touches her shoulder. Ada moans as Julian enters the room. �What�s the
      matter with her?� Julian asks. �She tried to kill herself.� �She couldn�t
      have.� Julian says as he places his hand on her back. �There is the
      note.� Julian picks it up as Ada moans. �Ada, Ada why would you do such a
      thing?� Laslo says to her. Ada cries out. �It�s all right, everything is
      all right.� Laslo says to her. �We�ll get a doctor.�

      Ada glances at him. �Stay away from me. Get away!� Julian sets the note on
      the table then sees the tin on the floor. He bends down and picks it up as
      Ada sobs.

      Susan and Jean Paul stand and look at Jacques� portrait. �If Laslo says the
      clock ticking came from the portrait he must be telling the truth.� Susan
      says to Jean Paul. �But why would the portrait want to contact Laslo? It
      doesn�t make any sense.� Jean Paul says as he looks away. Susan glances
      up. �Listen.� �What is it?� Jean Paul asks as he turns towards Susan.
      Susan turns and rushes towards the door. �Where are you going?� Jean Paul
      asks. Susan stops and looks back at him. �I don�t know yet.� She rushes
      from the room closing the door behind her.

      Cort rushes down the staircase. �Susan where�s my Mother?� Susan rushes
      past him.

      In the secret room Julian puts his arm around Ada. �Ada how could you do
      such a dreadful thing? Why didn�t you come to me?� Julian says to her as he
      helps her to her feet. �Do. Do what? What are you talking about?� She asks
      and she starts to sob as Julian holds her. �Daddy!� She glances at Laslo.
      �Daddy take me away from here please.� Susan rushes into the room. �Julian
      did you call me?� �Take Ada to your room. Laslo and I have some unfinished
      business here.� Susan places her arm around Ada�s shoulder and walks with
      her out of the room. Julian picks up the bottle of poison and looks at

      Cort rushes into the Drawing Room and stands next to Jean Paul. �What�s the
      matter with Susan?� Cort asks. �I don�t know what it is. She just left the
      room suddenly.� Jean Paul says as he glances at the door then away. �Where
      is my Mother?� �She�s up in my room with her father. She wasn�t feeling
      well.� �There�s no one up in the room.� Jean Paul stands and faces Cort.
      �Are you sure?� �I just looked, it�s empty.� �I suppose it�s all right if
      she�s with your Grandfather.� �She�s not all right. I know that and so
      does Raxl.� Cort says to Jean Paul. �Raxl?� �She just sent me down from
      the tower room �She said there was something going wrong.� �Is Philip all
      right?� Cort looks away. �Philip is all right. He�s upstairs with Raxl.�
      �She�s going to need your help. The star is out again tonight.� �I don�t
      care about the star.� Cort says then turns away. �I�m worried about my
      mother. Laslo threatened her with something, I know that.�

      �Julian will take care of Laslo. You stay out of it.� �I can�t leave them
      alone, not with Laslo.� Cort says as he turns and rushes towards the door.
      Jean Paul grabs his arm. �If anything happens tonight in this house Julian
      will take care of it because it�s between your mother and Laslo. Now if
      Julian needs us he will call for us.�

      Julian swings the watch in front of Laslo�s face. Laslo sits with his
      hands over his ears. �Make it stop please!� Julian stops the watch. �I
      want the truth out of you.�

      �I don�t know anymore than you do.� Laslo says as he lowers his hands. �Why
      should my daughter attempt to kill herself?� Julian asks. �Her note
      explains it.�

      Julian picks up the note. �Not sufficiently. Who is Annie Harrigan?� �She
      was a girl who lived in the town. She disappeared.� �And the others,
      Agatha Pruett, Holly Marshal?� �They were girls Jean Paul knew. They were
      here for a time.�

      �Is it true that Jean Paul killed them?� Julian asks. �That�s what Ada�s
      note said.�

      �If Ada had been found dead with this note Jean Paul would have been held
      for the murders.� �Yes I suppose he would be.� �Why would Ada want that
      to happen to Jean Paul?� Julian asks him. �You�ll have to ask her. She�s
      the only one that knows.� �No we will go up and see Jean Paul and see what
      he has to say about it.� Julian says as he picks up the note and puts it in
      his pocket then turns towards the door. �I�m not coming with you.� �Do
      you want me to take you by force?� Julian asks as he takes out the watch
      and swings it behind Laslo.

      Laslo picks up a knife from the desk. He stands and turns stabbing Julian
      again and again. He looks at Julian and drops the knife. �Who are you? What
      are you? Are you human?� Laslo then sits down and covers his face with his

      Julian picks up the bottle of chloroform and the cloth. He covers the cloth
      in chloroform and grabs Laslo placing the cloth over his face. Laslo loses
      consciousness; Julian lays his head upon the table. Julian picks up the
      bottle of poison and the chloroform and places them in his pocket. He walks
      around Laslo and takes the syringe from under the book and also places it
      in his pocket. Julian then walks towards the skeleton and disappears.

      Ada lies in Susan�s bed. �Do you feel better now?� Susan asks her. �Oh
      Susan, I don�t know what happened.� �Try not to think about it.� Susan
      says touching Ada�s hand. �It�s the second time I�ve been in that room and
      both times dreadful things have happened.� �Well you shouldn�t have gone
      there alone.� Susan says to her. �My father took me there. He said it was
      the safest place for me.� �How did Laslo find you?� �Oh I don�t know. I�m
      just so frightened and tiered. I don�t understand what is happening to
      me.� �Look you try and sleep and I�ll stay with you.� Ada closes her eyes.

      Julian walks down the staircase and walks into the Drawing Room. He walks
      over to Jean Paul. �I�m returning this to you. Please don�t give it to
      anyone else without letting me know.� �Well I gave it to protect Ada.�
      Jean Paul says to Julian as he takes it from Julian. �She doesn�t need it
      now.� �Where is she?� Cort asks.

      �She�s in Susan�s room.� Julian tells him. �Is she all right?� �She�s in
      a bit of a shock. She�s not feeling very well.� Cort stands. �Go and see
      her Cort but try not to alarm her.� Cort walks from the room. Jean Paul
      puts the tin of ashes into his pocket. �There is something I want to show
      you.� Julian says to Jean Paul as he takes out a sheet of paper from his
      inside pocket and hands it to Jean Paul. Jean Paul opens it. He stands and
      walks across the room as he reads it. He turns towards Julian. �What does
      this mean? I don�t understand.� �I thought perhaps you could tell me.�
      �Did Ada give this to you?� Jean Paul asks as he holds out the note. �It
      was beside this bottle in the secret room.� Julian says as he takes the
      bottle of poison from his pocket and hands it to Jean Paul. �She apparently
      tried to kill herself. Laslo was reviving her when I got there.� �I don�t
      believe it.� �Laslo claims she did.� �But why?� Jean Paul asks. �Well
      the note explains it perfectly. Who are these girls? What does she mean?
      Did you kill them?� Jean Paul walks away from Julian. �Holly Marshal was
      somehow able to reach my brother.� �Your dead brother?� �She was in love
      with him. She went to him of her own free will. One night she just
      disappeared.� �What about the others?� �I may have killed them. My mind
      has blanked out what had happened.�

      Julian walks up to him. �Tell me the truth Jean Paul. We have no way of
      ending the Desmond curse if you don�t.� Jean Paul turns towards him. �If I
      knew the truth I would tell you.� �Ada seems to know.� �Can you really
      believe that Ada tried to kill herself?� Jean Paul asks. �No of course I
      don�t. But someone wants you to think she did.� �Where�s Laslo?� Jean Paul
      asks. �I left him unconscious in the secret room.� �Unconscious?� �I
      found this on the table in the room.� Julian says as he takes the bottle of
      chloroform from his pocket. �I used it on him to keep him quiet so I could
      get away.� Julian says as he hands the bottle to Jean Paul. Jean Paul
      smells it. �Chloroform.� He looks at Julian. �I�m sure that Ada didn�t
      have it. I brought her there myself.� Julian takes the syringe from his
      pocket. �This wasn�t there when I left.� He says then hands the syringe to
      Jean Paul. Jean Paul sets it down and picks up the chloroform and the note
      and places them in his pocket checking to be sure the lid is on tight
      first. �I�ve got to talk to her.� �I�m sure she doesn�t know what happened
      but there is one thing I am sure of. You and I have to find a way to free
      her from Laslo.�

      Cort sits at the end of the bed in Susan�s room. �Mother are you all
      right?� �Cort where were you tonight?� Ada asks. �I�m sorry, I was only
      thinking of myself. I should have never left you alone.� Ada looks over at
      Susan. �Susan I want to talk to Cort alone please.� Susan is sitting on
      the bed across from Cort. She looks at Cort with a smile. �Okay. Don�t
      leave her alone Cort please.� She stands and walks from the room. �What is
      it?� Cort asks his mother. �I nearly did a very foolish thing tonight.�
      �What did you do?� �I allowed Laslo to trap me and I nearly paid for it
      with my life.� �I�ll kill him if he tries to hurt you.� Ada sits up. �No
      he insinuated himself into secrets that could destroy you and Jean Paul and
      even me. And we have to protect the Desmonds from what he knows.� There is
      a knock at the door. Cort stands and walks towards the door. �Oh please
      don�t let anyone in.� Ada says. Cort opens the door. Jean Paul stands in
      the doorway. �Cort I have to talk to your mother fro a moment.� �She�s not
      feeling very well.�

      �I won�t stay long.� �She doesn�t want to talk to anyone.� �Will you tell
      her, or ask her why she tried to kill herself!� Cort swings around and
      faces his mother. �What!� �What is it? What does he want?� Cort looks at
      Jean Paul. �Would you leave us alone please Cort?� Jean Paul says to him.
      �It�s all right Cort, let him come in.� Ada says to him. Jean Paul nods to
      Cort and walks into the room. Cort walks out closing the door behind him.
      �Now what do you mean I tried to kill myself?� Ada asks. Cort starts to
      walk away then turns back and listens at the door. Jean Paul walks to the
      bed and takes out the suicide note and sits down next to Ada. He hands the
      note to her. �Ada why would you try to do such a thing?� Ada reads the
      note and looks at Jean Paul. �What is this? Where did you get it from?�
      �Your father gave it to me. He found it left with you in the secret room.
      Ada glances at the note then back at Jean Paul. �I didn�t write it. I
      couldn�t have, I would have remembered if I had wouldn�t have I Jean
      Paul?� �Ada did you drink any of this?� Jean Paul asks as he shows her the
      bottle of poison.

      �What are you talking about? Why would I try to take my own life? I have
      everything to live for.� Cort still stands listening at the door. He
      stands straight turns and walks away.

      Susan rushes into the Drawing Room to the window and looks into the sky.
      She sees two stars. Julian stands in the doorway watching her then walks up
      to her. �At last the stars are in their promised conjunction.� �What does
      it mean? Tell me.� Susan asks, �Your star is now linked with the Desmond
      star. We are entering the final phase.� Susan looks at him. �I�m
      frightened. I don�t want to stay here. The Desmond star will destroy me. I
      can�t stay here!� She cries out and rushes from the room. Julian takes a
      step towards the doorway then turns to Jacques portrait. �How long Jacques
      Eloi Des Mondes have you waited for this day. The star that followed you
      will either fade away or drive us all to destruction.�

      In the secret room Laslo still has his head on the table unconscious as
      Cort enters the room. He walks to Laslo and looks at him. He picks a book
      and drops it on the floor. Laslo doesn�t move. Cort picks up another book
      and drops it on the floor, then picks up a third book and drops it on the
      floor. When Laslo doesn�t move he grips his shoulder and shakes him.
      �Laslo? Laslo my God what�s the matter?� He starts shaking him harder.
      Laslo starts to stir and groan. He starts to sit up and grabs his head.
      �Who is it?� �What happened to you?� Cort asks him.

      �Where am I?� �Right here. You�ve been here for a long time. Laslo stands
      and leans on the table. �Where�s your Mother?� �She�s asleep.� Cort says.
      �And your Grandfather?� Laslo asks as fear shows on his face. �He�s gone
      to bed too. Everyone�s asleep except you and me.� Laslo stares straight
      ahead. �He tried to kill me.� �Who did?� �Your Grandfather. He came into
      this room and tried to stab me with a knife.� �Oh I think you�ve had a
      little too much brandy.� Laslo turns towards him. �I tell you he did.�
      Laslo says then looks around and picks the knife up from the floor. �He
      tried to stab me with this knife.� �Why would he do a thing like that?�
      Cort asks. Laslo looks away. �He�s not human. He�s...� Laslo starts to say
      as he stares straight ahead. �What do you mean he�s not human?� Cort asks
      as he crosses his arms over his chest. �I stabbed him and he didn�t
      bleed.� Laslo says as he looks at the knife. �Go on. � Cort says. �I took
      the knife away from him to protect myself but the knife didn�t even cut
      him. He put something over my face and I passed out.� Laslo says then he
      looks at Cort. �You don�t believe me do you?� �Well I think your
      imagination has run away with you.� �I tell you the man who calls himself
      your Grandfather will destroy us all.� Laslo says ass he turns away from
      Cort. Cort stares at Laslo.

      Ada is sitting next to Jean Paul. �Are you sure you didn�t write this
      note?� Jean Paul asks. �I�m positive.� Ada says as she looks at Jean
      Paul. �But it�s in your handwriting.� Ada looks at the note. �It�s a
      forgery.� �Then how did it get into the secret room Ada?� �Oh that
      dreadful room. I just don�t understand anything about it.� �You went there
      to kill yourself.� �No.� Ada says to him. �Then why did you go there?�
      �My father took me there. He said I would be safe there.� Ada says as she
      looks away, the glances back at him. �Then he showed me how to use the
      ashes that you gave me then he left me alone. I heard the clock ticking,
      Laslo was there and then everything just went blurry.� �You fainted?�
      �Yes I guess I must of because Daddy helped me get on my feet and then
      Susan brought me up here to her room.� �Is Laslo still there?� Jean Paul
      asks. �Oh yes. Daddy wanted to talk to him.� Jean Paul takes the note
      from Ada, he looks at it then he looks at Ada. �How did you know about
      these girls?� Ada looks at him. �Then its true isn�t it. Laslo�s right.�
      �So that�s the threat Laslo�s been hanging over your head. I told you not
      to believe him Ada.� �I don�t!� Ada cries out. �Do you think he wrote
      this note?� �No he wouldn�t do that again.� �Again? What do you mean
      again?� Jean Paul asks. �Well according to rumors his first wife died very
      suddenly.� �What rumors? From whom?� �Irene Hatter hinted at it and then
      Cort did too.� Ada says as she looks away. Jean Paul looks at Ada. �Did
      you tell him you knew that?� �Yes and he was very angry.� �So that�s the
      weapon you�ve been holding over his head.� �I just wanted to stop him from
      blackmailing you. I didn�t know he would turn it against all of us. Oh Jean
      Paul I�m afraid I�ve led you into a trap.� Jean Paul stands. �No I think
      you may have led him into one.� He says as he walks towards the door.
      �Don�t go away and leave me alone. I�m afraid.� Ada says as she stands and
      looks at Jean Paul. Jean Paul walks back to her and takes the tin of ashes
      from his pocket. He wipes them on her eyelids. �All right there you won�t
      be alone Ada. You�ll have the spirit of a saintly man to guard you.�

      Julian uses a magnifying glass to look over the document from the witch
      trials. Susan walks down the staircase and enters the Drawing room. �I
      knew you would return child.� Julian says as he lowers the magnifying glass
      and document.

      �I can�t fight my star. I have to go where it sends me.� �Good girl. Take
      the document and come with me.� He says as he hands the paper to Susan.
      Julian then walks towards Jacques� portrait. He looks at Susan. �Now hold
      out your hand.� Susan extends her hand palm down. �Now place the document
      on your hand.� Susan does as he said. Then Julian puts his hand under hers
      and with his other hand he holds the watch above the document. They look at
      the portrait. �In the name of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes and the name of his
      brother Philippe. In the name of Victoire Le Conte Des Mondes and the Le
      Contessa Gabrielle I entreat you to reveal to us the exact nature of the
      crimes for which we are being punished.� Julian calls out. The sound of
      clocks ticking come from the portrait. �With the sound of time show us who
      we must deliver from our mist. Show us the evil outsider who brings us
      dissention upon the Desmonds.� �Laslo was right; it does come from the
      portrait.� Susan says as she turns towards Jacques� portrait.

      �What do you mean?� Julian asks. �He said the sound came from that

      �The star is right, the time is right.� Julian says as he takes the
      document and smiles at Susan. �We must proceed.� He places the document on
      the table and holds the watch above it. �Place your hand over mine.� He
      says to Susan. Susan looks at him nervously. �Come on child. Only the
      pure in heart could rid us of the evil influence of the portrait.� Susan
      places her hand on top of Julian�s hand.

      On the document the Mark of Death disappears.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 182*

      *Episode 182a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2yhf5k*

      *Episode 182b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/23h3le*

      Susan pulls her hand away and turns away from Julian. �Don�t be alarmed my
      dear.� Julian says to her. She looks at him. �What does it mean?� �I
      don�t know yet except the mark knows us to be its adversaries and is trying
      to escape us.� Julian says as he puts the watch in his pocket. Emily
      rushes to the doorway of the Drawing Room. �Emily I thought you were
      asleep.� Susan says to her. �I was but I woke up suddenly as if someone
      had called my name.� She glances at the document. �What are you doing?�
      �We�re trying to make sense of this document you brought us.� Julian says
      as he hands it to Emily. �I hope you had better luck than I had. I�ve
      tried to figure it out over and over again.� Emily says as she looks at it.
      �The mark it�s gone.� �Just now it vanished.� Julian tells her.

      �But that was the crucial thing on it. That�s what I searched for the
      document for. To identify that mark.� Emily says as she looks at Julian.
      �It doesn�t want to be identified. That�s why it�s gone.� Julian says.
      �Then something must have driven it away. What?� �Susan did. That�s why
      she came here.� Julian says as he looks at Susan. �Isn�t that right my
      dear?� �I don�t know.� Susan says as she walks over to Emily and takes the
      document. �She needs a quiet, private place to work.� �Well what must I
      do?� Susan asks. �Take it to your room. Keep it with you and study it. Let
      it take your mind back as far as it will go, until the door to the past is
      opened for you.� Susan turns away with the document as Julian turns
      towards Emily. �Help her; see if your books can find the clue that she

      Emily picks up her books from the desk and walks over to Susan. Susan
      looks at Julian. �Mr. Desmond you didn�t answer my question before.� �What

      �Why did Laslo say the sound came from the portrait?� �He was wrong. It
      came from my watch.� Julian says as he holds out his watch. �Well why does
      Laslo hear it?� Susan asks. �He will never hear it again.�

      Cort steps up to Laslo. �Why did you say the man that claims to be my
      Grandfather?� Laslo looks at him. �What proof has he given you? What do
      you know about him?� �What do we know about you for that matter?� �My
      past is no secret.� Laslo says then turns away. �Isn�t it?� Cort asks.
      Laslo turns and looks at him. �What are you driving at?� Laslo asks as he
      walks towards Cort. Cort reaches into his pocket and pulls a bunch of
      papers and newspaper clipping from his pocket. �What have you got there?�
      Laslo asks. �Oh just some copies from the coroners reports and some
      obituary notices.� Cort says as he flips through them. �On Sylvia Carlton
      Thaxton.� Laslo reaches for them. Cort steps away as he pulling them away
      from Laslo. �Where did you get them?� Laslo asks. �I got them that�s all
      you have to know.� �How long have you had them?� �Long enough. I just
      waited until they became useful.� Laslo glances at the clipping then away.
      �They don�t prove anything.� Cort smiles as he looks at the clippings.
      �Don�t they? Mrs. Thaxton the former Sylvia Carlton was found slumped over
      the wheel of her automobile a suicide note and the empty bottle of
      barbiturates on the seat beside her.� Cort reads. Laslo looks at him. �She
      had been ill for months.� �Mr. Thaxton arrived home this morning and found
      her body.� Cort continues to read then looks at Laslo. �It was suicide.
      The coroner testified.�

      �And would he have testified the same if he had found my mother in the room
      today with a suicide note and an empty bottle of poison beside her?� �Are
      you accusing me?� Laslo asks him. �If one wife dies in mysterious
      circumstances it could be called a tragic accident. But how many deaths is
      one husband allowed before the mystery can become clear?� Laslo looks
      away. �You can�t prove anything against me.� �Maybe not but I�m going to
      try.� Cort says as he sets the clippings on the table and takes a gun from
      his pocket and points it at Laslo.

      Laslo looks at the gun. �What are you going to do?� �Oh I�m not going to
      kill you. I�m just going to take you downstairs so you can explain
      yourself.� �I�ll do nothing of the kind.� Laslo says to Cort. �Don�t
      think I won�t use this. This could be called a suicide after attempted
      murder.� �You wouldn�t dare.� Laslo says to him. �Oh I would dare. I'd
      like to but I want to find out what happened to your late wife and why you
      attempted to murder my mother.� Cort says walking around Laslo still
      pointing the gun at him. �Now move!� Laslo steps to the door as Cort picks
      up the clippings and follows Laslo from the secret room.

      In his room Jean Paul drops the suicide note on the table and picks up the
      bottle of poison and the syringe. He smells the syringe then opens the
      poison and smells it. There is a knock at the door. Screwing the lid back
      on the poison he puts the poison, syringe and chloroform into a drawer. He
      picks up the suicide note and puts it inside his jacket. Jean Paul steps
      forward. �Come in.� The door opens and Julian steps inside and walks up to
      Jean Paul. �You�re going to have a visitor in a moment. I�d like to be
      here.� �What visitor?� �Laslo, he�s on his way to you.� Julian says as
      there is another knock on the door. �But you told me he was in the secret
      room.� �Cort is bringing him here.� Again someone knocks, Julian and Jean
      Paul look at the door. �I'll hide behind the drapes. Get rid of Cort.�
      Julian says to Jean Paul. He walks behind the drapes as Jean Paul opens the
      door. Cort pushes Laslo in. �My stepfather has something to explain to
      you.� �How did you know I wanted to see him?� Jean Paul asks. �I heard
      you talking to my mother.� �I see. Now give me the gun.� Jean Paul says to
      Cort. Cort pulls back.

      �Cort don�t be foolish and give me the revolver and wait downstairs.� Jean
      Paul tells him holding out his hand. �I�ll handle Laslo in my own way.�
      �I�d keep it pointed at him if I were you.� Cort says as he hands Jean Paul
      the gun. Cort turns and closes the door behind him as he leaves the room.
      Jean Paul puts the gun in his pocket and walks closer to Laslo. �Well what
      explanation do you have for yourself?� �I have nothing to explain.� Jean
      Paul takes the suicide note from inside his jacket. �Not even about this?�
      �What�s that?� Laslo asks. �The note that you forged saying Ada was taking
      her own life.� �I�ve never seen it before.�

      Jean Paul turns and puts it back inside his pocket then opens the drawer
      and takes out the syringe, poison and chloroform. �Have you seen any of

      Laslo looks away. �No.� Jean Paul nods. �I see.� He walks past Laslo.
      �They just appeared out of the air when you went to have your little chat
      with Ada.� Jean Paul says as he puts the three items on his dresser. �Stop
      lying Laslo.� �I�m not lying.� Jean Paul looks at Laslo. �Someone is.�
      Laslo steps towards him. �Why don�t you ask the old man who pretends to be
      her father.� �Oh what should I ask him?� Laslo walks across the room.
      �Why did he take her to that room in the first place?� �To protect her
      from you.� Jean Paul says to him. �Then why did he trick me into going
      there?� �If he did he probably had a very good reason.� �No that�s not
      true.� Laslo looks at Jean Paul. �He sneaked back into that room bringing
      that evidence with him. He was going to kill Ada and blame it onto me. He
      tried to kill me with a knife. He was going to kill both of us.� �Then how
      would he blame you?� �Then he would have put the blame on you. With Ada
      dead and me too who would protect you against him?� Julian steps out from
      behind the drapes and walks towards Laslo. �Really my good fellow I cannot
      allow my name to be aligned in that fashion.� �I won�t stay!� Laslo says
      as he rushes to the door. Jean Paul takes out the gun and points it at
      Laslo blocking the doorway. �It doesn�t seem as though you have a choice.�
      Julian says to Laslo. �He�s a demon from another world.� Laslo says
      backing away from Julian. �We are as others see us that�s all.� Julian
      looks at Jean Paul. �Jean Paul leave him with me.� Laslo turns towards
      Jean Paul. �No! Don�t he�ll kill me!� Jean Paul glances at Julian as Laslo
      grabs for the gun. Laslo gets it away then points it at Jean Paul. �I will
      not stay in this room with him! Get out of my way or I�ll shoot.� �Put
      that gun down.� Jean Paul says as he walks towards Laslo. Laslo backs
      away. �Not till he leaves the room.� �In that case I don�t have much
      choice do I?� Julian says as he steps towards the door then glances back at
      Laslo. �Do you think I can�t follow you anywhere? Do you think you could
      ever escape me?� Julian shakes his head then walks through the closed door
      like a ghost. Laslo drops the gun and steps forward. �You see what did I
      tell you, he�s not human.�

      Susan sits on her bed looking at the document when Emily enters the room.
      Walking over to the bed Emily sits next to Susan. �I�ve looked through
      these before and found nothing but I guess we will just have to look
      through them again.� Emily says as she glances up from the books. �Julian
      said he had found a book that had information in it. I wonder where he put
      it?� Emily sits the books down and walks across the room. �Emily I think
      it best if we don�t go any further with this.� Susan says as she glances
      down. Emily walks back to Susan �Why Susan what�s the matter?� Susan
      stands. �Well I like being here better than any other place in my life.�
      Emily walks up to her. �And we love having you.� �But soon it will be
      over.� �No it won�t.� Emily says to her. �Soon we will find the clue to
      this Desmond curse and I�ll leave forever.� �Well we won�t let you leave.�

      Susan smiles then looks away. �You don�t understand.� She walks to the
      window and looks out. The two stars are pulsing together. �Whichever star
      triumphs my term is done here.� �You make it sound as if it were a
      sentence that has been passed upon you.� Susan turns towards Emily. �Well
      in a way yes it is.� �Oh don�t say that don�t even think it.� Susan
      stands next to Emily. �Oh Emily if I could be just like you. If I could
      just lead the kind of life you lead.� Emily touches her arm. �Jean Paul
      and I will always have a place here for you at Desmond Hall. We would never
      found our happiness together if it hadn�t been for you, do you know that?�
      �Some people bring happiness to other people but only bring sorrow upon
      themselves.� Susan says as she turns away. �Well don�t worry about it.
      We�ve got work to do. That is unless you don�t want to.� Susan glances at
      the bed with the books and the document. �I�ve never done what I wanted
      to.� She looks at Emily. �Only what I must.�

      Cort stands in front of Jacques� portrait, he turns and walks to the couch
      and sits down. Julian steps out of the passageway near the bookcases and
      walks up behind Cort. �You seem worried Cort.� Cort turns and jumps up. �I
      didn�t hear you come in.� Julian smiles. �You wouldn�t have heard me if I
      had been accompanied by a brass band. You were lost in thought. What�s the
      matter Cort?� Cort walks across the room. �Oh I just promised my mother
      that I would make sure that Laslo was out of the house by the time she woke
      up this morning.� �He will be. Jean Paul and I will take care of it.�
      Julian says as he walks up to him. �I promise you.� �Watch out for him
      Grandfather he hates you.�

      �He doesn�t even know me.� �He doesn�t think you�re human. He thinks your
      pretending to be my grandfather.� �Do you believe that?� �You did try to
      kill him.�

      Julian turns away. �Laslo is subjected to what we used to call fits. I
      think you call them hallucinations. He sees things that aren�t there. He
      hears what no one else hears. In short he has been driven mad.� Julian says
      as he leans on the desk.

      Cort walks up to Julian. �Driven? By whom?� �My boy people aren�t driven
      mad by other people but only by themselves. The guilt is in their mind. The
      deceit and betrayal that they have practiced on other people.� �You know a
      lot about these sort of things.� Cort says to Julian. �Well I spent many
      years in mental clinics. Didn�t your mother tell you that?� �No she just
      mentioned hospitals that�s all.� Cort says looking away. �I�ve spent much
      of my life among people whose minds will not tolerate the memory of their
      actions. Laslo is not unusual, he�s a sick man driven by demons of deceit,
      greed and accusations.� �You sound as if you�re almost sorry for him.�
      says Cort. �All God�s creatures deserve our pity. Especially when their
      punishment is upon them.�

      �Don�t pretend you didn�t see it as I did.� Laslo says to Jean Paul. Jean
      Paul shakes his head. �I don�t know what you�re talking about.� �He was
      there one moment and then he disappeared.� �Nonsense he went through that
      door like anyone else.� �No he didn�t.� Laslo says nervously. �He vanished
      into thin air.�

      Jean Paul steps closer to Laslo. �Laslo your mind is giving way.� �Oh I
      don�t expect you to believe me. You�re playing games with me, that�s
      becoming clear now� �I hardly can expect clarity from a deranged mind.�
      �Stop saying that!� Laslo says as he steps away from Jean Paul. Jean Paul
      steps up to him. �What kind of a mind would try to do what you tried to do
      tonight?� Laslo turns towards Jean Paul. �You�re the one that�s sick! You
      were sick the night you came to this house screaming from your bed about
      visions. Going down into town in the middle of the night to...� Jean Paul
      steps closer to Laslo. �To what Laslo? Continue.� Laslo looks at him. �You
      killed Annie Harrigan!� �I did not!� �And Agatha Pruett!� �I deny it!�
      �And Holly Marshal!� �Holly went away!� Laslo turns away. �That�s the
      story you give out, I know better.� There is a knock at the door. Jean
      Paul and Laslo look across the room. Jean Paul steps towards the door as it
      opens and Emily steps inside. �I�m sorry Jean Paul I thought Julian
      Desmond was here.� Emily says with a smile. �It�s all right he went
      downstairs.� �Well I want to ask him about a book.� Emily says to Jean
      Paul. �Just a minute.� Laslo calls out. �Ask her what happened to Agatha
      and Holly.� �Leave Emily out of this.� Jean Paul tells him. �No Jean Paul
      don�t stop him.� She turns towards Laslo. . �Go ahead ask me the questions
      you want me to answer.� �All right, do you know what happened to Annie
      Harrigan?� �Who was she?� �You met her the night she was here. I
      introduced her downstairs.� �Oh yes the girl who was looking for a job.
      The one you seemed so eager to be rid of.� �What do you mean by that?�
      Laslo asks. �That�s all I remember.� �Emily go back to your room.� Jean
      Paul says to her. �No Jean Paul let him get the spite out of his system.
      He�s been hinting around for weeks about some hideous crime he thinks
      you�ve committed.� She looks at Laslo. �Go on. What was it you were going
      to tell me about Annie Harrigan?� Laslo steps closer to her. �Did you know
      that Jean Paul killed that girl?� �I know he thinks he did.� Laslo looks
      away. �She won�t believe it until your hands are around her throat like
      Agatha Pruett.� �Agatha Pruett drowned as I remember.� �What do you mean
      by that?� �I also remember that you weren�t here that night.� �What do
      you mean?� �And you weren�t here when Annie Harrigan died either or the
      night the other woman died.� �I was at Irene Hatters. You can ask her.�
      Emily shakes her head. �Mrs. Hatter will no longer give you an alibi. You
      can go ask herself.� �They can�t get anything on me. I didn�t do it and
      you know I didn�t.� �Do I?� Emily asks. Laslo rushes for the door. Jean
      Paul steps after him. Emily holds her hand out and stops him. �Let him
      go.� �Emily what are you doing? He didn�t kill those girls.� Emily steps
      away. �It doesn�t matter, he�s a coward. He may not be guilty of these
      deaths but he certainly is guilty of something.� Jean Paul closes the door
      and walks back to Emily. �And with all the suspicions around he won�t be
      able to stay here. And after he�s left hiding from his own fears then we
      will figure out what it is that actually happened.� Emily says as she walks
      into his arms. �Oh trust me Jean Paul. Your life and mine are one and the
      same.� Jean Paul kisses her.

      Laslo walks down the staircase carrying his suitcases. Julian stands in
      front of the door leading to the outside. �Your not leaving are you?�
      Julian asks. �Yes.� Laslo says as he tries to step around Julian. �You
      haven�t said goodbye to Jean Paul.� �I don�t want to see him.� �Since
      you�re not going to leave until you do why not do it gracefully.� Jean
      Paul steps out of the Drawing Room. �Laslo we�ve been waiting for you.�
      Laslo sets his suitcases on the floor and steps up to Jean Paul. Jean Paul
      points at the Drawing room. Laslo walks in followed by Jean Paul. Cort
      stands in the room watching Laslo. �Well you�ve got what you wanted since
      I married your mother. I�m leaving.� Laslo says to Cort then starts to turn
      away. �I have a few other things I want too.� Cort says with a smile.
      �Cort and I have decided that there are some things you should sign just as
      a precautionary measure.� Jean Paul says as he picks up papers from the
      desk. �What things?�

      �Well until we can have your marriage to Ada officially annulled I think it
      would be safer for her if we have you sign this statement reliving her from
      any financial obligation to you.� Jean Paul says to him as he lays the
      paper on the desk. �You can�t force me to do that.� �Oh maybe we can�t
      force you but the newspaper clippings and medical reports of your wife�s
      death might persuade you.� Cort says as he takes the clippings from his
      pocket. Laslo walks to the desk and sits down. �Does Ada know about
      this?� �Cort and I see that there is no real necessity to remind her of
      the mistake she made in marrying you unless of course we have to. � Jean
      Paul says to him. �All right I�ll sign it.� Laslo says.

      Jean Paul hands him a pen and Laslo signs his name. �Is that all?� Laslo

      �Not quite.� Jean Paul says as he sets down more papers. �This is a
      statement confessing that you forged a suicide note and that you intended
      to kill her.� �It�s not true.� Laslo says to him. �Tell him Julian.� Jean
      Paul says. Julian walks up behind Laslo. �You were right Laslo. I did
      trick you into going to her, but I knew what you planned to do. I forced
      you to play your hand.� �Why do you want this confession?� Laslo asks.
      �For the police if ever you�re incautious enough to return to Desmond
      Hall.� Laslo signs the paper and sets the pen back in its holder. �May I
      go now please?� �Of course.� Jean Paul says. Laslo stands and steps
      towards the door. Julian steps in front of him. �Before you go a word of
      advice. Don�t tempt fate Laslo. All over the world there are many lonely
      and rich women, one day you will be caught for what you are but not yet.�
      Laslo walks around Julian and enters the foyer. Julian looks at Cort and
      Jean Paul. �I think this is the first time in hundreds of years that the
      Desmond men have united against an enemy.�

      Laslo picks up his suitcases, looks around the foyer and walks out the door
      of the mansion.

      Emily rushes into Susan�s room. �I found the book.� she says as she holds
      it in her hand. �What does it say?� Susan asks. Emily walks over to
      Susan. �Well there is something about a woman here they call Le�Contesse
      Gabrielle.� Emily says as she opens the book and sits next to Susan on the
      bed. �Julian mentioned her name.� �She had two sons; one was rumored to
      be the natural son of Louis IV. The case was hushed up.� Emily says as she
      looks at Susan.

      �What was the case about?� Emily glances down at the book. �Treason
      apparently involving witchcraft. The King had the records destroyed.�
      �What happened to the Contessa�s sons?� Susan asks. �One left France, the
      other was never heard of again.� �When did the trial take place?� �Let me
      see.� Emily says as she looks at the book. �July 1682 was the last date
      mentioned. But listen to this. There is a description of an execution not
      dated. The sun filled the square. The Cathedral bells rang and thousands of
      Parisians bustled about in anticipation of yet another burning at the
      stake.� Susan hears church bells and becomes dizzy. She falls back on the
      bed as she faints. The document falls from her hand to the floor.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

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