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Episodes 135 & 136

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 135* *Episode 135: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/3xtzuo* Raxl: “Late afternoon at Desmond Hall, the last hazy light of afternoon
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 135*

      *Episode 135: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/3xtzuo*

      Raxl: �Late afternoon at Desmond Hall, the last hazy light of afternoon is
      obscured by mists from the forests. It is almost as if the earth is
      struggling to hide its secrets as the Master of Desmond Hall Jean Paul
      Desmond must struggle to hide his. No one must know he is the victim of a
      curse. A curse that compels him to kill. But two people seem perilously
      close to finding out. One is a strange young girl with extraordinary and
      unexplainable powers of perception; the other is Philip Desmond who is
      close to possessing dangerous new knowledge. Knowledge which may on this
      day destroy him.�

      �Susan, wait a minute.� Philip calls out to her. Susan stops on the
      landing at the top of the staircase and looks down at Philip. �What?� �I�d
      like to talk to you.� Susan walks down the staircase stopping in front of
      Philip. �I suppose you want me to explain what I said?� �Of course I do.
      You just can�t make a statement like that and walk away.� �Well the
      trouble is I can�t explain.� �What?� Philip asks.

      �Well sometimes I say things I don�t understand. I just say it.� Susan says
      as she turns away from Philip.

      �Would you mind coming into the Drawing Room with me please?� Philip says
      to her then walks to the Drawing Room door opens them and walks in with
      Susan following him. He closes the doors behind him. �Why are you closing
      the doors?�

      Philip turns and looks at her. �I don�t want anyone to hear us.� �Why? Why
      do people in this house like to keep secrets?� Philip walks up to her. �It
      seems you know the secrets of Desmond Hall.� She looks away. �I know some
      of them.�

      �Such as?� Susan looks at him. �I know you should stay away from Jean Paul
      tonight.� �But you don�t know why?� Susan walks across the room. �No
      it�s just a feeling I have. I can�t explain it.� Philip comes up behind
      her. �What would give you this feeling? Something Jean Paul did or said?�
      Susan shakes her head and walks away from him. �No I only met Jean Paul
      this morning and well he didn�t say or do anything out of the ordinary.�
      She says as she turns and looks at him.

      Philip walks over to her. �But you did know he wasn�t in his room last
      night. How did you know that?� �I just knew.� �What else do you know
      about Jean Paul?�

      �I know he has a secret.� �What is it?� �I don�t know. But I just know
      you should stay away from him tonight.� �What will happen to me if I
      don�t?� �You could die.� �Die?� �Just be very careful tonight.� She says
      as she walks away from him. Philip grabs her arm and turns her around.
      �Now wait a minute.� �I can�t tell you anymore. That�s all I know.� Susan
      says looking at him. Philip smiles. �You are a very strange girl.�
      �People have told me that before. Are we still going to dinner?� �Yes of

      �Well I better change.� Susan says glancing at her cloths then rushing from
      the Drawing Room. Jean Paul sits on his bed in his room as Raxl walks over
      to him. �But she is dangerous Master.� �Raxl I wouldn�t call her that.�
      Jean Paul says to Raxl. �But she knows things that she should not know.
      She knows about Helena and about Holly.� �Well possibly somebody told
      her.� Raxl walks across the room. �When she came to the house last night
      she had never been here before. Yet she knew the house and everyone in it.�
      Raxl stands across the bed from Jean Paul. Jean Paul stands. �Raxl there
      is such a thing as extra sensory perception. A perception that is beyond
      the ordinary senses. Now it is very possible that Susan possesses this kind
      of power.� he says as he walks across the room. Raxl walks up to him. �But
      what if she knows about you?� Jean Paul shakes his head. �No I�ve talked
      to her and she isn�t the slightest bit afraid of me.� �But she asked to
      see the murderer!� �And she did not know what she meant.� Jean Paul says
      then walks away. �Send her away for your own sake.�

      �No. No I want to learn more about her. Perhaps I will tonight.� Raxl
      turns and looks at him. �Tonight?� �Yes. Philip has asked me to join him
      for dinner tonight in town.� Jean Paul tells her as he walks to a chair and
      sits down. �I might find out more about Susan.� Raxl walks over to him.
      �But you cannot leave this house tonight.� Jean Paul looks at her. �The
      danger is over.� �You can not be sure of that.� �I�ve already over come
      it Raxl. The star has never appeared on two successive nights.� �But you
      can not be certain. It might appear again you are not certain of that.�
      �How can I refuse without raising suspicion?� �You must not leave this
      house tonight. Do not tempt the fates that control your destiny or they may
      destroy you.� Jean Paul looks away from Raxl.

      Philip and Emily are talking together in the Drawing Room. �Jean Paul
      didn�t ask you?� Philip asks. �No I passed him in the hall and he didn�t
      say a word.� �Well then I�ll ask you. Would you join us for dinner
      tonight?� Philip asks her with a smile. �I�d love to.� �Good.� Philip
      says to Emily. �I�m glad that Jean Paul will be getting out of the house.
      To be honest I�ve been worrying about him.� �Why?�

      �Sometimes he behaves so strangely, last night for instance.� �What
      happened last night?� �I went to his room and told him about the picture.
      The picture of the four women hanging.� �And?� �He wouldn�t talk to me.
      He told me to leave.�

      �Why?� �He wouldn�t say why. And then Raxl appeared and the two of them
      went off together without a word.� Philip walks behind Emily and stands on
      her other side. �I know he spent the night in another part of the house
      too. I wonder why he did that?� �Before Raxl appeared suddenly he stopped
      talking and he just looked at me and I had the oddest feeling.� �What kind
      of feeling?� �No never mind. I shouldn�t say anymore. What I was about to
      say was very foolish.�

      �Well say it anyway.� he says walking around her. Emily turns and looks at
      him. �I had the feeling that Jean Paul wanted to kill me.� �Kill you?� �I
      told you it was foolish.� �What gave you that feeling?� Emily turns and
      walks away from Philip. �The way he looked at me. His eyes were strange and
      cold.� �Go on.� Philip says. �The expression on his face was I don�t
      know. It�s ridiculous, why would Jean Paul harm me?� �I don�t know.�
      Philip says as he walks up to Emily. �Well he wouldn�t. See it was the
      picture it must have upset me. My imagination was working over time.�
      �Well maybe, maybe not. All the same I�m glad you told me.�

      Raxl enters the Drawing Room. �Mr. Philip?� Philip glances up. �Yes?� �My
      Master asked me to find you. He will not be having dinner with you tonight.�

      Philip walks up to her. �Why not?� �He has other plans.� �What are they?�

      �He did not say, just that you must have dinner without him. That�s all he

      �All right thank you Raxl.� Philip says as he turns away from her. Raxl
      bows and leaves the room. Philip walks across the room. �Well?� Emily
      walks over to him. �I do wish Jean Paul would change his mind. It would do
      him a lot of good to get out of this house.� �I just may be closer than I
      thought.� Philip says. �Closer to what?� �To finding the secret of
      Desmond Hall.�

      Jean Paul stands in his room with his arms crossed when there is a knock at
      the door. He looks up. �Yes?� The door opens and Philip glances into the
      room. �Cousin?� �What is it?� �Can�t I persuade you to have dinner with
      us?� �I�m afraid you can�t. I�m sorry.� �Emily and Susan will be very
      disappointed.� Philip says to him. Jean Paul smiles. �Well I�m sure the
      three of you will have a good time.� Jean Paul says then walks across the
      room. �Raxl says you have other plans. Would you mind telling me what they
      are?� �I�m afraid I would mind.� �Do I ask too many questions cousin?�
      Jean Paul looks away from him. �Sometimes.� �Well sometimes it�s the only
      way to get answers.� Jean Paul turns and looks at Philip. �Answers to
      what?� �Mysteries.� �Am I a mystery?� �Well I don�t understand you.�
      Jean Paul walks up to him. �Please don�t try.� �Well if you definitely
      decided not to come with us.� �I have but you�re going to be rather late,
      you better go.� Jean Paul says to Philip as he opens the door. �Well
      goodnight then.� Philip says as he walks out of the room. �Goodnight.�
      Jean Paul tells him then closes the door behind Philip. Philip stands in
      the hallway turns and raises his hand to knock again then changing his mind
      he turns and walks away.

      Susan is walking down the staircase. Emily is standing in the foyer waiting
      for her. �You look lovely.� Emily says to her. �I look like me, that�s all
      that matters.�

      Emily is trying to fasten a necklace around her neck. Susan reaches up to
      help her. �When I was your age I used to love pretty cloths. I still do.�
      Emily says to her. �Then we are interested in different things. Emily
      glances back at Susan. �What are you interested in?� �Oh people and just
      living I guess.� She finishes fastening Emily�s necklace. �There.� Emily
      touches the necklace the looks at Susan. �Have you been like that always?�
      �Always.� Susan says as she stands with her hands on her waist. �I wouldn�t
      know how to be different.� Emily touches Susan�s shoulder. �Then don�t
      try.� She turns and sees Philip coming down the staircase. �Is Jean Paul
      coming?� Emily asks him. �No he refuses.� �You couldn�t get him to change
      his mind?� �No he says he has other plans, he wouldn�t say anything
      more.� �I�m disappointed.� Emily says to Philip. �So am I. Well if we are
      going we might as well go. Are you ready Susan?� �Yes.� �Well shall we.�
      He lets Susan and Emily go before him to collect their coats. Raxl walks
      down the staircase and watches them. Philip glances back at her, then walks
      over to the staircase. �Raxl did you want something?� �No goodnight.� She
      says with a slight smile. �Goodnight.� Raxl turns and walks up the
      stairs. Turning Philip walks outside as he follows Emily and Susan. He
      stands holding the door. �Is something wrong?� Emily asks. �I was just
      thinking.� Philip says as he walks up to them. �I couldn�t understand why
      Jean Paul wouldn�t come with us tonight.� �Why don�t you go back and talk
      to him again. Maybe you can get him to change his mind.� Emily says to
      Philip. �I doubt that.� �You could try. I could drive Susan to the Inn
      and you can meet us there later.� �Well if you really wouldn�t mind doing
      that I would like to talk to Jean Paul again.� �No I don�t mind.� Emily
      says to him. �All right I�ll meet you in a few minutes.� Philip says as he
      smiles at her then walks back to the mansion door. Susan looks at him.
      �Don�t go back into that house!� �But why?� �You are in danger there.�
      �From what?� �I don�t know but danger is there.� Philip laughs. �Another
      of your feelings?� �Yes if that is what you want to call it.� �It�s just
      made me more curious. I�ll see you in a few minutes.� He says as he touches
      her shoulder then turns and walks back into the mansion. Susan walks up to
      Emily. �He shouldn�t have gone back into the house.� �What can possibly
      happen to him?� �I don�t know but something will." Emily wraps her coat
      more tightly around her and takes Susan�s arm. �Come on Susan.

      Raxl enters Jean Paul�s room. �Everyone is gone. We are alone in the
      house.� Raxl says to Jean Paul. �Good.� Jean Paul says as he stands. �You
      were wise to stay in tonight.� Jean Paul nods. �Yes I just hope my excuse
      would work. I was trying to think of...� He bends over in pain as the
      heartbeat starts. �Is it?�

      Jean Paul sits down on the bed. �The heartbeat, the heartbeat!� he says
      bent over in pain. Raxl rushes to the window and looks out. �The evil star
      has appeared again.� She says as Jean Paul sits breathing heavily in
      agony. Philip walks through the hallway to Jean Paul�s room. He stops
      outside the door when he hears Jean Paul�s voice. �You know what must be
      done?� �Yes I will take you to the tower room and lock the door. I have
      the key.� Raxl tells him with her arm around his shoulder. �Good and
      remember to leave me there until dawn. If anyone asks where I am just say I
      left the house. We will think of an excuse in the morning.� �No one will
      find you. I will hide the key.� Philip still stands outside the open
      bedroom door. �Come quickly. There isn�t a moment to lose.� Jean Paul says
      to Raxl. Philip rushes down the hallway and stands in the doorway of
      another bedroom as Jean Paul and Raxl come out of the bedroom. Raxl is
      helping Jean Paul walk down the hallway. Philip follows behind them at a
      distance. Arriving in the tower Raxl unlocks the door and follows Jean
      Paul into the room, closing the door behind her. Philip walks to the door
      and puts his ear against it. When he hears the door begin to open he hides
      down the passageway. Raxl closes and locks the door, then turning she
      walks away. Philip follows her. Raxl enters Jean Paul's bedroom carrying
      the key in her hand. She glances around then walks to the flowers. She
      hides the key in the vase. Philip stands on the side of the door where he
      can watch Raxl. He smiles after she hides the key then nods to himself.

      Jean Paul stands in the tower room with only a single candle for light. He
      turns when he hears the door being unlocked. �Raxl?� The door opens and
      Philip steps into the room. Jean Paul stares at him. �Hello cousin.�
      Philip says to him.

      �What are you doing here?� Jean Paul asks. �I might ask you the same
      question.� Philip says as he closes the door. �Listen! Go now!� �I�m not
      leaving until I find out what you are doing here?� Jean Paul turns away
      from Philip. �You shouldn�t have closed that door.� �Why? Am I in some
      kind of danger?� �You may be.� Philip walks up behind him. �Now what
      danger am I in?� �Oh you�re a fool!� Jean Paul shouts. �Am I cousin?�
      Jean Paul turns and looks at him, he then rushes to the wall He looks back
      at Philip. �Listen how did you find your way up here?� �Is that really
      important?� �You only pretended to leave this house. You have been spying
      on us.� �No I came back to try to persuade you to go to dinner with us. I
      overheard you and Raxl talking. I was curious. I still am.� �Where did you
      get the key? From Raxl?� �No I saw where she hid it then I simply went and
      took it and here I am.� Jean Paul turns away from him. �You are too
      inquisitive for your own good.� �Is that a threat?� �It�s not a threat.
      It�s a warning. No go please.� �What will happen to me if I don�t?� �Look
      don�t ask anymore questions. Just go please.� �Why are you here? Why are
      you locked in this room?� Jean Paul leans against the wall with his back
      towards Philip. �I can�t tell you that!� �Can�t tell me or won�t!� �Have
      it either way just go!� �And why are you so frightened?� �Don�t ask for
      an explanation!� Jean Paul shouts turning towards Philip. �I am asking!�
      Philip shouts back. �You are here because of the Desmond curse aren�t
      you?� Jean Paul looks at him then walks across the room.

      Philip follows him and stands behind him. �Jean Paul what is the curse?�
      �If you knew you would leave now!� �I am not leaving here until you answer
      my question.� �The Desmond curse will not affect you, only me!� �You
      still haven�t answered my question.� Jean Paul turns towards him angrily.
      �Philip leave now go!� Philip shakes his head no. �Please! Please!� Jean
      Paul begs. �No, no I�m not leaving here you must know that.� Jean Paul
      rushes to the door and opens it. �Raxl! Raxl!� he shouts. Philip walks
      over to him. �She can�t hear you Jean Paul!�

      Jean Paul closes the door and turns towards Philip. �Listen Philip if you
      would only listen to me for a moment.� He gasps in pain gripping his hand.
      �What�s wrong?� Philip asks as he looks at Jean Paul�s hand. The Mark of
      Death has appeared on it. He glances up at Jean Paul. �What are you doing?
      Jean Paul? Why don�t you answer me?� Jean Paul turns away as he faces the
      door. �What has happened to you?� Jean Paul slowly turns and looks at
      Philip. �Jean Paul what�s wrong?� Jean Paul walks towards him as Philip
      backs away. �Answer me what is it?� Jean Paul reaches up and grabs
      Philip around the throat strangling him. Philip breaks free and pulls out
      the totem. Jean Paul looks at the totem then at Philip and grabs him
      around the neck. Philip drops the totem as he falls on the floor with Jean
      Paul�s hands squeezing his throat.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 136*

      * Episode 136: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2ztu3m*

      Cort: �Night at Desmond Hall and the Great House is enveloped in ominous
      darkness. There is only one star in an otherwise starless sky. It is an
      evil star for when it appears in the heavens Jean Paul Desmond the Master
      of Desmond Hall is the victim of a curse. A curse that compels him to kill.
      On this night he has locked himself in a tower room believing he is safe.
      But one cunning man has found him and with this discovery a new reign of
      terror will begin.�

      Laying on the floor with Jean Paul on top of him with his hands around
      Philip�s throat Philip reaches out and grabs the totem. He places it
      against Jean Paul�s hands. Philip is able to throw Jean Paul off of him.
      Philip stands and rushes for the door. Jean Paul comes after him. Philip
      raises the totem in front of Jean Paul. �Orendo, Orendo please protect me
      from the evil that seeks to destroy me.�

      Jean Paul opens his hand, looks at it and rushes to the table kneeling on
      the floor. �That mark?� Philip says standing across from Jean Paul. Jean
      Paul opens his hand and watches as the Mark of Death fades away. �It�s
      gone.� Philip says watching Jean Paul. Jean Paul stands and faces away
      from Philip. �I almost killed you.� �You sound as if you are talking about
      somebody else.� Philip says as puts his hand to his throat. �Do I?� �Why
      did you do it?� �Listen I shall try not to harm you again but just get out
      of this room.� �Not until you answered my question. Why did you do it?�
      �I didn�t know what I was doing.� �You call that an explanation?� �It is
      the only explanation I can give. Now go!� Jean Paul says as he looks at his
      hands. �I believed you were mad for a moment. The expression on your face
      was a look of pure insanity.� Jean Paul turns and looks at him. He shakes
      his head and walks away from Philip. �Perhaps I am insane.�

      �Are you? Or are you under the influence of some evil that you can�t

      �Perhaps both.� �Is this part of the Desmond curse?� �How can you stand
      there talking to me? Aren�t you afraid?� Jean Paul shouts as he walks
      across the room.

      �My totem protects me. Let me see your hand.� Jean Paul opens his hand and
      shows it to Philip. �There was something there. A mark of some kind but it
      has disappeared now.� Philip says then looks up at Jean Paul. �I�ve
      answered enough questions.� �It�s part of the curse isn�t it?� Jean Paul
      looks away from Philip. �All right Jean Paul you needn�t tell me anymore.�
      Philip says as he turns towards the door. �Where are you going?� �To call
      the police.� �Will you tell them that I am cursed?� Jean Paul asks
      sarcastically. �I�ll tell them you tried to kill me.� �Remember it�s your
      word against mine.� �Are you planning to lie?�

      �I�m not planning anything. My fate is in your hands now.� Jean Paul says
      as he looks at Philip. Philip looks back at him.

      Emily, Susan and Cort enter the mansion. Emily walks through the foyer as
      she takes off her gloves. Cort walks into the Drawing Room looks around and
      walks out stopping in front of Emily. �He�s not here.� Emily glances at
      the staircase. �Philip? Jean Paul, Philip!� She calls out. Raxl walks
      through the hallway stopping at the top of the staircase. �My Master is
      sleeping.� �And Philip?� �Isn�t he with you?� Raxl asks as she walks down
      the staircase. �No we went on without him. He never showed up in town.�
      �But I saw you leave the house together. I saw you go.� �Philip came back.
      He wanted to persuade Jean Paul to change his mind and come with us.�
      Susan walks up to Emily. �I told him not to but he wouldn�t listen to me.�
      �Haven�t you seen him?� Emily asks. �No.� �Well that�s odd. Where could
      he be?� �Oh he must be in the house somewhere. I�ll go and find him.� �So
      will I.� Cort says as he follows Raxl up the staircase. �I don�t
      understand Philip. This isn�t like him. Is it possible that anything could
      have happened to him?� Emily says to Susan. �Well anything is possible.�
      Susan tells her as she steps closer. To Emily. �But what could have
      happened? And why isn�t he here? Where could he possibly be?�

      Philip looks at Jean Paul. �You refuse?� Jean Paul turns away from him. �I
      cannot tell you anymore.� Philip walks up to him. �All right perhaps Raxl
      can tell me.� �All right question Raxl. Call the police, do what you want.
      It doesn�t matter anymore.� �Don�t you care what happens to you?� �I gave
      up caring a long time ago.� �I�ll lock the door behind me.� Philip tells
      him as he walks to the door. �I�ll be back later. �With the police?� Jean
      Paul asks him. Philip glances back at him. �With the police.� �I�ll be
      ready.� Philip stands and looks at him. �What are you going to say to
      them?� �I�m sorry cousin but you will have to wait for the answer to that
      question.� He turns and looks at Philip. Philip walks out of the room
      locking the door behind him. Cort walks up to him as Philip turns away
      from the door. �So here you are.� Philip smiles. �I didn�t see you come
      up.� �I�ve been looking all over for you. What are you doing at the tower
      room? No one ever comes here.� �I was just looking for something. But what
      about you, I thought you had gone out for the evening.� �Well I met Emily
      and Susan in town. They were waiting for you, you were supposed to meet
      them.� �Where are they now?�

      �Downstairs Emily has been very worried about you.� �Would you mind
      telling them I�m alright and I�ll be down in a minute?� �What�s happened?
      Where did you get the marks?� �A slight accident.� Philip says with a
      laugh. �What kind of accident?� �Oh nothing serious. Do you mind telling
      her I�ll be down in a minute?� �Alright!� Cort says then walks away.
      Philip turns and walks away in the opposite direction.

      Raxl is in Jean Paul�s room looking for the key in the vase as Philip
      stands in the doorway. �Were you looking for this?� He shows the key to
      Raxl. Raxl steps back from Philip. �Where did you get that?� �From the
      vase.� Philip tells her as he walks into the room. �I saw you hide it
      there.� �Why are you spying on me?�

      �I heard you and Jean Paul talking. I heard him ask you to take him to the
      tower. And I saw you go there.� Raxl walks up to him. �You did not go in
      there did you?�

      �Yes I did.� �What did Jean Paul say to you?� �He tried to kill me.�

      �Raxl I know the truth.� �What do you know?� �I know that Jean Paul is
      cursed. And that his curse forces him to kill.� �It is not my Master. It
      is the evil demons that possess him. My Master is an innocent man.� �How
      is he cursed?� �He did not tell you?� �I want you to tell me.� �It
      happened at Maljardin. He made a pact with the powers of darkness.� Raxl
      tells him as she walks away from him. �Why?� Raxl turns and looks at him.
      �Erica was dead. More than anything in this life my Master wanted her to
      return. So he made a pact, she returned but brought the powers of darkness
      with her.� �And what happened to Erica?� �She returned to the land of the
      dead when Maljardin burned.� �And the curse remains with Jean Paul?� Raxl
      walks up to him. �He tries to fight it! That is why he ordered me to lock
      him in the tower room.� She turns away. Philip grabs her shoulder and
      turns her around. �Raxl look at me and tell me the truth. Has Jean Paul
      killed before? Is he a murderer?� �What did he tell you?� Philip releases
      her. �I�m asking you.� Raxl glances at him. �He did not kill you. You
      managed to escape.�

      �But there were others? And what about that girl that lived here before
      Agatha Pruett? Did he kill her?� �I do not know.� Raxl says as she glances
      away. �Are you telling me the truth?� �Yes, I do not know what happened
      to that girl. That is the truth.� �Is there a way to end the curse?� Raxl
      shakes her head. �Oh I�ve tried.� �But obviously failed.� �There must be
      a way!� Raxl says looking at Philip.

      �But you haven�t found it yet.� Philip steps away from Raxl. �Raxl don�t
      you understand that everybody in this house is in danger as long as Jean
      Paul is free!� Raxl looks at him. �What are you going to do?� �The only
      thing I can do. Go to the police.� �What will you tell them? There is no
      proof that my Master is a murderer.� Philip looks back at her. �He tried to
      kill me!� Philip shouts as he walks across the room. �He should be judged
      insane and put away where he can�t do anybody any harm!� Raxl turns to
      him. �You can�t do that to him!� she cries out.

      �I can�t endanger other people, innocent people because we want him to go

      �You can help him! He needs your help!� �How?� Philip asks as he walks
      away from Raxl. Raxl walks up behind him. �Help him how I help him. Guard
      him, protect him from the evil demons that control him.� �And risk the
      lives of everyone in this house.� �He has never harmed anyone in this
      house!� �Not yet but he might!� Raxl shakes her head as she looks at
      Philip. �You think by putting my Master in prison that that will end the
      curse? If you do you are wrong.� �What do you mean?� �My Master could die
      but the curse will continue.� �How?� �It passes from generation to
      generation. If my Master dies it will pass on to the next Desmond. The one
      with the closest blood ties to my Master.� �Cort.� Philip says looking
      away. �Yes and if he dies it will pass on to you.� Philip stares ahead
      then looks at Raxl. �How do you know this?� �I know.� �How do I know you
      are telling the truth?� �You don�t.� �Raxl I know you would say anything
      to save Jean Paul.� �That is true. But you must consider what I have just
      told you. You have no other choice.� Philip glances away then walks to the
      door. �Where are you going?� �Downstairs to think.� Raxl looks at him.
      �Yes think and decide what you must do.� Philip stares at Raxl and walks
      out of the room.

      Cort is talking to Emily in the Drawing room. �He was coming from the
      tower.� Cort tells her as he walks behind the couch on which Emily is
      sitting. �The tower?� Emily asks. �It�s at the top of the house. We keep
      it locked. Nobody ever goes there. He really didn�t explain why he was
      coming from there.� He tells Emily as he stands at the end of the couch
      facing Emily. Philip stands in the doorway. �I thought I had. I was
      looking for a book.� �In the tower?� Cort asks.

      �Well I searched all over the house but I didn�t find it. I�m sorry I kept
      you waiting.� He says to Emily as he sits down next to her. �That�s all
      right but what happened to you? Where did you get the marks?� Emily says as
      she looks at Philip. �I had a slight accident. I slipped and fell down the
      stairs.� Philip tells her with a smile.

      �Were you badly hurt?� �No not at all. But that�s what delayed me.� �Did
      you call the doctor?� �No that�s not necessary I�m all right. But I am
      sorry I spoiled your evening. Have you eaten?� �No we were waiting for
      you.� �I do apologize you must eat. Surely there must be something in the
      kitchen.� �Susan�s in there now looking for something.� Philip looks at
      Cort. �Well Cort would you mind helping Susan. You know the kitchen better
      than she does.� Cort looks at him. �What book were you looking for?� �The
      River Caves of Desmondton.� Cort walks to the bookcases and pulls a book
      from the shelf. He glances at the cover. �Here it is.� He shows it to
      Philip. Philip laughs. �I didn�t see it. How foolish of me.� Cort walks
      towards him. �Let�s get this straight. You were up in the tower looking for
      a book and Emily and Susan were in town waiting for you.� Philip stands.
      �Well I didn�t think I would have to search so long for it. I thought I�d
      find it right away.� He says as he walks to the fireplace and glances at
      Cort. Cort brings him the book. �Why did you want to find it? What�s so
      important about a book?� Philip smiles as he takes the book. �So many
      questions. Can�t we talk later?� �So that you can think of some answers.�
      �Now why would I lie to you?� �I don�t know. Why would you?� �Cort go in
      the kitchen and help Susan. I�ll be in there in a minute.� Emily says.
      Cort looks at her. �Do I take orders from my houseguests in my house?�
      �I�m sorry I didn�t mean it that way. I would like to talk to Philip for a
      moment.� Cort looks at Philip. �Well go ahead.� He glances back at Emily.
      �Maybe you can get some truth out of him. Go ahead and good luck.� Cort
      says angrily as he walks out of the room. Philip sighs as Emily watches
      him. �I know there is something going on. I wish you would tell me about
      it.� Philip glances at her. �I told you all I can tell you.� �But...I�m
      afraid I have to agree with Cort. None of it makes any sense.� Philip
      walks over to the couch and sits next to Emily. �Emily do you trust me?�
      �Yes I do.� �Then don�t ask any questions right now. Because I can�t give
      you the answers.� Philip says as he looks away from her.

      �Well when can you answer?� �When I make a decision.� �About what?� �I
      can�t tell you.� He looks back at her. �I just have to ask you to trust me
      and go along with me. And I�ll tell you everything as soon as the right
      time comes. Right now I just have to think.� Emily glances away then back
      at Philip. �All right Philip I guess I can�t argue with you. I�ll be in the
      kitchen if you need me.� She stands and walks out of the Drawing Room.
      Philip watches her then stands and walks into the foyer. He looks at the

      Raxl and Jean Paul talk in the tower room. �You told him what?� Jean Paul
      asks her. �That the curse passes from generation to generation. It does
      not end with you.� �But that isn�t true.� �It might be, you do not
      know.� �What did he say?�

      �He said he would think that is all.� �Do you think he has changed his
      mind about calling the police?� �I believe he will. I believe he will
      protect you until the curse is broken.� Jean Paul laughs. �The curse will
      never be broken.� �Don�t give up hope Master. If Philip decides to help
      you.� �How can I expect him to help me for the rest of his life? How can I
      expect you or anybody.� Jean Paul says as he walks away from Raxl. �But
      there may be a way to end the curse!� �You have said that a hundred times
      before!� He says to her. �Now have you found a way?�

      �No but that doesn�t mean to say that I won�t.� �It�s hopeless going on
      hoping like this. Hoping for something that will never happen!� Jean Paul
      says as he starts pacing around the room. �Don�t say that Master.� �Raxl
      last night I survived and today I had some hope. Then tonight the star
      appeared again and the agony was worse than ever before. Now the star may
      appear again. Appear tomorrow night and the night after that and the night
      after that until I either go mad or I kill again!� Jean Paul shouts. �Now I
      would rather die or spend the rest of my life in prison than to face a
      future like that!� Raxl rushes up to him. �You don�t know what you are
      saying Master!� �I do know what I am saying!� He walks away from her.
      �This can not go on. If Philip doesn�t call the authorities I will.� Raxl
      touches Jean Paul�s arm and looks up at him.

      Cort enters the foyer from the kitchen doorway followed by Susan. �How long
      are you going to stay here?� �I don�t have plans.� �Well why did you come
      here? What do you want? Or were you just looking for a place to live?�
      Susan looks at him. �No I just live wherever I am.� Cort shakes his head
      and walks away from her. He walks to the staircase and looks back at her.
      �You have a very maddening way of not answering questions.� Susan looks at
      him. �Well I�ll answer...She stares at him as the Mark of Death appears on
      his face. �Why are you looking at me like that/� Cort asks as the mark
      fades. �I just saw...no never mind. It doesn�t matter.� She walks past
      Cort towards the Drawing Room. Cort turns and walks up the staircase.

      Philip stands in front of the fireplace as Susan enters. He turns and looks
      at her. �I thought you had gone to bed.� �Wow I just saw something really
      strange.� Susan says as she looks back at the doorway. Philip walks over
      to her. �What?�

      �I was just talking to Cort and then all of a sudden I saw something on his
      face.� She looks back at Philip. �I don�t know, it was a sign of some
      kind.� �What sign?�

      �I don�t know what it was but I saw it.� �Well what did it look like?�
      �Well here I�ll show you.� Susan walks over to the desk and opens a
      notebook. She draws a picture. �There.� Philip picks it up. �You saw
      this?� �Yea, just for a minute. And then it just disappeared.� Philip�s
      hand is a drawing of the Mark of Death. �I don�t know what it means.�

      Jean Paul walks down the staircase followed by Raxl. He walks over to the
      telephone. �No don�t do it.� Raxl pleads. �I beg you.� She grabs his arm.

      Jean Paul turns the phone towards him and dials the operator raising the
      receiver. �Give me the police.�

      Summary by Debby Graham and Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

      *"Dobby never meant to kill, Dobby only meant to main--or seriously injure."
      Dobby, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--Part1"

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