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Episodes 133 & 134

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 133* *Episode 133: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2l6xrg* Emily: “Night at Desmond Hall. The peace that most people find in the
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 133*

      *Episode 133: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2l6xrg*

      Emily: �Night at Desmond Hall. The peace that most people find in the
      coming of darkness eludes the Master of the ancient mansion. In the sky the
      evil star shines. Jean Paul Desmond has locked himself away from the
      irresistible temptation that dreaded omen leads him to. In the Drawing Room
      hangs the portrait of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes who links the fortunes of the
      present to the evils of the past. At the door of the Desmond House the
      future knocks.�

      Raxl turns around and grabs the doorknob and closes the door. She stands
      outside with the stranger. �What did you say?� �I�m looking for the Desmond
      House.� �This is it. But you said you were looking for someone.� �Oh no,
      I don�t know anyone here.� �You said you wanted to see the murderer. Who
      do you mean?� The girl steps away from Raxl. �Sometimes I say things that
      just come into my mind. You�ll get used to it.� She says with her back
      towards Raxl. �Where did you come from?� �We all come from the same place
      don�t we?�

      �Who are you?� �Does it matter?� �Well what do you want here?� She
      glances at the sky. Raxl also glances up. The evil star is in the sky. The
      door opens and Laslo steps out. �Now what do we have here? A little
      conference in the dark.�

      �The young lady is looking for someone.� Raxl says to Laslo. �Bring her
      inside where it�s warm or send her home.� The stranger looks at him. �I am

      �I beg your pardon. What did you say?� asks Laslo. �Home is where we
      happen o find ourselves isn�t it?� Laslo walks towards her. �It may be to
      you but this is my home and I don�t like strangers outside the door.�
      �People are only strangers until we get to know them. And sometimes we know
      all about people without knowing them at all.� �I don�t follow you.� Laslo
      says to her. �Well you recently married into the Desmond family so this
      house isn�t yours.� Laslo glances at Raxl then back at the girl. �Come
      inside.� She enters the foyer and looks around. Laslo and Raxl follow her.
      Raxl closes the door behind them. �Are you hungry?� Laslo asks. �Well no
      thanks I had dinner.� Laslo walks up to her. �Are you staying in
      Desmondton?� �No I�m staying here.� �Oh did you invite the young lady?�
      Laslo asks Raxl. �I did not.� �Oh she was going to before you
      interrupted. Weren�t you?� She says to Raxl. �She didn�t want me to go back
      to Desmondton.�

      �The young lady can stay here if she wishes.� Raxl says. �Is that what you
      want?� Laslo asks her. �I want nothing more than what happens to me. And
      we don�t control that do we?� Laslo looks at Raxl. �You better prepare
      Miss Holly�s room.� �But Miss Holly�s things are there.� �Do as I say.�
      The girl takes off her coat and Raxl takes it from her to hang it up. �We
      better go to the Drawing Room. There is a fire burning in there. It�s right
      this way.� Laslo says as he points to the door. �I know.� She says as she
      leads the way. Entering the Drawing Room she looks around as Laslo follows
      her inside. He closes the doors behind them.

      �Would you like something to drink? Some brandy.� �No thank you I don�t
      drink.� she says as she looks around the Drawing Room with a smile. �Of
      course you don�t. You�re very young aren�t you?� �I have no need for
      intoxicants.� �Oh you�re very fortunate. Well do sit down if you�re going
      to be here for a while. We might as well get acquainted.� She walks over
      to the couch and sits down. Laslo sits beside her. �Now where are you
      from?� Laslo asks. �Oh from the world the same as you.� She says as she
      looks at him. �What is your name?� �Susan.�

      �Susan what?� �Oh just Susan is enough.� She looks around. �But you must
      have a family name.� �We all belong to the same family don�t we?� She says
      as she looks at him. �Now look you must have a name. Mine is Mr. Thaxton.
      Be a good girl and tell me what your�s is.� She stands. �I�m afraid you
      attach more importance to names than I do.� She says as she walks around
      the room. �Well you must have a father, mother, brothers and sisters. You
      are very young to be all alone in the world.� She walks to the bookcase
      looking at the books. Then glances back at Laslo. �Oh no one is alone in
      the world when there are millions of us.� �I see you refuse to answer
      questions.� She walks back towards him. �Oh no I�ll answer your questions
      if you can just explain to me why answers are necessary.� �You have a most
      original attitude towards life. Is that typical of the younger set today? I
      do not mean to pry but you do arouse my curiosity.� Laslo says looking at
      her. She notices Jacques portrait. �That painting I know that face.�

      Cort is sitting at the table reading in Philip�s secret room. The door
      opens and Emily steps in. �Cort I thought you had gone to bed.� Cort
      glances at her then away. �I couldn�t sleep.� he says rubbing his head
      tiredly. �Well don�t let me disturb you. I just thought I�d find a book I
      was looking for in here that�s all.� She walks over to the bookcase. �Are
      you looking for the answers in Cousin Philip�s books too?� �No I�m looking
      for information not answers.� Emily says to him.

      Cort lays his head on the books. �What�s the matter?� Emily asks. �I�m

      Emily walks up to him. �We mustn�t give in to fear.� �It�s easy for you to

      �I wish that were true.� Cort slaps the books with his hand. �Why can�t
      things be like they were?� Cort stands and steps away from the table and
      turns and looks back at Emily �Desmond Hall used to be peaceful until my
      mother married Laslo.�

      �Nothing stays the same.� Emily says as she looks through the pile of books
      on the table. �Now everywhere I turn there is a mystery I don�t
      understand.� Emily glances at him. �What�s your mystery Cort?� �My mother
      told me that Jean Paul said Holly went to Europe. Is that true?� �Well if
      Jean Paul said so then I believe him.� �Then you trust him more than I
      do.� �Why shouldn�t you believe him?�

      Cort steps up to her. �Because one minute Holly is in the foyer, then the
      next minute she�s gone!� Cort says angrily. �I believe what my eyes tell
      me.� �Well do they tell you where she went?� He looks away. �No but how.
      She went through a secret opening in the wall.� �Cort you�re imaging
      things.� �Oh don�t pretend you don�t know.� �I�m not pretending
      anything.� �Yes you are! You know where Holly went and so does Jean
      Paul!� Emily walks to the door. �I�m not going to stay here and listen to
      your ridiculous suspicions.� She turns and walks out.

      Laslo looks at the portrait. �Where did that come from? I never had seen it
      before.� �He�s very handsome isn�t he?� Susan says with a smile. �You
      said you knew him.� Laslo asks as he turns and looks at her. �Now how
      would I know him? His picture is in your house.� �But you recognized his
      face.� �Oh you see faces like that all around.� Laslo turns and looks at
      the portrait. �Well I don�t think he�s so special.� �Oh but look closer.
      That face has knowledge that most of us aren�t allowed to have.� Laslo
      stares at the portrait as Emily enters the Drawing room. �Oh excuse me. I
      didn�t think there was anyone in here.� �It�s all right. Please come in.
      Susan this is Miss Blair.� �Hello Miss Blair.� Emily walks up to them.
      �Susan refuses to tell me her last name.� Laslo says to Emily. �Well it
      isn�t important.� Susan tells Emily. �Well that�s all right. Why don�t you
      call me, Emily?�

      �If your name isn�t important to you what is?� Laslo asks. �There are many
      things. The sky, the sea, the trees outside. All those things are important
      to me. Compared to them we�re nothing. No matter what our names are.� �I
      see and nothing else matters?� �Well not at much as you think it does. But
      this magnificent house, all the paintings, precious furniture everything it
      doesn�t matter.� Emily smiles. �Maybe you�re right. Perhaps we do pay too
      much too material things.� �People are what they are not what they own.�
      She says looking at Laslo. �How easy it is for the young to require only
      themselves for life.� Laslo says to Susan. �Don�t tease her.� Emily says
      to him. �It doesn�t bother me. Mr. Thaxton has a lot to learn.� �Are you
      going to teach me?� �Maybe I will.� She glances at the bookcase. �Oh I
      love books.� She walks over to the bookcases. �You know they contain the
      meaning of our lives and thoughts.� �That reminds me. That�s what I came
      here for to get a book.� Susan pulls a book from the shelf. �Here it is.�
      She hands it to Emily. �How did you know?� �I think this book has
      everything you want to know about the Desmonds. Am I right?� Raxl enters
      the Drawing Room. �I have prepared your room.� �Her name is Susan.� Laslo
      says to Raxl. �You may go upstairs now.� Raxl tells her. �Oh we just got
      to know each other. She has so many unusual opinions. I'd like to talk to
      her for a little longer.� Laslo tells them. �I�m sorry I really am tired.
      I would like to be alone.� �I will show you the way.� Raxl says to her.
      �That�s okay I know the way.� Susan walks out of the Drawing Room. Raxl
      follows her. Laslo walks to the doorway of the Drawing Room and watches
      them go up the staircase, he turns and looks at Emily. �That girl is odd
      very odd indeed.� �She seems very nice to me. Lively, interested in life.�
      Emily says as she carries the book to the desk and sits down.

      �But how did she know what book you wanted?� �Some people have a gift to
      find what other people are looking for. It�s unusual but it does happen.�
      �But to know where rooms are in a house you�ve never been and to apparently
      read people�s minds.� Emily glances at him. �There is a great deal about
      the human brain that isn�t known yet. I have friends that have studied it
      at the Universities. Some have even practiced what is called a kind of
      parapsychology I think.� She turns back to the book on the desk. �But you
      must admit it�s unsettling to be with somebody that knows what you are
      thinking.� Cort walks into the Drawing Room. �Oh Cort you�ve come out of
      hiding.� Laslo says to him. �I wasn�t hiding.� �Your mother was worried
      about you.� �I�m all right.� �Did you find what you were looking for?�
      Emily asks him. �What were you looking for?� Laslo asks. Cort stands and
      stares at the portrait of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.� �Who is that?� He turns
      and looks at Laslo. �Where?� Emily asks. �That painting.� �Yes who is
      that?� Laslo asks. �It wasn�t here yesterday.� Cort says to Emily. Emily
      stands and walks up to Cort and Laslo. �Your mother found it up in the
      attic. She brought it down. Philip hung it there this evening. The three
      of them look at the painting. �Our little visitor said she recognized the
      face.� Laslo says. �Did she?� Emily says.

      �What visitor?� asks Cort. �Then she said she didn�t but I believe she

      �Will one of you answer my question?� Cort says as he looks at Laslo then

      �What question?� Emily asks. �Who is the visitor?� �Some girl Raxl asked
      to spend the night in Holly�s room.� says Laslo. �Who is she?� �That my
      dear Cort remains a mystery.� Laslo says to Cort.

      Raxl shows Susan to her room. �Why have you brought me here? This isn�t
      Holly�s room.� �I�m sure you will find this room most pleasant.� Susan
      turns and starts to walk out of the bedroom. Raxl holds out her arm. �Where
      are you going?� �But I prefer Holly�s room.� �Holly�s room is not
      prepared.� Susan turns back and looks at the bedroom. �Why are you
      afraid?� �I do not frighten easily Miss.� Raxl says as she walks to the
      bed and pulls the blankets back. �Then why won�t you let me sleep in the
      room Mr. Thaxton told you to put me in?� �Mr. Thaxton does not realize how
      much work is involved in preparing a room for an unexpected guest.� Susan
      walks over to the bed. �And yet you have many unexpected guests at Desmond
      Hall.� Raxl glances at Susan. �Sometimes.�

      �Not sometimes all the time. Like Emily, she�s not a member of the Desmond
      family is she?� �Miss Blair was invited to stay here.� Susan walks around
      the bed to the dressing table. Raxl walks around the bed. �And there was
      the woman who was going to marry Mr. Desmond.� Susan raises her hand to her
      head. �She arrived unexpectedly as I remember too.� Raxl approaches her.
      �As you remembered? How do you know such things?� �And there is Holly. Who
      was Holly?� �Mr. Desmonds ward. She came here with us.� Susan nods. �Now
      she�s gone too.� �You know many things which you should not know.� Susan
      turns away. �I guess she found what she was looking for.� Walking forward
      she turns and looks at Raxl. �Are you afraid I�m going to find what I�m
      looking for? Is that it?� Raxl stares at her.

      Emily sits on the couch writing notes from the book she is looking at.
      Laslo stands behind the couch pouring a drink. Cort stands next to the
      fireplace as Laslo walks over to him. �Will you please answer my question.
      Who is she?�

      �She wouldn�t tell me.� �It is not like you to not find out what you want
      to dear stepfather.� �Yes perhaps you would be better off with her after
      all. You young people aren�t interested in explaining yourself to your
      elders.� �I�ll find her. Where is she?� �Raxl took her to Holly�s
      bedroom. You let me know if you have more success than I did.� Laslo says
      as he finishes his drink. Cort walks to the doorway. �Leave her alone. If
      she doesn�t want to tell us who she is why should she?� Emily says to Cort.
      Raxl enters the Drawing Room. �The girl has gone to bed.� �I�ll find out
      who she is tomorrow.� Cort tells them then turns and walks out of the
      Drawing Room. .Raxl walks across the room and stands next to the
      fireplace. �Shouldn�t we tell Jean Paul she�s here?� Emily asks. �No.�
      Raxl says to her. �As you keep reminding me this is his house. I think he
      aught to be told he has a guest.� �He will be told in the morning.� Raxl
      says as she looks at Laslo. �Well surely we shouldn�t hide her as if we�re
      afraid to let him know she is here.� Laslo says to Raxl. �He�s sleeping.�
      �Sensible fellow, it is late.� Laslo places his glass on the mantel.
      �You�re little guest recognized the portrait.� Laslo says to Raxl. �What
      did she say about it?� �Only that she knew the face. Well you must admit it
      has a startling resemblance to Jean Paul.� Laslo says looking up at the
      portrait. �The Desmonds has a strong family resemblance.� �Which Desmond
      was this?� �Jacques Eloi Desmond or Des Mondes as the family was called
      then.� Emily tells Laslo. �I never heard of him.� �He lived in the 17th
      century. He founded Maljardin.� �Well that�s why Raxl is so entranced with
      it.� Laslo says looking at Raxl. Raxl turns to Laslo. �There was one very
      much like it hanging in the Great Hall at Maljardin.� �To bad our visitor
      isn�t here to enlighten us further.� Laslo says as he walks away from Raxl
      and leaves the Drawing Room. Raxl walks to the window and looks out. The
      evil star is still in the sky. She turns away. �What is it Raxl?� Emily
      asks. �The Master must not know that girl is here.�

      Susan is sleeping when music awakens her. She sits on the side of the bed
      and lights a candle. She picks it up and walks across the room to the door.
      She opens it and steps into the hallway closing the door behind her.

      �He must not find out there is a strange girl in the house.� Raxl tells
      Emily as she walks across the room. �Just a minute Raxl.� Emily says to
      her. Raxl stops and looks back at Emily. �Yes Miss Blair?� Emily stands
      and walks over to her. �Earlier tonight when you came to Jean Paul�s room
      and I was there.� Raxl turns away. �Do not speak of it.� �You stopped him
      from doing something didn�t you?� Raxl looks at her. �You are safe.� �I�m
      safe from what? From Jean Paul?� �Miss Blair my Master is not always
      well.� Raxl says as she walks away from her. �He�s had such shocks and
      personal sorrows that sometimes his mind leaves him momentarily.� �And
      when it does, he�s dangerous to others?� Emily asks. Raxl looks away.
      �Raxl answer me. I want to help him.� Emily says when Raxl will not answer
      or look at her. �You must not ask me such questions.� Raxl says and walks
      from the room. She closes the door behind her, then turns and is startled
      when she sees Laslo standing in front of her. �You weren't telling me the
      truth Raxl.� �About what Mr. Thaxton?� �I couldn�t resist telling Jean
      Paul about our young visitor. And when I went to his room he wasn�t
      there.� �I left him there.�

      �You left him perhaps but not there. You�ve put him someplace. You have
      locked him up. From who? From what?� Raxl turns and rushes up the staircase

      Susan opens the door to Philip�s secret room. She sets the candle down on
      the table and walks towards the skeleton. After looking at it she turns and
      walks to the table looking at the jars that are sitting on it. She walks to
      the bookcase looking at the books when the door opens. Cort walks in.
      �You�re the girl my stepfather has been talking about.� �Perhaps.� Susan
      tells him. Cort walks closer to her. �My name is Cort.� �And mine is
      Susan.� �What are you doing in this room?� She glances around with a
      smile. �I like quiet rooms far away from other people.� �But how did you
      find it.� Cort asks. �Oh it was very easy to find. I think I�ve known it
      all along.� she says as she turns towards Cort with a smile.

      �Why are you looking at me like that?� �The music that had awakened her
      now plays in the room. Susan is transported to another time. �Come dance
      with me Claude one more time. Please just hold me in your arms and dance
      with me�

      A man walks towards her. It could be Cort�s twin. He takes her hand. And
      they start to dance the minuet. �Okay my dear Susanne. I came as soon as
      your messenger arrived.� �Don�t leave me alone Claude.� �Of course. Of
      course I shan�t. I�ll be here when you need me.� �Promise me that
      forever.� �I�ll promise whatever you want. You�re the lady of my heart you
      know that.� They stop dancing and just hold hands. �Then you must help me.
      There is no time to waste.� He kisses her hand. �Of course I will help
      you.� �Papa is in danger.�

      �Danger? Your father?� She turns away. �He�s pursued every day, every

      �By whom?� He asks touching her arm. �Oh you will detest me if I tell
      you.� �I could never detest you my sweet.� �It is one of your family,
      Claude. One of your kinsman plans to kill him.� He walks around to face
      her. Then backs away.

      �Come back Claude come back. Please don�t leave me. Without Papa I�m all
      alone in the world.� Susan comes out of the trance. �Why are you looking
      at me like that?� Cort asks. �Oh forgive me it�s just that you reminded me
      of someone I knew a long time ago.� Susan says then picks up the candle and
      leaves Philip�s room.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 134*

      *Episode 134: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/3ao28p*

      Irene: �Morning comes to Desmond Hall. The long night of mystery and
      apprehension has finally passed. The sun wipes the sky clear of the evil
      star. Within the family mansion light enters darkened rooms. There is a
      newcomer at Desmond Hall, the homeless young girl reveals little about
      herself. But her knowledge reaches into secrets she could not possibly know
      back when the Desmonds lived in another time.�

      Susan stands at the open window in the Drawing Room looking out as Laslo
      walks up to her. �You are up early my dear.� �I like to watch the day
      begin.� she says as she leans against the window frame looking at the sky.
      �You know each morning the seas, the trees, the rocks they are all
      reborn.� �I thought last night you were part of an apparition.� Laslo says
      to her. Susan turns and looks at him. �What made you think that?� �You
      seem not to be of this world.� �Perhaps it�s you who does not belong to
      the world.� �You were part of the night and I thought perhaps you had
      vanished come this morning.� �Sorry to disappoint you.� Susan says as she
      turns away from him. �Oh you haven�t disappointed me. I�m pleased you are
      here. Would you like some coffee?� Susan walks back to the window and
      stands looking out. �That�s very kind of you.� �I�ll only be a minute.�
      Laslo says as he walks out of the Drawing Room closing the doors behind
      him. He walks to the telephone, picks it up and dials Irene�s number.
      �Irene listen carefully I must see you at once. No not here I�ll come to
      you. No I can�t talk but I think we have found the girl that we need.� He
      hangs up the phone and glances at the Drawing Room doors. He gets the
      coffee tray taking it to the Drawing Room and pours Susan a cup of coffee.
      He hands it to her over the back of the couch. �There drink it while it�s
      hot.� Susan is sitting on the couch as she reaches for the cup. �Oh thank
      you.� �I would like nothing better than to continue our interesting
      conversation of last night but I�m afraid I have business to attend to in
      town.� Laslo says to her as he walks around the couch and starts for the
      door. �Of course.� Susan says looking up at him. �Well I don�t like to
      leave you here alone.� �Don�t worry I�m pretty content. You go ahead.�
      Susan stands holding the cup of coffee. �Ah well you have company.� Laslo
      says as he sees Jean Paul in the doorway. �Jean Paul this is Susan.� Jean
      Paul walks into the Drawing Room. �Hello.� he says with a smile. �Raxl told
      me about you. I�m sorry I wasn�t here to greet you last night.� He tells
      her as he walks over to her. �You will find this a very active household.
      Everyone doing his own thing I think you call it.� Laslo says to her.
      Susan glances at him then takes a few steps towards him. �Don�t you do your
      own thing Mr. Thaxton?� �Indeed I do and I�m late. I leave you with the
      Master of Desmond Hall.� Laslo says then turns and walks out of the room.

      Susan turns and looks at Jean Paul. �Are you really the Master of Desmond
      Hall?� �Well only in a manner of speaking. This house really belonged to
      my brother Philip.� She nods. �And he�s dead now.� She raises the cup to
      her lips and finishes the coffee. �Yes we believe he is.� �Don�t you
      know?� �I know. He is dead,� Jean Paul says then walks away from her.
      �When we arrived here some months ago.� �From Maljardin?� Jean Paul turns
      and looks at her. �You know a great deal about us.� �Should I pretend that
      I don�t know what I do know?� Jean Paul glances away. �Raxl said that you
      asked about the murderer.�

      �I know nothing of any murder.� She says as she walks across the room and
      sets her cup on the mantel. �She must have misunderstood me. You see I was
      very tired last night and sometimes when I�m tired I say things that don�t
      really make sense.� Jean Paul turns away from her. �Then why did you say
      the murderer?�

      �Is there a murderer here?� �No. Desmond Hall is not a haven for

      �But Mr. Desmond you were locked in your room last night and couldn�t get
      out.� Susan says as she walks up to him. Philip stands in the doorway.

      Laslo arrives at Irene�s cottage. After he walks in and greets her he tells
      her why he came. �The point is my dear we need someone.� �Not just
      anyone.� Irene tells him. �This girl is a natural. She has a second sense.
      Emily tried to describe it to me last night but I don�t think I understand.
      It�s a knowledge of other people�s thoughts.� �Who is she?� �She won�t
      say. Her name is Susan and she laughs off any further questions and says
      they are not important.� Irene steps away from him. �She may be
      dangerous.� �Dangerous?� �The powers that once were mine deserted me.�
      �This may be your opportunity to get them back.� �Will you try to
      understand? When they left me they went to someone else. Whoever that is,
      wherever they are they will turn them against me.� Irene says as she looks
      at Laslo. �Then it may be to your advantage to see this girl.� �When my
      powers left me my safety left me. Now I�m at the mercy of forces I have no
      means of controlling or directing.� �Then I insist you see this girl.�
      Laslo says as he walks closer to her. �All right. But don�t leave me alone
      with her.� �We lost our self-confidence Irene?� Irene walks to her
      altar. �When the candles died my confidence went too.� �Well we must find
      your confidence again so we can accomplish our purpose.� Irene glances
      away from him. �I�m not sure that I want to.� �You are much too closely
      tied to my affairs to ever consider abandoning them. Do you understand?�
      She glances at Laslo. �Is that a threat?� �If I fail you fail with me. Oh
      come now let�s not argue. We have a course and in that course we may find
      our strength again.� He says with a smile as he stands behind her.
      �Providence may have sent you a means to regain your powers.� Irene stares
      ahead in thought.

      Susan walks to the window and looks out. �Are the cliffs down there
      dangerous?� �They can be especially at night or in the fog but by day they
      are reasonably safe.� Jean Paul says to her. Susan glances back at him.
      �I�m going to walk along the river edge. Mysteries of nature make our own
      seem so unimportant.� She turns and walks through the Drawing Room. Philip
      enters the Drawing Room. �I�ll go with you.� Susan stops and looks at him.
      �But I don�t even know you.� Jean Paul steps up to them. �Oh I�m sorry
      this is my cousin Philip Desmond.� he says to Susan. �This is Susan.� he
      says to Philip. �I�ll just run upstairs to get my coat and then I�ll take
      you down along the cliffs.� �Can I go alone instead?� Susan asks him.
      �Well of course.� �I like to walk alone when I visit a place for the first
      time. Maybe we can walk together another time.� Susan says to Philip.
      �Well it�s rather chilly out there. I think you had better take a coat. Oh
      could you be back by lunch?� Jean Paul asks her. �I will.� Susan says with
      a smile then turns and walks away. She stops at the doors of the Drawing
      Room and turns looking back at Jacques portrait. Then walks out of the
      Drawing Room.

      Philip turns and walks across the Drawing Room. �It was as if she were
      raised in this house. As if she were a Desmond. Where did she come from?�
      �She didn�t say. Oh Raxl said you were looking for me last night.� Philip
      looks at Jean Paul. �Yes I wanted you to help me reassure Emily.� �What�s
      the matter with Emily?� Jean Paul asks. �She was very frightened. She came
      to my room.� �When was that?� �Shortly after I hung the portrait.� Philip
      says as he looks at Jacques portrait. Jean Paul looks away. �Did the
      portrait frighten her?� �No. No she found a picture in a book. A picture
      of four women hanging on a gallows.� Philip says as he walks towards Jean
      Paul. Jean Paul turns away. �I would rather not discuss that.� �There are
      several things you would rather not discuss! For instance this portrait!�
      Philip points at Jacques portrait. Jean Paul walks away from Philip.
      �Raxl tells me there was a duplicate of it at Maljardin.� �Philip it is
      not your concern!� Jean Paul says angrily. Philip bows his head then looks
      at Jean Paul. �I�m only trying to protect you from the evil that haunts our

      Jean Paul walks up to him touching his arm. �Please you would do well to
      protect yourself and just leave me alone.� �I was trying to save Emily
      from the evil that haunts her.� Susan stands in the doorway. �The Desmond
      evil will not touch Emily. Emily is in no danger. I know it.� She turns and
      walks through the foyer.

      Philip glances at Jean Paul.

      Laslo enter the mansion, Irene is with him. Irene walks through the foyer
      as Laslo closes the door. �There are times when I feel like an intruder in
      this house.� Irene says. �Nonsense my dear you are a friend of mine and my
      friends are welcome here.� He walks to the Drawing Room and looks inside.
      He looks back at Irene. �Strange the room is empty. It�s usually full of
      people now that Emily is back doing her work. Come in.� He holds his arm
      out showing her into the room. Irene steps forward and notices Jacques
      portrait. �Oh that�s new isn�t it?� She says as she walks up to it. �Yes
      it is one of Ada�s ancestors. She found it in the attic yesterday.� �The
      Desmonds are such handsome men don�t you think Laslo?�

      Laslo stares at the portrait. �No I don�t. You amuse yourself down here and
      I�ll go get the girl.� Irene walks across the room. �You told me you
      wouldn�t leave me alone.� �Don�t be silly. You�ll be all right.� �Please
      Laslo.� �I�ll be right back.� He turns and walks out of the room. Irene
      turns and walks towards Jacques portrait. �You sure have a devilish look in
      your eye Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.� Susan walks in. �Do you always talk to
      paintings on the wall?� Irene turns and walks across the Drawing Room.
      �Where did you come from?� �Why is everyone interested in where I came
      from?� �You startled me I�m sorry.� Irene says to her.

      �I was out walking along the cliffs. There is something purifying about the
      air. I don�t know but it seems to free the spirit.� �Are you in need of
      purification?� Irene asks. .Susan walks around Irene studying her. . �Are
      you?� �You must be Susan.� �Yes I am.� she says with a smile. �Mr.
      Thaxton has been telling me all about you.� �Mr. Thaxton doesn�t know all
      about me. Irene laughs. �He told me what he knows.� Irene says as she sits
      on the couch. �What he knows are facts. But not necessarily the truth. And
      here he comes to ask questions again.� Susan says as she sits on the arm of
      the couch. Irene turns and looks at the doorway.

      Laslo walks into the Drawing Room. �She�s not in her room.� �I can�t be
      two places at once can I?� Susan says to Laslo. �Ah good you�ve met

      �Not really. I�m Mrs. Hatter.� Irene says as she holds out her hand.
      �Irene dropped by. I thought you would want to meet her.� Susan stands and
      walks across the room. �Mrs. Hatter didn�t drop by. You brought her.� �You
      take great pleasure in contradicting me.� Laslo says to her. Irene stands
      and walks over to Laslo. �She was walking along the cliff; she probably
      heard the car drive up.�

      �Perhaps but then again perhaps not.� Susan tells them. They turn and look
      at her. Irene steps towards her. �Laslo tells me you are a stranger in

      �Am I?� �Well perhaps he misunderstood. Do you know people here?� �I know
      him and his son. And I know Mr. Desmond.� �Ah Jean Paul.� Irene says
      walking closer to Susan. �Yes Jean Paul and I know Philip. So you see I�m
      not really a stranger.� �We must introduce you to the young people in
      town.� �I�m not sure I care to.� �Oh it�s no trouble. I�ll give a little
      supper party at my house. We will invite people your own age. Wouldn�t you
      like that?� �No thank you. Such things don�t interest me I�m afraid.�
      �What things?� �You know parties, suppers and dances.� �At your age there
      was nothing I loved more than getting dressed up to go out to a party.�
      Susan steps away stopping at the window. Irene follows her. �It�s so
      exciting don�t you think. The act of getting into new gowns, boys in
      tuxedos and dance music.� Irene looks back at Laslo when Susan doesn�t say
      anything to her. Laslo shrugs. �The young today aren�t like they were in
      our day Irene.� �Why waste time on trivial things when the marvels of the
      world are all outside.� �But that is my world.� Irene tells her. Susan
      turns and looks at Irene. �We each have our own world. I won�t try to make
      you enter mine if you don�t try to draw me into yours.� �I was only trying
      to make your stay in Desmond Hall a little more pleasant.� �Oh but it is
      very pleasant here already. I wouldn�t want to change anything.� Susan
      walks towards the doorway. Jean Paul is walking into the Drawing Room when
      he sees Susan. �Oh Susan we missed you at lunch.�

      �Oh I found an apple tree so I had an apple and some berries. I prefer
      natural foods.� Jean Paul stares at her. �Look stop worrying about me.
      I�ve managed to take care of myself for many years.� Jean Paul smiles at
      her. �You�re much too young to have had many years to take care of
      yourself in.� Irene says to her.

      Jean Paul glances at Irene then walks over to her. �Irene what brings you

      �I asked Laslo to bring me up because I wanted to...� She glances at Laslo.
      �To find out how Holly is?� Jean Paul glances away. �Holly is very well,
      thank you.�

      �Well then you have heard from her.� �Yes I heard. She hasn�t been so
      happy since she left Maljardin.� Irene steps around Jean Paul. �I�m so
      pleased to hear it.� Laslo walks up to Irene. �I must get to my office,
      I�ll drive you home.� �Well so soon? Very well.� She walks up to Irene.
      �Goodbye Susan you think over what I suggested. You may find that after a
      while your stay at Desmond Hall becomes just a little bit tedious.� �I
      never find life tedious wherever I am.� Susan glances away from Irene.
      Irene looks at Jean Paul. �See you soon Jean Paul.� She then walks out of
      the Drawing Room followed by Laslo. Jean Paul steps forward watching them
      leave the mansion then turns towards Susan. �Ah Mrs. Hatter is what you
      call a social leader of the community. She tries to bring people
      together.� Susan walks to the couch and sits down. �People aren�t
      ingredients to be brought together in a bowl and stirred around and passed
      around like a tray of cookies.� Jean Paul sits on the arm of the couch.
      �You have an unusual way of saying things.� He says with a laugh. Susan
      stands and looks away. �I do?� She is staring across the room. �What are
      you staring at?� She walks up to Jacques portrait and leans her elbows on
      the mantel as she looks at the portrait. �Who is he?� Jean Paul stands.
      �Oh just one of my many ancestors.� She touches the portrait. �It�s you
      Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.� Jean Paul stares at her. �It is you Jacques Eloi
      Des Mondes.� Susan repeats. �What did you say?� Susan bows her head then
      turns towards Jean Paul. �When?� Jean Paul walks up to her. �How did you
      know his name?� �I don�t know. I�ve never heard of him. Who is he?�
      �Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.� Jean Paul says to her. �I�ve never heard of
      him.� �You just said his name. I heard you.� Susan walks away and sits on
      the couch. �Perhaps it wasn�t my voice you heard.� Jean Paul sits next to
      her. �Now listen are you trying to play games?� Susan looks at him then
      away. �Why should I do that? � �I don�t understand.� �There is much in
      life we don�t understand.� She looks at Jean Paul. �There are voices from
      the past, voices from the distance calling us to help. We must listen to
      them and accept them.�

      Jean Paul glances at Jacques portrait. �Those voices can bring evil.� �No
      they lead us to a clear understanding of ourselves. We must embrace them
      for our own survival.� �Now listen you are very young Susan. You haven�t
      really been up against the wall.� �The young have been forced up against
      the wall sooner than you think.� �Yes but you haven�t had to make
      compromises or concessions to get what you want.� �How do you know what
      life has forced me to do? How can you recognize another�s destiny when you
      won�t even face your own?� Susan stands and starts to leave the room. �No
      listen come back.� Jean Paul calls to her as he stands. Susan stops and
      looks back at him. �No I�m going outside where the trees accept their fate
      and the birds fly into danger without fear, living their lives moment to
      moment without knowledge of the past or the future as we should do.� Susan
      says to him them walks out of the room. Jean Paul turns and sits back on
      the couch staring into the flames of the fireplace deep in thought.

      Irene enters her cottage followed by Laslo. �No Laslo. Each time you find
      what you think is the answer we end in failure.� �She�s a remarkable
      girl.� Laslo says as he throws his coat over the back of the couch. �I
      think she�s rather ordinary like most of her generation. Really, those
      cloths and that narcissistic self-preoccupation.� �I tell you she has
      strange powers.� Irene turns away from Laslo. �I saw no evidence of this
      unless rudeness is a power.� �She could be useful to us.� �In what way?�
      �For our coven.� Irene walks away from Laslo and sits on the couch. �We no
      longer have a coven.� �What do you mean?� �I have been warned. I have
      already lost my powers I will not risk my life as well.� Laslo sits down
      next to her. �Risk your life?� �Who ever has taken over my powers will not
      rest until they have my life.� �That girl has frightened you.� �Yes I am
      frightened but not of this girl. Now I am at the mercy of time. I thought
      that I could keep the ravages of the years away from me, I thought that I
      could suspend the passage of time.� Irene stands and walks across the room.
      �Then I let myself be persuaded to join you in your plans.� Laslo stands
      and walks over to Irene. Standing behind her he holds her by her arms.
      �They are our plans.� Irene pulls away from him. �No not mine yours.� She
      glances back at him. �And now I am powerless, I can�t help you. I can�t
      help myself.� �You can�t give it up just like that!� Laslo says as he
      walks up to her. �I didn�t give it up. It was taken from me.� Irene says
      as she walks away from Laslo. �We will talk about this when you are not so
      upset.� Irene turns towards him. �No it�s over we have failed.� �We�ve
      failed because you are clumsy.� �No Laslo we have failed because you have
      tried to use the powers of others for your own purposes.� Laslo walks
      towards her. �If you give it up that will be the end between us. You
      realize that.� �So be it. I�ll wait until my spirits speak to me again, if
      they ever do.� She glances at Laslo and walks out of the room. Laslo grabs
      his coat and angrily walks out of the cottage.

      Jean Paul is coming down the staircase as Philip is walking through the
      foyer. Philip waits for him at the bottom of the staircase. �I was just
      going up to talk to you.� Philip says to him. �Look Philip I think we have
      talked enough for one day.�

      Philip glances away �Yes I�m sorry.� �No I�m sorry; it�s just that I�m in
      a retched mood.� Jean Paul says as he touches Philip�s arm. Philip smiles.
      �We are all in a retched mood today. Look I just saw Mrs. Thaxton, she said
      that Laslo was taking she and Cort out to dinner.� �Oh well Raxl will
      prepare our dinner.� �No wait why don�t we all go out to dinner.� �Why
      should we do that?� �It might put you in a better frame of mind for one
      thing.� �No I�d rather not.� Philip smiles at him. �Emily is depressed
      upstairs; it might cheer her up too.� Philip says as he walks behind Jean
      Paul then puts his hand on Jean Paul�s shoulder. �She may prefer to stay
      in.� �I won�t accept no for an answer. Now you have to try to be a better
      host to your guests.� �Philip I can�t.� Jean Paul starts to walk away from
      him. �Susan�s a lot younger than we are, she might like some excitement.
      See new faces.� �She almost seems happiest when she�s alone.� �Well I�ll
      ask her and you ask Emily.� Jean Paul nods. �All right I�ll think about
      it.� �Don�t think about it. Do it or I will.� �All right.� Jean Paul says
      as he touches Philip�s arm then turns and walks up the staircase. Philip
      watches him as Susan walks in from the outside. �It would be wise if you
      made other plans for tonight.� Susan says to him.

      �Our plans are set. We are going out to dinner. You and I, Jean Paul and
      Emily. Wouldn�t you like that?� �It doesn�t matter about me but you stay
      away from Jean Paul tonight.� Susan says then turns away and starts to walk
      up the staircase. On the stairs she stops and looks back at Philip. �What
      ever you do don�t be alone with your cousin tonight.� Susan walks up the
      remaining stairs.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

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