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Episodes 109 & 110

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 109* *Episode 109: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/ssvp4* Laslo: Desmond Hall where the view and the sunlight holds a promise of
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 109*

      *Episode 109: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/ssvp4*

      Laslo: "Desmond Hall where the view and the sunlight holds a promise of
      happiness to come. But when seen through a crystal ball the future of the
      ancient mansion is overshadowed with death and sorrow. And yet on this
      morning the Master of Desmond Hall arises with feelings of jubilation not
      knowing that his love for the beautiful Helena is already threatened with
      dire predictions."

      Jean Paul opens the drapes in his bedroom allowing the sunlight to brighten
      the room. He stretches. "Oh what a heavenly morning." he says as Quito
      enters caring a tray. Jean Paul walks over to Quito. "Well Quito. What? No
      little gift or flowers from Miss Raleigh on the breakfast tray." He asks
      looking at the tray. "Is she still sleeping?" Quito shakes his head. "No.
      Well I must admit I did expect some little good thing with the breakfast. A
      note or a flower." Jean Paul says as he picks up a glass of juice. He takes
      a drink then looks at Quito. "I must admit Quito I've become a romantic
      again. Now Quito I won't have you acting in dull or gloomy despair." He
      sets the glass on the tray. "Not anymore, I'm in love Quito. I'm in love
      with Miss Raleigh." Jean Paul smiles as he walks across the room. "And if
      this love is still strong enough then we can transform Desmond Hall into a
      wonderful place. A place of kindness, goodness because the lady is good and
      kind." Jean Paul laughs as he turns towards Quito. "Pardon me Quito. I'm
      sounding like a young man who has never been in love before." He walks up
      to Quito and puts his hand on his shoulder. "Now be happy Quito. Nothing
      evil will ever enter here again. Nothing."

      Irene gazes into her crystal ball as Emily stands behind her. "I see it all
      Emily. Your every wish granted as far as Helena Raleigh is concerned. She
      will crumble before our eyes without you or I lifting a finger." "Are you
      sure?" "Very sure." Irene sits the ball on the coffee table. "So dear girl
      all that's left for us is the destruction of Jean Paul Desmond." Emily
      looks at Irene with a smile upon her face. Jean Paul walks down the
      staircase with a happy look on his face. Walking to the outside door he
      opens it. "Jean Paul?" Laslo calls to him from across the foyer. "I'm glad
      to see you up and out. It's been a very disconcerting morning." Jean Paul
      turns towards him. "Disconcerting? In what way?" "Come these are serious
      matters." Laslo says as he leads the way into the Drawing Room. Jean Paul
      smiles. "I find I can't be serious about anything this morning."

      "To begin with Miss Raleigh." "Yes?" "She says you and she are to be

      "Oh does she? Is that what she says?" "I expected such an announcement to
      come from you. Is there any truth in it?" "Well not having heard the news
      myself, but if that is what she says." Jean Paul tells him as he walks
      across the room.

      "Also I found her this morning going through my books and financial

      "Yes. I think that would be advisable if she is going to be a Desmond. I
      think she should be familiar with the financial situation." "You're
      jesting?" "I'm not. Now I haven't proposed as yet to Miss Raleigh but if I
      do and when I do I expect her answer to be yes." Jean Paul says as he walks
      towards Laslo. "And you expect me to rejoice?" "You? No I've never seen
      you rejoice for anything." Jean Paul laughs and walks away from Laslo.
      "However I don't think you should change your ways Laslo in order to make
      do for one engagement" He stops in front of the window and faces Laslo.
      Laslo walks towards him. "I will not be made fun of."

      Jean Paul laughs. "I'm sorry I did not mean to make fun of you. I just
      can't understand why the rest of this house isn't as happy as I am? But
      never mind Laslo it shall be. We all shall be." Jean Paul walks towards the
      doorway. "Where are you going?" "Oh for a walk. A beautiful morning
      walk." "Just a moment. I haven't told you the rest about Miss Raleigh."
      "I'll tell him Mr. Thaxton." Helena says as she walks into the Drawing
      Room. "Jean Paul and I have no secrets."

      "Good morning darling." Jean Paul takes Helena into his arms and kisses
      her. Pulling back he looks at her. "Well tell me Laslo is very anxious that
      I know."

      "Laslo shows signs of being a very considerate gentleman." Helena says as
      she holds Jean Paul's arm. They walk across the room. "Thank you Miss
      Raleigh for having such fate in my future." "Oh not only your future. Why
      this very morning this gentleman saved me from a fate worse than death. You
      see Mrs. Hatter was telling my fortune." Jean Paul looks at her. "Your
      fortune?" "Yes it was all very silly and I shouldn't have allowed her to
      do it." "Was Irene Hatter here?" "No I was at her cottage." Helena says
      as she steps away from Jean Paul. "At her cottage? Why?" "Well I wanted
      to see Emily. To make sure she was well."

      "And how did you find her?" Laslo asks. "Strange, very strange. But Mrs.
      Hatter believes it will pass." "I'm sure it will." Laslo says. "Well what
      is all the concern about? Why did you tell me you were worried?" Jean Paul
      asks. "But not worried cousin, careful. I don't think Miss Raleigh should
      go and see Irene." "But why not?" "Well you were very upset when I
      brought you home." Helena turns away. "Well needlessly I think." Jean
      Paul glances at Helena then looks at Laslo. "Helena has a perfect right to
      visit when ever she chooses. Now if she wants to choose to be concerned
      about Emily that is not surprising. Were all concerned."

      "Well I don't think there is any need for concern. Mrs. Hatter will take
      care of it. And I think the least meddling in it is best. That's my
      advice." Laslo says as he walks away. He looks back at Jean Paul. "Leave
      Emily Blair alone until she asks to see you. Let Mrs. Hatter do her work
      alone." Laslo walks out of the room.

      Helena has her back to Jean Paul. Jean Paul walks up to her and puts his
      hands on her shoulders. "Darling don't be upset." Helena turns towards
      him. "I can't help it." "Well what did Emily say to you?" "Emily's ill.
      She's not responsible for what she says. But Jean Paul she hates me. And I
      don't want anybody to hate us, not now. I want us to be happy." "Oh
      darling we shall be." He holds her in his arms. "I want us to be happy if
      only for a little while." Jean Paul pulls back to look at her. "Why only
      for a little while? I have a question to ask you and I don't see any reason
      why we should deny something we both know we want. I love you Helena and I
      think you love me." "I do, oh I do." "Then marry me. Will you marry me?"
      Helena turns and steps away. "I don't know. Jean Paul I don't know."

      Irene lights the candles at her alter. "The morning offering my dear
      consists of prayer and petitions. Of course all of this will have more
      potent power when the coven gathers. And your petition will be much more
      acceptable once you joined the circle of fire. We're lacking two members in
      the coven now that Agatha Pruetts dear parents have gone away in sadness.
      So we do as best as we can." Irene looks at Emily. "The incantation my
      dear." Emily glances down then stares ahead. "Powers of Darkness. Evil
      which exists for all eternities receive my worship and my prayer. Spread
      out your blood stained wings and include me in your embrace always." "Very
      good my dear. You're on your way dear Emily. You are on your way." Irene
      walks behind Emily and lays her hands on Emily's shoulders.

      Helena looks out the window. "I don't want to say no to you Jean Paul. I do
      love you and I do want to be with you as long as you want me." "Helena?"
      Helena turns to look at him. "But I can't let myself say yes I'll marry
      you." Jean Paul walks towards her. "Why not? What is this sudden change in
      your thinking this morning? New words like as long as I want you. They have
      no meaning to me. I want you always." He takes her into his arms. "Don't."
      Helena says as she pulls away and turns from him. "There are many things to
      consider.� "What things? Tell me." "The future." she says with her back
      towards him. Jean Paul steps forward and holds her. He kisses her on the
      cheek. "You're afraid?" "Yes a little."

      "Why? You had so much hope last night. You were confident that nothing
      would stand in our way. Now what happened? Was it Irene?" "Yes." "What
      did she say to you?" Jean Paul turns her around to look at him. "She made
      some attempt in telling your fortune. Now what did she say?" "She saw
      death and unhappiness and sadness at Desmond Hall. And no future for us at
      all." "And you believed that? A foolish gossiping woman. Why would she
      want to frighten you? And why would you let her?" "Jean Paul we can't skip
      happily ahead like children. Well there arte many things we have to
      consider." Helena says as she turns away.

      "Helena? Helena listen to me." Helena has her back towards him. "No I want
      to be alone for a while." Helena turns and looks at him. "Now you are not
      going to sweep me off my feet. And I don't think you can. I've become a
      very serious lady." Jean Paul steps forward and smiles. "I'm glad. Because
      I appreciate a serious lady." He kisses her. "So all our joy of last night
      has changed to deep and solemn thoughts. Love does strange things doesn't
      it?" Helena touches Jean Paul's lips with her fingertips, then turning she
      leaves the room. Jean Paul walks to the fireplace and picks up a poker. He
      sits on the arm of the couch. "Deep and solemn thought. You're right Helena
      we do have some serious and deep thinking to do. And in all my happiness I
      have ignored all the serious things. I am a man who is cursed when the Mark
      of Death appears on my hand." He holds his hand out with his palm up, then
      lowers his hand. "Such a man can not go lightly to the altar of God as a
      bridegroom when he is already vowed to Satan."

      There is a knock on Irene's cottage door. Irene opens it. Jean Paul stands
      on her threshold. "Jean Paul how pleasant." she greets him. "My mission
      isn't as pleasant Irene, I'm afraid." "I'm sorry to heat that." Irene says
      as she closes the door after he enters the cottage. "Nevertheless you must
      sit down. I'll make some tea." "Irene what happened between you and Helena
      this morning?" "Why I made some tea and we chatted." "And you told her
      she had no future at Desmond Hall." "Oh that. Why a parlor game." Irene
      says laughing as she looks at Jean Paul. "I do it for my friends. My one
      claim to fame at Desmondton." "You frightened her." "I'm sorry Jean Paul.
      That certainly wasn't my intention. She misunderstood the game. She took it
      too seriously." "Irene you are not to let it happen again." "Of course
      not Jean Paul. I'm glad you told me. If Miss Raleigh had spoken up I would
      have known it immediately." Irene says as she turns away from Jean Paul.
      "Now the tea. "Irene? Was it a game?" Jean Paul asks as he walks closer to
      her. "Well what else could it have been?" "I wonder about you Irene.
      About your influence over Holly." "I tried to help Holly." Jean Paul
      gives a nod. "Rather mysteriously it seems." Irene turns and looks at him.
      "Jean Paul I don't know what you are talking about. I am a widow living
      alone wanting friends. I am highly respected in this town Jean Paul. Jean
      Paul what is happening to you? Ever since you began suspecting that your
      brother Philip disappeared under mysterious circumstances your behavior has
      become somewhat mysterious too." Irene says angrily. "Irene I'm wondering
      whether or not I can trust you at all. And I do not like to have anything
      concealed." "I don't like things concealed either." Emily says as she
      walks into the room. "Emily! How well you look." Jean Paul says to her.
      "Do I?" Emily asks as she smiles at him. "You do. Very well. Irene you
      must be commended for doing such a good job for Emily." "Well Miss Blair
      is very cooperative." "Yes I am." Emily says. "Well I'm glad you're well.
      I was concerned about you." "Are you? I'm happy to hear that. I thought
      you had forgotten all about me." "Oh never." Jean Paul tells her. "Now
      I'll make tea." Irene tells them and leaves the room. Emily looks at Jean
      Paul. "We've been through too many things together to forget haven't we
      Jean Paul. I remember how we slowly came to know one another and I remember
      when you took me in your arms and held me." Jean Paul turns away from her.
      "Yes. I'm sorry." "So am I. Not to be near you." "Emily?" He turns
      towards her. "You said you didn't want anything concealed." "Yes go on.
      Nothing concealed." "I love Helena Raleigh. I've asked her to marry me."
      "Marry?" "Yes." "Then she will be Mistress of Desmond Hall." Emily backs
      away from him "Well let her cherish it! Keep it before the cliffs shake
      beneath it and it crumbles into the river below!" "Emily!

      Emily turns away from him. "Curse you Jean Paul Desmond! I conceal nothing.
      I want one thing I want you and your precious Helena to die! And it shall
      happen. It shall!" Emily rushes from the room. "Emily!" Jean Paul calls to
      her as he steps forward. "Irene?" he says as Irene walks out carrying a
      tray. "I heard the shouting. You mustn't take the girl seriously Jean
      Paul. I feel that she's getting better. Her fantasies, these curses, the
      hatred they are passing things. They are happening less and less." Irene
      sets the tea tray down on the table. Jean Paul turns and walks to the
      fireplace. "I had no idea." "And that dreadful snake thing, all her
      imagination of course." Jean Paul turns and looks at her. "It wasn't her
      imagination." "Now, now Jean Paul I won't listen to another word. I'm used
      to dealing with young ladies that dream hysterical dreams. Believe me Jean
      Paul I will make her better. Trust me Jean Paul trust me." Emily stands in
      then next room holding a long knife. "Trust me Jean Paul to keep my word."
      She raises the knife. "Trust me."

      Jean Paul enters the foyer at Desmond Hall. He hangs up his coat. "Did you
      have pleasant visit?" Laslo asks as he walks into the foyer. "Where's

      "Waiting for you in the Drawing Room. When will you learn that I am an ally
      that I could be trusted? Didn't I warn you not to go to Irene�s?" Jean
      Paul steps towards the Drawing Room doors then looks at Laslo. "You did.
      Why?" "Because I know Emily's condition. I didn't want to disturb you. She
      is very ill and what ever she says must be discounted. Well go on Jean
      Paul, Miss Raleigh is anxious for you." Laslo says as he walks up the
      staircase. Jean Paul enters the Drawing Room. "Helena?" Helena rushes to
      him and holds him around the waist. "Jean Paul I've been so worried." "You
      mustn't worry. There is nothing to worry about." Jean Paul says looking
      very grim. "What is it? What happened?" "Nothing happened." Jean Paul
      says then walks away from her. "Irene is very sorry that she upset you. It
      was only a game she said." He tells her with his back towards her. Helena
      steps up behind him. "But something happened I know it. You've changed. Oh
      Jean Paul don't be cold. I need you." Helena walks around him. And looks up
      at him. "I'm frightened, the self assured actress that came to Desmond Hall
      playing the Queen sometimes thoughtless and cruel. I'm not that same woman.
      Do you believe me?" "Yes." "Then hold me, reassure me. Because you're all
      I have. I need you." Jean Paul looks at her. "Helena perhaps we have been
      like foolish children. We need to consider. We need to be sure." "I see."
      "No you don't see! You see your own agony. But you don't see mine" Jean
      Paul walks away from her and leaves the room. Helena stands with tears in
      her eyes. "No I won't, I won't cry. This is not a scene in which crying is
      called for." She says as she walks across the room. "Remember Miss Raleigh
      you are an actress and tears are the easiest thing an actress can summon. I
      won't cry. I'll think. I'll think. There is no problem to which there isn't
      a solution." Helena walks to the window. "Oh dear God if you ever gave me
      any talent at all show me how to use it. Not as an actress but as a woman."

      Irene angrily speaks to Emily. "I am displeased! Displeased with you Emily.
      If you want to be one of us, if you want to achieve you goals you've got to
      stop behaving like a child. You must learn silence. Do you understand?"
      Irene says as she leans over Emily who is sitting in a chair. "Yes." Emily
      says quietly. "Any more threats, any more outbursts and you will leave my
      house. I can't risk having a raging child about!" "I'm sorry but Jean Paul
      hurt me." "He is a person to be scorned silently. His fate is sealed
      Emily. Try to remember that." "I hate him!"

      "The world doesn't have to know that! Our goal is not to make headlines in
      the Desmondton newspaper! Oh why do I put up with you? Why do I condescend
      to teach you anything?" Irene says turning away from Emily. Emily jumps up
      and rushes after Irene. "But I want to learn! I do.� Irene turns and looks
      at her. "Then the first and most important thing for you to learn is
      obedience. Completely blind obedience." Emily walks closer to her. "I will
      obey." "Will you? Then obey, obey me now. Kneel." Emily stares at her.
      "I said kneel. Kneel before me." Irene points to the floor. Emily gets to
      her knees, with her head bowed. "Now repeat after me. Dear Irene." "Dear
      Irene." Emily says. "May I have permission please?"

      "May I have permission please?" Emily repeats. "To drink the chalice."
      Irene says as she picks up the chalice. Emily looks up at Irene. "To drink
      the chalice."

      "Of blood." Irene says lowering the cup to Emily. Emily stares at it.
      "Of..." "You heard." Emily takes it." "Blood." She raises it to her mouth.

      Jean Paul stands in his room when there is a knock at the door. "Jean Paul
      I must see you." Helena calls out to him. Jean Paul stands not moving.
      Helena opens the door and walks up to Jean Paul. "Jean Paul I want to know
      your agonies. I do. Because if I don't there is no hope for either of us."
      "I want you to know then that there is no hope at all." Jean Paul says
      turning to look at Helena. "Helena when you saw what was on my hand you saw
      a symbol. Well that symbol was the Mark of Death." He holds his hand out.
      "That is my curse. And when it appears. No one must know this." He looks at
      her after closing his hand into a fist. "This is my secret. When it appears
      I must kill. I must kill, perhaps even you." Jean Paul lowers his hand.
      Helena looks at him in shock.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 110*

      *Episode 110: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/uthau*

      Ada: "Fog creeps along the river banks below Desmond Hall and the old
      mansion stands solemnly in the gathering dark. This night a visitor
      approaches through the fog bringing with him mystery and hope and
      heartbreak. And Desmond Hall waits in the growing darkness, waits to engulf
      another guest in its evil history. Cort Desmond waits too. Alone wondering
      if there's ever hope in the shadowy world of the Desmond family. Hope for
      young love."

      In the Drawing Room Cort sits in front of the fireplace looking at the
      flames. Holly walks in. "Cort?" Cort turns and looks at her. "Holly did
      you get my note?" Holly glances at the paper in her hand. "Yes." Cort
      stands and walks over to her. "I wanted to see you before the others came
      down." "To see me? What about?" Holly takes a few steps away from Cort.
      Cort turns and looks at her. Holly has her back to him. "After the other
      night." Holly turns. "Cort I've forgotten the other night." "Have you?"
      Holly nods and turns away. "Yes." She kneels next to the fireplace and puts
      Cort's note into the fire. Cort walks up to her. "I haven't forgotten it."
      He kneels on one knee behind her. "You act as if, not like you loved me,
      but as if you could love me." "Cort please. I don't want to talk about it."

      "You're not fair." Holly turns and looks at him. "It's you that's not
      fair. Look Cort I like you and I desperately need somebody I can trust but
      I don't want to talk about love because..." "Because you don't love me.
      Say it. You're not going to hurt me." Holly looks back at him. "I don't
      want to hurt you." "No of course not. All you want to do is keep your
      selfish dream." Cort stands and walks to the side of the fireplace. "Well
      go ahead. Live in the dreams, love your ghost. Because it's going to happen
      to yourself very soon." Cort says leaning on the fireplace mantel. Turning
      he walks out of the room. Holly stares ahead. "Philip? Philip is it true
      what he said? Because that's what I want. Oh Philip I want so much to be
      with you."

      Jean Paul sits alone in his darkened bedroom when there is a knock on his
      door. "Who is it?" "Cort." "Come in." Cort enters and with his arms
      crossed leans on the door. "Good evening dear cousin." "Good evening."
      Jean Paul says as he glances at him. "Well what do you want Cort?" "To
      study you." Jean Paul glances away. "Why? Why study me?" Cort walks to
      Jean Paul and leans on his chair. "To decipher the puzzle." "What
      puzzle?" "Oh there is a puzzle cousin. A mystery which I haven't a clue."
      Jean Paul stands and walks across the room. "Cort if you have something to
      say why don't you say it outright and stop with the guessing games. I'm in
      no mood." Jean Paul says with his back towards Cort.

      "Oh this is very serious cousin, not a game at all." Cort says walking up
      to Jean Paul. "I want to know." Jean Paul looks at Cort. "Yes?" "Why
      Helena loves you.� Jean Paul turns and steps away. "I don't want to talk
      about Helena." He sits on the edge of his bed. Cort stands behind Jean
      Paul. "I do. You're older than I am. Handsome I suppose. Wealthy but I'll
      be wealthy one day. You're mysterious; you have a dark and secret past."
      "Not so secret anymore." says Jean Paul. "But your past is there. You've
      suffered but I've suffered too. You see I can't find any reason. Is it
      because you�re ghostly Jean Paul? Is that why she loves you? Why doesn't
      Holly love me?" Jean Paul glances at him. "Holly?" He stands and walks
      across the room. "So that's it." Cort follows him. "Am I cursed cousin?"
      "No you're not the one who is cursed." Jean Paul turns towards him. "Now
      don't ask my advice about love. Don't choose me as an example." Jean Paul
      walks across the room. "Helena is in her room. The door is locked. For all
      I know she could be packing." Jean Paul says with his head bowed. "Cousin
      I'm sorry." "Get out, leave me alone." Cort glances at him sadly then
      leaves the room. Angrily Jean Paul slams his hands together and walks to
      the mirror. "If I only could scour these hands! Scrub them, wash them
      clean! Because they are stained with death. And they will kill. They have
      killed and they will kill again." He holds his hands out then closes them
      into fists.

      Ada enters the Drawing Room with a tray of glasses. "Champagne." She sees
      Holly sitting on the couch and greets her with a smile. "Holly." She sets
      the tray down. "I heard you Mrs. Thaxton." Holly says. "I think this
      night really calls for, really calls for a celebration. We have a lot to
      celebrate." Ada says as she lights the candles in the candelabra. "Helena,
      Jean Paul. Cort told me about it. Although it really isn't much of a secret
      if you've watched them together. Cort also spoke about you." "He did?" "I
      think, I think you are a very nice girl Holly." Ada says as she walks
      around the couch. "And if Cort..." Ada sits next to Holly

      "Mrs. Thaxton?" "Not a word, not a word. It's none of my affair really. Oh
      I talk too much when I'm happy." Ada says smiling at Holly. "It's a fault
      of mine. I am happy, I really am." Ada picks up Holly's hand. "But,
      but..." Holly tries to talk to her. "Don't, don't say anything Holly.
      Don't spoil what ever good fortune comes to Desmond Hall.

      Quito walks down the hallway to Jean Paul's room. He is holding something
      inside his shirt. He opens the door, looks around and walks in. Jean Paul
      sits in a chair with his head in his hands. Quito kneels next to him as
      Jean Paul glances up. Reaching into his shirt Quito brings out the Crown of
      Iron. He hands it to Jean Paul. "Quito the Crown of Iron." Quito looks at
      him then at the crown. "Oh Quito it is cruel, very cruel. I know why you
      brought this to me. I know what you are offering to me." Jean Paul stands
      and looks at the crown. "You want to put this crown on your head and submit
      to all that pain so that I may know the secrets in your mind." Quito nods.
      Jean Paul turns towards him. "No Quito. I won't let you submit to this."
      Quito stands and looks at Jean Paul. "Besides it is no real use to me
      anymore. No information is any use to me anymore Quito." Jean Paul steps
      closer to Quito. "I have told Helena, Helena Raleigh about the Mark of

      Quito shakes his head no as he holds out his hands and moves them in

      "She knows about the curse that causes me to kill, Quito. I have lost her
      Quito. So nothing matters anymore." Quito looks at Jean Paul with sadness
      and hurt for his Master. Jean Paul hands him the crown. "Nothing." Jean
      Paul tells him.

      In the foyer the phone rings. Laslo picks it up. "Hello. Hello who is this?
      Is anyone there? Hello." He sets the phone back on its cradle.

      In the Drawing Room Ada stands. "You'll have to excuse me my dear. I have
      some hors d'ouvres in the oven. Oh Laslo." She says as he walks into the
      Drawing Room. "You might have answered the telephone." Laslo tells her.

      "Why who was it?" "Nothing. Dead silence." "Oh. Well I'm glad I didn't
      answer it." Ada says as she walks out of the room closing the door behind
      her. Laslo walks into the room. "Ah champagne. You'll join me in a glass
      Holly." "No I don't think so. Nor tonight thank you." "Oh come now. This
      is a choice vintage from the Desmond wine cellars. Holly shakes her head.
      "No? Well I shall wait for the others. Holly what is it?" He walks around
      the couch when he notices Holly's expression. "Oh nothing." she says
      looking at him then away. "Well something is troubling you. Something's
      bothering you and I won't have it." He sits next to her. "Haven't you heard
      Desmond Hall has taken a new lease on life? No more suspicion, no more
      discontent. We're all friends now so tell me." "Really Mr. Thaxton nothing
      is troubling me." Holly tells him as she stands up. "Is it my stepson? Is
      it Cort? �Holly looks away while Laslo stands. "Oh I've seen him look at
      you with moon eyes. If he's pestering you tell me." "Please leave him
      alone. He�s never bothered me or hurt me." Holly tells him as she walks to
      the fireplace. "He's crude and ignorant in the ways of handling a young
      lady. It comes from to much association with those doxies in town." Laslo
      says as he walks closer to Holly. Holly glances at him. "Cort is a very
      lonely person."

      "At the pace he goes." Holly turns towards him. "He is a very lonely
      person and I sympathize with that." "Holly I have found that misplaced
      sympathy is the first step on the road to perdition."

      In the foyer the phone rings again. Ada walks into the foyer carrying a
      tray. She sets it down and answers the phone. "Hello. Yes Desmond Hall is
      on the cliffs of the village. But Mr. Desmond doesn't see any visitors
      without an appointment. Who is this please? Hello, hello." Hanging up the
      phone Ada picks up the tray and walks into the Drawing Room with a puzzled
      look on her face. Laslo walks towards her. "What did you hear on the
      telephone?" "It was a man wanting to know the location of Desmond Hall."
      "Well everyone in Desmondton knows where Desmond Hall is." Laslo says.
      "Well he doesn't." Ada says as she sets the tray down. "But his voice was
      familiar however. The connection was very, very poor. And yet I know that
      voice. But I can't remember. I don't know." Ada says as she glances at
      Laslo. Jean Paul enters the Drawing Room. "Ah here he is. We've been
      waiting the champagne for you and Miss Raleigh." Laslo tells Jean Paul.
      "Helena won't be down this evening." Ada looks at him. "Won't be down? But
      I planned such a special evening." She says as she walks to Jean Paul's
      side. "Ada I'm sorry but she has a headache." "Well then I'll go and look
      in on her." Ada says as she walks towards the door. "I think she would
      rather be left alone." Ada looks at Jean Paul. "But I really should."
      "That is the ladies privilege." Laslo says to Ada. Seeing Holly standing
      next to the fireplace Jean Paul walks over to her. "Holly." "Yes?" "I
      haven't greeted you this evening."

      "Where's Helena?" "Jean Paul has just said that Miss Raleigh will not be
      downstairs. Where were you Holly?" Laslo says as he walks across the room.

      Holly looks at Jean Paul. "I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't listening. I was
      thinking about you and Helena." "Anyone else?" Holly glances down. "No,
      no one."

      Laslo picks up the champagne bottle and walks across the room with it. "I
      for the life of me can not make this thing pop. So I will retire to the
      kitchen for a pair of pliers." Laslo walks out of the room carrying the
      champagne. "Excuse me." Ada says glancing at Laslo and follows him out
      closing the door behind her. Jean Paul turns towards Holly. "Holly I want
      to talk to you about Philip." Holly glances at him.

      Ada follows Laslo into the foyer. "Laslo?" "Yes?" "I have to ask you

      "What dear." "Well I prepared a celebration, something lavish for Jean
      Paul and Helena. It was supposed to be a celebration." "Well I suggest you
      serve the lavish food and pour the champagne. And keep quiet." "But why is
      she up in her room? Why?" Ada asks quietly. "She's a very devious woman
      this actress. Hardly suitable for Jean Paul, unworthy of the Desmond family
      name. Rather than worry about celebrating I'd count my blessings if I were
      you." "But if Jean Paul loves her?" "Rumors my dear." Laslo says as he
      turns from Ada. "Cort told me so." Laslo turns back to Ada. "Cort is a
      child. If Jean Paul is serious about this actress which is a ridiculous
      though, but if he was and they were to marry and have male children, these
      children would be in line for the Desmond fortune. And Cort since he's
      filled with romantic ideas now, Cort would look forward to a pauper�s
      future. Think about that my dear wife." Laslo tells her then walks away.

      Jean Paul talks to Holly. "You haven't seen Philip!" "I have seen him."
      "As what a ghost, a spirit. For all we know he may be dead." "He isn't
      dead! He isn't." Holly says as she walks away from Jean Paul. "Holly just
      a moment ago you said you didn't want him." Holly glances back at Jean
      Paul. "But I do. I love him." Holly sits down. "I didn't tell you because I
      knew you wouldn't understand." Jean Paul walks towards her. "I don't
      understand." He sits next to her. "Holly how can someone love a being who
      is suspended from life?" Holly turns and looks at him. "You did. You were
      in love with Erica." "She was my wife. I knew her." Holly looks away from
      Jean Paul. "I know Philip. I've seen him! I know him!" "Holly I love my
      brother. I love him in memory. Can you understand that? He's someone I once
      knew. But you can't." Holly stands. "Oh you couldn't love him. If you did
      you would be concerned with his happiness and mine." She steps forward.
      "He'll come for me. I know he will. "Oh Jean Paul I've tried to forget him,
      really I tried. It's Cort he's as young as I am. We share the same worries
      and fears and I like him really I do." Jean Paul stands and walks closer
      to Holly. He puts his hands on her shoulders as he stands behind her. "But
      the more I come to like Cort the more I think about Philip." "Holly Cort
      is flesh and blood. Philip is a dream. I accept that now why can't you?"
      Holly pulls away from Jean Paul. Turning she rushes from the room.
      "Holly!" Holly runs through the foyer and rushes outside.

      She closes the door and leans against the wall of the mansion. "Philip,
      Philip please hear me. I love you and I don't care where you are or what
      will happen but I love you." A figure stands in the shadows. "Hello."
      Holly turns her head and looks at him. "Philip?" "Is this Desmond Hall?"
      "Of course. You've come back." Holly says as she walks towards him. "I've
      never been here before. Is Jean Paul Desmond in?" "Philip are you real?"
      "I was the last time I checked." "I don't know what to say." Holly looks
      at him. "You're here." "You could announce I'm here to Mr. Desmond." "Oh
      Philip." Holly says as she throws her arms around him. "I don't mind you
      know when a girl kisses me. I just like to make sure she knows what she's
      in for." "I do." Holly says to him. "Do you?" "Oh yes." Holly then
      kisses him. Philip pulls back. "I think I better go in." He walks past
      Holly and knocks on the door. He glances back at Holly. "But Thanks."
      Holly steps up to him and takes a hold of his arm. "Philip don't leave
      me." He steps towards her. "You're tempting me but..." The door opens and
      Quito stands in the doorway. Philip turns. "Hello. I mean good evening. Is
      Mr. Desmond in? I'd like to see him."

      Quito stares at Philip as he moves back to let him in. Philip looks back at
      Holly. "I'll see you later." he says with a smile then turns and enters the

      Holly stands outside and turns away from the closed door. "Philip?"

      Philip takes a few steps into the foyer looking around then turns to Quito.
      "Would you tell Mr. Desmond, I'm here?" Quito bows. "I'm sorry, you don't
      talk do you? I am sorry." "Philip?" Laslo says as he and Ada walk into the
      foyer. "Philip." Ada walks to him and touches his hand. "You're back. I
      was so worried." Philip's face shows puzzlement. "Oh Philip." Ada says.
      "I'm sorry I don't know you." "Is this some kind of joke, a trick?" Laslo
      asks. "I'd like to see Jean Paul Desmond."

      "And he would like to see you." Ada tells him. "Oh Holly, this is Philip.
      You've heard all about him and now here he is." Ada says to Holly as she
      stands in the foyer. Holly smiles at him. "We've met." "Yes we did."
      Philip says smiling at her.

      "Jean Paul." Ada calls out as she walks to the Drawing Room doors. "How
      did you get here?" Laslo asks. Philip sticks out his thumb. Ada opens the
      Drawing Room door. "Jean Paul its Philip." "Jean Paul Desmond?" Philip
      steps forward with his hand out for a handshake. Jean Paul grabs him in a
      hug. "Philip, Philip I thought I would never see you again." "I thought
      I'd never see you either. It wasn't easy to find a way." "Come, come and
      sit down." Jean Paul says happily.

      Phillip follows Jean Paul to the couch. "I can't believe it." Jean Paul
      says laughing. "Will you have a glass of champagne?" "Champagne. I've
      never tasted it." Philip says as he sits on the couch. Jean Paul laughs.
      "Oh not much you haven't tasted it. Laslo, Ada have you seen him?" "We
      saw him." Laslo says.

      "I guess Laslo was right after all Jean Paul. Philip was away on a
      journey." says Ada. Philip looks at Jean Paul. "I was at home." Jean Paul
      hands him a glass of champagne. "Thanks." Ada looks at Philip. "This is
      your home." "Thanks again." Philip says as he takes a sip, then finishes
      it. "I was thirsty." "Ah ha." Jean Paul laughs then refills Philip's
      glass. "You always were you know. Holly have you met my brother?" "Yes I
      have." Holly says smiling. "Your brother? I'm not your brother." "Oh then
      what are you?" Jean Paul laughs. "I'm Philip Desmond." Philip says as he
      stands. "Yes of course you are. Philip Desmond legally baptized and
      registered." "As you said I'm Philip Desmond. But who are you? Who are all
      of you? You are very gracious I'm sure. Your house seems open to any
      stranger. But I don't know you. I've never met you before in my life."

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

      *"Dobby never meant to kill, Dobby only meant to main--or seriously injure."
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