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Episodes 93 & 94

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    *Sorry so late. I will post tomorrow, also.* *Strange Paradise: Episode 93* *Episode 93: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y6j5v6* Laslo: Ominous clouds of
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      *Sorry so late. I will post tomorrow, also.*

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 93*

      *Episode 93: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y6j5v6*

      Laslo: "Ominous clouds of night hovers over Desmond Hall as Jean Pail
      struggles in a web of evil. Spun by his enemies both inside and outside the
      mansion. The Master of Desmond Hall looks on in horror as Emily the gentle
      Emily falls beneath the spell of the Serpent god."

      "Emily stop this. You don't know what..." Jean Paul grabs her and turns her
      to face him. "Don't touch me!" Emily says to him. "Emily listen to me."
      he says letting her go. "No. You interfere between me and my God." "Emily
      you don't know what you're doing." "You don't understand!" Emily turns
      away from Jean Paul. "This is me as I should be. As I want to be." "No."
      Jean Paul shakes his head. "No I remember the shy and quiet girl who used
      to read my books and sit by me in the evening." "That Emily is no more."
      Emily wakes up on the couch with Jean Paul sitting next to her. "Emily,
      Emily are you all right now?" "I've been all right all the time." she says
      as she smiles at him. "Emily do you remember anything that you did before
      I made you rest here?" "Well yes, no. I'm tired, I want to sleep." "Emily
      listen, listen to me carefully. I've got to tell you something. You can't
      remember anything of what you had done?" Laslo walks in. "What a cozy
      scene." Jean Paul glances at him. "There always seems to be a t�te-�-t�te
      of some sort at Desmond hall lately. Nothing secret I presume?" Laslo says.

      "Miss Blair wasn't feeling well, she's been very tired." Jean Paul says
      holding Emily's hands. "I feel much better now. I really do. Quite myself
      again." Emily says smiling at Jean Paul. "Do you?" "Of course I do Jean
      Paul. You worry too much." "As do we all when a pretty young lady seems to
      be in trouble." Laslo says walking through the Drawing Room. "I said Miss
      Blair had been feeling unwell because she was overtired from her research
      project. That is all." "Quite, quite." Laslo says as he fixes himself a
      drink. "Oh I've been out to much to long. A little wine for the weary
      wayfarer." "I'm glad you're here." Jean Paul tells him.

      "Thank you cousin." Jean Paul stands and walks across in front of the
      couch. "Because Miss Pruett is missing. Her luggage is gone." "Miss
      Pruett? Our little Agatha. How unfortunate. She seemed so happy here."
      "You didn't see her in town?" "No. I thought she was safe at Desmond Hall
      with you." "Laslo she disappeared suddenly. Now when I told you last
      evening that she was to leave this house I did not intend that she should
      leave at night." "Drive a poor maiden out into the darkness and fog; I
      should hope not, I do hope Miss Blair you will not leave that suddenly.
      Some wine?" Laslo asks. Emily sits up. "Oh no thank you. I�m very weary. I
      really should be going to bed." Emily stands. "Emily let me escort you to
      your room." Jean Paul says then walks with her to the doorway.

      "You're very kind but there's no need to. I can find my way." Stepping
      into the foyer Jean Paul looks at her. "All right. We'll talk in the
      morning." "Yes it's been a pleasant evening." Emily tells him. "Go
      straight to sleep." "I shall. Goodnight."

      "Goodnight Miss Blair." Laslo calls out as Emily walks away and Jean Paul
      closes the doors of the Drawing Room. "A very pleasant evening? When the
      lady was so exhausted she all but collapsed. It's very strange." Laslo
      tells Jean Paul. "And no concern of yours. I want to talk to you Laslo."
      Jean Paul says as he walks across the Drawing Room. "Do you?" "About
      Agatha Pruett." Emily starts walking up the staircase when she stops. She
      hears the front door close and turns and walks back down the stairs. Raxl
      walks into the foyer and Emily stares at her. Raxl glances at her then
      walks to the Drawing Room doors. Emily walks towards her. "Miss Blair is
      there something you want?" "No. I..." "I've been out searching for
      Quito, it was rumored he was seen in town again pursued by townspeople.
      Quito despite his physical power needs protection." "Yes." Emily says
      staring at Raxl. "Miss Blair is something wrong? The household did not run
      smoothly while I was away. I hope you will understand." "I understand.
      It's just that when you came in I... There's something you and I share
      Raxl. Something I don't understand. It's as if tonight I visited a new
      world I never new existed. Though I've forgotten where or what it is. I
      only know that you have shared it."

      Raxl stands and stares at Emily. "You talk in mysteries Miss Blair." "I
      know. I'm sorry. Goodnight." Emily says then walks up the staircase.
      "Goodnight." Raxl tells her watching Emily as she leaves. Then turning she
      knocks on the Drawing Room door. Laslo tells Jean Paul. "I assure you I
      know nothing of the sudden disappearance of Miss Pruett." "I find that I'm
      unable to believe you." Jean Paul tells him. Raxl knocks again. "Come in."
      Jean Paul calls out. "You have so little faith in me Jean Paul." "Perhaps
      that lack of faith is justified." Raxl enters the room. "Master?" "Raxl."
      Jean Paul says as he turns to her. "I did not mean to interrupt." "You
      didn't Raxl. Just a quiet little chat. Of the sort I'm becoming accustomed
      to." Laslo tells her as he walks over to the table and sets his glass down.
      "But I must get about my business. I have thousands of foul and evil things
      I must do before the evening is out." Laslo bows. "Jean Paul." Laslo leaves
      closing the door behind him. "Master I have searched in vain for Quito. I
      heard in town that he was being hunted again." "Well if he was roaming
      about surely he would return to Desmond Hall." "No he's afraid, Master.
      Someone has made him afraid of people who want to protect him." "Nothing
      but tragedy for everyone I promised to care for." Jean Paul says turning
      away from Raxl. "Nothing else since we came to Desmond Hall." "This is not
      our home Master. We do not belong here you and I." "And yet we survive
      here you and I. But what about the others? Poor Quito. Innocent running
      about like a criminal. And Agatha gone and now Emily." "I saw her as I
      came in. She spoke in strange words."

      "Raxl tonight, I don't know is she was aware of it or not. I'm sure she was
      unaware of it but she swore eternal devotion to the God of the Serpent."

      "Oh Master." "And she doesn't know what she has done." Raxl walks up to
      Jean Paul. "Yes she senses it. I can tell." Raxl walks behind Jean Paul.
      "She's been drawn into the worship of the dark spirit of the Serpent God.
      Without the power to distinguish between good and evil of the service."
      Jean Paul glances at her. "Raxl you have the powers." "No, long ago
      Master." "But you will help Emily. Tell me that you will." "I do not know
      where she has traveled Master. Nobody can trace the labyrinth in progress
      of an individual soul." Raxl says turning away from Jean Paul. "Raxl if
      you won't help then who can I ask to help? In a book, a book that I found
      in Philip's secret selection in his hidden room. It states very clearly
      that once the spirit is possessed by the Serpent there is no hope for that
      spirit's release." "There are ways Master. Perilous and devious ways."
      "Then help Emily while we can." Jean Paul says to her. Raxl shakes her
      head. "You may wish before I'm through that I had never tried it." "I want
      her saved Raxl and you're the only one who can save her." Raxl nods. "It
      will be done. But I warn you. The Serpent God releases his victims only at
      a price no human wants to pay."

      Holly stands in her room. "Philip, Philip Desmond I want to speak to you
      now." Holly says with her eyes closed. She opens them. "Oh Philip. I can't
      see you or hear you anywhere. I want to believe you're with me now." She
      sits at her dressing table. "I know I told you to go away, to leave me
      alone but even then I knew that I was beginning to love you. I want to tell
      you that now, so why do you stay away? Holly stands. "Are you teasing me?
      Or are you suddenly timid and afraid." Holly smiles as she walks across the
      room. "It doesn't matter you know. I want you. I know what I want and I
      want you. Spirit, ghost or apparition from the grave. It doesn't matter I
      want you." There is a knock at her door. "Later Philip, later." she
      whispers. Holly turns towards the door. "Come in." Cort enters. "Am I
      invited? Certainly Cort, you're invited because if you wait for an
      invitation nobody will invite you anywhere." Cort says as he carries a tray
      into the room. "Mama's made us some hot chocolate." Holly takes a cup.
      "Mama likes to encourage young people to have jolly innocent evenings
      together. Just like the good old days." "How very kind of your Mama." Holly
      says as she raises her cup to Cort.

      "But drink it carefully my stepfather provided the arsenic." Cort says
      taking his cup from the tray. Holly laughs. "You're smiling. I didn't
      realize you considered my darker moments amusing," "Are they so dark or
      are you just pretending?" Holly asks as she sits on her bed. "I wouldn't
      bet on it." Cort says as he sits on the edge of Holly's bed. "Are you
      pretending?" Holly looks at him. "Pretending what?" "To be so happy."
      Cort tells her. "Why shouldn't I be happy?" "In this house with all its
      deception and hatred." "Perhaps you're just imagining them." Holly says.
      "That's unlikely." Cort tells her. "Perhaps I imagined them at first after
      the horrors of Maljardin. But I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not even afraid
      of you." Holly says smiling. "You sound happily irrational. Or perhaps in

      "Yes I am in love." "Are you?" "I think I am." Cort looks at her. "With

      Holly turns away with a smile as she raises her cup. "Do I have to tell?"

      Holly looks at him. "But you want to know." Cort smiles at her. "Yes."
      "You're going to think I'm mad." Holly says with a laugh. "We're all mad."
      "Okay then, it's Philip, Philip Desmond." "You're mad." Cort says setting
      his cup down. "See I told you, you would say that." "But my cousin isn't
      even real. You can't love an apparition." "Oh yes I can." "Well I'll make
      sure he doesn't become real again." Cort walks angrily away. Holly looks
      away worriedly.

      Laslo is in Philip's secret room standing at the table. Hearing someone at
      the door he blows out the candle and hides. Jean Paul and Raxl enter. Jean
      Paul carries a candelabra. "Are you prepared Raxl?" "I am prepared Master."

      "Remember no matter what happens. It's for Emily." "No matter what
      happens." Raxl says. There is a noise across the room. "Whose there?" Jean
      Paul asks as he set the candelabra down. "Laslo. What are you doing here?
      What are you up to?" Jean Paul asks as Laslo walks out from the back of the
      room. "Trickery of course cousin." "This is my brother's secret room. I
      will ask you not to enter it again." "As you wish." Laslo says as he walks
      to the door. He turns and looks back at Jean Paul. "It's not a very
      inviting room Believe me I shan't miss it. Goodnight Jean Paul, Raxl."
      "Goodnight." Jean Paul says. "Happy hunting." Laslo says as he walks out
      of the room. Raxl glances at Jean Paul then away. She clasps her hands in
      front of her. "To reach the Serpent God we must dare to bring him out to
      the open. To call upon his name. Lift the candle high." She tells Jean
      Paul. He does as he is told. "Now repeat after me." Jean Paul glances
      down. "Raxl! Raxl!" "There must be silence." she tells him. Jean Paul
      picks up a box that is sitting on the table. "The snake. It's dead. Crushed
      to death." Raxl lifts it out of the box. "It's been beaten. Its head
      crushed. When one of his servants has been killed the Serpent God will take
      vengeance." "Are you certain it was one of his servants?" Jean Paul asks.
      "The markings. Yes it wears the brand of the Great Serpent." "Laslo!" Jean
      Paul says. "You can not be sure of that Master. To understand the
      mysteries well you must trust only what your eye can see. This must be my
      offering. This victim." "It wasn't always here. Why was it brought to
      Desmond Hall?" "The young girl brought it. Agatha Pruett." "Yes I know
      that but why? To bring us good or evil?" Jean Paul asks. "Depending on her
      designs. But then the Serpent God must have followed to search for an altar
      here. Oh if I only had my altar. The one I had in all my years on
      Maljardin. I could offer sacrifices in order to appease the Serpent God.
      And plead for the release of Miss Blair. Such an altar can not be built by
      human hands. It must exist in the Serpent world. If I can find such an
      altar." "No! No! I've had enough! Of Gods and snakes and dark powers! I've
      had enough of all that! Raxl I want the light again. I want a world that I
      can see, that I can believe in. Now what ever vile powers that does exist
      here or in spite of it I will find a cure. I will find a cure for Emily.
      With wisdom and with love. I am so weary of begging and so weary of
      protesting in the dark!" Raxl shakes her head. "Then you will not heed me
      Master. You shout, you object and you mock the very powers that can help
      you! And who will suffer, you. You Jean Paul! As your ancestors did before

      Holly sits on her bed deep in thought when there is a knock at her door.
      She jumps as the door opens. Cort walks in. "Holly?" "Yes." "I've come
      to take the tray." "Take it then." she says angrily with her back to him.
      "If I hurt you about Philip I'm sorry. It's just I've never met a live lady
      that's in love with a ghost."

      Holly looks at him. "And I've never met a young man as cruel as you are."
      "Well then I guess we're even." Holly stands. "Not quite. See if you knew
      Philip at all you wouldn't joke about him like you do. Or hate him." Holly
      says walking away from Cort. They both have their backs towards each
      other. "I knew Philip when he was alive. You didn't." Holly turns. "But
      still I know him better than anyone. Because he visits me here and we
      talk." Cort turns and looks at her. "What do you talk about? Dust and
      bones?" "Cort your jealous I think." "Jealous?" "Of anyone capable of
      loving someone. Who do you love Cort? Anyone?" "No one. No one but myself
      and the memories of my father." Holly steps towards him. "If you can love
      a memory then surely I can love a spirit." "Holly I have loved once. I was
      rejected because she didn't love me." He glances at her. "It's not an
      unusual experience of a young man." "Oh Cort." Holly says sadly. "Oh I'm
      sorry." She puts her hands on his shoulders. "I didn't know that." Holly
      kisses him. Cort pulls her hands away. "You weren't meant to. Goodnight
      Holly." Cort walks out of her room.

      Emily walks down the staircase dressed in her housecoat. She enters the
      Drawing Room. "Jean Paul?" Laslo looks up at her. "Miss Blair." He stands.

      "Oh I was looking for Jean Paul. I couldn't sleep and..." "Come and sit
      down dear Miss Blair. I'm sure he'll be back in a little while. He's off on
      some mysterious errand with Raxl. I believe they are going to perform an
      exorcism on your soul."

      "My soul?" "Your name was mentioned before the rites. Well you have had an
      adventure with a certain Serpent haven't you?" "I don't know what you are
      talking about." Emily says to him. "Oh come now. I found you all but dead
      in Philip Desmond�s secret room. You should be grateful to me. I was the
      one who cheered Jean Paul when he felt desperate. I was the one that told
      him there was nothing to worry about. That you would be alright tomorrow.
      Although I knew you wouldn't." "Well I can't listen to anymore of this!"
      Emily turns to walk away.

      Laslo grabs her arm. "I have a great many friends in this town Miss Blair,
      friends I think you would be interested in meeting. I'm going to see them
      later again tonight. I've been away from my own party too long. On an
      errand of my own. I think you would be very interested in meeting them."
      "No! I don't want to listen to you any more. I want Jean Paul!" Emily cries
      out and pulls away from Laslo.

      Jean Paul and Raxl are walking down the staircase. "It could be attended to
      Master if you allow it." Raxl says to him, she is carrying the box with the
      dead snake. Emily steps into the foyer and walks up to Raxl. She reaches
      for the box and takes it from Raxl. "You murdered him both of you. You
      killed him!" "Emily you don't know what you're saying." Jean Paul says.
      "You will be cursed for this!" Raxl walks up to Emily. "Serpent servant
      save his soul. Serpent servant keep him whole." Emily finishes the words
      on Raxl. "Serpent servant damn his soul." "You will never save his soul
      Priestess Raxl. Not while I live."

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 94*

      *Episode 94: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/u9qnc*

      Raxl: "The long night lengthens. The struggling forces of evil at Desmond
      Hall still strive for the tortured soul of Jean Paul Desmond. The people
      who surround him especially those that love him seemed doomed to share his
      fate. For Emily the woman he now loves has returned his love with her
      announcement of her dedication to the wicked Serpent Spirit. And Agatha who
      loves Jean Paul is now at the mercy of a coven of witches."

      "And in these flames we see our souls burning with zeal for the evil one.
      Consumed with hatred against all humans who stand in our way." Irene says
      as she Mr. and Mrs. Pruett and Waldo stand around the altar. In the center
      is the candelabra of black candles. "Are we prepared for the ceremony?"
      Irene asks.

      "We are prepared." They all say as a group. The members of the coven are
      all in robes. "Our circle of fire will be completed tonight." Irene says,
      then she turns to the fireplace. "All darkness, light and searing flame
      combined. Enslave us to his name." Irene lights the fireplace. "Beelzebub
      King Ruler of all." The candles dim the room goes dark. The coven members
      huddle together in fear. Irene turns. "Who is it?" Laslo walks in.
      "Greetings." "You're late servant Laslo." Irene tells him. "I was
      involved in a task Mistress. To rid our little sister of the last obstacle
      which stands between us. Her friend serpent." he says showing them the box.
      "The task has been accomplished. The girl will be ours." "Bring forth the
      girl; she will become one with us.' Irene says. "It shall be done." Laslo
      says as he leaves the room. "Dear friends our new servant is not
      unfamiliar to you." Irene tells them. "We've met her then?" asks Waldo.
      "Often. Especially you Mr. and Mrs. Pruett. This evening one of your life
      long dreams will come true." "We ask for no such reward." Mr. Pruett tells
      Irene. "We serve humbly dear Priestess." says Mrs. Pruett. "Dear Pruetts
      that's why you deserve a reward." "And I am not?" asks Waldo. "All
      witches know dear Waldo that our lot is to be treated very shabbily by the
      very powers we serve. This is not a moment for complaints. It is a time for
      rejoicing." Waldo bows his head. Irene walks across the room. "She comes.
      Bow your heads." They bow their heads as Laslo brings Agatha into the
      room. "You have entered do you know my name?" Irene asks. "Yes you are
      the one to be obeyed." Agatha replies. "And the others raise your heads."
      "My mother and my father." Agatha stutters looking at the Pruetts.
      "Agatha!" Mrs. Pruett says reaching out her hand to her daughter. "And I
      despise them. I hate them." Agatha says.

      Emily sits in the Drawing Room reading a book. There is a knock at the door.

      "Who's in there?" Raxl asks. "Come in." Emily tells her. Raxl walks in.
      "What are you doing?" "Working Raxl." "You must go to your room now."
      "Oh no, I can't sleep. And besides these books are so interesting. The more
      I read about Jean Paul's family the more intrigued I get." Raxl takes the
      book from her. "You will learn nothing more of the Desmond history." Raxl
      says as she walks away with the book. "But Raxl why are you doing this to
      me?" Emily asks as she stands.

      Raxl turns towards her. "You should be in your room. My Master and I
      brought you there hours ago. Must we lock the door?" "Well why, what have
      I done?"

      "You know what you have done." "No I don't Raxl." "You stood out there
      and spoke the ritual of the Serpent God! Challenging me to a conflict!
      Displaying your powers!" Emily glances at Raxl. "Raxl you must be
      mistaken. Perhaps I quoted something I read in an old book." Raxl shakes
      her head. "You are possessed by the Serpent." "No! Where's Jean Paul?"
      "Sleeping and you must not disturb him. This would not have happened if he
      listened to me. You would never have invaded the secret books of this
      house." "But all I'm doing is studying. Just writing a paper of the
      history of this valley." "You have dabbled in an area, a dark area you
      know nothing about. You have entered secret rooms in which you did not
      belong. And now you will suffer for it. But my Master will not suffer for
      it! Your powers mean nothing! I have powers of my own! Older and stronger!"

      "I don't have any powers. I don't understand." "You have no powers?" Raxl
      looks at her in disbelief. Emily shakes her head no. "No recollection of
      being crushed by the coils of the Serpent who then spoke to you!" Emily
      covers her ears and looks away from Raxl. "No I must forget everything."
      "I do not forget and you cannot." Raxl tells her. "Oh I must, I must."
      Emily says lowering her head.

      "When ever the Spirit of the dark Serpent hisses you will answer!" "No!"
      "And do his bidding!" "No!" "I know this believe me I know. For centuries
      man has worshipped the Serpent for good and evil. And just as the first
      woman was kept by the Serpent in the Garden and chose to follow evil so you
      have chosen to follow the wicked one." "No, I haven't chosen anything.
      Evil can't take control of anyone unless they..." Emily says to Raxl.
      "Unless what Miss Blair? Have you never played with evil? Have you never
      taken action concrete to the goodness that is in you?" "I've always tried
      to." Emily looks at Raxl. "Sometimes. At one point in your life you
      committed an act that opened your soul to wickedness."

      Emily shakes her head. "No I can't remember." "So you are innocent? You
      have no powers? We shall see." Raxl raises her hands in front of Emily.
      "Serpent Servant hear my plea. Powers of goodness here shall be! Venom
      writhing wickedness from hell! Never more in this house dwell!" Raxl walks
      towards Emily as Emily backs away. She bumps into the wall. "Serpent
      Servant save her soul."

      Emily cuts in on the chant. "Serpent servant here I am! Let all powers
      against me die!" Emily has her hands extended as Raxl backs away from her.
      "Serpent Servant dark and here!" Raxl grabs her arms. "Hear yourself! Hear
      your own words and know!" Emily shakes her head. "No, no please!" Emily
      starts to sob and throws herself into Raxl's arms. "Oh Raxl help me. Help

      Agatha sits in a chair as Laslo swings a pendant in front of her. "Better,
      better. Your will has been shriveled. Your thoughts have retreated. Your
      mind and its functions have become mine." "Yours." Agatha says staring
      straight ahead.

      "She is completely under the persuasion. Laslo and I will strip away the
      final remnants of her powers." Irene says. She looks at Waldo. "You better
      leave the room. Dear mama and papa the coven will be called when she has
      been prepared." The Pruetts bow to Irene then leave the room following

      Laslo grabs the pendant. "She is prepared." "Agatha little friend. Do you
      hear me?" "Yes." "Then come with me. I have something to show you." Irene
      says as she takes Agatha's hand and Agatha stands. "A sadness. You must
      prepare yourself for a sadness. We your friends can alleviate it." Irene
      says as she reaches for the box that Laslo brought with him. She sets it on
      the table and opens it. "Look Agatha, look." Agatha glances down. "Peter?
      Peter." she says.

      "He is dead. Your little friend is dead." Irene tells her. "No. He's
      sleeping. He is sleeping." "His head is crushed. Your serpent friend is
      dead." Laslo says.

      "No he's asleep. He was tired and he was lost and now he's come back to me.
      Peter." Agatha says as she reaches towards the box. Laslo and Irene grab
      her arms. "No Agatha." Irene tells her. "I want him. He is my friend.
      Peter." "Peter is gone and so are your powers." Laslo says to her. "I
      never had any powers. I only had a friend." "We know about your friend.
      The all powerful Serpent." Laslo says to her. "No I only had a friend. And
      now he's gone." Agatha says. Irene glances at Laslo. "But we are your
      friends. And you must now rely upon us and we will take care of you. Peter
      is gone but now you are one of us. And we are your only friends." Agatha
      pulls her arms away. "No!" She kneels next to the box and hugs it. "Who
      ever killed him, I curse them! May they be choked. May they suffer as I am
      suffering. Peter curse them! Curse them!" she sobs.

      Cort walks up to the front door of the mansion. A hissing sound surrounds
      him. "Help, help. Someone help." he says pulling on his coat as he
      struggles against something that is attacking him. He starts knocking on
      the door. "Help me, help me." Raxl rushes to the door and opens it.
      "Master Cort!" Cort stumbles into the foyer. "Raxl help me. I'm being
      strangled." He cries out collapsing next to the staircase. He clutches his
      neck. "Cort what is it! Cort answer me!" Raxl says as she grabs his
      shoulder. Emily steps out of the Drawing Room. "What's happening?" she
      asks. "Nothing, go back to the Drawing Room and close the door." Raxl
      tells Emily. Emily does as she is told. "I'm dying." Cort cries out.

      "Cort tell me what's in the sack?" "Creatures from the caves." "They must
      be released." Raxl says to Cort as she pulls the bag from his shoulder. She
      walks outside and opens the bag and empties it. "They're gone." Raxl says
      as she walks back inside the mansion and closes the door. After hanging up
      Cort's bag she walks over to Cort and kneels next to him. "They have been
      released." "I can. I can breath." He says as Raxl helps him to his feet.
      "Why did you go to the caves? No one delves into the earth beneath Desmond
      Hall." "They were harmless creatures." Cort says. "You brought those
      creatures from the secret river caves? How did you enter?" "I couldn't
      enter. There's a crevice, an opening in the ground. It was like a gaping
      wound and it was no place that any flying creature could dwell in. So I put
      a baby sparrow down. A tiny bird and the creatures came from out of the
      opening and started to devour it." "Why did you do it?" Raxl asks. "To
      use against the Serpent. He was about to crush me up there, up in Philip's
      secret room." Cort says walking away from Raxl and leaning against the
      wall. "And I promised, I promised if he set me free I would bring him food.
      You see I've always been fond of birds and creatures that could fly. I've
      always wanted to be free and be able to fly from here. Away from here but
      I've never been able to do it. Now I know their nests and their hunts along
      the river and the rocks where their nests are among the cliffs. They were
      my friends. So I promised the Serpent that I would fetch them and bring
      them for his sustenance, his food. And I promised I would fly. Move as
      quickly as I could to betray the most innocent of living things so that the
      giant Serpent could feed on them."

      Emily opens the Drawing room door and listens to Cort. "I couldn't do it.
      I'm selfish I know but not against the innocent. So I was going to bring
      instead his own kind of creatures. The kind that bites and sting." Emily
      backs away from the Drawing Room door as she closes it. "I didn't know how
      to destroy it. See I just didn't know how to destroy. So he tried to
      destroy me." "You have tampered with a danger you know nothing about."
      Raxl says to Cort. Cort pulls away from the wall and walks across the
      room. "I had to free myself from the coils of the Serpent. But I couldn't
      keep my promise and kill." Cort glances up at Raxl. "I hate to kill." He
      looks away. "I don't wish for anything to be killed. Neither man nor
      creature. And my life would be unhaunted. And Philip and Jean Paul would..."

      Raxl rushes over to Cort. "Philip and Jean Paul? What are you saying? Where
      is Philip Desmond? Tell me!" "I don't know anything!" Cort cries out.
      "It's not that I'm glad I'm not Philip or Jean Paul and I'm really
      regretting I was ever born a Desmond!" "Cort, you must never say that. The
      tradition of the Desmonds, the kindness that they've done. The battles they
      have waged against evil. There are some families whose generations have
      been chosen to bear the burden for all men so that while they suffer others
      will survive." Emily walks out of the Drawing room and rushes for the
      stairs. Raxl looks up. "Where are you going Miss Blair?" She asks as she
      walks over to Emily. "To my room." "No your not. You're going to stay
      here with me both of you." Raxl says glancing back at Cort. "Until we can
      find out what powers you have stirred up. Or what curses may befall you."
      Cort lowers his head.

      Irene puts her hand on Agatha's shoulder after Agatha sits down. "Agatha
      it's all right now. You must believe me." Agatha is sobbing. "No." "You
      have made new friends. You are restored to your mother and father." Irene
      says kneeling next to Agatha's chair. "Keep them away from me please. I
      don't want to see them again ever." Agatha says with tears and sobs. "They
      love you Agatha." "They never did." "You have brought them great
      happiness by coming here tonight." Irene tells her as she stands. She
      reaches for a glass on her alter. "Drink. This will refresh you. You shed
      too many tears." Agatha raises the glass to her mouth.

      "Now drink and let us comfort you." Agatha drinks until the glass is empty
      then touches her mouth. "What, what was that? What did you give me?" "Our
      blood my dear. The mingled blood of your new friends including that of your
      mother and father that born you." Laslo walks into the room followed by
      the others. "But they are witches." "And now my dear so are you." Irene
      tells her. "Daughter." Agatha's father says stepping closer to her. "My
      child." says her mother.

      Agatha stands. "No! I will not. I will not join all of you!" "You already
      have dear Agatha. The deed has been done." Laslo says to her. "No! Not
      unless I will it." Agatha tells him. "No one can be made a witch without
      making their own free choice." Laslo walks towards her. "You will choose
      my dear. You will choose."

      "I won't choose. No matter what you do to me. No matter what potion you
      make me drink." Agatha says walking over to the fireplace. Laslo walks
      over to Irene. The Pruetts look at each other. "Temperamental." Agatha's
      mother says. "Yes." says her father. Agatha turns and looks at her
      parents. "I learned too much you see from the two of you. I learned too
      much about evil from my own parents. My own mother and father.' Agatha says
      as she walks up to them. "How I wanted to change you, all my life since I
      was a little girl. I prayed to whatever Gods that be. I said please make
      them be good. Change their ways because I love them. That's what I said
      because I did once. I did love you." Her mother looks at her. "Love is not
      important." "Service is." adds her father. "Service to whom? Or what? I
      saw your kind of service; I saw the hatred that bound you together. And
      when you tried to force me even as a child to join you I gritted my teeth
      and turned my will to iron. I learned to hate too, the two of you." Agatha
      turns away from them. "As soon as I grew old enough I left you." "To
      worship at the shrine of the Serpent God." Laslo says. "It's none of your
      business where I worship." She glances back at her parents. "I left you
      alone why can't you do the same for me? Have I ever hurt you? Have I ever
      worked against you? All I did was to let you live your lives! Can't you do
      the same for me!�? She should go." Waldo tells them. "Agreed. Let her
      go." Mr. Pruett adds. "Agatha I tell you." her mother starts to say. "And
      I tell you, all of you. The coven must not be broken. The numbers must be
      filled and this is the child." Laslo tells them. "Your choice of course,
      the ideal candidate, nurtured in our ways since babyhood. Well, look at
      her. She despises all of us." Irene says walking away from Laslo. "Irene
      we have not yet reached the limit of our powers." "Then use them. You use
      them; I wash my hands of your methods. Before you happened on the scene
      wandering into Desmondton and conniving your way into the Desmond family
      with its fortune I headed this coven." Irene says walking over to Laslo.
      "Hear, hear. Yes." The other members add. "And we functioned together all
      of us. With our little schemes, our blessings and our curses until you
      joined us with your wild ambitions. You will be very rich Irene you said."
      "And it has come about." Laslo tells her. "Anyone can become rich robbing
      the poor as you have done. And as you made me do. But you had loftier
      ambitions. The Desmond fortune, one of the greatest in the world. It would
      belong to you, it would belong to me, it would belong to all of us. All we
      had to do was use our powers together. First against Philip and then."
      "Silence!" Laslo tells her. "She's listening." He says looking at
      Agatha... "Which shows us the decision you have left us Laslo. You brought
      her here; she has refused our offer of membership. But she has heard too
      much and therefore she must die." Irene says. "I don't see any other
      choice. Do you?" Agatha walks over to her parents. "Well Mother? Father?"

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

      *"Dobby never meant to kill, Dobby only meant to main--or seriously injure."
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