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Episodes 91 & 92

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 91* * Episode 91: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/v2b7h* Laslo: The curtain of night encloses Desmond Hall like a shroud as Jean
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 91*

      * Episode 91: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/v2b7h*

      Laslo: "The curtain of night encloses Desmond Hall like a shroud as Jean
      Paul Desmond returns to the old mansion after going on an errand of mercy.
      It would seem to him he will never be able to help another human being
      again. For all he touches turns to tragedy for all those that dwell within
      these walls. And a new threat has taken hold with the arrival of the
      mysterious Agatha Pruett;"

      Agatha dances by herself in the Drawing Room. "It's so beautiful isn't it?
      And the lovely ladies and their extremely handsome gentlemen and the
      orchestra. Oh I do love the waltz don't you?" She says. "Why thank you sir.
      You are a very graceful dancer too. I'm just all embarrassed by your
      compliments. You have no idea what it is like for a girl like me who has
      nothing, nothing at all to be your honored guest and a dancing partner of
      the Master of Desmond Hall." Agatha stops dancing in front of the
      fireplace. "It doesn't work." She says sadly. "It doesn't really work at
      all." She kneels in front of the fireplace. "I'm alone; I'm not with Jean
      Paul Desmond." She sits on the floor. "Oh Peter pretend for one minute that
      I am a magic princess and grant me my wish. Pretend I'm very pretty and
      Jean Paul has fallen in love with me. And bring him to me now. I won't hurt
      him I promise. I'll just keep him very close and never let him go if you
      send him to me. Send him to me now. But if you won't grant my wish then I
      shall have to hurt him. I'm sorry but I'll have to hurt him badly. Ready?"
      Agatha closes her eyes. "One, two." "Agatha?" Laslo calls to her from the
      doorway. He walks into the Drawing Room and closes the door behind him.
      "Good evening my dear. Am I invited to your party?" Laslo asks as he walks
      over to Agatha and helps her to her feet. "There is no party." "Oh but
      your dressed for one." Laslo tells her.

      "There isn't any party and there isn't going to be one. I had to have
      dinner alone in my room. Did you know that?" "Miss Emily Blair was very
      ill this evening. My wife thought trays in the room would be the best
      thing." Laslo tells her. "Where's Jean Paul?" Agatha asks. "That's what I
      came to talk to you about. He went for a doctor for Miss Blair but
      unfortunately the car broke down." "How do you know all this?" "My dear I
      know everything that happens at Desmond Hall. I also know where Jean Paul
      is." "Where?" Agatha asks. "He's at a friend�s house. A Mrs. Hatter. He
      wants you and I to join him there." "Oh he does." Agatha asks with a
      smile. "Yes so you will have your party after all and you'll not have worn
      this gown in vain." "Oh I don't know." Agatha says walking away from
      Laslo. "Why didn't Jean Paul call me himself? It isn't very polite for a
      gentleman not to request for a lady personally." "These are very unusual
      circumstances Agatha but I assure you, you'll be treated as a lady all
      through the evening." He says walking over to her. "Well I hope so since I
      am all dressed up and everything. I made these dresses myself you know."
      She walks away and spins around showing off her gown. "Over a very long
      period of time. Because I thought I'd need some beautiful things some
      day." "A very nice story but we really should go." He says reaching for
      her arm. "Oh just the two of us, Isn't Mrs.Thaxton going?" "Mrs. Thaxton
      has a fierce headache." "Oh I'm sorry. Perhaps I could help her. I know of
      a wonderful way of massaging the neck that increases the circulation."
      Agatha says walking away from Laslo to the closed doors of the Drawing
      Room. "I am afraid we can not spare the time." Laslo says as he follows
      her. "Oh but it doesn't take long and it works like a miracle." Agatha
      says smiling. "Are you going to comply with Jean Paul's wishes or not?"
      "I have wishes of my own you know. And they are not always answered either
      so if he has to wait he has to that's all." "I'm beginning to get
      annoyed." "At me Mr. Thaxton?" She walks away from him. "Then you
      certainly aren't treating me like a lady. And you have already broken your
      promise. I never break a promise to anyone." Laslo walks up to her. "Very
      admirable but Mrs. Hatter is waiting for us at this moment."

      "I'm not sure I like Mrs. Hatter." "You're behaving like a child Agatha.
      Of course you like her and her friends. It's going to be a rather large
      party." Agatha smiles. "Really! Do you think anyone will recognize me? I
      mean some of her guests may have seen me at the dress makers shop where I
      work." she walks away then turns around. "But I have changed a great deal
      don't you think?" "You certainly have." Laslo says as he walks towards
      Agatha. "But let's get your coat. This is going to be one evening you�re
      never going to forget. Little Agatha." Laslo walks over to the door, opens
      it and waits for Agatha. Agatha enters the foyer followed by Laslo. She
      stops. "Don't call me Little Agatha. I'm not a child even though you said I
      behaved like one. I'm not sure I should go with you." "But I insist."
      "You go to the party and tell Jean Paul to get me." "I don't think he'd
      like that. You're in no position my dear girl to order Jean Paul about."
      "Oh but I am." Agatha says.

      Laslo holds Agatha's coat. "Agatha, have you found your little friend?"
      "No but I'm sure he's around. He'd never leave me." Agatha says as she
      walks a few steps away from Laslo. "A little snake. How could you expect
      such a creature to give you loyalty?" "Peter does most of the time." "I
      fear your friend has been up to some tricks lately." Agatha turns and
      looks at Laslo. "What do you mean?"

      "Never mind. But I think he's dangerous and the only reason I bring him up
      is to warn you unless you cooperate with me. Unless you become my friend I
      will destroy your friend." "You wouldn't do that." Agatha says. She's
      starting to get upset. "Oh yes I keep my promises too. And unless you come
      with me now I will kill him." "Oh no. I couldn't be without him." Agatha
      says as she walks towards Laslo. "I, Give me my coat." "Oh no. I will
      assist you as a good escort should." He puts her coat over her shoulders.
      "There now see it's going to be a proper evening and you'll be the most
      pampered lady in Desmondton." Laslo says as he leads her to the door. The
      door opens and Jean Paul enters. "Where's Emily?"

      "Well I thought you were at the party." Agatha says to Jean Paul. "Is
      Emily all right?" Jean Paul asks Laslo. "Jean Paul, well would you come
      into the Drawing Room. I would like to speak to you alone." Laslo asks Jean
      Paul. "I thought we were going..." Agatha says to Laslo. "Alone Agatha."
      Laslo says then walks away. Agatha stops Jean Paul. "He mustn't talk to me
      that way Jean Paul."

      "Agatha one moment, one moment please!" He says as he grips her shoulders
      then rushes after Laslo. Agatha tries to follow them but Jean Paul closes
      the door in her face. "Really!" she says. Agatha turns and walks over to
      the staircase and sits on the bottom step. She leans against a post. "Oh
      perhaps you were right Peter after all. Not to send him to me when I asked.
      Perhaps I shouldn't be fond of Jean Paul Desmond. But I am."

      Laslo says to Jean Paul. "But you did get my message at the doctor�s
      office." "I did but it was so unbelievable. When I drove away I knew she
      had died. I knew it." "But she did not die. She is not dead." Jean Paul
      gives a sigh of relief. "Thank God. Without her I could not accept the fact
      that she would die." "You seem to have a very strong attachment for Miss
      Blair." Laslo says as he walks across the room. "I'm in love with her. I
      realized that when I was driving looking for someone to help. I realized
      that if I should lose Emily I would lose the most important person in my
      life." Jean Paul says walking to the window. He turns and looks at Laslo.
      "I'm in love with her Laslo." Laslo walks towards Jean Paul. "What can I
      say under the circumstances? If I'm a bit confused Jean Paul it's because
      I'm not accustomed to your confidence." "I must see her. Where is she?"
      "She's asleep. I dislike being the bearer of bad news but the girl is very
      disturbed. "Laslo says as he walks away from Jean Paul.�When she woke up
      she was weak but serene. But later on in the evening she became quite
      hysterical." Laslo says as he sits on the couch. "Why? What did you do?"
      "I did nothing but treat her with kindness." "She must have been upset
      about something. Are you sure she's asleep." Jean Paul asks as he walks
      across the room. "Ada gave her a strong sedative. She was most illogical,
      talking about someone being dead."

      "Dead?" "When she first regained consciousness she claimed that she had
      been dead. It's so ridiculous. All that happened was she was frightened by
      a serpent and fainted." "It's not as simple as that. I must talk to
      Emily." Jean Paul rushes to the door. He stops and looks at Laslo. "But
      first I have the unpleasant task to perform if Emily is to be well." Jean
      Paul opens the door. "Jean Paul?" Laslo calls to him. Jean Paul walks
      into the foyer. "Agatha." "If I were you I'd go to Emily's room and not
      bother with this." Laslo says. Jean Paul looks at Laslo.

      "What do you have to say to me Jean Paul?" Agatha stands up on the steps.
      "I'm ready you see." "Agatha I'm sorry but it's very important for
      everyone in this house that you leave." "Leave?" Agatha asks. "I am sorry
      but since you came here frightening events have taken place." "But they
      won't. I'll stop them. If it's because of Peter he'll obey me. You can't
      make me leave you Mr. Desmond."

      "But I'm afraid I must if Emily is to get well." Jean Paul says as he walks
      up the staircase. "For her! You can't send me away because of her!" Agatha
      shouts at Jean Paul. "I won't go! I won't!" "If I were you Agatha I would
      pack your bags and come with me now." Laslo tells her.

      In the cottage Quito warms his hands at the fireplace. "Quito. You mustn't
      be sad Quito." Irene says as she walks over to him. Quito moves away from
      her and sits in a chair. "You are safe here with me." Irene says as she
      touches his shoulder. "No one will find you here but if that should ever
      happen I have powers to protect you. Powers stronger than Raxl's." Irene
      says as she walks over to the fireplace. Turning she looks at Quito. "No
      one can harm you. Not the police, not the hunters with their dogs. You were
      right Quito to come here for refuge. Because I welcome you." Irene stands
      in front of Quito. "I can't believe it was you who murdered that girl."
      Quito shakes his head. Irene kneels in front of him. "Oh you're suffering
      because you can't talk or protest. And because you�re Master Jean Paul
      refuses to defend you. He doesn't want to see you again Quito. I heard him
      say so." Quito stares at her in disbelief shaking his head. "You must
      never return to Desmond Hall again. You are not welcome there." Irene
      stands and touches Quito's hands. "But here with me you are secure." Irene
      turns and walks across the room. "You will help me with my ceremonies. And
      all I ask in return is obedience, total obedience because I command you
      now." Irene says standing in front of her alter. Quito nods his head.

      Jean Paul hears Agatha arguing with Laslo as he walks down the staircase.
      "No you can't make me go! Let me go! You're hurting me!" Agatha cries out.
      "Laslo let her go." Jean Paul tells him as he walks over to them. "She's a
      vixen, this one." Laslo says. "I said let her go." "I was only trying to
      carry out your orders with the least possible fuss." Laslo says. He has
      Agatha's suitcase and coat in one hand and holding Agatha's arm with the
      other. Agatha pulls away from him. "He hurt my arm." "I certainly did not
      intend for this lady to leave tonight." Jean Paul tells Laslo. "There
      you're a bully. And you'll be punished for what you did to me. Jean Paul
      won't he be punished." Agatha asks looking at Jean Paul. "I assure you he
      won't touch you again." "The girl is incredible. She tells lies."

      "The party is all a lie. He told me we were going to a party." Agatha tells
      Jean Paul. "To find shelter for you. To find a place for you to stay."
      Laslo tells Agatha.

      "I want to stay here. Jean Paul, Mr. Desmond please let me stay. Tell me
      what Peter's done. I'll find him and I'll stop him. But don't let me leave
      here." "See the resistance. The lack of respect. Agatha for Mr. Desmond�s
      peace of mind let me take you now." "No." She huddles against Jean Paul.
      "Now that's enough Laslo you're frightening her." Agatha looks at Laslo.
      "Not hardly. I'm not afraid of him."

      "Very well I shall take these to your room." Laslo says. Agatha pulls away
      from Jean Paul. "He'll get rid of me I know it. One way or another." Jean
      Paul touches her shoulder. "Agatha please let's talk calmly you and I."
      Agatha turns and walks into the Drawing Room. Jean Paul follows her. Laslo
      stands on the staircase watching them. Jean Paul closes the door. "Now to
      begin with in this house is a young lady who is mysteriously ill." "I
      don't care about her." Agatha says as she walks to the couch and sits
      down. "Well I must and I do." Jean Paul says walking over to the couch.
      "And she gets to stay while I get kicked out bag and baggage. I want to
      remind you of something Mr. Desmond. I haven't told the police yet about
      you and how you almost killed me. But if I should start to feel it's my
      duty then I'd have to tell them wouldn't I?" "Agatha I am willing to take
      that risk." He sits down next to her. "Now I can't go on protecting myself
      so that others suffer for it." Agatha leans towards him. "I think you're a
      wonderful man, I do. That's why I have been so happy here. I don't want to
      tell on you at all. But sometimes I have to do things that I don't want
      to." Agatha lowers her head. "Agatha I've been good to you her haven't
      I?" Agatha looks at him. "Yes you have. And sweet." "Then you must
      understand that it hurts me to tell you that you must go."

      Agatha puts her hand on his shoulder. "Does it hurt you?" "Yes I have no
      choice. You must go and you must find the snake and take it with you."
      "But I don't even know where he is. Perhaps he's gone away." She lowers her
      head. "You know that's not true." "I know nothing of the kind. All this
      evening I haven't felt his presence at all. I mean it's like when you have
      a close friend. You can feel whether that friend is near of not. Maybe he's
      gone." "Agatha I'm going to ask you a question and I want the truth. Now
      if I ask you to get rid of this friend would you do as I asked?" "I, I
      think I would." she says looking at Jean Paul. "I really think I would if I
      had you, as a friend." "Well I am your friend Agatha." She throws her
      arms around Jean Paul's neck. "Oh thank you, thank you." "And you'll give
      up dealing with the Serpent God." Agatha pulls away from Jean Paul. "I
      don't have any idea what you're talking about.' "Yes you do Agatha now the
      truth." "I told you I'd send Peter away if I find him or." "Agatha answer
      my question." Jean Paul stands up. "This is important, it's important to me
      because it means I think it has a definite connection with Emily�s
      recovery. And I will chance anything. I will pay any price to see that she
      does recover because I love her." "You, you love her." "Yes." "Her and
      not me?" Agatha stands and rushes to the door. Jean Paul walks after her.
      "Agatha!" "Well if that's the way it is I should leave, right away
      tonight." She rushes up the staircase. Agatha stops at the top and looks
      down at Jean Paul. "But you'll be sorry Mr. Desmond. And your heart will be
      broken like mine is when your precious Emily Blair is dead." "Jean Paul
      looks away worriedly.

      In her cottage Irene talks to Laslo.�But that's impossible; the others will
      arrive at midnight and no girl. No reunion between parents and daughter."
      "She refuses to leave Desmond Hall. She has great strength that girl."
      "More strength than you Laslo?" "She thought she was supposed to meet Jean
      Paul here and then he returned." "You did a bad job of it. How many times
      have you accused me of failing with Holly?" Irene says walking away from
      Laslo. She turns and looks at him. "And you would not accept any excuses.
      Well now I won't accept any either." Laslo walks over to Irene. "We
      mustn't argue you and I." "When I failed then there is an argument. Well
      the coven will meet and no one to complete the circle because of you. That
      is not arguing that is a point of fact." "Offer then Quito." Laslo says.
      "He is a speechless fool." "Then why do you protect him?"

      "Because he is also a powerful fool. If I were to order him right now he
      could choke the life from you." "Is that your plan my dear?" "My plan is
      to protect myself. To protect all of us. You have no idea of the forces
      which you are dealing." Irene says walking away from Laslo. "I know my own
      force." Laslo says walking up behind Irene. "So do I. I'm a witch. I serve
      and I know whom I serve. But when you desire to dabble with snakes, to
      employ a servant of the Serpent God then I am frightened Laslo. I'm very
      frightened." "Of what?" "Of a power that can devour and destroy yours and
      mine. Of a wicked God who has often challenged the evil one, our Master.
      Has challenged him and won the victory."

      Agatha quietly walks down the staircase carrying her bags. "Who's there?"
      Jean Paul asks from the Drawing Room. Agatha hides her case in the foyer.
      "Laslo?" Jean Paul calls out as he walks into the foyer. "Agatha? What are
      you doing?"

      Agatha shrugs. "Going for a walk." "Alone? At this time of the night?"
      "What would you care about what I do? You already told me to leave for

      "Agatha I told you, you mustn't leave. Only if you are involved in the
      mysteries you have been involved in." "I'm not involved in any mysteries.
      It's only a childish game, a friend who protects me. At least I imagine he
      does." "Agatha if you leave you will be driving yourself away from Desmond
      Hall. Now I want you to stay." Agatha looks at him. "Do you?" "Yes if you
      promise." "I guess my promise won't be worth much. After all I'm not an
      educated lady like some I know." Jean Paul looks away from Agatha. "Jean
      Paul? Do you like me a little?"

      "Yes I do Agatha." "Could you like me more?" "I could if you were on my
      side and help me drive the spirit of the Serpent from this house." "I
      don't know anything about a spirit of a Serpent. I only know a little
      garden snake who is my pet and is lost." Agatha turns towards the door.
      "Agatha please stay. Help me."

      Agatha looks back at him. "I'd like to very much." A slithering hissing
      sound is heard. "What's that?" Jean Paul asks, he turns and walks away from

      "Jean Paul did you hear me. I'd like to help you. If I could I would like
      to help you very much." Emily walks over to her suitcase, picks it up and
      leaves the mansion.

      Jean Paul enters Philip's secret room. He has a candle in his hand. "The
      door's been left open. By whom? Cort where are you?" Jean Paul sees one of
      Cort's paper birds hanging in the room. He takes it down and sees writing
      on it. "As a bird fears the serpent and quickly takes flight. I to have
      taken wing to fly. I fly. Cort!" Jean Paul says.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 92*

      *Episode 92: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y97nj9*

      Agatha: "Within the walls of Desmond Hall Jean Paul Desmond is threatened
      by unknown forces. His faithful manservant Quito, missing and the girl
      Agatha now adapted for purposes only known to the witches themselves. Emily
      studying the secret lore of the family surrounded in mystery looks on
      unable to save her host from spirits that she senses are determined to
      destroy him."

      Emily sits in the Drawing Room with Jean Paul as he paces back and forth in
      front of her. "Well she's gone, disappeared without a word. Not even a note
      just gone." Jean Paul tells Emily. "Maybe she thought she was taking
      advantage of your kindness." "My kindness? No I have done nothing but
      bring evil to people. First of all poor Quito is missing." "That's not
      true." Emily says. "Then Agatha is missing. I never intended for her to go
      out in the middle of the night like this."

      "Well perhaps she's gone back to her parents back home." Emily says. "No
      she'd never do that." "Well then maybe she's gone out to meet some
      friends. After all she's a local girl." Emily says as she tries to stand
      but falls back on the couch. "There's no suitcase here, not a trace of her
      anywhere in this house." He notices that Emily is growing weak and tired.
      "Oh Emily you shouldn't be here, you should be upstairs and resting." Jean
      Paul says touching her shoulder.

      "No I'm all right and I'm sure that she'll be fine." Emily stands as
      weakness and dizziness makes her sway as she touches her head. "Emily."
      Jean Paul says as he grabs her. "Oh I feel strange. I feel weak." She says
      as she sits back down.

      "Emily would you like some brandy?" Jean Paul asks sitting next to her as
      he still holds onto her. "No I think I better go up to bed." "What is it?
      What's the matter?" Jean Paul asks. "I've been..." "Well what?" Jean
      Paul asks. "I've been feeling strange ever since that..." Emily stares
      straight ahead. "No, no! The snake! No! �Emily screams and collapses.
      "Emily, Emily! Speak to me!" Jean Paul says as he holds Emily. "Emily?
      Emily open your eyes. You'll be all right. �He puts his hand on her
      forehead.�Emily I'd do anything to make you better."

      Emily starts opening her eyes and smiles at Jean Paul. "I fainted." She
      tries to sit up. Jean Paul pulls her back holding her in his arms. "No lie
      still please."

      "I'm sorry." Emily says. "Why should you be sorry? Of anyone you should be
      the least sorry." "I feel better now. I really don't know what happened to
      me." "You were frightened. Just before you fainted you screamed, you cried
      out The Snake." "Did I? I don't remember." "Emily something terrible is
      happening to you. Ever since you were trapped in Philip's secret room with
      that Serpent. Ever since that happened it seems as if...well it seemed as
      if you were dead. And nothing seems the same ever since." "I'm all right.
      It's nothing Jean Paul."

      "We've got to do something. What ever is wrong we have to find the reason
      that it has such an effect on you." Emily sits up and turns to Jean Paul.
      "Jean Paul please there's nothing to be concerned about. I'm all right
      really." He grasps her shoulders. "Listen to me. I can't stand by and
      allow this to happen to you. Now what ever this is it is obviously
      prolonged and dangerous. You've got to help me fight it Emily. Help me."
      "All right. I seem to remember a book on Philip's shelves. It was about
      serpents." "Yes, tell me what did it say? Did you read it?" Jean Paul
      asks. "Oh no I didn't want to. I don't like crawly things." "Tell me
      where I can find this book." "It's on the shelf behind the table. It's
      called Serpentalia in Myth and Medicine." "Myth and it concerns medicine."
      Jean Paul says. He releases Emily and stands. "I must get a hold of this
      book now." "I'll go with you." Emily tells him. "No I don't want you to.
      I don't want to see you in that secret room ever again." "Jean Paul why
      won't you believe me." She says as she stands up. "Really there's nothing
      wrong with me. I'm just a little upset. There's really no reason to be
      concerned about me." Jean Paul touches the side of Emily's face. "There's
      every reason to be concerned about you. Now wait for me please." Jean Paul
      walks out of the room Emily hears a hissing sound. "Who? Who speaks to me?
      Are you calling me? I can't hear you clearly. All I hear is sliding soft,
      soft sound. As if you were trying to comfort me. But who are you? And what
      do you want me to do? Who are you?"

      In her cottage Irene talks to Quito.�Who am I? Who?" Quito touches his

      "I am your friend, that's who I am Quito. And I will keep you safe and free
      as long as you are loyal to me. Promise." Quito stands and walks around
      Irene. "Promise. Make the mark that you promise to serve me, only me.

      There is a knock at the door. "Quiet Quito." Irene tells him. He sits on
      the couch.

      Irene picks up the black candle candelabra. "Come in." she says. Laslo
      opens the door leading Agatha inside. "Good evening." Laslo says. "Good
      evening." Irene replies. "See who I found wandering about outside Desmond
      Hall, somewhat lost." "I was not." Agatha tells him. "Desmond Hall is
      much to dark and dismal for someone as vital as you are my dear." Laslo
      says. "He's right you know Miss Pruett. Mr. Thaxton is absolutely right
      Agatha. Strange things do take place in Desmond Hall and strange people
      come and go." "I'm quite used to strange people." Agatha says. "We
      mustn't upset her my dear, she's troubled. She's just lost a very close
      friend." Laslo says. "Oh I'm sorry to hear that."

      Agatha looks at Laslo. "Take me back please." "But you only just arrived
      my dear." Irene says caring the candelabra. "I want to go back to Desmond

      "But we haven't discussed our plans about your future." Laslo leads her
      across the room. "My future has nothing to do with you Mr. Thaxton.' "Oh
      come now my dear, we've known each other long enough. We don't have to be
      that formal." He says taking her coat and sitting her in a chair. "I don't
      want to know you." Agatha says. "I don't want to know either of you."
      "Forgive me my dear but it seems to me that a girl of your station in life
      would choose much worse friends than us."

      "I know people like you. I recognize the order of secret herbs and scented
      candles on ancient candelabras. I grew up with people like you and I left
      them all behind me." "Have you really?" Laslo asks. "Yes I have." "Come
      my dear we all think we leave our past behind us but we don't. We can't.
      The past becomes the present and the present becomes the future." Irene
      tells her. "I won't listen to you." Agatha says. "Oh I think you will."
      Irene tells her. Agatha stands. "You're witches, both of you." "Oh come
      now my dear. We may be somewhat different from other people, somewhat
      superior even. But we're not witches." Laslo says.

      "You are. I can always identify witches. I know all about them." "And I
      know all about your little friend. What did you call him, Peter?" "And who
      is Peter?" Irene asks. "Miss Pruett appears to be; well I suppose you
      might call her a Priestess of sorts. For the ancient Serpent God. It seemed
      a pity that such a talent should be wasted at Desmond Hall when she has
      much more scope here with you." Laslo says. "No!" Agatha stands and turns
      as she rushes towards the door. "Agatha!" Laslo says to her. She stops
      and Laslo walks up to her. "Do you love Peter very much?" Agatha turns and
      looks at Laslo. "Do you want him to live or die? Do you want to be deprived
      of his power?" Agatha walks back across the room. "That's better you see
      if you don't join us I will kill him. And your power dies with him. Do you
      understand?" Laslo says. Irene walks over to Agatha. "After all we all
      want the same thing Mr. Thaxton, you and I." "I don't want anything.'
      Agatha tells them. "You want Jean Paul Desmond to die. So do we." Laslo
      says to her.

      "That's not true!" "Oh you don't have to pretend with us my dear." Laslo

      "We're your friends." Irene tells her. "And since you want what we want
      why don't we join forces." Laslo tells her. Quito walks in from another
      room. "Like true friends." Laslo says.

      In Philip's secret room Jean Paul looks for the book Emily had told him
      about. "Serpentalia in Myth and Medicine." He places the books back on the
      shelf. "No that's not it. It's on the shelf behind the table. Why can't I
      find it?" The door opens and Jean Paul turns around. "Emily?" "I was
      alone and I was frightened. And you were gone so long I thought you had
      forgotten about me." Emily says walking up to Jean Paul. "Of course I
      haven't forgotten you." He takes her in his arms and hugs her. "Listen you
      mustn't be afraid anymore." "I'm not. Not with you. The book, did you find
      it?" Emily asks looking up at Jean Paul. "No." He pulls away from Emily
      and looks at the bookcase. "Well I put it here myself." Emily walks to the
      bookcase. "Here it is." Emily says as she pulls the book from the shelf.
      "Please let me see it." Jean Paul says taking it from her. "But I'm the
      researcher you know." "Yes but I'd rather read it myself." "Well is there
      a reason I shouldn't read it?" "Well no. No not really. It's just that I
      remember this dark creature and." He looks at the book. "Wait a moment.
      Here it is. 'The serpent often coils about its victim but does not poison
      the body." He looks at Emily "Thank God for that." He looks back at the
      book. "However..." He stops reading.

      "What is it?" "Nothing." "Jean Paul!" She pulls the book from his hands
      and reads. "However the Snake God poisons the spirit possessing people for
      his service." "Emily please don't read this." "I must.� His victims are
      weakened momentarily sometimes fainting. Sometimes going into trances as
      they pass from their world into..." She hands the book back to Jean Paul.
      "I sensed the words even before I read them." Jean Paul reads. "From their
      world into the dark cavern of the spirit. Once a servant of the God there
      is no release." Emily grabs the book and closes it. "No I won't believe
      it. It's not true. I will not believe it!" she shouts looking at Jean
      Paul. Jean Paul reaches for her and holds her.

      Irene looks at Agatha. "So you will help us. You will trust us and you will
      do as we ask." "I don't use Peter for wicked purposes." "We want him to
      take evil from the world. Not to add more to it." Laslo says to Agatha.
      "You are witches." Agatha says. "Jean Paul Desmond is evil. We will remove
      this monster from the world." Laslo says. "You mustn't suspect us of such
      things Agatha. Witchcraft is not evil. Witchcraft is an art. And art is
      never evil, you know that.' Irene tells Agatha. "I don't know anything
      about witches!" "Don't deny the facts of your life." "What fact?" Agatha
      asks Irene. "We know all about you. And we know all about your father and
      mother." Agatha turns her face away. "Oh don't be afraid." Laslo tells
      her. "And we know all about their parents, and their parents." Irene
      says. "And you're frightening me as they used to frighten me. As their
      friends used to frighten me. But I always escaped." Agatha says as she
      looks at Irene and sits down. "Where did you escape to?" Laslo asks. "To
      the woods and in the caves. I used to run away and hide in them." "We
      can't run away from our fate Agatha." Irene says to her. "Yes we can. If
      we're strong enough and we fight hard enough. If we find friends." "But we
      are your friends." Irene says to her. Agatha glances at Irene. "Peter is
      my only friend." "A snake for a friend? Come, come Agatha, that's a story
      children might believe. But Laslo and I aren't children."

      "It's true! It's true I tell you!" Agatha stands and faces Irene. "Peter is
      my only friend. The only friend I ever had since the day he came to me in
      the cave." She says walking away from Irene. "What caves? Where?" Irene
      asks. "When I was a little girl my mother told me the Serpent God lived in
      a cave by the river. And I found that cave one day." "And what did you do
      down in that cave by the river Agatha? Pretty little Agatha." Irene asks
      brushing Agatha's hair back with her hand. "I prayed on the Serpent God's
      altar to make my mother and my father good like other people. I prayed to
      the Serpent God to take away their evil powers,� Irene drops her hand from
      Agatha's head. "You were too young to understand." "The evil power they
      used against everyone I loved." Agatha says angrily turning towards Irene.
      "And did the Serpent God answer your prayers?" Laslo asks. "He sent me
      Peter. Who kept me safe ever since. He's my friend."

      Laslo walks up to her. "You have lost your only friend. He's disappeared at
      Desmond Hall." Agatha walks away from him. "Peter protected me from my
      parents and he'll protect me from you." "Agatha we have all lost friends.
      It's very sad but we must make new ones to replace the old ones." Laslo
      says walking over to Agatha. "He'll come back." "I don't think he will."
      Laslo says as he walks away from Agatha. Agatha turns and faces Laslo and
      Irene. "Peter won't desert me." "He has deserted you already." "Peter.
      Peter." Agatha starts to sob. "Don't cry Agatha, Peter sent you to me."
      Irene says walking over to her and puts her arm around Agatha's shoulder.
      "Laslo and I will protect you." "I want to go back to Desmond Hall."
      Agatha sobs and walks towards the door. Laslo grabs her. "You will never
      see Jean Paul Desmond again and if you don't cooperate you will force us to
      remove you from this life." "Let go!" Agatha pulls away from Laslo and
      runs towards the door. "Come back here!" Laslo says as he grabs her
      again. "No! Let me go!" Agatha cries out struggling. Quito sees Laslo and
      grabs him backing him away from Agatha. "Stay Quito stay!" Irene commands
      swaying a pendant in front of Quito's face. Quito releases Laslo. "Turn
      Quito." He does as he is commanded. "You are mine, Quito mine. You are my
      servant now! Mine Quito." Quito backs away from Irene. "You have lost the
      only protector you might have had." Laslo tells Agatha as he walks over to
      Irene. "You will never return to Desmond Hall again." Irene says to Quito.
      "You will never serve Jean Paul Desmond again. You will never guard the
      Desmonds from their enemies or from evil." "You will kill whenever Irene
      tells you to. Without question, without hesitation. Whenever she tells you
      and when ever she tells you." Laslo says to Quito. Quito clasps his hands
      and bows. "Quito kill Agatha." Irene says. "Kill Agatha now!" Quito walks
      towards Agatha as she backs away. "Kill Agatha now, now!" He grasps her
      neck. "Quito remember your Master Mr. Desmond." Agatha cries out to him.
      Quito pushes her into a corner with his hands around her neck. "Put that
      pretty neck between your strong hands until the evil is gone out of her
      forever. Kill the Snake Princess." Agatha starts choking trying to
      breath. "That's enough Quito. Stop." Irene tells him. Quito releases
      Agatha and faces Irene with his hands still raised. Irene walks over to
      Agatha carrying a candelabra. "So now we know who has the power and who
      doesn't don't we Miss Pruett?" Agatha looks at her, as she tries to breath
      with a bruised throat. "Yes."

      "And if you obey us your future is safe. But if you disobey us your future
      will be taken away from you by Quito's hands. Is that quite clear now
      Agatha." "Yes Mrs. Hatter." "Oh my friends call me Irene. Say it." "Yes

      Jean Paul and Emily are in the Drawing Room. Jean Paul closes the book.
      "Myths, superstitions. I can't accept them as fact. I can't." He tells
      Emily. "Well then you must stop worrying about me. I'm fine now Jean Paul.
      "I'm here with you." "I'm glad you're here with me. But really you
      shouldn't be. Everyone that is around me, everyone that I love is tainted
      and cursed." "Everyone you love?"

      "Yes that is what I said. Everyone that I love." Emily looks away. "I
      don't know how to respond to that." Jean Paul turns away. "Emily you
      mustn't. Ever since you've been here at Desmond Hall I found myself wanting
      to forget the past. Forget all the terrible and unavoidable things that
      have happened to me. I want to some how begin afresh. To begin anew because
      of you Emily. I can't express these feelings to you because I don't feel I
      have the right." "But you do have the right to Jean Paul. I admire you
      more than any man I've ever met." "You mustn't say that." "But it's the
      truth." Emily says standing behind him. Jean Paul turns to Emily. "Emily
      when I saw you laying there without a breath no sign of life whatever. I
      knew then that you were the most important thing in my life. But I can't
      allow myself to feel that." Jean Paul says walking away from Emily. He
      stops in the middle of the room and turns towards her. "I have secrets,
      secrets which I can never tell to anyone. I must not love anyone. That's
      why you should never have come here. That's why you should have left long
      ago." Emily looks at him. "But I wouldn't have left." "I know and I want
      you here." He says walking towards her and holding her by the shoulders. "I
      wanted to look at you." He holds her in his arms. "So I plunged you into
      ghosts and snakes and witches and Serpent Gods!" Jean Paul says getting
      upset. "Jean Paul you take everything so seriously. It's only a snake."
      Emily says then stares straight ahead and walks away from Jean Paul. "But
      they are such beautiful, graceful, luxurious creatures. With colors that
      must glimmer in the darkest passages underneath the earth. Such beauty is
      worthy of admiration." Jean Paul watches Emily worriedly. "Emily?" "Look,
      see him in your mind's eye. See this tremendous serpent, his writhing body
      gleaming in the darkness. His eyes burning like diamonds. He moves to me.
      He winds himself around me.' Jean Paul grabs Emily and shakes her. "Emily,
      Emily stop it!" "I can feel his eyes looking into mine. Calling me and I
      feel more alive than I've ever felt in my entire existence. It's as if I've
      entered another realm. With the potential beyond that of a human being. And
      I'm consumed with a dedication stronger than life itself. Stronger than
      fear, stronger than love. I'm being enfolded in his consciousness and
      nothing matters to me but his presence. I will serve him no matter what the
      danger, what the hazards. No matter what happens to me or what he demands
      from me. I am his completely, forever. He is my God! My Serpent God!" Jean
      Paul looks at her in horror. "Emily what have I done." He lowers his head.
      "And I am his slave.' Emily says.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

      *"Dobby never meant to kill, Dobby only meant to main--or seriously injure."
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