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Episodes 89 & 90

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 89* *Episode 89: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/ylq398* Ada: Two shadows move darkly over Desmond Hall and Jean Paul Desmond trying
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 89*

      *Episode 89: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/ylq398*

      Ada: "Two shadows move darkly over Desmond Hall and Jean Paul Desmond
      trying to escape from the curse which would force him to destroy life finds
      himself and friends threatened by additional powers. The witchcraft of the
      wicked Laslo who seeks the death of Jean Paul. And the evil shadows of the
      serpent from the underworld now wrapping its coils tightly around the
      servant Raxl."

      "Release me! You're crushing me!" Raxl cries out. "Raxl, Raxl!" Jean Paul
      shouts from the other side of the door. "Master the breath is being
      crushed from my lungs." Raxl cries out in agony. "Master, help me." Raxl
      cries out as she stumbles across the room. "Enter!" she cries out as she
      collapses. Jean Paul pushes the door open and sees Raxl on the floor.
      "Raxl!" He kneels down and lifts her head and shoulders from the floor.
      "Raxl, Raxl open your eyes. Raxl its Jean Paul." "Master." Raxl says as
      she opens her eyes. "It's the girl, she has brought to this house a
      devouring serpent of hell. And it will not leave until it has fed itself on
      our hearts and our souls." Raxl cries out before she faints. Jean Paul
      takes Raxl to his room. He helps her to a chair then pours her a glass of
      water and walks over to her with it. "I will not succumb even though the
      life be crushed out of me. I will not succumb " Raxl says. "Raxl drink
      this. You have been injured." Jean Paul tries to hand her the glass. "No I
      will not accept injury."

      "Drink." Jean Paul tells her. Raxl takes the glass and takes a sip. "How
      do you feel?" Jean Paul asks. "Better, stronger." Raxl takes another
      drink. "I will not be defeated by the forces of darkness. I have fought
      them all the years of my life. I will not be conquered." "Raxl tell me
      what happened." Raxl glances at Jean Paul. "The girl must go." Her face
      shows pain. "Please you must rest." "The girl must go! Or she must die!"
      Raxl says as she stands up weakly. Jean Paul grabs her arm. "Please rest.
      Sit down." "I will not sit down before my Master. Nor will I rest before
      my battles have been won." "Raxl I order you! Please." Raxl shakes her
      head no. "There are orders which I cannot obey. Just as there are actions
      you refuse to take." Raxl says walking a few steps from Jean Paul. Jean
      Paul follows her. Raxl turns and looks at him. "The girl Agatha must be
      sent away!"

      "Yes to label me a murderer." "Then accept my first solution. She must

      "Raxl no! No more death. It solves nothing. One death leads to another
      that's all it is." Jean Paul turns away and walks across the room. "Can't I
      cherish life without obliterating it?" There is a knock at the door. Raxl
      walks up to Jean Paul and holds his arm. "Shhh. It is your life I have been
      assigned to cherish. "Jean Paul?" Ada calls from the other side of the
      door. Raxl walks across the room and opens it. "Jean Paul." Ada says. "Ada
      come in." "Jean Paul I couldn't sleep and I saw the light under the door
      and I heard voices." "Raxl wasn't feeling very well. She needs attention."
      Raxl grips the side of the door. "I need nothing. If you will excuse me
      Mrs. Thaxton." Raxl says as she leaves the room. "Raxl!" Jean Paul calls
      out to her. "Goodnight Master and sleep. Sleep well." She closes the door
      behind her. "Jean Paul what's happened?" Ada asks. "Nothing." Jean Paul
      says turning his back to Ada. "Don't pretend with me. I'm tired of
      deception." "Ada I'm not lying to you. Raxl must make her own decisions
      and as she said she is well."

      Jean Paul look at me." Ada says quietly. Jean Paul turns to Ada. "Do I look
      like the same cousin you've always know? Do I look the same?" "You've
      always been the same to me." Jean Paul says. "I don't want to be the same
      Ada. I won't. I accused you of deception and lies right now. Well I've been
      pretending ever since the first day you arrived at the door." Ada says
      walking away from Jean Paul. "I've tried to be the same Ada, but that
      wasn't true." "What do you mean?" Jean Paul asks. "My marriage, my son
      they have changed me. They haven't been my dream of life come true and I'm
      tired of living on old memories. Visions of pleasant days at Desmond Hall."
      She turns and looks at Jean Paul. "Desmond Hall is no longer a paradise." "Ada
      I'm sorry." Jean Paul says as he walks across the room and sits down.
      "Perhaps I shouldn't have come here at all." "Jean Paul it's not you." Ada
      says walking over to him. "Yes I've been the cause of all the problems.
      I've upset your husband and your son." He says looking up at her. Ada
      kneels down next to him. "But you've opened my eyes. I'm not speaking
      bitterly when I say this I'm just stating a fact. My marriage is not what I
      hoped it would be. Well it's my fault. I allowed Laslo to command me, into
      frightening me. And Cort well all his life I guess I've been more a servant
      than his mother. But no more." Ada stands. "No more." she says looking at
      Jean Paul. "And I want you to know that because it may affect your future
      at Desmond Hall."

      Jean Paul stands. "Ada can you do that? Can any person change his life that
      suddenly?" "I am and I shall. Not just for my sake but for the people I
      love. Oh Jean Paul you've always been so kind to me." She says as she holds
      his hands. "If I can eliminate any of the torture that you are suffering,
      if I can do anything at all for you please tell me." Jean Paul nods. "Yes,
      yes I will. Thank you for telling me that Ada." "And if you still want to
      explore the river caves as Emily said I'll no longer protest. I�ll go with
      you. Well I miss Philip too." Ada turns away. "And I have a feeling that
      then caves hold the secret." She opens the door and leaves the room. Jean
      Paul glances away from the door.

      Cort walks into the mansion carrying a box with a handle. Laslo sees him
      from the Drawing Room . "Cort? Where have you been?" He asks. In his hand
      is a drink. Cort walks over to the doorway of the drawing Room. "Walking
      Stepfather." "What have you got there?" Laslo asks. "A field mouse."
      Cort answers. "I would like to know from time to time what my family is
      doing." "It's very late Stepfather." Cort says as he turns away. "I want
      to know where you have been." Cort turns to face Laslo. "You don't believe
      me?" He opens the box. "Look a field mouse and some fat little spiders. I
      gathered them for food."

      "Food?" "Yes you see we have a new guest at Desmond hall. A snake, it's a
      pet of Miss Agatha." "How cozy. How homey for us. And where does she keep
      this rather bizarre pet?" "I don't know it's missing." "Oh making itself
      at home." Laslo says. "Exactly." says Cort. "Now you are going to add a
      mouse and some spiders as wandering guests." "I told you it's for food for
      provisions." Cort says closing the box and walking past Laslo. "I wish I
      knew what went on in that mind of yours." Laslo asks. "It functions as
      does yours." "Cort the other night you threatened me with a dagger." Cort
      looks up. "Did I?" "Yes, perhaps you don't remember but I find the
      incident very vivid. You were defending as I recall and avenging your
      father." "Is that what I was doing?" Cort says with a smile. "I have a
      suggestion Cort before you go about avenging your father. Find out from
      your mother what he was." Cort turns towards Laslo. "I know what he was!" "So
      do I. therefore I do not wish to die because of him. He was a nair do well,
      a conspirator." "Don't speak about my father like that. He was a victim of
      conspiracy and hate. He was a man who knew nothing more than that. I have
      struggled and seen age old problems become power and money! And I am
      struggling to keep myself free from that!" Cort says as he walks across the
      room . He stops and turns towards Laslo. "So I will stand aside Laslo until
      all the money is mine." Cort walks out of the room. Laslo turns and hurls
      his glass into the fireplace in anger. Philip's laughter fills the room.
      "Until the money is Cort�s. Did you hear that Laslo, and you thought you
      would win." Philip laughs. Laslo glances around. "Philip? Is that you?
      Where are you?" "Now where should I be. But Cort your dear stepson, now
      Cort is often at your side and someday he shall move that dagger if I have
      to move both heaven and hell to do it." "Philip it can't be you. You
      are..." "What were you about to say dear friend Laslo. I am what? Alive
      and well." Laslo backs away in fear. Philip's laughter echoes through the

      Cort opens the drapes in the Drawing Room as Emily enters. "Good morning
      Emily." "Good morning." Emily says quietly as she walks across the room. "I
      was just greeting the sunshine. Raxl always keeps the drapes closed. I
      think she would like to live underground down in one of those caves." Cort
      says as he picks up his coat from a chair. "Down with the bats and the
      little creatures and the crawling creatures." Cort says walking up to Emily
      with a smile. "You're not amusing." Emily tells him as she stands next to
      a table leafing through a book.

      "Well the entertainer needs an audience and your not being very responsive
      at all." Cort turns to walk away. Emily glances at him. "Cort? Is Jean
      Paul back yet?" "Should I know. And if I did should I tell you? Does she
      care? Does she love him?" Emily turns away from Cort. "So many questions
      and no answers." Cort says to Emily. "I told you you're not funny." Emily
      says. "Well I think you're funny Emily. Here you are trying to make some
      sense of the Desmond family, trying to get a niche in for yourself. Trying
      to dint the heart of Jean Paul. Don't you know you're put of your league.
      Don't you know you're out of the running." He walks over to Emily. "Have
      you met Agatha?" "Yes I have." Emily glances down. "You know she's gazing
      fondly at Jean Paul." Cort says then walks away.

      Jean Paul is coming through the doorway. "Good morning cousin." Cort says.

      Jean Paul glances at Cort. "Oh there is someone in there who wants to see
      you." Cort says as he puts on his coat. "Cort?" "Yes." "If we were going
      to explore the river caves would you join us?" "Certainly. Yes I'd enjoy
      that very much. Ah do we take along our own provisions?" Jean Paul stares
      at him questioningly. "I mean were not going to get lost in the labyrinth
      ways without devouring each other are we?" Cort turns away from Jean Paul
      and leaves the mansion. Jean Paul shakes his head. "Such a winning young
      man." "Jean Paul?" Emily calls from the Drawing Room. "Good morning."
      Jean Paul says as he walks into the room. He stands in front of Emily. "Did
      you rest well last night?"

      "No I didn't. I haven't seen you since... Jean Paul, Laslo somehow
      influenced me to show him the secret room. But I can't even remember it.
      I'm sorry." Emily says turning away from Jean Paul. "I wanted to help you
      but I've done nothing but cause trouble." "You help me Emily by just being
      here." "Jean Paul that night when you ran away from me you told me to
      leave you alone. To stay away from you." She turns and looks at him. "And
      I'll do that Jean Paul if that is what you want." Jean Paul walks away
      from Emily. "I'm sorry, that night I just wasn't myself Emily. I regret
      what happened." He tells her with his back towards her.

      Emily walks up to him. "I tried to be honest with you. You might do the
      same for me." Jean Paul turns and grasps her hands. "I am being honest.
      Now I did not mean to hurt you." "Do you want me to go?" "I don't know.
      Emily if it was my decision alone I'd say stay, stay as long as you wish.
      Forever." He releases her hands and walks away from her. :But there are so
      many things, so many unpleasant things here that my instinct is to say go.
      She must go." Emily glances down sadly.

      Laslo sits on the couch talking to Irene in her cottage. Irene is arranging
      flowers. "The girl is right for us. I know." Laslo says. "Agatha?" Irene
      asks. "Yes destined I think for us." "I knew her as a child long before
      you came to Desmondton. Her parents used to bring her with them, hoping to
      include her in the circle. The evil one likes nothing better than a
      responsive child. So true you see, so pure. But little Agatha would have
      none of it." "Little Agatha is a grown woman ." Laslo says as he stands up
      and walks up to Irene. "Very attuned , alone. Ready to be responsive I can
      tell you." "You can tell me about Holly too couldn't you?" "You too
      Irene. Holly would have done well, she would have completed the coven. Been
      ours to mold as we wish." Laslo walks to the fireplace. "But there are
      other influences. Irene, Philip spoke to me last night." "Philip spoke to
      you? I warned you!" "He mocked me as if the job were done." Laslo says. "The
      job will not be done until Jean Paul is taken care of! And you, you delay,
      delay." Irene says as she turns away from Laslo. "What should I do? Shoot
      him and end up in prison. No I tell you this girl is the only way." "But
      you have no moment of doubt. No hesitation? Oh how convenient for you. Jean
      Paul brings Agatha to his house so she can destroy him. Something seems a
      little wrong to me Laslo. Something very wrong." Irene says as she turns
      towards Laslo. "You fret too much. In any case I don't want her at Desmond
      Hall. She's a cheat and a liar. She must go."

      "Described like that she sounds ideal. All right bring her to me this
      daughter of witches." Irene says walking up to Laslo. "I'll see what we can
      do. Though how her parents will react I don't know." Irene walks away. "They
      will be jubilant Irene. The wandering child returns to the fold. They may
      even kill the fatted calf themselves." Laslo says walking up to stand
      behind Irene." "Laslo what did Philip say to you?" Irene asks turning to
      look at him. "He said I was going to die. Presumably by the hand of my
      stepson." "And it has frightened you." "Not at all. A voice without a
      body." Laslo says walking away from Irene. "A spirit without any hope. No I
      fear Cort worse than I do Philip. But I have plans for him. When the estate
      is settled and all the money is in his hands then he will go on a trip too.
      Just like Philip." Laslo says as he picks up his coat. "I feel sorry for
      the boy, I always have." "I hate him much more than he hates me if that's
      possible." Irene walks over to Laslo. "Thanks for stopping by Mr.
      Thaxton." she says as she offers him her hand. "I feel it has been a
      rather pleasant and productive visit."

      "Wasn't it though." Laslo says smiling at her. "When will you bring the
      girl to me?" "Tonight Mrs. Hatter tonight." Laslo says then leaves the

      Irene walks across the room and smells her flowers. "Filthy! Any flowers
      that you grow Mrs. Hatter would be filthy." Philip's voice tells her. Irene
      backs away. "Philip you mustn't blame me." Philips laughter fills the room.
      "Not for anything. I was your friend, you know that." "The vase of flowers
      pushes off the table and smashes. "Whatever our friendship is Irene it
      hasn't yet begun. Observe. And this is your alter." Her altar slides to the
      floor and smash. "You will suffer for this Philip Desmond! You're
      tampering with something that is sacred to us! You have lost!" She picks up
      the broken pieces and drops them back on the floor. "Any victory that you
      hope that you had you lost!"

      In Philip's secret room Emily sorts through books and glances through them.

      Jean Paul enters. "Emily?" "Jean Paul I'm just collecting my papers." "I
      don't want you in here. Never again do you understand! Never again alone!"
      Jean Paul glances around the room. "I was just preparing to leave this
      place as neat as I found it." "Well leave it now! Take your research
      papers and go!" Jean Paul says nervously looking around the room. "If you
      say I must then I will." "Then you must now Emily! This room is to be
      sealed and no one is to be allowed in here again." A hissing is coming
      from across the room. "What was that?" Emily asks.

      "What do you mean?" Jean Paul asks walking over to her. "A hissing sound
      like a snake. Some huge hissing snake ready to strike." "Emily would you
      leave!: Jean Paul tells her. "Didn't you hear it? Don't lie to me Jean
      Paul!" Emily says getting upset. "Yes, yes I heard it!" Jean Paul shouts.
      And Raxl heard it last night. She also saw it. Not in reality because it is
      not real. It is some huge shadowy serpent which has the will to appear and
      disappear. It almost choked her to death last night! Now come with me!"
      Jean Paul rushes towards the door. "Now!" "Wait I." Emily drops a book. As
      Jean Paul turns the door closes trapping Emily inside. Emily rushes to the
      door. "Oh Jean Paul! Oh Jean Paul!" she shouts pounding on the door. "Emily!"
      Jean Paul shouts. "Emily!" Hearing a loud hissing Emily turns and walks
      towards it. A shadow of a giant snake rises up in front of her. "No! No
      stay away! No!" Emily screams as the candles blow out.

      Ada is in the Drawing Room straightening it up when Laslo walks in. "Good
      morning my dear." Laslo says. "Good morning." Ada says with her back
      towards him. "Not a very bright greeting." "My day did not begin very
      brightly as far as you are concerned. How is Mrs. Hatter?" "She's well,
      very well." "Laslo!" Jean Paul screams his name as he rushes into the
      room. "Laslo its Emily! She's... Come with me please. Well move! Come!"
      Jean Paul races from the room. Laslo follows him. "Oh Emily you should
      have left Desmond Hall long ago. As I may leave. Yes, yes leave." Ada says.

      Emily is lying on the floor in Philip's secret room. "Emily, Emily!" Jean
      Paul shouts rushing over to her after he gets the door open. He lifts her
      head. Laslo takes her hand. "Jean Paul there's no pulse, no heartbeat.
      She's dead."

      Summary by Debby Graham and slideshow by Ron Janick*

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 90*

      *Episode 90: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/ymeweh*

      Ada: "Desmond Hall ancestral home of the ill fated Desmond Family awaits
      the coming of night. For it is only in darkness and sleep that the
      inhabitants find rest from the demons that plague them. A spectral serpent
      now moves through the mansion striking fear into the hearts of those that
      visit. And Emily Blair choked in the shadowy coils of the snake seem to
      have surrendered her life."

      "Is there a pulse?" Cort asks. "No, she's cold as ice." Laslo tells him. In
      her mind Emily speaks. 'I must, I must return to life. I must fight.' She
      sees the serpent and hears his hissing. 'No I want to return.' "Jean Paul,
      Jean Paul." she calls out. "Emily?" Cort says. "Oh yes, yes I hear you."
      Emily opens her eyes.

      "There is a pulse beat." Laslo tells Cort. "Emily wake up. She's
      breathing. Emily its Cort." He is kneeling next to the couch in front of
      Emily. Laslo squats behind the couch holding her wrist. "Cort, Cort where
      is Jean Paul?" Emily asks.

      "He's gone to get a doctor. He wouldn't believe the fact that you were
      dead." Cort tells her. "Dead?" "You weren't breathing. There was no
      heartbeat." Laslo tells her. "Where am I?" Emily asks. "In the Drawing
      Room, we brought you down from Philip's secret room. Something had attacked
      you." Laslo says as he stands and releases her wrist. "No I don't want to
      think about it." Emily says getting upset and trying to sit up. "Lie down,
      rest." Cort says holding her shoulders. Rest. You see we thought , we were
      sure you were dead." Emily looks up at Cort. "But I was, I was dead. I was
      in some dark hell with some horrible things around me and I fought to get
      back. I had to!" "My dear girl don't speak. Don't waste your energy trying
      to talk. I'm sure there is some simple explanation." Laslo tells her as he
      bends over the couch to talk to her. "But I know I was dead. I know
      it." "You�re
      overwrought from all the researching into the past. The books you've been
      reading." Laslo says to her. "No!" Emily cries out. "You're upsetting
      her." Cort says. "I'm trying to be reasonable.." Laslo says to Cort as he
      stands straight. Cort stands and faces Laslo across the couch. "You said
      yourself. You said there wasn't any life within her. When you and Jean Paul
      asked me down here you said yourself that she was gone." Cort says walking
      to the end of the couch and turns towards Laslo. "A mistake probably a
      faint pulse we couldn't find." Laslo tells Cort. "Laslo." Ada calls from
      the doorway. She sees that Emily is awake. "Emily! Oh?" "She's alive
      Mother." Cort tells her. "Emily we thought well..." Ada looks at Cort. "No.
      No Laslo says we're all mistaken." "Laslo you said yourself." Ada looks at
      Laslo. "This incident is over and is best forgotten." Laslo says. "Why?
      What are you afraid of?" Cort asks. "Oh I want to forget it. I don't want
      to remember any of it. It was so awful." Emily tells them. Cort kneels
      next to her. Laslo is standing next to Cort. "It's alright. It's all over
      now." Cort says holding her hand. "Jean Paul called and said he couldn't
      find a doctor in town so he drove on to the next village. But I told him it
      would be too late." Ada says to them. "And as I see it we were all very
      excited. None of us was in any condition to judge." Laslo says. Cort
      stands. "Stepfather do me a favor. When I am to be buried make sure you�re
      not the one who has the judgment on it." Cort says then he walks out of the
      room. Ada walks over to Emily. "You mustn't let all of this upset you. Why
      don't you close your eyes now and get some sleep." "Yes I'll help you take
      her to her room." Laslo says reaching down for Emily's arm. "No. I want
      her down here where we can all watch over her." Ada tells Laslo. "Well I
      can tell you this incident is best forgotten as soon as possible." Laslo
      says as he walks out of the Drawing Room and closes the doors behind him. Ada
      sits on the edge of the couch. "Emily is there anything you want?" Emily
      shakes her head no. "No, I'm just very cold that's all." She hugs the sheet
      that is covering her.

      "I'll get you a blanket." Emily looks at the sheet. "What's this?" "A
      sheet. It was to be your winding-sheet." Emily looks at the sheet in her

      Laslo picks up the phone in the foyer. "Hello may I have the doctor in
      Arberville." There is a knock at the front door. "Come in." Laslo calls out.
      Irene enters and rushes over to Laslo. "Irene what do you want?" Laslo
      asks. "I heard about it in town, Emily's death. I wanted to see if there
      was anything I could do?" "Nothing to it. A rumor a false alarm." he says
      as he holds the phone to his ear. "A false alarm! I hardly think that
      death." "Quiet." He tells Irene as he answers the phone. "Hello doctor? Oh
      when he returns if a Mr. Desmond arrives please say that everything is
      fine. Miss Blair is well. Yes quite well. Good by." He hangs up the
      telephone. "There's something wrong. I can tell by your expression Laslo."
      "I don't know. Some force interfering. I suspect the girl Agatha. Jean Paul
      believed Emily Blair was dead. Crushed by a serpent." "And she was dead."
      Irene says to Laslo. "I said Jean Paul believed. It's some trick to
      frighten us. Some hypnotic state which gives the appearance of death."
      Laslo says walking a few steps away from Irene. "Or venom." Irene says
      following him. "The paralyzing venom of the Serpent God. It's chosen a
      victim in this house." Laslo glances at her. "That girl Agatha, she must
      leave tonight."

      In Philip's secret room Agatha's pet snake is coiled around the skull as a
      loud hissing starts from across the room. The door opens and Cort enters
      carrying a flashlight. He shines the light around the room. Cort walks
      towards the table and shines it on the skull. "Where are you? I'm not
      afraid of ghosts or serpents. Where are you?" Cort shines the light on the
      bookcase. "I read about you, you know. Among my luminous ancestors there
      were deities of Serpent God." He clicks off the flashlight. "You are here.
      If you exist you have an admirer in me. The strength and the power to
      fulfill my mission. I must never give in to sentimentality. I must never
      give in to sympathy! I must have the power and be cold as a serpent. I am
      to be the last of the Desmonds. I am not afraid of you. I welcome you. Tell
      me how you came? And what it is that you want?" "Cort. Cort you mustn't."
      Philip's voice tells him. "Philip?" Philip's body takes form through the
      skeleton from the waist up. "Don't desert me." "Why not? You never
      befriended me." Cort says. "I did. I tried to help you. I tried, I begged
      you not to be bitter towards the Desmonds. Not to blame us for your fathers
      fate. This is evil. God of evil sent to persecute me. Reject it, leave." "No
      I can't believe you! I can't believe anybody here." "Then you will be
      alone as I am alone. You will be surrounded by serpents of hell as I am.
      Leave Cort." Cort shakes his head no.

      "Trust me, leave." Philip says as his form fades away and the skeleton

      "No you don't do anything for me except increase my fear." Cort says to
      Philip. " I won't be afraid of anything, snake, ghost or devil!" The
      shadow of the serpent raises itself in front of Cort.

      Emily sits on the couch wrapped in a blanket as Ada starts a larger fire
      burning in the fireplace. "It's getting dark. I'll draw the drapes." Ada
      says as she walks across to the windows. Emily stares at the flames. "Do
      you feel better now Emily?" Ada asks. "Oh yes, yes I do. Has Jean Paul
      returned yet?" "Not yet but you mustn't worry. Laslo left a message for
      him with the doctor in Arberville. He'll be back soon." Ada says as she
      walks over to Emily and sits next to her. "Perhaps now Jean Paul will know
      better," "Know better?" "To let a stranger look into the secrets of the
      Desmond family." Ada says to her. "But why, I haven't done any harm." "I
      know but harm has been done to you." "Oh no. I don't remember anything of
      what happened. I'm fine now. It's all over." Emily says. "It will never be
      over as long as you're in the house." "But Mrs. Thaxton you always said
      how much you loved it here. Well you spoke of the happy times you had in
      this house with the family." "I'm a romantic woman or I was until I made
      myself face reality. I don't want to frighten you Emily but the reality is
      this. There is no longer any happiness or peace here for anybody. Everybody
      who comes to Desmond Hall becomes part of the fabric. And the design of the
      fabric is hatred and evil." "Oh I can't believe that. Jean Paul's not a
      hateful man. He's one of the kindest men I've ever met." "And so are they
      all." Ada stands and walks over to the fireplace. "His father and his
      brothers they were kindness in itself to me in the distant past. But the
      present is different. I don't know, perhaps we were too happy then. I only
      know that a judgment has fallen on Desmond Hall. And I get afraid now that
      no one will escape from it. Oh Emily what ever has to come now for me well
      I can bear it but I beg you." She touches Emily's shoulder after walking
      back to the couch. She kneels next to Emily. "Take Jean Paul and leave,
      leave here. And get far away and forget this. All of it if you can."

      "Ada." Laslo calls her name . Emily and Ada glance up at Laslo. "Yes
      Laslo?" Ada says. "I must go out." Ada stands and walks over to Laslo.

      "There's been trouble at the mill. The rumor is around that this young lady
      is dead. They are saying the Desmonds are bringing death to the town." "Well
      tell them, tell them I'm well. I'll go with you and tell them myself."
      Emily starts to stand. "No no. I'll handle this myself." Laslo tells
      her. "Well
      then do. Go!" Ada tells Laslo. "Ada why are you so upset my dear?" "Because
      I don't believe you. I didn't hear the phone ring. I don't think anyone
      from the mill has been in contact with you at all." "Such suspicions are
      not worthy of you my dear. Especially in front of our guest." Laslo says as
      he bends to kiss Ada. She pulls away. "I shall probably not be back in
      time for dinner. That leaves Holly, Miss Pruett and you two. I think it
      would be wise if they knew as little as possible about this incident. Good
      by." He looks at Emily. "Get well my dear." He turns and walks out of the
      room. Ada glances at Emily. "He didn't mention Cort. He didn't mention
      Cort at all." Ada says worriedly.

      Cort call to the Serpent God in Philips secret room. "Come, come to me
      little brother. Little serpent I don't fear your venom or the strength of
      your coils. You only strike at those you fear. You only crush your enemies.
      I am not an enemy, I am a friend. I've been afraid of too many things in my
      life to fear a spirit." The hissing of the snake is around Cort. "So come
      wrap your slimy length about me, embrace me. Don't leave." The hissing
      grows fainter. "Don't go away. I am to serve you dear serpent, good serpent
      come back!" Cort glances down and sees Agatha's pet snake. "Is that all you
      are? A tiny snake. You�re no serpent at all. Then where's your power?
      Where's your power now! Banished. You�re like some little garden snake I
      played with when I was a boy. I could destroy you as I destroyed them. I
      could crush you under my foot." The hissing starts again. "No I didn't mean
      that. I didn't mean to threaten you." Cort says in terror when the shadow
      of the snake grows in front of him. He rushes to the door trying to get it
      open. He turns and looks at the serpent. "It's locked. The door is locked."

      Irene lights black candles and sets them on her alter in her cottage. "I'm
      so glad you came Laslo. I've been so busy with preparations. I've called
      all members of the circle." Laslo walks up to Irene. "Did you tell the
      Pruetts their daughter will be joining us?" "No I wanted it to be a
      surprise." "Very thoughtful Irene. You are always so thoughtful." "And the
      girl Agatha when will we expect her?" "That will be a little difficult to
      plan. She is very attached to Jean Paul. And I doubt she will leave Desmond
      Hall without him." Laslo says. "So then?" Irene asks as she carries more
      candles to the table. "Laslo you do have a plan?" "Jean Paul's return will
      be delayed. Never fear he will be delayed. I shall tell her he wishes to
      meet her here." He looks at Irene. "The young lady does not like me, she
      doesn't trust me. I can't think why?" Irene looks away staring towards the

      "Irene what is it?" Laslo asks as he walks over to her. "Did you hear that
      sound? The hounds barking as if they are in pursuit of someone. Just now I
      thought I saw a face at that window. A sad and bloody face. It looked like
      it was asking for help and then." There is a knocking at the cottage door.
      Then someone starts pounding on it. "Laslo?" The door opens and Quito
      walks in. He walks towards them with his hands out. Putting his fingers to
      his mouth he collapses to the floor.

      "Oh Quito." Irene says. Laslo walks over to him then kneels next to him.
      "His cloths are torn. He's covered in blood. The hounds must have been
      chasing him."

      "And he came to us for refuge. How fortunate." Irene says. Laslo glances
      up at her and stands. "I'd say just the opposite. Throw him to the wolves."
      "And lose all that strength. Why the man is as strong as a minotaur. Such
      strength we can use." Irene says walking to the table. "You're a fool
      Irene. He's absolutely devoted to Jean Paul." Laslo says walking up to her.
      "Devotion can be changed. If I were to help him, nurse him. Try to get him
      to the sofa. I'll get some warm water and some towels." Irene tells Laslo.
      She leaves the room as Laslo walks over to Quito. "Quito?" Quito opens his
      eyes. "Good Quito. Help me get you to the couch." He grips Quito under the
      arms from behind as he helps Quito to the couch and helps him sit down.
      Quito looks around in fear. Irene walks in carrying a bowl of water and
      some towels. "There, there. Oh poor Quito." Quito pulls away from her. "But
      Irene will help you." She sets the bowl down, "I'll bathe your wounds and
      keep you safe, you'll stay here and be warm." She touches his face with a
      wet towel. He pulls away. "Yes, yes Quito. Quito to be warm and safe and if
      anyone comes looking for you, I'll tell them I haven't seen you. The dogs
      must have lost the scent." Quito tries pulling away from Irene as she
      cleans his face. "Am I hurting you? I'm being as gentle as I can." "Irene."
      Laslo signals her to go with him across the room. Irene follows him. "Irene
      you're a fool. If he's found here we will be in great danger." "He will
      not be found. I promise you." Irene tells him. "You are placing the coven
      in jeopardy Irene." "It is the coven I am hiding him for. He will serve us
      out of gratitude." Irene says as she walks back to Quito. "Won't you
      Quito?" Irene asks touching his shoulder. "You will like it here Quito. You
      will be glad you came to my house. And you will be grateful, very
      grateful." Quito looks up at Irene.

      Ada is tending the fireplace when she hears the dogs barking. "Did you hear
      them? The hounds." "Yes in the far distance." Emily says. She's sitting on
      the couch eating her dinner from a tray. "Sometimes I confuse them with
      the wild dogs that live in the woods beyond the meadow." Ada says as she
      looks out the window. "It's a very chilling sound." Emily says. "When
      ever I hear them I feel that something terrible is going to happen. Wild
      dogs always seem to be excited when something strange is happening. They
      howl because some poor creature is being pursued." Ada turns away from the
      window and looks at Emily. "Can I get you some coffee?" "No. I feel much
      better now thank you." "I've given Holly and Miss Pruett trays in their
      rooms. You're too tired for a dinner gathering." Ada says sitting next to
      Emily. "Holly will be down to see you later. Miss Pruett will to."

      "Oh I don't think I want to see her." "Well I admit she's a strange little
      person but she's concerned about you. She told me so." "No I'd rather not
      see her. I really, I really should be going to bed. Oh if I could only be
      sure Jean Paul would get home safely." "Yes and I'm concerned about Cort
      too. He didn't tell me where he was going and he's missed his dinner." The
      dogs are still barking. Ada stands. "I wish they would stop. I have a
      feeling that someone is about to suffer terribly. I have such a strong

      Cort is talking to the Serpent. "I'm not afraid of you. I told you. Hiss
      all you want to, I'm not afraid." Cort starts to panic. "Philip! Philip
      help me! I'm sorry Philip, trust me! Let me out Philip! Philip!" Cort sees
      his flashlight and grabs it. "Die, die! He smashes at the table with the

      Emily drops her tray and stands up clutching her head. "Ada rushes over to
      her. "Emily! Emily what is it?" "No, no! Stop, stop! Emily cries out
      clutching her head.

      "Die serpent die!" Cort says. "Die, you will not help me." He hits at the
      snake over and over.

      Emily screams holding her head. "Stop him! Stop him!"

      Summary by Debby Graham and slideshow by Ron Janick*

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

      *"Dobby never meant to kill, Dobby only meant to main--or seriously injure."
      Dobby, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--Part1"

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