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Episodes 51 & 52

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 51* * Episode 51: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/yab88q* *Dan:* “On this night on Maljardin Jean Paul the tormented Master of
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 51*

      * Episode 51: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/yab88q*

      *Dan:* �On this night on Maljardin Jean Paul the tormented Master of the
      Island must decide if he dares to follow the ghostly command of the fatal
      s�ance. To open the cryo capsule where he has placed his dead wife. But
      will he find her alive as she promised him, or will she be forever dead.�

      Jean Paul has a shocked look on his face, then he hears the sound of
      tinkling chimes in the air. He raises his head then looks down and picks up
      the doll and pin. "Quito!" Jean Paul shouts. Quito and Raxl are standing
      in the Great Hall close to the entrance to the crypt. They rush into the
      crypt. Jean Paul closes the cryonics capsule. "Quito, guard this capsule!"
      he tells Quito then rushes out of the crypt. Quito crosses his arms and
      stands over the capsule. Raxl looks away worriedly. Alison enters the
      crypt and stops . Quito turns and looks at her. "Did he open the capsule?"
      she asks. Quito nods. Alison walks towards him. "And?" She tries walking to
      the capsule. Quito grabs her to stop her. "Quito please. I must see
      it!." Alison says struggling. "Quito please, she's my sister!" Alison
      pleads as she struggles. "Let her be Quito. I will be responsible. Let her
      see." Raxl says walking up to them. Alison rushes for the handle of the
      cryonic chamber. She pulls it open. "It's empty? Did he take the body?"
      Alison asks looking back towards Raxl. "There was nothing to take." says
      Raxl. "How do you know? He was alone when he opened the capsule. That was
      one of her conditions." "There was nothing there. I could have told him
      that. He would not listen." "But nobody could have opened this capsule.
      Jean Paul was the only one who knew how it was locked. Raxl, where is the
      body?" Raxl stares straight ahead.

      Jean Paul is in the Great Hall when Jacques starts laughing. "You dare to
      laugh! I want answers you devil!" Jean Paul says to Jacques as he walks
      over to the portrait. "Ask." "Where is Erica?" "She is here in time
      present and beyond." "That is no answer. You have taken her and I demand
      her return! We made a pact!" "You demand nothing!" says Jacques. "You
      think I'm powerless. I have a way to return you to hell forever." "And
      yourself to a life of endless loneliness." Jacques laughs. "No my
      descendant, I think you would not dare that." "I gave you some things. Now
      I want Erica. Where is she?" "She is here as I promised. But she is on
      another level of existence. One which I cannot control." Jacques tells him.
      "Then find me a power that can control it." says Jean Paul. Jacques laughs
      at him. "Jean Paul?" Alison walks over to Jean Paul after leaving the
      crypt. "What�s the matter? Why are you standing there staring at that
      portrait?" "How long have you been here?" Jean Paul asks. "Just a
      moment." Alison turns from him. "I saw the capsule, Raxl said you found it
      empty." Jacques laughter echoes through the room. Jean Paul glances at the
      portrait, then walks in front of Alison. "Erica has come back. I know that.
      We must help her find the way." "Of course Jean Paul. Of course. There are
      many things we can do once we leave this Island." Alison says with a smile.
      "No! No one will leave here." "Jean Paul?" "You think the s�ance is a
      failure. You think there is some reasonable explanation because Erica's
      body has disappeared. You think I am mad!" "No. No of course not Jean
      Paul." "Well I am not mad! And Erica is alive!" "And you should be alone
      with her. Perhaps that's what she is waiting for. For the two of you to be
      alone here the way you were before." Dan says from the staircase. "I said
      no one shall leave this Island!" Jean Paul tells them. He glances at
      Jacques portrait then leaves the room. "Now tell me he hasn't gone mad."
      Dan says to Alison. Alison looks away.

      In the crypt Quito and Raxl stand next to the capsule. "We may still have a
      chance Quito. There may still be time to stop the evil that would destroy
      this house. We must find the rabbit. It must be offered in sacrifice on the
      altar. The young girl, she must not interfere or she will die."

      Holly is sitting at her dressing table, brushing her hair when there is a
      knock at the door. Putting down the brush she stands. "Just a second."
      Holly says walking to the door. She opens it and Raxl enters. "Oh, what do
      you want?" Holly asks turning away from Raxl. "It's here isn't it? The
      rabbit has come back to you." "No." "You do not understand these things.
      I must have it." says Raxl. "Why? So you can kill it!" Holly asks looking
      at Raxl. "Why are you protecting it?" "I don't know" Holly says as chimes
      are heard by her in the room. "I just know that I have to." Holly says
      taking a few steps away from Raxl. "Is that what you've been told?" Raxl
      asks walking up to Holly. "By whom? How?" Raxl asks as she grabs Holly's
      arm and turns her around to face Raxl. "Leave me go!" Holly says pulling
      away from Raxl's grasp. "I do not want to harm you but you must believe me
      when I tell you that this sacrifice must be made. Not only for Jean Paul
      and the spirits of this house but for your own safety!" Raxl tells her. Holly
      turns away. "Nothing is going to harm me." "It has happened already hasn't
      it? Since the s�ance something has changed you." "No. It's just that I
      can't sleep. These terrible dreams." "Of Erica?" asks Raxl. "Yes but I
      never even met Erica." Holly says to her. "You will soon unless you help
      me." "I don't know. I can't help you. The rabbit didn't come back!" Holly
      tells Raxl. Raxl looks away.

      Dan walks down the staircase to the Great Hall and stands next to Alison. "I
      can't leave Maljardin Dan, not now." Alison says to him. "You said he
      would set us free once the capsule was opened. Now he admits he still
      intends to keep us prisoners. You're still finding excuses to stay here
      with a madman." Alison turns away. "He loved my sister. I owe him a little
      more time." Alison tells Dan stepping away from him. "Has it ever crossed
      your mind there was no body in the capsule because he never put it there."
      Dan says walking up to Alison. "What are you talking about?" She turns and
      looks at Dan. "None of us really knows how Erica died. None of us have
      seen her body except the broken hearted Jean Paul. Well suppose he isn't
      broken hearted. Suppose all this is just a cover up for a simple case of
      murder!" Dan tells her. Alison walks away staring straight ahead. "Where do
      your loyalties lie in that case Alison?"

      Holly enters the crypt, she hears the tinkling of chimes. Dan walks down
      the stairs behind her. "What are you doing here?" Dan asks. Holly gasps in
      fear. "You frightened me." she says turning towards him. "Sorry." Dan says
      standing on the bottom of the stairs and walks over to her. "Why aren't you
      resting." Holly is still in her robe. "I tried but it was like someone
      telling me to come down here. To see for myself." Holly and Dan walk over
      to the open cryonics capsule. "Could someone be kept alive in there?" Holly
      asks. Dan looks inside. "I don't know. If they weren't alive I wonder if
      there is something that will show how they died." "Is there anything?"
      Holly asks Dan. "No. Are you cold?" Dan asks as Holly wraps her arms
      around herself. "No. Just for a second. There's nobody else here is
      there?" asks Holly. Dan looks around. "No. Why?" "I just thought...
      everything is so different now." "Holly? Tim told you I found a way off
      this Island didn't he? It's the only way to save ourselves." "Well I can't
      do anything about it." says Holly. "But you can, if you agree the others
      would. Tim, your mother and Matt. Maybe even Alison. Would you do it?" The
      tinkling of chimes are heard by Holly, she reacts to them. "What? What is
      it you're trying to tell me? I can't hear you!" Dan watches Holly. "What
      is it Holly? What happened?" "I don't know. For a minute it was just like
      we were back at the s�ance again." "Erica spoke through you at the s�ance.
      Did she try to contact you just now?" Dan asks. "No, not with words."
      Holly walks a few steps around Dan. "It was like last night in my dreams.
      They were horrible, it was like I was being smothered but not with
      something I could fight off." "Now you see why you have to get off the
      Island while you can." Dan says walking over to Holly. Holly turns to him.
      "Is that it? Will that do it?" "I don't know but I don't think you should
      risk staying here. Will you leave?" "I'll think about it. I don't want to
      stay down here anymore. So dark and cold!" Holly cries out Dan holds her
      by the shoulders. Holly pulls away and runs up the stairs.

      Alison is in the lab looking over her notes when Raxl walks in. "Yes."
      Alison asks looking up. "You have found nothing in the Doctor's notes?"
      asks Raxl. "Nothing to explain my sisters disappearance. If that's what
      you mean. Raxl, you were here when my sister was alive?" "I have always
      been here." "Were they happy? Jean Paul and my sister?" Alison asks. "Who
      has made you doubt that?" "It's not important. Were they?" "Yes." replies
      Raxl. Alison stands. "He couldn't have done anything to harm her could
      he?" Alison asks walking over to Raxl. "Not in that life. If he should
      bring her back..." "Then you're convinced he can do it." Alison says. Raxl
      looks away. Alison grabs her shoulder and turns her around. "Raxl, look at
      me. You do think he knows a way?" "There are many ways between life and
      death. The way he has chosen is cursed!"

      Jean Paul stands in front of Jacques portrait. "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes I
      summon you." "I hear you." "I demand that you fulfill your bargain." "I
      have done what I could." "It is not enough. You have had absolute
      possession of my body. A chance to live again. And in return you have
      promised to bring Erica back to me. Now I hold you to that Jacques Eloi Des
      Mondes." "You have spoken to her." "It is not enough!" shouts Jean Paul.
      "And I'm sick of waiting!" Jean Paul raises the conjure doll and silver pin
      in front of the portrait. "if I put this in the doll's head it is the end
      of you Jacques. For all eternity you will be condemned to the pit of hell
      from which I have released you. Is that what you want?" Jean Paul asks
      bringing the pin next to the doll's head. "Stop! What of Erica? I told you
      it requires more then the bargain between us to bring her back." "Any
      bargain, any price. I will bow before them all if she can be returned to
      me!" says Jean Paul. "Think Jean Paul. You will be sentencing yourself to
      enslavement worse than mine if you make this pact." "I am not afraid.
      Summon your powers what ever they are. I will strike any bargain but it
      must be soon. I will not endure this any longer!" "It means forever Jean
      Paul. You will never call your soul your own again." "So be it!" Jean Paul
      says to Jacques. Darkness surrounds Jean Paul. A greenish glow appears
      instead of light. A heartbeat is heard through the room. Jean Paul backs
      away. On Jacques portrait appears a sign. "I have been called. Who has
      summoned me?" "I have." Jean Paul answers. "You know my purpose?" "I know
      and you agree to what has been demanded?" Jean Paul nods. "I agree. I have
      no soul without my Erica. Is the bargain made?" "It is made." The sign
      fades away from Jacques portrait. "But soon. It must be soon!" Jean Paul
      says. The darkness fades back to light. "Sooner than you think. Sooner
      than you may want." Jacques says to Jean Paul. "But how will she come
      back?" "There will be a way for her now."

      Holly is asleep as the chimes sound in her room. Holly grows restless and
      fights off a presence. Jacques laughter is heard through the room.

      In the Great Hall Jean Paul is speaking to Raxl. "You have heard her, the
      room must be absolutely perfect for when she appears." Raxl walks towards
      him. "Then you have done it." "That is not your concern." Jean Paul stands
      in front of the fireplace. "You remember to obey all my orders. Tell Quito!"
      "And the others?" "They will believe when they see my Erica. And then they
      can come and go as they please. They will have served my purpose," Jean
      Paul leans on the fireplace with one arm. "Now leave me." Raxl turns to
      walk away. "Master?" Raxl calls to him. Jean Paul turns and watches as
      Holly walks down the staircase in a trance. He rushes towards Holly. "What
      has happened to her?" he asks as Raxl stops him from getting closer to
      Holly. "Master do not disturb her." Jean Paul and Raxl watch as Holly
      walks towards them. "Spirit can you speak to us? We are waiting, tell us
      what you wish." Raxl says to Holly. "She doesn't hear us." says Jean Paul.
      Holly start trying to push away something from her face fighting against an
      invisible force. "Raxl, you must do something." Jean Paul says rushing
      over to Raxl. "I will try but it is a power that I do not know." she says
      to Jean Paul. "Oh Great Serpent, I command you to draw a circle of safety
      around this child. I will it to be done!" Raxl walks around Holly as Holly
      is still fighting the influence possessing her. Raxl stops in front of her.
      Holly drops her hands and opens her eyes. Looking around she asks. "What am
      I doing down here?" She tries taking a step. "No, don't move Holly! Raxl
      is it safe for her?" "If I lead her out." "I don't understand." Holly
      says, as she is about to move out of the protective circle. "Holly, don't
      move!" Jean Paul says rushing across to Holly. "Now your life depends upon
      obeying implicitly what I'm about to tell you. You will stay exactly where
      you are until Raxl has taken your hand. You must do as I tell you!" Holly
      nods. "All right." She looks at Raxl. Raxl raises her arms. "Your
      Priestess is about to approach the sacred circle. Oh God Tourentem, you
      will allow me to pass and allow me to lead the protected one into her own
      world." Raxl brings her hands together then pushes them apart, as if she is
      opening a doorway. She reaches for Holly's hands and draws her through the
      circle. "She is free Master." Raxl says putting an arm around Holly's
      shoulders. "Good Raxl. You may go." Raxl bows then leaves the room. Holly
      looks at Jean Paul. "What happened? What did she do?" Jean Paul walk over
      to Holly and puts an arm around her shoulder. "You were in a trance Holly.
      Do you remember anything about it?" "Just that nightmare feeling of
      something trying to smother me. But why wouldn't you let me move?" Holly
      asks looking up at Jean Paul. "Raxl had drawn a sacred circle around you.
      I once saw someone try to break out of it without permission and he was
      consumed by a wall of fire." Jean Paul tells Holly as they walk around the
      Great hall. Holly pulls away from Jean Paul and looks up at him. "It's
      all right. You're all right now." Alison and Dan rush down the staircase
      and rush over to Holly and Jean Paul. "Holly, Raxl said you needed us."
      Alison says to her. "She had a bad dream." Jean Paul tells them. "Is that
      all it was?" Holly asks. "Do you remember anything more?" Dan asks her. "Not
      really, just that music I heard at the s�ance. I couldn't be hearing it now
      could I?" Holly asks as she hugs her arms against herself. Alison reaches
      out to Holly. "Come on you're shivering. Come on back to bed. It's all
      right Holly, I'll stay with you until you fall asleep" Alison tells her as
      she and Dan help Holly walk back to her room. Jean Paul watches them walk
      up the staircase. "Is that how you will come Erica? Through her, through
      the girl? Oh Erica, oh my darling if you can only wear this pearl in life
      as you wore it in death." Jean Paul says. Chimes are tinkling through the
      room. "I will come to you Jean Paul. I promise." "Erica you're here.
      Darling how can I help you?" "No one must leave the Island. No one Jean
      Paul. You must not let Dan persuade you, otherwise I shall not be able to
      return." "When Erica? When will you return?" "Tomorrow Jean Paul,

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      * *

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 52*

      *Episode 52: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/ycvdpe*

      *Raxl:* �Jean Paul the last heir to the haunted Islands of Maljardin has
      sworn an eternal pact with the power of evil for the return of his beloved
      Erica to life. But the bargain has not been kept and the hours slip by.
      Infuriated he challenges the emissary of the devil, Jacques Eloi Des

      Jean Paul looks at his watch. He is standing in the Great Hall next to
      Jacques portrait. "Today, you promised me my Erica today." Jean Paul turns
      and looks at Jacques. "It's already late in the afternoon. Speak to me!" he
      shouts at Jacques. "I will not be tormented either by you or your higher
      powers. Do you hear me!" With no answer Jean Paul angrily swings around
      and strides to the staircase. Alison is walking down it. "Alison! What are
      you doing here? I gave strict orders that I was not to be disturbed!" "Jean
      Paul I must speak to you." "I have no time to talk today." "Why? I have a
      right to an answer." Alison says to him. "No one has any rights on
      Maljardin but I and my wife." "Erica? Erica is dead Jean Paul. Even her
      body is gone." "You think that this is the end of it?" Jean Paul smiles.
      "Oh no, it is only the beginning. Shall I tell you? No I think not. You
      will see for yourselves." "So you really think that she'll come back to
      you?" "Yes, today. It has been promised for today. Now leave me, I must be
      alone." Jean Paul tells her. "Of course. I was just thinking of something
      that Dan said yesterday. Perhaps the reason she hasn't come back to you yet
      is because of the presence of outsiders on Maljardin." Jean Paul shakes
      his head. "Nothing can prevent her. There is a force stronger than all of
      you bringing her to me." "A force? Oh yes of course. I just didn't
      understand. But I wish you would let the others leave the Island." "Go?
      Leave this Island and babble this to the world. Have people think I am
      mad!" Jean Paul paces up and down the Great Hall. "No. I would stay Jean
      Paul. For Erica�s sake and for yours. But the others. What good would it do
      to keep them here?" Raxl is standing at the top of the staircase landing
      listening to Alison and Jean Paul. "I'm not sure. Each one in his own way
      has been drawn to the Island to serve some purpose. A pattern I cannot
      decipher." "Well if you believe in this force that is so strong they
      cannot be needed here. Let them go." Jean Paul turns away from Alison. She
      follows him. "No, she said they must not leave. Perhaps later but not now.
      Nothing must be changed, everything must be it was. Please Alison, now you
      must go." Jean Paul tells her. Alison turns away then walks up the
      staircase. Jean Paul sighs. "Erica darling, I have followed every one of
      your wishes. What more can I do?" "There is nothing you can do now. The
      journey has already begun." Jacques tells him. "Soon, make it soon my

      Raxl is standing on the landing when Alison walks up to her. "Raxl, is
      something wrong?" "It draws nearer that which is to be feared." Raxl looks
      at Alison. "He will not let you leave." "No and Dan thinks..." "There is
      no need to fear me. I know the way he plans to leave the Island. And I will
      help him. But it is too late. We must prepare to meet the stranger." Raxl
      says then walks away. Alison looks away in puzzlement.

      Quito opens the door to the Sacred Temple. Walking to the altar he sets
      down an offering bowl. He bows. Raxl is behind him, she also bows. "Is it
      ready?" Raxl asks. Quito nods. Raxl walks forward. She has her arms crossed
      with her hands touching her shoulders. "Light the fire." Quito does as Raxl
      orders. White smoke raises up from the fire. "Oh Great Serpent, you know
      the evil that approaches us, you can see far beyond into the future that
      cannot be altered. Now while we still have time is there nothing we can do
      to prevent it?" Raxl asks as she holds her arms outward. "We are not able
      to capture the rabbit and sacrifice it to you. I have done my best. I need
      your help now. Grant me your power Oh Great One." Raxl says as she clasps
      her hands. Wind blows around the Serpent Staff. "Where is it?"

      The rabbit is sitting on Holly's bed. Raxl sees it in a vision.

      "I hear. I shall obey. You know the force of the animal. Grant me the power
      to fight it. To bring it to you Oh Great One. Grant me this one request."
      Raxl smiles as she looks at the Serpent Staff.

      Jean Paul stands in the Great hall. "How much longer? You who have the
      power to bring Erica back to me. How much longer must I wait!" Jean Paul
      asks turning to Jacques portrait. The room darkens and a greenish glow
      surrounds everything. The heartbeat is heard throughout the room. On
      Jacques portrait is the mark. "Soon Master of Maljardin. But great care
      must be taken. Nothing must be altered on this Island Above all no living
      thing must die in these last moments. Remember that, or you will lose

      Raxl and Quito walk into Holly's room. The black rabbit is sitting on her
      bed. "Get the rabbit Quito." Quito grabs the black rabbit. "Beast of
      evil, we know the darkness you contain. But the girl is not here to protect
      you. Only she can give you the protection of our world. And your word is to
      far away. You are our prisoner." Raxl crosses herself in the sign of the
      Serpent. "Take the rabbit away." she tells Quito. "Holly?" Elizabeth walks
      into Holly's room. "What are you two doing here? What's that you have in
      your hands?" "A harmless pet of Quito�s. We've been searching for it for
      days. Take the rabbit to where it belongs Quito and hurry. We do not have
      much time." Quito leaves the room with the rabbit. "Where is my
      daughter?" asks Elizabeth. "I don't know." Raxl says to her as she starts
      leaving the room. "No, wait." "Please you must let me go. I cannot be
      delayed." Raxl says as she leaves the room.

      Quito is sneaking down the staircase with the rabbit. Jean Paul stands near
      the staircase with his back towards Quito. He turns and sees Quito. "Quito!
      What do you have there?" Jean Paul asks as he walks towards Quito. Quito
      shows him the black rabbit. "The black rabbit! As your Master I command
      you to tell me what you are doing. What are you going to do to the rabbit?"
      Raxl quickly walks down the staircase. "Nothing Master. He found it in the
      girl's room and it doesn't belong there." "I don't believe you Raxl. I
      think you're up to your tricks, planning to harm this creature." Raxl
      tries to talk to Jean Paul. "Now don't lie to me. You've been planning
      this from the beginning. A sacrifice to one of your primitive Gods. I won't
      allow it. Give me the animal." Jean Paul tells Quito as he reaches out for
      the rabbit. Quito turns away from him. "Master listen. Please I beg you
      it must be done!" "No! No creature is to die on this Island, not today.
      Raxl I command you to give me this animal!" Jean Paul says angrily. Raxl
      nods at Quito. Quito hands Jean Paul the rabbit. Jean Paul walks away with
      the rabbit. Raxl holds her hand up. Jean Paul struggles against Raxl's
      powers that forces Jean Paul to stand still. "Hurry Quito, we only have a
      few seconds." Jean Paul breaks through Raxl�s spell. "I told you to go
      Raxl." Elizabeth rushes into the room. "Jean Paul come quickly." "What's
      wrong?" "Alison is in the lab, she looks like death." "Death?" Jean Paul
      says. "Something about poison, hurry!" Jean Paul rushes to the door. He
      turns towards Elizabeth who is following after him. "Elizabeth, take this
      and guard it. Remember give it to only me or Holly." He hands her the
      rabbit, then rushes out of the room. "Jean Paul hurry!" says
      Elizabeth. Elizabeth
      looks at Raxl. "Why should I guard this? What's so precious about a rabbit?"

      Alison looks down at the lab table as Jean Paul rushes in. "What's wrong
      Alison?" "The distillation I made from the poisonous plants from the
      Island It's gone." Alison tells him holding up a tray of test tubes. "Alison
      you've been careless." "It was right here in front of me. I saw it, I
      touched it. Then I felt this chill as if somebody had opened the door." She
      looks away towards the doorway. "When I turned back the test tube had

      Raxl stands and gives Elizabeth an angry look. "Why are you staring at
      me?" asks Elizabeth. "We cannot change our Master's commands, we do not
      have the power. But Madame if you would give Quito the rabbit then he can
      take it back to where it belongs." Elizabeth hands the rabbit to Quito.
      "Why not? I don't like the animal anyway." she says brushing herself off.

      Jean Paul is opening cupboard doors in the lab. "Were you here alone?" "Yes
      and the door was locked. The contents in that test tube are more poisonous
      than the cyanide. It should not be out of our hands." Alison tells Jean
      Paul. The tinkling of chimes are heard in the room. "What's that?" Alison
      asks. The door closes. "Is someone there?" asks Alison. Jean Paul rushes
      over to the door. He opens it and checks outside in the hallway. "There's
      no one there." Alison looks at the lab table and gasps. She picks up the
      holder with the test tubes. "It's come back!" says Alison. Jean Paul
      rushes over to the table. "But it's empty." She says holding up a test tube.

      Elizabeth paces in the Great Hall. She stops and looks at Jacques�
      portrait. Jean Paul enters the room. "Is she all right?" Elizabeth asks. "She
      thought something was missing." Jean Paul says turning towards her. "The
      rabbit! What have you done with it? Jean Paul asks. "I gave it to
      Quito." "You
      fool! I told you to guard it!" Jean Paul shouts at her. "Haven't I had to
      endure enough on this Island without playing a house keeper for a ...!" "Will
      you get out of here! Get out!" Jean Paul says angrily as he point for her
      to leave. After Elizabeth leaves Jean Paul spins around. "Jacques! Help
      me! We must bring Erica back now! They are preparing a sacrifice! There
      will be death on this Island! You must help me now!" Darkness covers the
      room, the heartbeat pounds and the green glow covers everything. The mark
      appears on Jacques portrait. "They must not be allowed to make this
      sacrifice. Go to the crypt. That is their entrance to their Temple."

      In the crypt Raxl tells Quito. "The sacrifice to the gods must be made if
      we are to save Maljardin." Holding the rabbit Quito opens the door to the
      sacred Temple. "Stop!" Jean Paul runs up to them. "So this is the way to
      your Temple, is it? Well you can close the door Quito, there will be no
      bloodbath today." "No!" Raxl shouts. "You dare to defy me Raxl!" Jean
      Paul asks as he turns towards her. Raxl lowers her head. "We are here to
      serve you and your family as we have for centuries. Served you and
      protected you." Raxl looks up at Jean Paul. But if it means we must disobey
      you for your own safety it will be allowed!" "No this a matter beyond
      you." he turns to Quito. "Give me the animal." "No!" Raxl tells Quito. "Give
      it to me!" Jean Paul shouts and reaches to take the rabbit away from Quito.
      "No!" Raxl tells Jean Paul. Jean Paul turns to Raxl. Raxl holds her hand
      up in front of Jean Paul. Jean Paul freezes in a trance. "Hurry, the
      temple. The Temple Quito, this spell will not last very long." Raxl walks
      around Jean Paul. Slowly he turns towards her.

      In the Great Hall the mark appears on Jacques portrait. "Jacques Eloi Des
      Mondes. Break the hold that is on the Master of Maljardin." "I obey. I
      obey." Jacques answers.

      Jean Paul stands staring at Raxl as she enters the Sacred temple. She
      closes the door with Jean Paul standing on the outside. Jean Paul snaps
      out of the trance and starts pushing against the stones of the wall. "To
      late Jean Paul. But we still may be able to stop them. The Great Hall,
      quickly!" Jacques calls out to Jean Paul.

      Jean Paul rushes up the stairs to the Great Hall., then rushes towards
      Jacques portrait, stopping at the liquor table. The room darkens, the
      green glow appears. And the heartbeat is heard. The mark appears on Jacques
      portrait. "We have no time to lose if you would see your wife again. You
      must do exactly as you are told without question." "I obey." says Jean
      Paul. "Place an empty glass on the center of the of the table, hurry.
      Every second is important." Jean Paul moves the tray of drinks as he
      places the glass in the center of the table, then looks up. "Now do you
      remember your oath. That you would dare anything, give anything to have
      Erica returned to you?" Jean Paul nods his head. "I remember and I swear I
      will keep my word." "Now look at the glass. Concentrate on it." Jean Paul
      watches as green liquid fills the bottom of it. "Yes it is the poison from
      the test tubes. Pick up the glass." Jean Paul looks down at it.

      "In the Sacred Temple Quito has placed the rabbit on the altar. Raxl is
      wearing ceremonial robes. "We are prepared now. Oh Gods I offer this
      sacrifice of evil." Raxl says holding her arms outward in front of her.
      Then she extends them out from her sides. "For this we beg protection for
      all on this Island." She crosses her arms as she bows. "It is in your hands
      now Quito. Quito unsheathes a knife.

      In the Great Hall Jean Paul looks up at Jacques� portrait. "Take up the
      glass and drink it Jean Paul!" Jean Paul glances at the poison then looks
      again at the portrait. "I am mortal and this is deadly poison." "You must
      drink it. You must take into yourself the essence of all the evil of the
      Island. Hurry!" Jean Paul reaches out his hand. "Hurry! Danger surrounds

      As Jean Paul lifts the glass to his mouth Quito raises the knife. Jean Paul
      drinks it as Quito slashes downward.

      The knife hits an empty alter. Smoke drifts away from it. Quito backs away.
      Raxl is shaking her head as Jacques laughter fills the Temple. "We're to
      late! We are to late!" Raxl cries out.

      Jean Paul lowers the glass. "Good Jean Paul. You have performed your task
      well. You are now one with us. Look at the palm of your hand." Jean Paul
      turns his hand over. On his palm is the same sign that appears on Jacques�
      portrait. "This is the sign, when ever it appears , no matter where you
      are you will know that we are with you." Jean Paul closes his hand and
      looks up. "But Erica?" Chimes sound in the room. "She comes." Jean Paul
      smiles as the room is once again light. "Erica." Jean Paul calls as he
      walks across the Great hall following the chimes. "Have you come? My
      darling, my dearest. Where are you?" The doors swing open. Erica stands in
      the doorway. She walks towards him. "Jean Paul, Jean Paul my love." Jean
      Paul slowly walks towards her then sweeps her into his arms and kisses her.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

      *"Dobby never meant to kill, Dobby only meant to main--or seriously injure."
      Dobby, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--Part1"

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