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Episodes 49 & 50

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 49* *Episode 49: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/pf8b4*** *Raxl:* “On Maljardin, Jean Paul Desmond’s isolated domain,* *loyalty
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 49*

      *Episode 49: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/pf8b4***

      *Raxl:* �On Maljardin, Jean Paul Desmond�s isolated domain,* *loyalty are
      stretched to the breaking point by the unnerving chain of events. Even the
      master�s long trusted servants come under the shadow of doubt, when Erica
      Desmond�s blood-stained locket is found, and the mystery of its removal
      from the cryo capsule is deepened by of the pearl found within. Was it
      Fate or the devious hand of Jacque Eloi des Mondes that caused this
      long-forgotten skull to be disclosed or does it give warning of who is next
      to die?

      The storm is raging on the Island as Quito carries the skull from the crypt
      to the s�ance table. He stares at it after placing it on the s�ance
      table. "Quito,
      a skull on the s�ance table? Did you put it there?" Jean Paul asks as he
      walks to the s�ance table. Quito nods his head. "Ah, was it Raxl who told
      you to do this?" Again Quito nods yes. "Hmmm, she seems to think it's an
      omen of death. but I believe it is the angry spirit that has been plaguing
      us. If we could make contact with this spirit to find out what it wants us
      to do, then do it perhaps it will leave us alone." Jean Paul says walking a
      few steps away from Quito. "But it is Vangie the medium who must
      decide." Quito
      walks past Jean Paul in agitation. "I don't know how long my will can hold
      out. The s�ance must be now!" Quito turns to Jean Paul and nods, then
      leaves the room.

      Holly is sitting up in bed. Tim is sitting next to her on the edge of the
      bed talking to her. "So you�re going to attend the s�ance." "I get the
      shakes every time I think about it. But I must, I really must." Holly tells
      him. "After all you went through how could you let Jean Paul persuade you."
      "He needs us. He needs me." "What is it about that guy!" Tim says angrily
      coming to his feet. "No matter what he does or what trouble he causes
      people are willing to forgive and forget as if he's some school boy playing
      tricks instead of a megalomaniac." "You're beginning to sound like Dan
      Forrest." "Is that so surprising." Tim says turning and walking back to
      Holly. "We're all in the same boat but up until now Dan seems to be the
      only one to do something about it." "There's nothing we can do about it."
      Holly says Tim glances away. Holly watches Tim's _expression. "Is
      there?" "There
      may be." "Oh Tim be careful." Holly says worriedly. "Don't worry about
      me. You're the one who should be careful. You know what happened at the
      s�ance last time."

      Jean Paul paces back and forth through the Great hall. He looks at his
      watch as Matt rushes down the staircase. Jean Paul walks up to him. "Well?"
      "Vangie says she'll have to wait a while longer. She expects the ordeal to
      be even more strenuous this time. She must take the necessary time to
      prepare." "How long will she be?" asks Jean Paul. "I don't know." says
      Matt. Jean Paul walks away then he turns towards Matt. "You haven't
      changed your mind Reverend, you will be there?" "I have said I will, and I
      will!" Matt says angrily. Jean Paul looks away from him. Matt steps off
      the bottom step and walks over to Jean Paul. "You are still determined to
      go through with it?" Jean Paul turns angrily. "For heaven sake Reverend
      nothing will happen." "Are you sure of that?" "Look I don't understand
      this, for the past few days people here are beginning to treat me as if I'm
      some sort of tyrant." "And aren't you?" Jean Paul nods. "Well I know it
      must seem so keeping you all here like this for so long. It is for the best
      for Erica." Jean Paul turns away walking to the s�ance table, he grips a
      chair back with his hands. "And you have been comfortable here haven't you?"
      "You mean comfort of the body, or the spirit?" Matt asks. Jean Paul turns
      around angrily. "Are you about to lecture me?" "Are you willing to listen?"
      Jean Paul turns his back to Matt. "No Reverend, I'm thinking only of the
      s�ance and Erica." Jean Paul says then walks away. Matt walks up to the
      s�ance table and shakes his head.

      Quito enters the boat house to collect supplies. He picks up a barrel, he
      walks towards the door then stops and looks around. Not seeing anything he
      walks out the door. Dan and Tim leave their hiding place in the boat house
      after Quito leaves. "That was close." Tim says. "He'd have killed us with
      his bare hands if he had found us here. Without orders from anyone." Dan
      tells Tim. "Okay I get the picture. Hey what's happening?" Tim asks as the
      boat house starts shaking. "Water." Dan says looking down. "The whole
      place is going to be washed away. We've got to get out of here." Matt and
      Dan grab something to hold onto as the boat house shakes. Tim falls, then
      pulls himself up. Dan looks at his watch. Tim grabs his arm as Dan shakes
      him off. Looking at his watch Dan smiles, then the shaking stops. "I was
      right." "About what? I thought we were goners." Tim says. "The whirlpool
      is one of the things that make it impossible to get off this Island. Quito
      and Jean Paul know how to get a boat through it. Now I'll be able to, I
      found out when it stops." "Well, who ever heard of a whirlpool stopping."
      Tim says. "It's caused by the currants. This one is caused by the currant
      of tides. When it is high tide either high or low the water moves in or
      out. Now I found a way to get off this cursed Island. I'm going to use it
      if it's the last thing I do." says Dan.

      Holly is sitting brushing her hair at her night stand. "Tonight?" she says
      to Tim turning towards him. "That's what we decided. You see there is
      about three minutes when the whirlpool stops, now that's not very long but
      it's plenty long enough for a motor boat to get from one side to the
      other." say Tim standing in the doorway. "How are you going to start the
      boat without any key?" "Well Dan will think of something. Crossing wires,
      I don't know." "You sound so sure." Holly says turning around to face Tim.
      "I'm surer now than I've been of anything. And you should see Dan. Now the
      s�ance could be the best thing that ever happened." Tim tells her. "What
      do you mean?" asks Holly. "It will be a diversion. You see Jean Paul will
      be so busy worrying about those spirits he won't even give a care about
      what's going on at the boat house." "Unless he wants you at the s�ance
      to." says Holly.

      Jean Paul is facing Jacques portrait when Jacques tries taking over Jean
      Paul's body. Jean Paul clutches his face. He spins away and shouts. "No!
      Not this time! I will conduct the s�ance and I will sit at the table!" Jean
      Paul runs off to the crypt. Matt and Dan walk in from another doorway and
      watch as Jean Paul leaves the room. "It won't work. It can't, the whirlpool
      is just the beginning. So you found a way through. But what about
      afterwards? There are rocks and treacherous currants. No you haven't got a
      hope." says Matt. "Tim and I don't agree. And while your sitting here
      being terrorized by that madman we'll be on our way. The three of us would
      have even a better chance at success. Come on Matt, what do you say?" "No
      Dan, this is my place here now. I was sent here for other purposes. I can't
      just run away." "All right. Don't blame me if you don't make it through
      the night." Dan says then walks away from Matt. Matt glances at the s�ance
      table and sees the skull.

      In the crypt Jean Paul is pacing fighting to keep Jacques away. "Oh Erica,
      soon, soon my darling. If only Vangie could get ready. I can't hold out
      much longer. I can't..." Jacques tries again to take possession. Jean Paul
      grabs his temples. "Get away! Get away! Erica if we are to have the time,
      if I can find the time. If I could only get to the s�ance and still remain
      myself let it be soon. Let it be soon!" Matt and Tim walk quietly down
      the staircase. Jean Paul is sitting on the couch with his back to them.
      Matt is at the bottom of the staircase watching them. They quickly head for
      the outside door. As they open it Quito blocks their exit. "You won't need
      your coats gentlemen." Jean Paul says to them. He stands. "The s�ance takes
      place inside." Tim and Dan walk back towards Matt. "We were just going for
      a walk." Tim says to Jean Paul. Jean Paul walks over to them. "The s�ance
      is about to begin. Oh no gentlemen." "You don't want Tim and me, hostile
      spirits you know." Dan says. "I want you all to be in the room tonight.
      You are all invited." "Vangie wouldn't want us. We would just be in the
      way." says Tim. "I'll decide who is in the way. I want you all here. Quito
      close the doors.: Jean Paul looks at Matt. "Matt get the others." Matt
      walks up the staircase. "Quito take the gentlemen�s coats." Tim and Dan
      hand their coats to Quito.

      Matt walks into Holly room "He's waiting." Holly stands. "I'm frightened."
      "I know but we'll all be there with you. I have to go and fetch the
      others." Matt says turning away. "All the others?" Holly asks. "But Vangie
      said..." "All of us. Jean Paul�s orders." "All right then." says
      Holly. "You're
      being very brave Holly." Matt says touching Holly's shoulder. "I don't
      feel very brave." Dan, Tim, Jean Paul and Quito stand next to the s�ance
      table. Elizabeth, Alison, Holly and Reverend Dawson walk down the staircase
      to join them. Jean Paul walks over to them and greets them. "Welcome." "I'm
      not sure we should be here." says Alison. "I'm sure." Jean Paul tells her.
      "In any case I'm glad to see were not meeting under a chandelier."
      Elizabeth says to everyone. "This time there will be no accidents. Every
      element in Maljardin will be here. Every action observed. Ladies, gentlemen
      take your places." They walk over to their chairs. Tim stops next to Holly.
      "Holly are you all right?" "What happened to your escape?" Holly asks
      quietly. Tim points at Quito. "Quito bring Raxl here. You see, everyone."
      Jean Paul says. Holly moves over a seat when she notices her mother
      sitting next to her. She sees the skull. "Does that horrible thing have to
      be here?" "The skull is Raxl�s contribution. Is that not so Raxl?" Jean
      Paul says to Raxl. "That is so." says Raxl, she is standing behind Jean
      Paul. Jean Paul reaches out and turns the skull. "I am not afraid of a
      dead man's skull. These empty vacant spaces that stare at us all have no
      eyes to see us. There is no brain to wish us evil. There is nothing but
      death. I am looking for life. Raxl, bring Vangie down we are waiting." As
      Jean Paul starts taking his seat Raxl calls out to them. "I have warned
      you, all of you" Matt and Tim stand. "Sit down!" Jean Paul orders them.
      They sit back down. Jean Paul also sits. "Jean Paul?" Alison calls to him.
      Jean Paul sits with his eyes closed. "Alison is speaking to you." Dan
      tells him. "I am listening." "If Erica does contact us from the world of
      the dead, then you lost her. The experiment is over." Alison tells him. "It
      will never be over." "Leave her rest in peace Jean Paul. Her soul is at
      eternal rest." says Matt. "We are still finding a way to help her to tell
      us if there is a way for her soul to be brought back to her body. She will
      tell us all." says Jean Paul. "There is no must with the dead." says Raxl
      from the staircase. Jean Paul looks at her then he notices Vangie.
      "Vangie." He calls her name and stands to his feet. Vangie walks down the
      staircase and joins them. "Vangie, this time you will succeed. Sit down."
      Jean Paul says to her. "There is someone missing." says Vangie. "There is
      no one outside of the circle that would interfere with your spirit. We are
      all here." "There is one missing." Vangie says as she takes her seat.
      "There is someone who has failed to join us. Erica." Vangie says closing
      her eyes. "Erica." says Jean Paul sitting down. "You will all join hands.
      Lights, to bright!" says Vangie. "Quito dim the lights." Jean Paul tells
      him. "Silence. Erica return. A sign Erica, give us a sign. Speak to us."
      Vangie calls to Erica. "The Conjure Gods have the power that flow through
      me. They cannot be denied. Erica Desmond we bid you return!" "Erica!" Jean
      Paul shouts. "Here, I hear!" Holly calls out. "Erica Desmond if you have
      entered this room make your presence known to us." says Vangie. The door
      blows open. "Wind, only the wind." Holly says with her eyes closed. "Erica
      Desmond I command you to speak." says Vangie. "Yes, yes." says Holly. "Is
      that you Erica?" asks Vangie. "Make her speak. Erica!" calls Jean
      Paul. "There
      is a force here beyond my powers. I cannot control it." Vangie says. The
      doors slam shut. "Silence. Is it you Erica?" "Erica I have waited so long,
      speak to me. I beg you." Jean Paul calls to Erica. A light chime is heard
      through the room. "Is that you Erica?" asks Jean Paul. "Have you returned
      to me?" "Jean Paul, Jean Paul I am here. We will never be parted again
      Jean Paul. Jean Paul." Erica's voice calls to him. "Erica, I heard your
      voice. I heard you speak. Erica? You spoke, I heard you. We all heard you."
      "Silence." Vangie warns everyone. "Erica?" Jean Paul calls. "Erica."
      Vangie calls to her. "If it is you tell us your a spirit of goodness. If
      you are a spirit of the light give us a message of love and peace on this
      Island. If you are an evil spirit depart." "No." says Jean Paul. "Jean
      Paul, I love you. I will come to you." Erica's voice is now coming from
      Holly's mouth. "Yes. Yes I'm listening." says Jean Paul. "I'll be with
      you soon Jean Paul. Soon I will be with you." "How? Tell me how?" asks
      Jean Paul. "There is evil here." Vangie says. Holly screams. "I want
      this stopped." says Elizabeth. "Leave the poor girl alone." says Dan. "No,
      I hear her. Erica!" "Jean Paul you must open my capsule." Erica tells him.
      "Will I find you alive? Unharmed?" "Open my capsule alone." Erica
      says. "There
      is an evil force here." Vangie tells them. Holly cries out. "Erica
      Desmond!" "Stop, we must stop this." Vangie tells Jean Paul. "Yes we must
      stop this!" Matt cries out. "No I hear my Erica. Tell me how..." Jean Paul
      starts saying. Vangie stands and clutches her throat. "No! Let me go.
      Conjure God, my ancestors.' Vangie staggers. Everyone but Jean Paul and
      Holly stand. Jean Paul shout at everyone to sit down. Vangie cries out as
      she falls. Alison rushes to her side. "Vangie." "Murder I've been
      murdered." Vangie cries out as she clutches her throat. "Vangie it's all
      right. Don't move." says Alison. The other are standing around them. "Death,
      it was prophesied that I would die here on Maljardin. They must leave.
      Escape. I have been murdered." says Vangie. "I will avenge. Who has harmed
      you?" asks Raxl. "Evil, evil has destroyed me. Let me die." Vangie
      struggles. "In peace here on Maljardin." Vangie's hand falls away from her
      throat. Raxl and Alison lower Vangie to the floor. Alison checks for a
      pulse. "She's dead." Alison stands and Matt holds her. Jean Paul looks up.
      "Forgive us all Vangie." Raxl crosses Vangie's arms on her chest. "Vangie
      is gone Master but another has arrived." In Vangie's hand is the pearl from
      the necklace.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      *Strange Paradise: Episode 50*

      *Episode 50: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/rtg8f*

      *Dan Forrest:* �The haunted island of Maljardin. On this stormy night,
      Jean Paul, the master of the island, has commanded his unwilling guests to
      join him in calling forth the ghost of his dead wife, but the s�ance ends
      with the mysterious death of Vangie, the medium, and in her lifeless hand
      was found the pearl that had belonged to the dead mistress of Maljardin.�

      Raxl brings the pearl to Jean Paul. "Surely you recognize it, Master." Jean
      Paul holds the locket in his hand, he opens it. "But it was in the
      locket.." He picks up the pearl from Raxl's hand. "Erica was here. It's a
      sign that she isn't dead. Do you believe me?" Holly sits with her eyes
      closed. "I. I..." then she collapses. Tim grabs her as she falls to the
      side of her chair. "Holly! Doctor Carr I think she fainted." Alison rushes
      over to Holly. Elizabeth stands next to Tim. Jean Paul lays the pearl on
      the table. "Erica is alive. She has come back to me." says Jean Paul as he
      stands then rushes to the crypt. Alison goes after him. Raxl grabs her arm
      and Alison shakes her off. Raxl looks away worriedly.

      Jean Paul enters the crypt. He walks over to Erica's capsule. "Oh Erica did
      you think I didn't believe you my darling. Soon we'll be together again. We
      will never be separated." Jean Paul says as he reaches for the controls and
      the locks on the capsule. "So you're going to open the capsule." Alison
      says behind him. Alison rushes to his side. "Please, please I must be
      alone." "Why did you pull back? Are you afraid of what you'll see?" Alison
      asks. Jean Paul looks at Alison, then walks to the side of the capsule.
      "Alison, you heard her. She was here. The only way I can get her back is to
      open the capsule." "Well go on. Why do you hesitate?" Jean Paul turns
      away and leans on the tank with the gauges. "Because you said if we heard
      her this experiment would be a failure. That only the dead could speak to
      us in a s�ance." "Then why did she tell you to open the capsule?" "I
      don't know! Alison as long as she is in here she is safe. The corruption of
      our world, the air we breath will not touch her. Not while she is in here.
      But if I open it, well you heard her tell me to open it." "Yes I heard
      her." "Through Holly. Why her? A girl that Erica never knew." Jean Paul
      looks at Alison. "Is this some kind of trick you're playing." "We both
      know Erica's voice. I heard my sister speak." "You wanted her dead! Dead
      and buried, you always wanted me to open this capsule. Is this some kind of
      scheme, some conspiracy that you and Vangie and Holly are all playing a
      part in?" "Well you won't know until you open the capsule. The choice is
      yours Jean Paul" Alison tells him then leaves the crypt. Jean Paul kneels
      next to Erica's capsule. "Oh Erica if my choice is wrong, I've lost
      everything. I'll never see you again. I can't bear that my darling. I can't
      bear it." Jean Paul says as he lays his forehead against the capsule.

      Holly is in her room laying on her bed unconscious. Elizabeth and Tim are
      with her. Holly opens her eyes. "I feel better now." Holly says as she
      tries to sit up. "I just felt so faint." "Should I get Doctor Carr?"
      Elizabeth asks sitting on the edge of Holly's bed. "She can give you
      something." "No thank you. I don't need a doctor." Holly says sitting up,
      leaning against the headboard. She turns away. "Goodnight mother." "I�m
      just down the hall if you want me Holly." Elizabeth says touching Holly's
      hand. Holly doesn't look at her. Elizabeth stands. "Goodnight Holly." she
      says as she leaves the room. Tim glances at the doorway as Elizabeth
      leaves. "Do you believe that if I want her? I think she's about fifteen
      years to late." says Holly." "She was scared Holly we all were." "Tim
      what happened?" "Don't you remember?" "I remember we were holding hands
      and Vangie was starting the s�ance. Then all of a sudden I felt like I
      wasn't there. I could feel myself breathing and I could feel the touch of
      hands. But everything seemed so far away." "Holly, Erica spoke through
      you." Holly turns and looks at Tim. "Tim the s�ance worked." She hugs her
      arms around herself. "I want you to hold me for a minute.' Tim puts his
      arms around her. "Nothing more is going to happen to you. Look there will
      be no more s�ances with Vangie dead." "Tim, what was she like? Erica ,
      what did she say?" "She was very gentle, loving. She promised to come
      back." Holly turns away shivering. "Holly are you sure you're all right?"
      "All of a sudden I felt so cold, as if someone opened a window
      somewhere." "Well
      there is nobody here and I haven't moved." Tim tells Holly. "Tim, the
      s�ance is over but that's how I felt at the beginning of it. It's all over
      isn't it?" Holly looks at Tim. "Tim you said Vangie is dead!"

      In the Great hall Raxl covers Vangie's body with a sheet. "You will take
      Vangie's body to the Conjure burial." Raxl tells Quito who is standing next
      to Raxl holding a candelabra. "Now we must protect the living. You feel it
      to, the danger that has come into the house with the rabbit of evil. But
      where has it gone? Who is it seeking?"

      The black rabbit is sitting in it's basket in Holly's room. "Holly, look."
      Tim says. Holly looks over the end of the bed. "Tim, the rabbit has come
      back somehow." They both look down at it.

      Dan is looking at his watch in the Great Hall. Tim comes down the
      staircase, Dan walks over to him. "How's Holly?" "She's better. I think
      she is going to try to sleep now. It might be a good idea for us all." Tim
      says to Dan. "Not for me. I figure the tide will be in the right condition
      again. Just before dawn." "You're still not going to try to cross the
      channel?" "With Vangie's death it's more important than ever now. We are
      all still prisoners here. Come on Tim, two of us have a better chance of
      making it than just one." Dan tells Tim. "I can't Dan. I have to stay
      here." "Don't you see..." Dan starts to say. "No listen, there is nobody
      else that Holly can trust. Not that I'm able to help much." Tim says
      turning away. Dan follows Tim. Tim is looking at a paper. "What's that?"
      Dan asks. "It was a sketch I did of Erica at the cafe. Seems like years
      ago. Could it happen Dan? Could she come back."

      Raxl and Quito are in the crypt next to Erica's capsule. "Mistress you can
      not wish evil for this house. Yet it is here, I can feel it. Tonight when
      the great door burst open. It was all around like a perfume. How can I stop
      it? How?"

      Elizabeth is in the lab looking at bottles on the shelves . Matt walk in.
      He walks over to her. "I wondered who could be in the lab at this hour of
      the night." "I couldn't sleep. I thought perhaps Alison could give me
      something." Elizabeth tells him. Matt turns away. "She isn't in her room?"
      Elizabeth shakes her head no then walks over to him. "This s�ance tonight,
      we could have been just tricked couldn't we?" Matt looks at her. "By whom?"
      "Holly." "Are you that suspicious of her?" "No but why would Erica pick
      my daughter? This is more your field than mine Matt. Can't you exercise
      spirits?" "There are rituals. But we're not dealing with a spirit." "Either
      someone spoke through Holly tonight or they didn't. Now which is it?" "I
      don't know! Each day on this Island I grow less and less sure of what I do
      know, what I can believe." "Not much help for my daughter." "One thing we
      should remember though." Matt touches Elizabeth's shoulders. "There can be
      good spirits as well as bad."

      In the Great hall Raxl is carrying a T shaped tool. "Where is it oh spirit.
      Guide me, guide your Priestess where evil lies in this house." Raxl turns.
      "No, no do not desert me. Guide me, show me where the rabbit is. It will be
      sacrificed on the alter of the Sacred Temple I vow it!" Again Raxl holds
      and follows the T shapes powers. It leads her up the staircase.

      Holly is sitting on her bed petting the rabbit. "I think you like me. What
      are you frightened of? You're trembling so much." Holly sits up and looks
      around the room. She picks up the rabbit and places him back in his basket.
      She walks to the door and opens it. She gasps. Raxl walks in. "Is there
      something I can do for you Miss Holly?" Raxl asks. "No thank you." "There's
      no need to be afraid of me." "I'm not afraid of you." Holly says hugging
      her arms against herself. "All of a sudden I'm so cold." Holly says as she
      turns away. "I'll close the drapes." Raxl says walking across the room and
      pulling the drapes closed. "Shall I take this out of the room?" Raxl asks
      picking up the basket. "The basket? No leave it, the rabbit came back."
      Holly says rushing over to Raxl. They look down into the basket. "He was
      in there. Raxl tell me. A black rabbit is not a very common animal is it? I
      mean I don't think I've ever seen one before." "Some people think they
      bring death to a house. And the only way to prevent it is to sacrifice the
      animal." "Kill it! A harmless animal?" "All people have beliefs Miss
      Holly. Some stronger than others. Do you not in your world touch wood or
      take a pinch of spirit salt and throw it over your shoulder to prevent bad
      luck." "But that's silly superstition. It doesn't mean anything." "On
      Maljardin you will find there is nothing without meaning. If you find the
      rabbit Miss Holly will you keep it here till I come? Goodnight." Raxl says
      carrying the basket from the room. Holly closes the door.

      Jean Paul walks into the Great hall. He looks at Jacques portrait. "Why
      aren't you laughing now? Have you been called back into hell my ancestor?
      Or are you at last frightened into silence?" "Master I have been searching
      for you." Raxl calls as she walks down the staircase. Still carrying the
      basket she walks over to him. "I've been out at the cliffs, I needed time
      to think." "And the cryo capsule?" Raxl asks. "Still unopened." "It must
      remain that way." Raxl tells Jean Paul. "That's a decision I must make
      Raxl!" "Oh please Master listen to me. At the s�ance tonight evil entered
      this house." "How can you dare to say such a thing! You heard the voice of
      my Erica!" "I heard her. But I also say death came into the house." "Silence
      woman! My Erica would cause death to no one! You knew her. Gentle. Smiling,
      she would not harm anyone. Vangie perhaps, the strain was too much for her
      heart. Knowing she was on this Island having predicted that she would die
      here. Erica had nothing to do with that. You must see that." "Then you
      will open the capsule?" asks Raxl. Jean Paul turns away. "I don't
      know." "Could
      you grant me one favor? My people have a way of purifying the spirit,
      cleansing them of all harmful and evil influences." "No." Jean Paul tells
      her. "A little time that's all I need." "Time! when my darling is down in
      the crypt waiting for me to free her. I'm the only one that can do it Raxl.
      You know that." "Please Master." "No, leave me alone." Jean Paul says
      turning away. "I must decide if I dare." Jean Paul walks over to a chair,
      gripping the back with his hands.. Raxl watches Jean Paul, then leaves the

      In the crypt Quito is checking the gauges. He walks over to the capsule and
      looks it over. He hears someone on the stairs, turning he sees Raxl coming
      down. "We haven't much time Quito, we must find the rabbit before that
      capsule is opened. We must find it and sacrifice it on the alter of the
      Great Serpent. Search for it and find it." Quito nods his head and rushes
      up the stairs. Raxl follows. The rabbit is in the crypt sitting next to
      Erica's capsule.

      Jean Paul is standing in front of Jacques portrait. "What trick of the
      devil have you plotted against me tonight?" Jean Paul asks pointing at
      Jacques. "It's torture, I know that voice but was it really Erica. Answer
      me!" Jean Paul shouts, then turns away from the portrait. He start walking
      around the room trying to come to a decision. (the next conversation takes
      part in Jean Paul�s mind silently) 'Oh my darling, do I dare risk the end
      of everything? But it might be one of his tricks.' Jean Paul turns and
      looks at Jacques portrait. 'If I could only be sure. soon it will be dawn
      and I must decide. Will I find you alive my darling Erica or would you be
      forever dead?' Jean Paul sits down. "You would like that wouldn't you?"
      Jean Paul says aloud. "To taunt me forever. To continue this evil farce."
      Again he thinks to himself silently. 'What am I to do? I must decide before
      it drives me mad.' He lowers his head.

      In the lab Dan is talking to Alison. "I'm going to make a break for it
      Alison. I'm going to try to reach the Mainland. before dawn." Alison
      rushes over to him and touches his arm. "No Dan don't risk it. Even if you
      get past the first whirlpool you don't know if you'll be able to free
      yourself from the tides the rest of the way." "I think I can. Alison will
      you come with me?" Dan asks turning towards her. Alison shakes her head,
      then takes a couple of steps away from him. "No Dan." "It's because of
      Jean Paul?" Dan asks. "And Erica." says Alison. "I see." Alison turns to
      Dan. "Dan please, please do me a favor. Please wait until we find out what
      he's going to do about the capsule. It can't take much longer."

      Jean Paul raises his head. "Oh if you can show me some other sign Erica. To
      know that you were here. Show me I beg you." Chimes sound in the room as
      Erica's pearl rolls to Jean Paul's hand. "Erica, Erica it is you! You are
      here!" Jean Paul stands and rushes to the crypt.

      Raxl and Quito enter the Great Hall, they see Jean Paul heading for the
      crypt stairs. "He would not listen. Will he be able to stand what must
      happen now?" Raxl asks as she looks at Quito.

      Jean Paul rushes to the capsule. "Okay my darling, it could only be you
      because the pearl I put in your locket was around your neck. My darling
      only you could know but you have given me the sign. Now give me the
      courage." Jean Paul turns the knobs to stop the pressure and freezing
      chemicals from entering the cryonics capsule.

      "I tell you Alison I've got it all figured out. As soon as I figure the
      tides are right I'm going to get into that..." A warning ringing is heard
      through the lab. "What's that?" Alison asks.

      Jean Paul turns more knobs breaking the seal. Reaching down he starts
      pulling the door and the capsule bed out. Inside laying on the bed is the
      conjure doll and silver pin.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

      *"Dobby never meant to kill, Dobby only meant to main--or seriously injure."
      Dobby, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--Part1"

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