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Episodes 19 & 20

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  • Ron Janick
    *Getting ready for the noon showing of the train wreck, DARK SHADOWS.* ** *Strange Paradise: Episode 19* *Episode 19: Slideshow:
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      *Getting ready for the noon showing of the train wreck, DARK SHADOWS.*
      *Strange Paradise: Episode 19*

      *Episode 19: Slideshow:

      Back on Maljardin Raxl lays flowers on Erica's capsule. "Little bird, I
      hope the flowers are the last thing you look upon before your soul departs
      to the Great Serpent." Quito comes in carrying a flower also. "I remember
      that flower. I watched it grow. You cut it for her?" Raxl asks. Quito nods.
      "Let's hope the little bird sees it, if her soul is to be freed this
      morning." "You don't seem to have faith in the last rites of Christianity,
      Raxl." Jean Paul says from the steps. Alison is with him. They are both
      carrying flowers. "Good morning Msieu, Doctor. Since the little Mistress
      believed in the new religion, let their language be used." Raxl says. "New
      religion?" Alison asks Jean Paul. "The worship of the Serpent goes back to
      before the recorded history of the bible. To Raxl and Quito ours is the new
      religion." "Ours? Didn't you deny God?" Jean Paul lays the flowers over
      the capsule. "I'm not denying Erica a Christian service, which you wanted!"
      Jean Paul says angrily. Alison also lays her flowers on the capsule. "I
      would prefer a complete service and burial. I'm sure Erica would be more at
      peace, beneath the ground." Jean Paul turns to Alison. "She will be
      beneath the ground. This crypt is. But as long as I draw breath she will
      never be put in the ground. She will be brought back to life. To me!" Jean
      Paul walks to Raxl. "Raxl, Quito the service will begin. Alison, may I have
      a few moments alone with Erica?" "Of course." Alison says then walks away.
      Raxl walk up to Jean Paul. "We will be at your service if we are needed."
      Raxl and Quito also leave. Jean Paul stands next to Erica's capsule.

      Alison walks into the Great Hall. "Reverend Dawson, I think everything is
      in order." "We will begin when ever Mr. Desmond likes." "Mr. Desmond
      would like a few moments alone. He seems so close to breaking. She tells
      the Reverend sitting against the back of the couch. "He'll pick himself
      up, in all the time I have worked for him I never saw a problem that was to
      tough for him." Dan says walking over to Alison. "A loss of a loved one is
      harder to bear than a loss of a corporation Dan." Alison tells him. "I
      didn't mean it the way it sounded Alison. You know that." "Of course, it's
      going to be a very difficult day for all of us." "Especially you." Dan
      tells her. Alison stands. "Reverend Dawson, answer a question will you." "If
      I can." "It's about the religion practiced by Quito and Raxl." "It's
      quite not in my books so to speak." Matt tells her. "Well perhaps I can
      shed some light on it. I've been told by Vangie that the worshipers of the
      Great Serpent regard Christians as heretics. Harsh words but maybe they
      consider our beliefs as an infringement on theirs. Quito and Raxl loved
      Erica, I know that. But if we are heretics they can't and won't take part
      in the service for her." Dan says. "But they will be there?" Alison
      asks. "Out
      of respect I guess,� says Dan. "In silence of course. Raxl too, she'll be
      there with her jaws clamped all through the service." Alison says with a
      smile. "It will be a very short service Doctor Carr." Matt says then walks
      away. "The length isn't important Reverend. It's the fact that matters I
      can't say how grateful I am." Alison says walking up to Matt. "No please
      don't...�, the Reverend says. "Please let me say it. There's not many men
      in your church who would do what your doing this morning." "I'm simply
      following the dictates of my conscience, although I do admit I did consider
      exactly what I should do." Matt says. "If I followed the dictate of my
      conscience I'd have prevented this madness of Jean Paul�s in the first
      place." says Dan. Jean Paul comes up from the crypt. He sees Holly walking
      down the staircase from her room. She passes Tim and her mother. "Morning
      dear, did you sleep well?" Elizabeth asks. "Mother could you please try to
      be yourself today of all days." Holly looks at Tim. " How are you feeling
      today?" "Like an uninvited guests." "At least you knew Mrs. Desmond."
      Holly says. "Just long enough to do one sketch. She was a beautiful woman."
      "She probably still is. How comforting it must be to know your body will
      never change. Even after death." Elizabeth says. "You would like that,
      wouldn't you? Good for your complexion." Holly says then walks over to the
      Reverend. "Got a minute Matt?" "If it's Matt again, certainly. What is
      it?" "Look just because I need some advice doesn't mean I believe why you
      followed me down here." "All right, what can I do for you?" Matt asks. "What
      do you think Mr. Desmond would do if I didn't go to the service?" "I think
      he would be hurt." "I didn't even know his wife." Holly says. "Come on
      Holly what's the real reason?" "After the horror of my father's funeral I
      told myself the next one I go to would be my own." "You're not to be
      frightened of the Lords will Holly." "Look Reverend, you are going to
      think this is way off but last night I had a very strange nightmare." "What
      about?" Matt asks. "About me. Like some kind of warning." they sit down on
      the couch.

      Raxl is standing in the crypt with her arms folded, she nods at Quito. He
      draws a pattern in a small sand box. "It appears she is one of us Quito.
      Poor child." After Quito draws, Raxl smoothes it with her hand. Quito
      hands her a match. Raxl set a dish of powder on fire, it smokes. In the
      small box of sand a picture forms. "I will tell the Master that all is
      ready for the ceremony."

      Holly is telling the Reverend about her dream. "Suddenly there was this
      woman like a Priestess. She seemed to be in a temple, she was standing over
      me with a strange kind of headdress and she looked like my mother." "Your
      dreams are beginning to sound like a B movie. Go on." "Then she said
      'Those who are part of this evil must pay the price'. What do you think it
      means?" "I interpret the bible, not dreams Holly. I don't know, but you're
      a little over emotional. We are all under a great strain. Dreams can have
      many meanings. What may seem valuable to a psychiatrist may seem useless to
      us and visa versa." "What you're saying is I should go isn't it?" "Out of
      respect to Mrs. Desmond, yes, and with regard to yourself, you cannot
      continue to run from things Holly." "Why is it every time I talk to you I
      end up doing something I don't want to do?" Holly says as she stands and
      walks away. Jean Paul is standing next to the staircase when Raxl walks up
      to him. "If you're ready Reverend." Jean Paul says. The Reverend walks
      over to Jean Paul. Jean Paul leads the way. The Reverend, Elizabeth, Tim
      then Holly follow. Dan and Alison stop. "Strange procession." Alison says.
      "Strange proceedings. The reformer and the reformed. The temptress and the
      tempter, the mysterious and the mute, the artist and death, and you and I.
      Are you ready?" Dan asks. "As ready as I'll ever be for my sister's
      service." Dan takes Alison's arm and they follow the others in. They form
      a half circle around the capsule. Raxl and Quito stand in the background."

      The Reverend begins the funeral service. After the service Jean Paul leads
      the group away. Reverend Dawson is the last to leave except Raxl and Quito.
      Quito starts to move away, but Raxl stops him. "It's not over. Not by
      just saying a few words. It's just the beginning."

      Coming up from the crypt Jean Paul leads Alison out first, the others
      follow. "Thank you, Jean Paul, at least now Erica has had a Christian
      service." Alison says. "I prefer to remember the marriage ceremony and the
      vows we took." "Of course, but you can't deprive her of a decent finality.
      So again thank you." Alison says. Reverend Dawson comes up from the crypt.
      "And thank you Reverend." Alison tells him. "For answering my calling? In
      my point of view the soul is far more important than the body. If it isn't
      I'm in the wrong business." "If yours is the right business, I wonder if
      I'm in the wrong business? I try to save lives not souls." Alison says with
      a smile. "I don't think were in enemy camps. In fact I think we're aligned
      in the same defense. Care to toast that with a cup of coffee?" Matt asks
      then walks away. Elizabeth and Tim are standing together. Holly is sitting
      by herself on the couch. Quito passes out coffee. "Poor Holly there, she
      looks like she needs some bolstering up." Alison says aloud." "I'll see
      what I can do." the Reverend tells Alison and Jean Paul. The Reverend sits
      next to Holly. "Was it that bad?" "No, not really but that's because I
      believe the worst is yet to come." "You're a free agent, why don't you
      leave here?" Matt asks her. "Sure with my mother hot on my trail. No, I'll
      stay here as long as Mr. Desmond wants me to model for the portrait. Even
      longer than that if he will let me. But he probably won't." "Why do you
      say that?" Holly looks back at her mother and Jean Paul. Jean Paul is
      sitting at the table. "Look how she is cozying up to him. Whose future do
      you think they are discussing? Not mine, that's for sure." Matt glances at
      Elizabeth and Jean Paul. Elizabeth is standing next to Jean Paul's chair.
      "I was very moved by the service Jean Paul. I almost felt like I knew your
      wife." "Only I knew her." Jean Paul replies. Raxl is standing behind Jean
      Paul with the coffee tray. "I just meant that Reverend Dawson drew such a
      vivid picture of her." "Reverend Dawson has never met her. He merely went
      ahead with the information I supplied for him. Something Tim Stanton cannot
      do. Paint a picture from words." "I'm sure the boy is trying." "Ah yes,
      as we all seem to be trying." Jean Paul says as he stands. "Mrs. Marshal,
      excuse me please." He walks over to Raxl. "Thank you Raxl. Why no cream or
      sugar?" "Sweets on this day?" Raxl says. "Perhaps you're right, only for
      me today was bitter sweet." Jean Paul walks away. Dan walks up to him. "It
      was a nice service Jean Paul. And now that it is over I was
      wondering." "Wondering
      what Dan?" "Now that Erica has been laid to the only kind of rest you will
      permit her. What happens to the living?" Dan gestures with his arm. "And
      what about the dead trying to control the living?" Raxl asks Quito. "Well
      the living go on living of course." Jean Paul says. "What I mean is
      where?" Dan asks. "Why where they choose I suppose." Jean Paul says
      walking away from Dan. "In that case if you don't mind I will take the
      evening flight back to New York. I'm job hunting remember." Jean Paul
      turns and stares at Jacques portrait. It goes blank. "Did you hear me Jean
      Paul and I'm taking Alison with me." "Raxl." Jacques calls. She walks up
      and takes his coffee cup. "Tell Quito to open the bar. Now that the
      service is out of the way I feel like a new man. Let my guests have
      anything they please." Jacques says happily. "Does that apply to me to?"
      Dan asks. "Of course. After the Borgias, name your poison." "Don't evade
      the question. Are we all free to leave?" Jacques laughs. "I can't
      understand why you would want to go." He walks toward Elizabeth. "Mrs.
      Marshal." "Have you forgotten my name already?" she says. "Of course
      Elizabeth, how stupid of me. Mr. Forrest and I were just discussing my
      guests. I trust your room is adequate?" "Oh far more than that. It's quite
      comfortable." Elizabeth says. "I hope you wont consider leaving so
      soon?" "Not
      at all. I wouldn't dream of going back to New York without Holly." "She
      seems happy here." Jacques says. "With your permission sir, I would like
      to propose a toast. To the departed. To Mrs. Desmond." Tim says. "Cheers,
      I mean thank you. Enjoy your stay as long as I like." Jacques says. "You
      mean as long as I like." Tim says. "Isn't that what I said?" Jacques looks
      at Dan. "Well so far the consensus seems to be that Maljardin seems to be
      the vacation spot of them Caribbean. I�ll see what my sister in-law has to
      say about her plans." Alison is sitting in a chair. Jacques sits on the
      arm of it. "I trust the sherry is satisfactory, Alison?" "Soothing
      anyway." she tells him. "I hate to broach the subject at this particular
      time but I was wondering about your plans." "Well, I haven't made any."
      Alison says. "On the contrary I think you have." "Oh." She looks up at
      him. "Well didn't you give me your word that you would stay on if I
      arranged a Christian service for Erica? Now I kept my part of the bargain."
      "I can't stay here forever." Alison says. "Well I think your exact words
      were I believe 'for a time'." Jacques says. "Well let's let it go at
      that." Alison says. Jacques stares at her. "Why do I feel the need to stay
      here?" "Thank you Alison, if you need anything for your work you will get
      it. The laboratory I equipped for Doctor Menkin is at your disposal. If you
      suddenly have an irresistible urge for research." "Well I have a
      surprising coincidence to report Dan. Not one of my guests have the
      slightest desire to leave." Jacques tells him. "Well this one has." Dan
      says. "Would you have Quito run that dangerous passage to the Mainland and
      back just for you and without the proper light?" "Yes I would." "We shall
      see." Jacques says. "I want to know now, I don't like the feeling of being
      trapped. Look Jean Paul, are we free to leave or not?" "I already told you
      no one wants to leave." Jacques tells him grinning. "That's not an answer."
      "I'm sorry, that's all the answer you'll get." Raxl walks up as Dan says.
      "Then we are prisoners." "Well not exactly, you can always try to get out
      on your own. But it's a tough swim. Now if you don't mind I'll look in on
      Erica." He turns and heads for the crypt. Everyone in the Great Hall look
      at each other.

      Jacques reaches Erica's capsule. "You know I sensed your husband was about
      to make a grave mistake, now no pun intended. I think Dan Forrest�s
      speculation is correct don't you? Every person on this Island is a
      prisoner,� he says with a smile. "As are you Erica and your beloved Jean
      Paul. Why is it he always brings out the devil in me?"

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick


      *Strange Paradise: Episode 20*

      *Episode 20: Slideshow:

      Jean Paul walks down the stairs to the crypt; walking over to Erica's
      capsule he touches the end of it with his hands. "This is our own private
      requiem, Erica my darling. A requiem for the living not the dead. The
      service that Reverend Dawson conducted was for your sister Alison�s peace
      of mind. Mine will come when you are free of this capsule and returned to
      life once again to me. Everyone here on Maljardin doubts that cryonics will
      be a reality in my lifetime. That is the only hope that keeps me alive. I
      love you and I shall continue to love you as long as we will be together

      Upstairs in the Great Hall Elizabeth and Alison are sitting. "My poor dear,
      you must be exhausted." Elizabeth tells her. "Exhausted Mr. Marshal?
      Emotionally strung out, very nervous." Alison says standing up. "You have
      every right. It's been a shattering day for you, and Mr. Desmond."
      Elizabeth also stands. " His darling wife and your dear sister, but it was
      a lovely service." "Lovely, that's hardly a word I would use for a service
      of the dead." Alison says. "Perhaps you're right. It was a poor choice.
      Tasteful?" Elizabeth asks. "There are no words to ease sorrow Mrs.
      Marshal, only time will do that." "And it will. Why don't you take
      yourself to bed Doctor Carr? You can certainly do with the rest." "Not
      until I have spoken to Dan Forrest." "And Mr. Desmond of course."
      Elizabeth says. "No, not Jean Paul. No I think it best he be left to
      himself. To his own personal sorrow. For the moment that is." "Poor man,
      he has so much and yet so little,� says Elizabeth. "It seems without Erica
      he has nothing." Alison says. "Where is he by the way?" asks Elizabeth. "He's
      in the crypt with my sister." "Do you mind if I keep you company until he
      comes back?" "You're his guest Mrs. Marshal, not mine." Alison says with a
      smile. "And this is his house. I couldn't object if I wanted to, which I
      don't. But I must warn you he's been known to spend the whole night down
      there with her." Elizabeth sits down and looks up at Alison. "The entire
      night? In that dismal place." "Erica�s is there; to Jean Paul it's not
      dismal. She's the one and only love of his life. She still is." Alison says.

      Dan walks in from a side door. "Alison I was wondering... Oh Mrs. Marshal,
      good evening." Dan says as he walks across the floor. Elizabeth stands.
      "Mr. Forrest. I assume you two would like to be alone." "On for a purely
      legal matter, yes." Dan tells her. "Suddenly I'm quite weary. Nothing to
      do with the company of course. Good night." Elizabeth walks away. Dan and
      Alison watch her go up the staircase. Elizabeth stops and says. "As a
      matter of fact I'm half asleep already." "What did you find out?" Alison
      asks Dan. "That I have a weak back and sore feet. Crawling along those
      docks to find us a boat to get out of here is a job for a younger man." "But
      if Jean Paul says you can leave whenever you want to. Why are you so cloak
      and daggers about it?" Alison asks. "Because I suspect he is going to
      change his mind, if he hasn't already. And an alternate plan is good
      policy." "It isn't a good plan unless you can navigate the channel, even
      the natives fear to challenge."

      Back in the crypt Jean Paul is talking to Erica. "I don't challenge the
      almighty Erica dear. I simply challenge his right to take what is
      rightfully mine. You my darling wife."

      "You can't be serious Dan that's sure death." Alison says. "That channel
      is no more dangerous than Jean Paul, or whatever possesses him to think he
      is all powerful."

      "No power from the present or from the past or unknown to the future, no
      being real or imagined will stand in the way of our new life together. For
      your life I will sacrifice all others if need be." Jean Paul tells Erica.

      "Why so harsh on Jean Paul after all these years together?" Alison asks. Dan
      walks over to Alison carrying two glasses with brandy. "Because I believe
      in at least a teaspoon of honesty every twenty-four hours." he hands Alison
      a drink then sits next to her. "And now that I am no longer associated with
      him, I intend to follow that prescription closely." "You're no longer with
      him? Since when?" "Didn't you hear? I got myself fired day before
      yesterday. That's forty-eight hours on the unemployment line." "What
      happened?" "I dared to question the Almighty." Dan tells her. "God." "The
      man who thinks he is." Dan replies. "Well if you're on the outs, why did
      he bring you here?" "Oh on the pretext on letting bygones be bygones.
      Perhaps he didn't have any choice. You see I had him over a barrel." "Skeleton
      in the family closet?" "No, a letter you wrote which he thought was never
      delivered." "You mean it was mailed after all?" "No but Vangie saw Jean
      Paul trying to burn it. So she accidentally, on purpose bumped into him.
      She doused the flames, rescued the remains, became alarmed by it and called
      me." "I wrote that letter before I understood Jean Paul's obsession." "You
      mean to say that now you do understand it?" "No, not really but I'm
      beginning to understand Jean Paul a little bit better. That was why I was
      almost glad when he told me the letter hadn't been mailed." "Almost but
      not sure? He admitted he hadn't mailed the letter?" Dan asks. Yes, don't
      you know why he wanted to keep it a secret on the Island about Erica and
      the cryonics capsule?" Alison asks. "Well you're the doctor on the Island.
      I�m only trying to cure the legal ills. Now don't tell me your sold on this
      cryonics process?" Dan asks. "No but lots of people are. I can't say I can
      be counted as one of them. No, it's Jean Paul himself that I'm interested
      in." "Oh, now I understand." Dan takes a drink. "No you don't Dan."
      Alison tells him. "Perhaps I should have said that I'm concerned." "So am
      I. If you ask me Jean Paul is prisoner number one on this Island." "Yes
      but a prisoner by his own choice." Alison says. "Which we aren't." Dan
      says. "Because he must keep his secret on the Island!" "A self appointed
      regent with unwilling subjects. If you ask me the man faces revolt and when
      that time comes I am going to be one of the leaders." Jean Paul is
      standing at the doorway on the steps to the crypt. He is listening to
      Alison and Dan's discussion. "You know, I just can't read him Alison. He
      switches from hot to cold like a temperamental hotel shower." Dan says. "There
      are two sides to all of us Dan." "The blessed and the damned. Yes I know
      the philosophy." Dan replies. "There are times we all sit on a razors
      edge. Fortunately we slip we can be cut." "Why bleed Alison if we can
      prevent it?" "I'm not leaving him Dan, he needs my help." "I want to help
      him to, but not by aiding and abetting a wrong doing." "But he thinks what
      he is doing is right." Alison says. "Unfortunately for him and for us,"
      Dan says. Jean Paul walks up through the doorway.

      "Do you know what you're saying?" "Yes, that Jean Paul is a dangerous
      man," Dan says. "That's brutal and totally wrong." "Not by my instincts
      and not by his actions. You're not going to tell me you think he is in
      total control of himself?" "Councilor, may I speak in my own defense?"
      Jean Paul asks. He is standing on the side of the staircase. Alison and
      Dan stand. Jean Paul walks toward them. "I should be allowed to testify,�
      he says. "How much have you heard?" Dan asks. "Enough to know my friends
      and my enemies." "We are both your friends Jean Paul." Alison says to him.
      "In spite of what I've heard I'll accept that for the time being." "Well
      now what's that supposed to mean?" Dan asks. "The facts will eventually
      speak for themselves Dan. As an attorney you should know a case can be won
      or lost on a poor presentation of facts. I had to discover love and
      companionship were not on the buyers market. It was especially difficult
      for me since people would trade friendship for money, particularly woman.
      And then I met Erica. She could have had a career for herself in the
      theater. Public adulation, everything she wanted. But she only wanted me.
      Just me and I wanted her. She gave up everything for me and I likewise will
      give up everything to prevent anyone, anyone from stopping me." Jean Paul
      tells Dan. Alison and Dan glance at each other then look back at Jean Paul.
      "No matter what it entails nobody stops me." Jean Paul says then walks away
      from them. "Well, well, well best speech I've heard since Et tuo Brute.
      Now don't stare so. Your guests will think you are enamored of me. And with
      your back to them you might end up as Caesar with a knife in it. Unless you
      beat them to the punch." Jacques tells Jean Paul. Alison walks over to
      Jean Paul with Dan behind her. "What's the matter with you Jean Paul? You
      suddenly act as if we weren't even here." Alison says. "Or so you hoped we
      weren't. What comes over you all a sudden that affects you so strangely?"
      Dan asks. "Look Dan if you want to leave go, but you must promise me to
      say nothing about what has happened on this Island." Jean Paul tells Dan. "I'm
      not sure I can promise that." "For old times sake!" "For the old Jean
      Paul I wouldn't even have to be asked." Dan says. Jean Paul and Alison at
      each other. "I too would like to see Erica live again, but that's not
      possible. So I have to see that you live again because that can happen.
      Good night." Dan turns and rushes up the stairs case." "It hasn't been an
      easy day for any of us." Jean Paul tells Alison. Alison shakes her head no.
      Jean Paul yawns and stretches. "Where are all the others?" "Asleep I
      presume." Alison says as she follows Jean Paul. "Mrs. Marshal tried to
      fight that potent wine we had at dinner. But finally she had to give in to
      it." "You managed it though." Jean Paul says as he sits on the couch. "That's
      because I managed to stay away from the wine." Alison says. "You also
      managed to stay away from your dinner." Jean Paul says. "I wasn't very
      hungry." "Well it wasn't exactly a day for a feast was it?" says Jean Paul.
      "No it certainly wasn't for me. It wasn't for you either. You didn't eat
      anything." "I know I couldn't help seeing Erica at the end of the table."
      Jean Paul tells her. "Jean Paul, you have to get a hold of yourself!"
      Alison says. "I try, unsuccessfully but today was impossible." "The
      service?" Alison asks. "I loathed it especially because it was for my only
      love." Jean Paul tells her "I almost wish I hadn't asked for that last
      decency for my sister." "Last is so final, Alison." "So is death." Jean
      Paul turns toward Alison. "I'm not going to try to convince you anymore.
      Now please don't attempt to change me." Jean Paul says. "You must stop
      driving yourself." Alison tells him. "It's the most important thing, that
      I must drive myself. I drove myself to give you a service for Erica because
      that is what you wanted." "But she's my sister, I thought she deserved
      some type of memorial." "That's exactly what it was. Not a burial." says
      Jean Paul. "She's sealed from life." "Until cryonics brings her back
      again. All that is important to me is that Erica lives again. Nothing else
      matters. So the world can be shut out." "And all your guests shut in."
      Alison tells him. "Well to have love again it might be necessary to be
      hated." Jean Paul says. "Your guests don't hate you, they're afraid of you
      Jean Paul." "Dan Forrest isn't afraid." "Yes, he is afraid for all of us
      here." "Perhaps, but primarily for you as I'm afraid anything might go
      wrong for Erica." "I'm just beginning to realize how very deeply you can
      love." Alison says. "Are you?" "Yes, I think so." "Except we're to close
      together Alison. I find my senses are..." "Good night Jean Paul." Alison
      says after looking at him. She stands and heads for the stairs. Jean Paul
      stands and rushes after her. He looks up at her. "Alison, Alison please
      wait." he grabs her hand. "Please let me go." Alison cries out and pulls
      her hand away. Jean Paul turns away and takes a couple of steps. "Faint
      heart, aw was it hers or yours." Jacques says with a chuckle. "Had I been
      in your place." Jean Paul spins around. "Look the last thing I need
      tonight is you." "You need me day and night. Unless you don't need Erica.
      Or are you perhaps beginning to think you need her sister."

      Alison goes into her room. Looking in her mirror. "What's the matter with
      you, that's Erica's husband." Alison cries out to herself.

      "What are you doing to me?" Jean Paul cries out. He is facing away from
      Jacques portrait. "I'm not a vital throbbing woman, Alison is as Erica
      was." Jacques tells him. "Erica will be again!" "But until then?" Jacques
      asks him. "You are a devil!" Jean Paul whispers. "Don't you wish you
      were, or are you?"

      Alison is asleep but restless. She opens her eyes and climbs from her bed.
      She walks like she is in a trance to her mirror. Jacques appears
      beckoning her as she walks forward. "Madame and Msieus, I know that you
      will forgive me but my wife is indisposed. So if you will pardon me, us."
      Raua takes Jacques hand. They are once again in Jacques time. Jacques sends
      away his guests and grabs Raua. (She looks identical to Alison) "Oh Raua I
      thought they would never leave." "You didn't give them much choice,� she
      says. "I had to be alone with you." "We shouldn't." Raua pushes him away
      and rushes around the staircase. Jacques runs up and across the first
      landing, then down the stairs. He grabs her hand. "I must." "But Huaco, my
      sister." "Long since abed, sleeping." "I didn't mean that. She is your
      wife." "Unhappily." says Jacques kissing her hand. "Jacques don't." "Just
      a little pleasantry, no wrong in that." "But it's so cruel." she leans
      towards him then pulls away rushing across the room. He catches her.
      "You're enough of a woman to need a man." "But I love my sister." "Of
      course you do." He holds her standing behind her. "No it's so wrong." She
      again pulls away and rushes into the dining room Jacques follows her. "Between
      a man and woman there is no wrong only need. And you are mine." He takes
      her in his arms and kisses her. Raua pulls away. "I should be ashamed but
      how can I. Who am I? Your woman, that's all that matters." Jacques comes
      up behind her; he kisses her on the neck. Raua pulls away. "But I must
      take my leave." Jacques puts his hand out. "Come my sweet, come back." he
      reaches out with both arms. "Come back to my arms."

      Alison is sleeping in bed, she reaches out with both of her arms. Her eyes
      open, she quickly sits up wrapping her arms around herself.

      Jean Paul looks up, he is still in the Great Hall. "Your conscience will
      be the death of both of us. To coin a phrase why fight it." Jacques laughs.

      Alison is sitting on the edge of her bed. She gets up and walks to the
      mirror. "What's the matter with me? The dream was so powerful. The name and
      the costumes are only in my conscience. That portrait haunts me more than
      Jean Paul himself. Or is it just my way to disguise my true feelings. How
      can I want my sister's husband?" she cries out to herself.

      Jean Paul stumbles across the room. "How can you want your wife's sister?
      It's simple because you are a man." Jacques says to him. Jean Paul tries
      turning away, trying to ignore Jacques words. "Or are you becoming the man
      I was? Or have you always been?" Jean Paul looks at the portrait. "I don't
      know, I don't know!" "I do but I�m not telling." Jean Paul turns and
      tries to run up the stairs. He trips and stumbles. "Whoop, don't trip or
      Hades forbid you could brake our leg." Jean Paul runs up the rest of the

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
      Daisy and at the Bridge: Bella, Tiki, Coco, Pepe, Tiny and Flower

      *"Dobby never meant to kill, Dobby only meant to main--or seriously injure."
      Dobby, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--Part1"

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      I would say enjoy but so far I am not sure I would even enjoy it. I have a friend who went last night to the Dark Shadows screening of House and the new Dark
      Message 2 of 2 , May 11 9:39 AM
        I would say enjoy but so far I am not sure I would even enjoy it. I have
        a friend who went last night to the Dark Shadows screening of House and the
        new Dark Shadow movie. Many of the original cast was there last night
        signing autographs. My friend called me to let me know who was there. I was
        not home so he left a voice message. I have called him back to find out his
        thoughts on the new DS movie.

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        *Getting ready for the noon showing of the train wreck, DARK SHADOWS.*

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