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Episodes 5 & 6

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    *Strange Paradise: Episode Five* *Episode 5: Slideshow:
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode Five*

      *Episode 5: Slideshow:

      Jean Paul is standing next to the empty canvas of Jacques portrait with his
      arms crossed. He walks toward Alison. "I think a portrait of Erica would
      put a modern touch to the gallery,� she tells Jean Paul. "It's a thought
      to think about,� he tells her with a smile. "Think about? You baffle me." "Oh
      why?" he asks. "You're just not the man I thought I knew." "Is that good
      or bad?" Jacques asks with a smile. Alison smiles back at him. "I
      remember when you would jump at the chance to do anything to please Erica.
      Jean Paul, I want to see Erica. Where is she?" She starts up the
      staircase. "She's not upstairs...she's below." Jacques points down. "In
      the family crypt." "What on earth is she doing in the... No, no she's not!�
      Alison tells Jean Paul turning towards him. "Only temporarily." he
      says. "What
      kind of a man are you? Take me to her!" Jacques smiles "Of course." He
      extends his arm out pointing towards the crypt. "Through the archway." Alison
      gives Jean Paul a shocked look and heads through the doorway. Jacques
      smiles as he looks at his blank portrait, then he leaves Jean Paul's body.
      Jean Paul lowers his head. "Please. Are you coming? Hurry." Alison says as
      she stands in the doorway. They both hurry into the crypt. Quito is
      carrying a huge cylinder on the stairs, Alison jumps when she sees him.
      Jean Paul tells her it's only Quito. She goes around him and enters the
      crypt. "I want to see her!" she cries to Jean Paul. "You can't see her,
      the coffin has already been sealed. Alison notices the cryonics capsule.
      "Cryonics? You didn't, you couldn't!" "I love her to much to just allow
      her to die." "You froze her before...!" "No, no!" Jean Paul tells her. "How
      do you know? You aren't a doctor!" "There's one here, Dr. Menkin. All
      vital signs of life were gone I assure you." Alison starts sobbing holding
      the end of the capsule. Jean Paul tries comforting her, holding her.

      Quito is touching the portrait of Jacques. Raxl sees him. "Quito! Your
      master is Jean Paul Desmond, no one else. Do you understand? That one
      belongs in the grave." Alison pulls away from Jean Paul. "I can't believe
      it. I can't accept it." "I don't know what I believe, what I accept these
      strange days. Sometimes I don't even realize what I am doing. Something
      drives me on, some power stronger than me. Some evil force." Jean Paul
      tells Alison. "Raxl claims it's the devil." Alison is looking at Erica's
      capsule with a shocked look on her face.

      Jean Paul is sitting in a chair in the Great Hall speaking to Alison.
      "Erica hadn't been feeling well. So Dr. Menkin took some blood samples to
      the Mainland for tests. She was sitting on that couch just as you are now,
      when the first attack came. It was devastating. I have never known such
      fear. Dr. Menkin called it an ecliptic convulsion." He stands and pours
      himself a drink. "I see." Alison replies. She is curled up on the
      couch. "Well,
      I got her up to her room and put her to bed. Dr. Menkin took over but there
      was very little he could do to ease her suffering. Alison stood up and
      walked to the fireplace, she looks back at Jean Paul. "And the baby?" "We
      lost him. But I couldn't care in that moment. About an hour later when I
      was holding her in my arms she cried out, No Jean Paul no, don't let me go.
      Her body felt like a steel spring under compression. It felt like it was
      almost ready to explode. When the spasm hit her she arched." Alison came
      back to Jean Paul to stand next to him. "There was nothing I could do.
      Nothing!" "If a doctor could do nothing how could you be expected to?"
      Alison tells him. "All that beauty, all that life. My life, snuffed out as
      easily as a candle. How I loved her. How I still love her." Jean Paul says
      with grief. "My darling Erica gone." Alison says as she looks away. "But
      she isn't. Don't you understand? That is what I am tying to do." "Cryonics
      is still so new, untested." Alison tells him. "I will make it work." Jean
      Paul tells her. "Perhaps someday. God willing." "Alison, this is my
      Island and I am God here." "Jean Paul!" Alison gives him an angry look
      before walking to the fireplace. "Erica's internal organs must be
      damaged." Jean Paul talks about transplants. "There must be brain damage.
      You can't transplant a brain." "All right, if not today, then tomorrow."
      Jean Paul answers her. Alison starts getting upset. Jean Paul sends for
      Raxl to take Alison to her room. "I wish I could convince you, I wish I
      could comfort you, comfort myself." Alison says to Jean Paul. He reaches
      out and holds Alison. "We both suffered." Jean Paul tells her. "You know,
      when I met you on the Mainland then when we came back to Maljardin you were
      all charming and cheerful and a stranger to me. Also your attitude towards
      Erica. Now your..." "Raxl, could you take Dr. Carr to her room please."
      Jean Paul cuts Alison off with an upset look on his face. Raxl is standing
      at the bottom of the staircase waiting for Alison. Jean Paul stands at the
      bottom of the stair watching them, and then angrily strides to Jacques
      portrait. "Why did you bring her here? Why?" he shouts. "She's such a
      delectable woman. How can I, you, we ever resist. Or let her go." "You
      swine!" Jean Paul shouts. He then turns and runs up the staircase. Raxl
      comes down the stairs and sees her master Jean Paul Desmond looking out the
      window. "Dr. Menkin would like to leave tonight." she tells him. "Well
      that's impossible." Jean Paul walks toward her as he speaks. "He feels he
      is no longer needed on Maljardin." "That's true enough, but tell him he
      can not leave until tomorrow. Without daylight it's too torturous to go
      across." Jean Paul tells her. "I think he does not approve what is going
      on here." "I'll talk to him." Jean Paul says as he leaves the room. Alison
      comes downstairs and asks Raxl if she has any aspirin for her headache.
      After asking about Jean Paul, Raxl tells her he is talking to Dr. Menkin.
      Alison question Raxl about Jean Paul and his strange behavior. Raxl
      replies. "This Island is called Garden Of Evil, here the devil walks again."
      "Devil?" Alison says. Raxl walks to Jacques portrait. "Do you see this
      man?" "I see a portrait of a man." Alison replied. "Who died three
      hundred years ago." Raxl tells her. "He looks amazingly like Jean Paul,�
      says Alison. "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes, he's an ancestor." "Or maybe more.
      He married and brought his wife to this Island to bear his child. Once he
      used her for that he decided he didn't want her anymore. As he killed her
      we took our revenge." Raxl tells Alison. "Killed. Revenge. We, who Raxl?"
      Alison asks. "In my faith we believe, to God belongs the soul. To the
      devil the body. All my life is to escape the burden of sin. And the true
      hell forever is when men cannot escape the flesh he was born into." "Forgive
      me Raxl." "Hear me out, to condemn someone he must be trapped eternally in
      the body. An effigy in the form of a doll is the spell to bind him and a
      silver nail through the doll's brain destroys all help for salvation." "Silver
      nail, your talking about witchcraft Raxl." "There are many who believe, of
      those of us who do it is not witchcraft. In the crypt below beside the
      casket of your sister, there is a plaque marked with his name (pointing to
      the portrait of Jacques) the curse was upon him. The silver pin was driven
      through the doll's head to deny him any hope. Then Msieu Jean Paul found
      the effigy, withdrew the nail and set the devil free." "Three hundred
      years ago. I find that hard to believe." Alison tells her. "You said there
      was something strange. The master stood in this very room and blasphemed
      God. He refused to return his wife as God's will." "The master believes he
      is God, he said that." Alison tells Raxl. "Thus the change in the master
      when the devil possesses him." Raxl replies. "You mean a soul of a dead
      person goes into a living man?" Alison asks. "I'm afraid that is what
      happened." Raxl replies. "Not in this day and age." Alison smiles and
      shakes her head at Raxl. "You don't believe me do you?" "I believe Jean
      Paul isn't himself. But I find it hard to believe some devil from the past
      possesses him."

      A scream is heard from outside. Raxl and Alison rush to the front door and
      look outside. Alison asks if they should investigate. Raxl closes the door
      and tells her they will know soon enough. Alison and Raxl start up the
      staircase to their rooms. Downstairs the door opens and Quito is carrying
      Dr. Menkin. Jean Paul is walking behind him. Raxl comes down the
      staircase. "Dr. Menkin? what happened?" She looks at Jean Paul. "Quito you
      know what to do. To the basement." Jean Paul turns to Raxl, his arms are
      crossed. "I really don't know. He tried to fight his way to the boat. I
      tried to stop him, he pulled away. I think he was drunk." "Drunk! Dr.
      Menkin never drinks." Raxl tells him. "Well, there is always a first time.
      At least it was quick." "I'll have Quito notify the police on the
      Mainland." Raxl tells Jean Paul. "Oh there won't be any necessity for
      that, circumstances have left us with an empty coffin. Don't you remember?
      Your mistress has moved to other quarters." "Msieu Desmond, what has come
      over you?" Raxl asks as she is getting upset. "Where is Doctor Carr?" Jean
      Paul asks. "In her room." Raxl answers. "Good then none need know about
      this. No one do you understand?" Jean Paul says with a smile. "I'm
      beginning to." "Goodnight Raxl." Jean Paul says still smiling. "I said
      goodnight Raxl." "Yes." "Yes...!" he shouts at her. "Yes Master." Raxl
      bows to him. "Good, that's better. Sweet dreams." he blows a kiss at
      her. Raxl
      walks slowly up the stairs. With a grin Jean Paul turns to the blank
      portrait of Jacques. Next Jean Paul is sleeping on the couch holding a
      glass of brandy. Quito comes in and gently takes it out of Jean Paul's hand
      placing it on the table. Jean Paul becomes restless and starts dreaming.
      Raxl is speaking to him. "You must fight the devil. You must not give in to
      him. Where are the doll and the silver pin?" Jean Paul appears behind
      Raxl; "What doll, what pin?" "The effigy that kept Jacques Eloi Des Mondes
      in hell for three hundred years. Until we find them you are possessed and
      we are all cursed. "Possessed, possessed, possessed. Who is the devil?"
      Jean Paul says. He is getting very upset. "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes, who
      claims he has returned to help save your wife, Erica. But turn from him,
      don't face him. Don't look or else you may see the very man you are, the
      very man you might have been." Jean Paul wakes and cries out. "No, no!"
      Getting to his feet he goes to Jacques portrait. "You are the nightmare.
      Must I restore your evil life to have my darling Erica's life back? Damn
      you! Or am I the one who is damned. Must I be lost in hell with you!" As
      Jean Paul turns away from the portrait he covers his face with his hands as
      he sits down.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      *Strange Paradise: Episode Six*

      * Episode 6: Slideshow:

      Jean Paul stands and speaks to Jacques. "Why must I suffer your torment
      from hell? Can't I buy my Erica life in the future without restoring your
      evil from the past? Am I cursed with you?" Jean Paul turns and walks
      quickly to the crypt. Raxl comes down the staircase from the bedrooms
      carrying a candle. She walks up to Jacques portrait. "Jacques Eloi Des
      Mondes let my master free. Do not bring death to this house that you have
      poisoned with your unseen presence." Thunder and lightning crash outside.
      Jean Paul enters the Great Hall. "Raxl, what's wrong? You seem so
      distraught." "Don't you know? After what has happened." "It's just a
      power failure with the generator. Everything should be back in order now."
      Jean Paul tells her. "Is it? When a man has died." Raxl replies. "What?
      Who?" "Come." Raxl tells him as she leads him to the crypt. "Wait! To
      Erica?" Jean Paul asks. "To the man who treated her." "Dr. Menkin?" Jean
      Paul then follows Raxl down to the crypt. On entering Jean Paul lays his
      hand on Erica's capsule. Raxl walks to Erica's old coffin. "Msieu
      Desmond." Raxl calls to him. Jean Paul walks over to Raxl. Raxl lifts the
      lid on the coffin. "Oh my God. It is the doctor." Jean Paul says. "Did
      you doubt me?" "Look, those bruises. He has had an accident,� says Jean
      Paul. "Perhaps." Raxl tells him. "Wait. Wait I remember now. We were
      talking. He wanted to leave the Island." "I told you that." Raxl tells him.
      "Yes, yes we were on the dock." "And he was drunk." Raxl replies. : Dr.
      Menkin never drank." "Yes I know. But you told me yourself that he had
      been drunk." Raxl tells Jean Paul. Walking towards Jacques tomb Raxl says.
      "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. We buried him here, for all eternity. Until you
      opened his casket and set him free. Why?" "All I found was a conjure doll
      and a silver pin through it's head." replies Jean Paul. "Which you
      withdrew and released all the horror of the past on us." "This is
      legendary talk Raxl." "Three hundred years ago Jacques Eloi Des Mondes
      ceased to care for his wife and she was dead. After that her younger
      sister, then she was dead. There is a sister of your wife under this roof.
      Is she younger than my Mistress?" "Yes." Jean Paul replies. "Then get her
      out of here before she is dead. Please Msieu, it is all we can do. We must
      fight." Raxl tells him. "Against whom? A man of three hundred years
      ago." "The
      devil is eternal! We must destroy him. The doll and silver pin, where are
      they?" Jean Paul puts his hand to his head and walks around. "I don't
      know!" Jacques portrait goes blank. Jean Paul lowers his hand, he is
      wearing Jacques ring. "Please Msieu, where is the conjure doll?" "Oh
      Raxl, you are to old to play with dolls. Now be quiet and mind your place."
      Jacques (in Jean Paul�s body) tells her. Raxl quickly leaves the
      room. Jacques
      goes over to Erica's capsule; he reaches out and touches it with both
      hands. "Erica, beloved wife of Jean Paul Desmond. You are cold comfort to
      him while you lie here. But while you stay here you are welcome warmth to
      me. Sleep well and long, so I may roam free,� he says with a smile. Walking
      to the plaque with his name on it he dusts it with Jean Paul's handkerchief.
      Back in the Great Hall Jacques leaves Jean Paul's body and returns to the
      portrait. Jean Paul turns away and shakes his head. Walking to the couch he
      lies down and closes his eyes. Alison walks down the stairs to the Great
      Hall. She stands across from Jacques portrait staring at it. Jean Paul
      stirs and as he stands he notices Alison. "Alison, I didn't know you were
      here. Is there anything wrong?" "I couldn't sleep, that's all." "Could I
      get you something? A sleeping pill perhaps." Jean Paul asks. "No thank
      you." "A drink? A brandy will help you rest." "I'll have a little brandy."
      "For medicinal purposes. Jean Paul replies. Alison lays her head against
      Jean Paul's chest. "I can't believe it. She is dead Jean Paul." "Yes, she
      is dead. But not forever." Alison pulls away from him getting angry. "I
      can't bear to think of her in that artificial long life. She should be
      allowed to die with dignity" As she steps away from him she turns her back
      to him. "Properly interred and her soul sent to God." As Jean Paul turns
      away from Alison he lifts his brandy glass and smiles. On his hand is
      Jacques ring. After finishing his brandy he turns back to Alison. "Let's
      forget about Erica for the moment and our private little quarrel about the
      manner of her burial. More brandy?" he asks with a smile. "That portrait."
      Alison says. Jean Paul turns toward the portrait. "Oh, Jacques Eloi Des
      Mondes." "If he were alive today he could be your twin." Alison says. "If
      he were alive he could even be me." "No, not after what Raxl told me."
      Alison tells him. "The family gossip." Jacques says with a laugh. "Now
      what did she tell you about Jacques?" he says with a smile. "She told me
      he is the devil, the embodiment of evil. He wants this whole house and the
      Island. And even worse than that..." "Even worse than that? How bad could
      it be?" Jacques asks. "She told me you freed him from a centuries old
      curse. And he possesses your soul." Alison tells him. With a shake of his
      head Jacques collects the brandy glasses. "A man three hundred years dead.
      Slightly ridiculous, don't you think? A woman like you, a doctor. Oh come
      now. Surely you don't believe in that kind of nonsense." Jacques refills
      their brandy glasses. "I will tell you, Jacques was a very active man, he
      was renown of Royalty, and he was a scholar, an engineer, an explorer and a
      free looter. He was the beginning of the family's true wealth. Legend has
      it that in the caves beneath the Island of Maljardin, he buried a king�s
      ransom. And it still lies hidden. To tell you the truth, I am a secret
      admirer of his." Jacques says as he drinks his drink. Alison turns away
      from him. "You admire a man who killed his wife? And threatens death to all
      of us here?" Jacques smiles at Alison as he swirls his brandy. He then
      reaches for Alison's glass. "Come and sit. You have had a most difficult
      day." They sit on the couch. "Now let me tell you something. If this
      Jacques were alive today, this very moment. He would behave in much the
      same way as I am." "You do identify with him. He frightens me." Alison
      tells him. "Look at our history. He had a wife who he adored that died as
      I did. He brought her to this Chateau as I brought Erica. He lost a
      princess, a woman he loved." "As you lost Erica." "Well you could say the
      connection has a ring of witchcraft about it. But only in theory of
      course." Jacques tells her. "That's a comfort," Alison tells him. "But I
      will add one more thing. Jacques ' wife had a sister. Jacques (in Jean
      Paul's body) stands up. "And her name was Raua." ""That's a pretty name."
      Alison tells him. "A name of a Goddess and her hair was like ripened
      wheat. Her skin was as white as goat's milk. And soft to the touch as water
      on the morning lake." Jacques walks behind the couch and kneels behind
      Alison. "Sounds lovely." Alison says in a hypnotic daze. "So real. You
      describe her as if you knew her." "History to me is real, and so romantic
      in spite of the tragedy,� says Jacques. "How did his wife die?" Alison
      asks, her voice is growing faint like she is very tired. 'Huaco was her
      name. They climbed to the headlands alone to watch the sunset. They didn't
      realize the force of the trade winds were a danger to them. When they
      reached the cliff edge Jacques cry of warning were drowned out by the wind
      that plucked her from the edge and threw her to the sea like a rag doll." "How
      dreadful. He must have loved her very much. Just as you loved Erica." "Yes."
      Jacques stands and walks around to the front of the couch. "He chose to
      join his wife in death. But I choose to wait, until my Erica joins me in
      life." Jacques sits next to Alison with his arm resting near her
      shoulder. "Let's
      not continue that argument this evening." Alison tells him. "You are
      right, what ever I think of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. I think of him as
      living. Not as a man who has died before." Alison is coming more and more
      under Jacques control. She can hardly keep her eyes open. Jacques looks up
      at his blank portrait. Suddenly he is back in his own time. Raxl is serving
      wine. Jacques gives a toast to his guests. "To the intrigue of the future."
      Jacques turns and talks to his sister-in-law. (Who looks like Dr. Alison
      Carr) One of the guests gives a toast to Jacques wife. Jacques toasts his
      wife's sister. The discussion moves on to Huaco and Jacques new baby son.
      Jacques asks his wife if she must leave the table to tend to their son.
      When she tells him yes, one of Jacques friends a crewmate from the ship
      sees his wife off to her room. Raxl is left with Jacques and his sister
      in-law. Jacques sends her from the room. After checking if Raxl has left,
      he takes Raua in his arms where they kiss. They confess their love for each
      other. Raua tells Jacques it's wrong, he is her sister's husband. Jacques
      tells her finding love cannot be wrong. Take happiness where you find it.

      Alison is sleeping on the couch. She starts tossing and getting restless.
      "No, no." she cries out. Jacques goes to her. "Alison, Alison." he calls
      her name. She jumps when she sees him. "It's alright, you were asleep.
      Unpleasant dream?" "A rather disturbing one. I had a dream about your
      ancestor." "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes? Was he as gallant as I described him
      to you?" he says with a smile. "In a very strange way." Raxl comes
      quietly into the room. "Yes Raxl?" Jacques says his smile disappearing. "Is
      there anything else tonight Msieu? If not I will retire." "I think I will
      also." Alison says. Jacques takes her hand and helps her up. "Be so good
      as to show Dr. Carr to her room Raxl." Looking at Alison he tells her. "I
      wish you continued pleasant dreams Alison. And remember, take happiness
      where you find it." "With the death of Erica so fresh in my mind and in
      your mind to, happiness seems so far away for both of us." Alison replies.
      "Goodnight." Alison follows Raxl up the stairs. Jacques grins and claps
      his hands before he lies on the couch. "In her dreams and in her reality it
      appears that the lovely Alison is falling in the clutches of the devil.
      That's little old me,� he says with a smile as he reaches for his wine
      glass. "How could I be expected to resist such a lovely woman? She's so
      delectable, so desirable. After all her brother in-law and I are closer. We
      are brothers in the same skin." "Msieu! " Raxl is standing on the landing
      of the staircase. Jacques stands and takes a few steps toward her.
      "Eavesdropping Raxl. I don't like that." "I only heard your muttering, but
      I beg of you. Don't let it be three hundred years ago all over again." Raxl
      tells him. "I haven't the powers of God." Raxl is upset and walks
      away. "Only
      those of the devil. " he says with a grin. He walks out of the room with
      his brandy.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

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        *Strange Paradise: Episode Five*
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          *Strange Paradise: Episode Five*

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