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Episodes 3 & 4

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    *Strange Paradise: Episode Three* * * *Episode 3: Slideshow:
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode Three*

      * *

      *Episode 3: Slideshow:

      Raxl and Quito walk from the Sacred Temple into the crypt where they
      place the torches back. �Quito we must fight to free ourselves from that
      devil from the past, Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.�

      In the Great Hall Jacques portrait has a blank canvas.

      Raxl kneels at Erica�s casket placing her hands on the lid. �Help us
      little Mistress, your grieving husband has freed the devil by denying Gods
      call for you. Now your beloved Jean Paul lives only for the day that you
      will live again..� Raxl stands and walks to Quito. �The people from the
      Cryonics Society are coming today to freeze Madame Desmond permanently.
      You and the Master are to pick them up on the Mainland.�

      Quito nods his head.

      �The door to the catacombs and the way to the Temple of the Serpent must
      be our secret alone.�

      Quito again nods his head then closes the door to the Temple.

      Raxl walks back to Erica�s casket. �Where are you Jacques Eloi Des
      Mondes now that you have risen from the grave? We can only ward ourselves
      from the secret dregs and confessed fear of an evil soul seeking to control
      a saddened heart. Our Master entered into an agreement with that demon to
      curry special favors and now we are all trapped in the cursed caldron of
      the doomed.� Raxl says then turns away from Erica�s casket. �Until we
      find that doll and pin and return that devil from whence he came. Where
      are they? And where is he, in the body of our Master or an evil spirit
      free to roam in defiance of God?�

      A church service is taking place. �And it is not surprising then that
      wherever God builds a house of prayer, the devil builds a chapel there.
      Now for the rest of the day and all the days to come may the grace of Jesus
      Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost be with us
      all for evermore, AMEN.� The minister at the pulpit finishes his sermon.

      The congregation begins to file out as the minister notices a young woman
      still sitting in the pew wearing sunglasses. �Holly it�s nice to see you
      here, what a pleasant surprise.� The minister says as he steps to her.

      �You mean making the church scene.� Holly says as she takes the glasses
      off. �Forget it Reverend I�m just resting. I�m not praying just resting.�

      �Reverend, what happened to Matt? I thought that you and I were on a
      first name basis.�

      �That was yesterday�s headlines; I don�t buy you much as a soul brother
      anymore. Not since I found out you were the one that helped my mother put
      me in that house for kooks.�

      �Kooks, not Wesley House.�

      �What�s the word then Padre disturbed.� Holly says angrily.

      �Confused is what the psychologist said. Do you mind if I sit down?�
      The Reverend asks as he sits in front of Holly in the front pew.

      �It�s your church.� Holly says then turns away. �No sermon please.�

      The Reverend smiles. �Only from the pulpit, but how about a little

      �Make it short, I�ve got to split.�

      �Perhaps if you tried to meet your mother halfway.�

      Holly glances at him. �Halfway, if it�s not her way Reverend it�s not at

      �There are problems on both sides Holly none of which are solved by
      running away.�

      Holly stands and begins to walk away. �End of advice.�

      �Just the beginning.� The Reverend says as he stands then walks to Holly
      as she stops. �You�re almost twenty-one, and then your mother loses her
      holdover you. Try to make it till then.�

      Holly turns and faces him. �Do you know how much I hate my mother, and
      how much she hates me? It likes chokes her that my dad left everything to
      me. Well when I�m of age her free ride is over. With or without the money
      I have to be my own person, do my own thing.� Holly says then turns to
      walk away.

      The Reverend grabs her arm. �But you�ll still have to live with yourself
      and right now that�s not been good company.�

      Holly looks at him then at her arm.

      The Reverend releases her.

      �Don�t worry Reverend I�ll find a place where I can find myself without
      advice from anyone, my mother or you.�

      Raxl stands next to Erica�s casket. �Pray with me Mistress that we can
      save our Jean Paul. Forgive me but I must revive the dark and ancient
      rituals that I thought were buried forever with Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.
      But fire must be fought with fire until it consumes that devil before he
      can consume us.� Raxl looks over at Quito. �The Temple, it is time for
      out magic to fight against that devil�s evil.� Raxl collects the torches
      as Quito pushes the door to the Temple open. She hands a torch to Quito
      and they walk down the corridor to a second door. Quito opens the door and
      Raxl steps through the doorway and kneels. �I Raxl with faithful Quito are
      about to enter the Sacred Temple to plead for the strength to fight all
      evil. Raxl bows then stands and enters the Temple.

      �Chow Reverend.� Holly says then steps away. She glances back. �Oh
      keep the faith.�

      As she walks down the aisle her mother enters the church and approaches
      her. �Going someplace Holly?�

      Holly steps away and enters one of the pews.

      �I asked you a question.�

      �Kick.� Holly replies.

      �What�s that suppose to mean?�

      Holly looks at her. �It means that you�re right, I�m going someplace.�

      �Back from whence you�ve came?�

      �Wesley House, oh no the other way mother; far, far the other way.�

      Holly�s mother takes a couple of steps closer to the Reverend. �Tell me
      Reverend what am I supposed to do with this child?�

      Holly turns towards her. �You can stop treating me like one.�

      �Perhaps Holly is right Mrs. Marshal.� The Reverend replies.

      �Do you a minister mean to stand in this House of God and tell me that
      you condone this child�s actions?�

      �No more than I condone yours. Holly is not a child but a young woman of
      almost twenty-one.�

      �I�ve noticed that you�ve noticed Reverend but young or old she is still
      in need of help.�

      �Mrs. Marshal the purpose of Wesley House and places like it, and this
      church, and any place of worship for that matter is to put people in a
      mental and spiritual frame to want to help themselves. To help them prove
      to themselves that they can.� He glances at Holly then her mother. �I
      think you both can lend a hand.�

      Holly looks at her mother then steps farther into the pew.

      Walking through the Temple Raxl enters a circle drawn upon the floor.
      The circle has symbols painted through it. She sets her torch down and
      crosses her arms. �Jacques Eloi Des Mondes where are you!� Raxl calls out
      raising her arms then crosses them again. �I Raxl, Daughter of the
      Priestess in a line of Priestesses of the Serpent who sprang from evil:
      call upon the devil to meet here within these bounds.� She shouts out
      raising her hands. Lowering them she clasps her hands in front of her.
      �Quito, come here.�

      Quito enters the circle and stands next to Raxl.

      �Kneel Quito.�

      Quito obeys Raxl.

      �We offer this pledge to the demon: our power of magic so long asleep
      will be awakened and invoked to fight the evil that is his only alli.�

      Mrs. Marshal steps away from the Reverend. �Young lady as the good
      Reverend so meticulously observed, unless I have your solemn word that you
      will voluntarily return to Wesley House I will have you forcefully taken

      Holly looks at her mother.

      �Don�t test my patience.� Mrs. Marshal says to her.

      Holly grabs her purse. �Actually I came here to tell you what a fink I
      think you are.� She says to the Reverend then glances at her mother. �But
      compared to you he�s�� She begins to say then rushes away from them.

      �Holly, come back here.� Mrs. Marshal calls after her. She turns to the
      Reverend. �Perhaps now Reverend Dawson you�re convinced that I did not
      exaggerate about her.�

      �Did she exaggerate about you?� The Reverend asks.

      Mrs. Marshal turns and looks at him.

      �Through all deception and hate, let love return to Maljardin and the
      devil to the depths of hell!� Raxl says as she bows then crosses her
      arms. �Now go Quito.� Raxl says placing her hands on his shoulders.
      Quito stands. �And help our Master to the Mainland. But remember well
      that you may be accompanying the devil in possession of Msieu Desmond�s

      Quito walks away as Raxl stands in the center of the circle. �Give me
      the power to know the man who goes with Quito. Is he our Master or the
      three centuries of evil that is possessing Msieu Desmond�s mind?�

      Mrs. Marshal steps away from the Reverend.

      �Holly said she hates you Mrs. Marshal, and that you hate her.�

      �It�s not the first time that�s come up.� Mrs. Marshal says with her
      back towards the Reverend.

      �And you haven�t the slightest idea what�s causing it?� The Reverend
      asks stepping closer to her.

      �Mind reading is beyond my comprehension Reverend.�Mrs. Marshal replies
      as she turns towards him.

      �I�m beginning to think your daughter is too. If Holly really wanted to
      run do you think she would have come here first?�

      �Who can predict what she would do or why.�

      �I believe she was hoping that someone would stop her.�

      �Then as a minister you have failed.� Mrs. Marshal says as she turns and
      steps away from him.

      �All my authority permits is advice and reason, I offered both; her
      mother could have offered much more.�

      �Well I tried in every way I could, but as usual it left no impression on

      �You cannot legislate love and respect Mrs. Marshal, they have to be

      Mrs. Marshal turns towards him. �But Holly needs correction. The very
      fact that she ran from it proves it.�

      �She also needs love Mrs. Marshal, parental love. The kind of love most
      kids take for granted.� The Reverend says as he steps closer to her. �A
      father that Holly idolized was suddenly taken from her and when she turned
      to her mother for comfort and security what did she get, Wesley House.�

      �I couldn�t control her. I was distraught too Reverend, he was my
      husband.� She looks away. �His death came so suddenly. The estate was in
      a shambles, there were endless involvements. Time consuming legal matters
      kept popping up. I had no choice.�

      �Holly called those legal matters shackles�.�

      Mrs. Marshal glances at him.

      �Money Mrs. Marshal.� The Reverend replies rubbing his thumb and fingers
      together. �She feels that it was and still is more important to you then
      she could ever be.�

      �That�s ridiculous.� She says stepping away from him. �Do you realize
      that when Holly is a legal age everything goes to her.�

      �And what if it is decided that she�s legally irresponsible?�

      �Well if that is what she thinks perhaps she is.�

      �That�s my thought not hers.�

      �Whose side are you on Reverend?�

      �Mrs. Marshal if you have any second thoughts that comes from the heart,
      what better place than a church to express them.�

      Mrs. Marshal looks away from him.

      �You are the evil that faith will conquer, the heart of the Serpent that
      the truth will crush.� Raxl says then bows her head. Picking up a torch
      she passes it from hand to hand in front of herself.

      �I must leave before Holly gets far away.� Mrs. Marshal says then turns
      and begins to walk down the aisle.

      The Reverend follows her. �Give the girl the chance she asked, let her
      find her own destiny.�

      Mrs. Marshal stops. �I can�t allow her to run to heaven knows what
      indiscretion or haven�t you thought about that before now?� She turns
      towards him. �Or have you Reverend?�

      �Sweet promise rises from a powerful heart; Msieu Desmond is tortured and
      sad. Wickedness from the past is driving him to deny what is good.
      Forgive my Master for the ghost he has raised. I ask only out of love for
      him, for the power and guidance to save him from the evil that is
      possessing his soul.� Raxl finishes her prayer to the Serpent God.

      �I wondered about your sudden turn about, defending Holly�s every action,
      undermining each of mine.�

      �I said what I honestly believe had to be heard.�

      �It�s one thing to preach the truth; it�s more difficult to face it. Can
      you Reverend Dawson?�

      �Holly is just a child Mrs. Marshal.� Reverend Dawson says in disgust.

      �That was my argument, you knocked it down. Surely you can invent a more
      convincing evasion? After all she�s not young enough to be your daughter,
      which makes her old enough to be your��

      �Don�t say it.� The Reverend says stepping away from her then he glances
      back at her. �There�s absolutely no truth to what you are thinking.�

      �What are your thoughts Reverend Dawson?�

      �Only a warped conscience would ask such a question.� He says turning
      away and places his hands on the pulpit.

      �Would an honest answer indict you? I do hope that the next time you
      mount that pulpit you pray for your own soul.�

      �My prayers are between the Lord and myself.�

      �But your sinful thoughts are not a secret.�

      The Reverend turns towards her. �My real sin was in trying to convince
      Holly that you might someday prove to be a fit mother.�

      �Are you talking as a minister or a man?�

      �As both, I talk as both.� He says then turns away from her.

      �I mean as a man in love Reverend Dawson. Oh you want to save Holly
      I�ll concede that, but not for God but for yourself.�

      The Reverend turns and watches as Mrs. Marshal walks from the sanctuary.

      Raxl leaves the Temple and enters the crypt. Quito follows her to
      Erica�s casket.�So the process of cryonics is about to begin. How sad that
      this house has become the devil�s ground again.�

      Quito kneels next to the casket and puts his head down sadly.

      Reverend Dawson stands at the altar and looks at the cross. He takes off
      his robe and folding it, he places it over the pulpit. He picks up his
      Bible then sets it down. �Until I find Holly and myself.� He says then
      walks away.

      Raxl enters the Drawing Room with Quito following her. �While you help
      the people from the Cryonics Society get things into place I�ll call Doctor
      Menken.� Raxl tells him as she walks to the staircase. �One time the
      devil has to lose.� She says as she glances at Jacques portrait then
      walks up the staircase.
      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      *Strange Paradise: Episode Four*

      *Episode 4: Slideshow:

      *T*he cryonics capsule is brought down to the crypt but the men from the
      Cryonics Society with help from Quito. Jean Paul questions Dr. Patton. Is
      everything ready with the cryonics? The doctor tells him more equipment has
      to be installed after they bring it up from the boat. While alone in the
      Great Hall Jacques talks to Jean Paul "Losing faith? Don't." "No! Not
      today, no please." Jean Paul gets upset and turns away from the portrait. "But
      I owe you a favor for freeing me." Jacques laughs. "I do believe you need
      me to jack you up by the boot straps." Jean Paul turns back facing
      Jacques. While looking at it, the canvas turns blank. Jean Paul has a smile
      on his face. Raxl comes in. "You haven't had any breakfast Msieu. You
      really should have something." "Of course Raxl, lunch for everybody and
      wine. This is an occasion to celebrate." Jacque in Jean Paul's body pats
      Raxl's cheeks and smiles. He walks to the dining room. Raxl looks at him
      shocked. The men from the Cryonics Society are finishing lunch when Jacque
      tries to pour wine for everyone. They all decline. Raxl comes up to the
      table holding a tray. She stands next to Jean Paul. "Come Raxl." He slaps
      her on her bottom. "This isn't a wake, it's a start of a reincarnation.
      Bring some coffee. You will join me in that gentlemen." Dr. Patton agrees.
      Jacques snaps his fingers at Raxl. "Quickly, quickly." Raxl stars at Jean
      Paul then turns and leaves. Dr. Patton asks Jean Paul if he had any
      questions. "Oh yes about my dear wife Erica." Dr; Patton wants Jean Paul
      to understand without getting too technical. "The purpose of cryonics is to
      preserve the body until a cure from what caused the death becomes a medical
      breakthrough." "Assume the breakthrough never occurs." Jacque asks him. "I
      believe that in the future with what is being learned from cell
      reproduction and genetics, the body will be able to regenerate itself." "So
      one day one could create a whole body of ones own." Jacque says. "With
      enough donors it can happen. Dr. Patten declines the coffee telling Jean
      Paul he must get to work in the crypt. Jacques is still talking; Dr.
      Patton reminds him they must go downstairs to tend to his wife. "My wife?"
      Raxl walks in with the tray of coffee. She and Dr. Patton stop to look at
      Jean Paul. "Oh, of course my... Erica." Jean Paul says with a smile. Dr
      Patton and his men head down to the crypt. Jacques follows Raxl.
      "Fascinating isn't it, what science cam do Raxl. Absolutely fascinating. Raxl
      turns and looks at Jean Paul. Jacques walks back to his seat at the table
      with a grin on his face. He holds his wine glass above his head and drips
      the wine into his open mouth. Then looking at Raxl smiling he asks for
      coffee. While Raxl is serving Jean Paul she asks him about Dan Forrest,
      Jean Paul's lawyer and friend. Also about Erica's sister who is on the
      Mainland. "Yes." Jacques answers her. "Doctor Carr must be heartbroken."
      Raxl says. "About what?" "The Mistress's death." "Oh she doesn't know
      about it, " he says as he stands and carries his coffee out of the room.
      "I'm not sure I'm going to tell her." Raxl looks at him with a shocked
      _expression on her face.

      Dr. Alison Carr is sitting at a table in the cafe when Dan walks up to her.
      Dan tells her that they can't get a ride to Maljardin until later. "What's
      causing the delay?" "They are hoisting all kinds of things on the boat. It
      looks like plumbing or heating equipment." "Did you see Jean Paul?" Alison
      asks. "Yes" "Does he know I am here?" "I told him." "He knows I'm here
      and he doesn't have the courtesy to say hello?" "It doesn't seem for a day
      for social amenities. All I need is his signature on some papers. And I got
      the royal brush-off too. But he did say he would be back later to pick us
      up." He then tells Alison she should relax. "How can I relax? I traveled a
      couple of thousand miles to see my sister and Jean Paul keeps me away. Why?"
      "On that Island that guy is law. No one dares question him." "Well I am
      going to question him, I refuse to be ignored. Erica is my sister and it's
      her first child. When Jean Paul gets back with the boat I'm taking Erica
      back to civilization. Where she will get proper medical care." Alison says

      Jean Paul is asleep on the couch in the Great Hall. Jacque had left his
      body. Raxl comes in and takes the glass of wine from his hand awakening him.
      "What time is it?" he asks while stretching. "It's after three." Jumping
      up he asks Raxl. "The people from the Cryonics Society?" "They have been
      here for hours. They are downstairs." Raxl tells him. "Hours!" Jean Paul
      rushes to the crypt calling Erica's name. The cryonics capsule is being
      closed and sealed before Jean Paul gets down the stair. Jean Paul rushes
      to the capsule calling Erica's name. "I must see my darling before..." Dr.
      Patton grabs Jean Paul. "Mr. Desmond your wife is already sealed in
      cryonics suspension. If you open the capsule it will undue all we have
      done." "No you are right I will wait until the day she rises again." Jean
      Paul lays a hand on Erica's capsule. As Doctor Patton and his men get
      ready to leave the Island he tells Jean Paul to keep watch on the gauges
      until he comes back next month. "Please accept my sympathy. At lunch I
      wasn't sure it was in order. Death is such a stunning experience. Who can
      judge how a man will react." Jean Paul stares at him with a shocked
      _expression on his face. Raxl is on the stairs listening. Dr. Patton leaves
      with Quito. Jean Paul sits down. 'Oh Erica, will I ever have you back
      without sacrificing my soul to that devil.' Raxl comes down the stairs and
      calls to Jean Paul. "Msieu Desmond, I beg you to take our little Mistress
      out of here before it is to late." "Leave here, from my home! My Island!"
      Jean Paul shouts. "It is no longer yours alone. You, all of us and anyone
      that comes here will be overpowered by evil spirits!" Raxl raises her voice
      to Jean Paul. "If I ever leave this place, I walk out of here with Erica
      by my side. If it takes an eternity!" "The devil is eternal!" "Why won't
      any of you leave me alone!�? Jean Paul yells while storming away from Raxl.
      Raxl quickly leaves the room after glancing back at Jean Paul. Jean Paul
      closes his eyes and shakes his head. "Temper, temper." Jacques tells Jean
      Paul. Jean Paul turns towards Jacques portrait. "I fear if I leave you to
      your own devices you will never have your Erica again." "No, no!" Jean
      Paul says. "Then go face your dear wife's sister. Since you won't I will."
      Jacque says as Jean Paul sits down and covers his face with his hands. As
      he lowers them he is wearing Jacques ring, there is a smile upon his face.
      He looks at the blank portrait and with a wink turns to Quito who has just
      come into the room. "Let's go." he tells Quito. Raxl calls to Jean Paul
      and asks if he is bringing Erica's sister back with him. "That's a very
      fascinating idea. But why don't we leave that to me," he tells her with a
      smile. Raxl turns to Jacques portrait. "More and more you are possessing
      him but you have not won yet." Raxl walks up the staircase to her room.

      Jean Paul meets Alison and Dan in the cafe bar. Dan hands a set of papers
      to Jean Paul for him to sign. Jacques in Jean Paul's body stare at the
      documents one by one. Dan picks up his briefcase, he is heading to his room
      to pack. He has a plane to catch. Jean Paul is still staring at the papers
      when Alison tries to get his attention. "Jean Paul how much money must you
      make before you are content." "All I�m trying to do dear sister in-law is
      stay alive." "At the rate you are going you will end up in an early grave."
      Picking up his drink he looks at her. "Bite your tongue." Alison complains
      to Jean Paul for leaving her at the Mainland instead of taking her to her
      sister, sticking her sister at the end of the world. "Not the end but a
      new one." "I want the truth. How is Erica feeling?" "You have my word
      she couldn't be more content." Jacque tells her. "Why isn't she here to
      meet me?" Alison asks. "She was sleeping and I couldn't awaken her."
      Jacques says with a smile. "Yes she must get her rest." Alison tells him. Dan
      comes to their table He reminds Jean Paul to sign the papers. After the
      papers are signed Dan tells them his plane is delayed so he can join them
      for a drink. Jean Paul tells him they have to leave for Maljardin. "Alison
      is worried about Erica. Also Quito needs daylight to navigate the channel."
      Jean Paul hands Dan the papers and ushers Alison out the door. Dan glances
      at the signature, Jean Paul had signed it Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. "What is
      going on?" Alison sees the mansion for the first time telling Jean Paul
      it is very impressive. She smiles at Jean Paul telling him it's exactly as
      Erica described it. She shows Jean Paul the sketch Tim had done of Erica.
      She asks him if he could hire Tim to do a portrait of Erica to hang in the
      family gallery. Dan calls his office to tell them he has to stay longer on
      the Island to get the right signature from Jean Paul. He asks them to find
      out who Jacques Eloi Des Mondes was or is. Alison comes downstairs after
      seeing her bedroom. Jacques tells her the room was once used by a princess.
      Madame Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. Jacques offers to show Alison the gardens
      but she wants to see her sister first. "I'm sorry, I don't think we should
      disturb her yet. She's resting peacefully." Jacques leads Alison outside to
      the gardens. Raxl walks up to the portrait of Jacques. "Your luck was not
      only legendary but bad and is anyone's who come under your devilish design.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babe:
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