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Laslo Thaxton's revenge Ch 1 prt 3

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  • debby1847
    Part Three Two weeks ago. Cort Desmond stands in the Drawing Room at Desmond Hall. He has just hung up the receiver of the phone as his mother Ada enters the
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      Part Three

      Two weeks ago.
      Cort Desmond stands in the Drawing Room at Desmond Hall. He has just hung up the receiver of the phone as his mother Ada enters the room.
      "Mother it seems that we have hit a snap in buying that property in Collinsport."
      "Cort wouldn't it be better to look elsewhere?"
      "No, Brandt's report shows this is the best location for the new plant and the price is reasonable.
      "Then what's the problem?"
      "We're waiting for Mrs. Elisabeth Stoddard's signature on the papers. It's funny, two weeks ago we were ready to close the deal then Mrs. Stoddard stopped all correspondence with us. I haven't been able to contact her brother Roger Collins either. I think I better go see Mrs. Stoddard in person; so I booked a flight to Collinsport or I should say Bangor the nearest town with an airport. I'll say goodnight Mother, I want to get an early start tomorrow morning."
      "Goodnight Cort."
      Cort kisses his mother's cheek then walks out of the room.

      Cort's plane arrives in Bangor late in the afternoon. He rents a car and drives to Collinsport. Seeing the sign for The Collinsport Inn, Cort parks the car in the Inn's parking lot. Entering the inn he approaches the counter.
      "Hello can I help you." A woman asks from behind the counter.
      "Yes I have a reservation; the name is Cort Desmond."
      The woman opens the registration book and looks down the page. "Here it is, you're in room eight." She hands him a card. "Please fill this out."
      Cort fills out the card and hands it back. She hands him a key and Cort picks up his suitcase he had sat on the floor by his feet.
      "Go down the hall and up the staircase and take a right."
      "Thank you." Cort replies.
      He follows the directions and enters his room and sits on the bed. He hears a light sound of tinkling music and glances around the room. He sees an envelope on the side table with his name on it. He opens it to find a folded piece of paper. Unfolding it he reads `Be careful'. He walks to the phone and picks up the receiver; he pushes the button for front desk.
      "Hello front desk may I help you."
      "This is Cort Desmond in room eight. Was anyone in my room before I arrived?"
      "No housekeeping cleaned the room before you put in the reservation. Why, is something wrong?"
      "No I was wondering if anyone had come asking for me. I'm here in town on business."
      "No I don't see any messages for you."
      "Thank you." Cort says as he hangs up the receiver then glances at the note.

      After he has unpacked his clothes Cort call information and has a call put through to Collinwood.
      Victoria Winters walks into the drawing room at Collinwood as the phone begins to ring. She picks up the receiver. "Hello."
      "Is this Collinwood?" Cort asks.
      "Hello my name is Cort Desmond; is Roger Collins or Elizabeth Stoddard in?"
      "I'm sorry but neither of them are home. Can I take a message?"
      "Will they be back soon?"
      "I'm afraid Mr. Collins is out of town but Mrs. Stoddard will be here later this evening."
      "I'll call back later."
      "Alright I'll tell her to expect your call." Vicky says then hangs up the receiver.
      David Collins steps into the drawing room. "Vicky can we go out for our walk now."
      "Yes David, I need to get my coat first."
      "Yes." Vicky says as she stops in the doorway and looks at David.
      "That man on the phone just now; he's in danger."
      "What do you mean?"
      "Mr. Desmond is in danger."
      "Why would you say something like that?"
      "I don't know but we have to warn him."
      "And tell him what?" Vicky asks.
      "To be careful."
      "Alright David if we see Mr. Desmond we'll tell him. Now let's go for that walk." Vicky says as she walks from the room.
      As darkness settles over Collinsport Cort again makes his phone call.
      Elizabeth answers the phone as it rings at Collinwood.. "Hello Collinwood."
      "I'd like to speak to Elizabeth Stoddard please." Cort says.
      "This is her."
      "Hello Mrs. Stoddard this is Cort Desmond from Desmond Enterprises."
      "Mr. Desmond what can I do for you?" Elizabeth asks as she lifts the pendant and looks at it.
      "I'm here in Collinsport. I thought I should come down and speak to you in person."
      "I'm sorry Mr. Desmond but you made the trip for nothing. We can't do business."
      "I don't understand."
      "My fiancé has told me about the way your family does business; the shady way you handle contracts and business dealings."
      "Mrs. Stoddard I have no idea what you are talking about."
      "The way you ruin your competitor with lying, cheating and stealing. And if that doesn't work murder."
      "I don't know where your fiancé got his information but nothing you said is true. Jean Paul Desmond the head of Desmond Enterprises is a fair and honest man. Would it be possible to arrange a meeting tomorrow morning with your lawyers?"
      "Well I don't know." Elizabeth says as she releases the pendant.
      "I'll bring all the paperwork and you can have your lawyer look it over and check out Desmond Enterprises."
      "I'll think about it and call you in the morning." Elizabeth says then hangs up the receiver.
      Laslo Thaxton stands next to her. "You did very well my dear."
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