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Laslo Thaxton's Revenge part 2

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  • debby1847
    Hi everyone here is part 2 of my story. Each chapter will have about four parts. Debby Chapter 1 Part Two Four weeks earlier; Collinwood. Mother that man is
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      Hi everyone here is part 2 of my story. Each chapter will have about four parts.


      Chapter 1

      Part Two

      Four weeks earlier; Collinwood.
      "Mother that man is here again." Carolyn says as she enters the Drawing Room. "Where did you say you met him?"
      "In town." Elizabeth Stoddard replies.
      "In town? But you don't usually leave the grounds."
      "Carolyn I make my own decisions; especially after what your father put me through."
      "What do you know about this man Laslo Thaxton?"
      "I've been lonely Carolyn, Mr. Thaxton and I go out for dinner, to the theater and he doesn't ask for anything in return except for my company. He's a widower and he's only looking for companionship."
      The sound of someone knocking at the front door echoes through the room.
      Elizabeth walks from the room into the foyer and opens the outside door.
      "Elizabeth my dear are you ready?" Laslo Thaxton asks as he steps inside and kisses Elizabeth's cheek.
      "Let me get my coat and I'll be right with you." Elizabeth says then retrieves her coat from the hook near the door.
      Laslo approaches her and helps her with the coat. He holds the door open, and walks with her to his car. He opens the door then closes it after she slides inside. After getting behind the wheel he turns towards her. "Is there anywhere special you would like to go to eat?"
      "No I'll let you decide tonight."
      "I was hoping that you would say that. I made reservations out of town, at the Quaint Little Inn."
      Elizabeth smiles at him. "It sounds lovely."
      Putting the car into gear Laslo leaves the grounds and heads out to the highway.
      They arrive at the Inn. "Laslo when you called it a quaint little Inn I didn't realize that was the Inns actual name."
      "I heard that the food is very good here." Laslo says and steps from the car and opens Elizabeth's door. They enter the restaurant and are seated. Laslo orders for them; after they finish their meal Laslo takes a small box from his pocket. "Elizabeth I have something for you as a thank you for keeping this lonely man company." He opens the case to show her a black pendant surrounded by sparkling jewel chips.
      "Laslo it's lovely but I'm afraid I can't accept it."
      "But why my dear?" He asks as he lifts the necklace from its dark red velvet bed.
      "When we met I told you I didn't want the kind of friendship that this necklace could lead to."
      "Couldn't you consider it just what I am offering; a gift in friendship only and nothing more?"
      "I'm afraid not Laslo."
      "It's so pretty look at the way the colors glitter and shimmer." Laslo says as he swings the pendant in front of her face.
      As she watches it Elizabeth stares straight ahead.
      "That's right Elizabeth. I want you to accept this pendant. You want to accept it and you want more than friendship; we will become closer than just friends. You need me Elizabeth."
      "I need you.' Elizabeth repeats.
      "You have deep feelings for me."
      "I have deep feelings for you." She repeats quietly.
      "And you will wear my gift to you."
      "I'll wear the gift."
      Laslo places the necklace around her neck. "Elizabeth when you look at the necklace you will remember the loving feeling you have for me." Laslo snaps his fingers close to her face. "Elizabeth."
      Elizabeth looks around. "What happened?"
      "You seemed in a daze after I gave you my gift."
      Elizabeth glances down and sees the necklace. "Oh Laslo it's beautiful; I would be happy to accept it." She says then leans across the table and kisses Laslo on the lips.
      "I'm very happy you like it my dear. Are you ready to go?"
      Elizabeth nods and Laslo comes to his feet, and then pulls the chair out for her. She stands and sets cash on the small tray that had been left at the table. "It's my treat."
      "Thank you my dear." Laslo says as they collect their coats.

      They arrive back at Collinwood. Laslo walks her to the door, then takes her into his arms and kisses her. "Goodnight Elizabeth." He says as he pulls away.
      "Goodnight Laslo." Elizabeth says then steps inside the mansion closing the door behind her as Laslo walks to his car.
      David Collins, Elizabeth's nephew watches from his window as Laslo drives away.

      Hearing her mother come inside Carolyn enters the foyer. "Did you have a nice evening?"
      "What?" Elizabeth asks seeming to be in a daze.
      "Mother I asked if you had a nice evening.
      "Yes a very nice evening." She says as she hangs up her coat and faces her daughter.
      "Is that a new necklace?"
      "Necklace?" Elizabeth asks then glances down at the pendant as it reflects the light. "Yes my necklace; Laslo gave it to me. Carolyn I love Laslo Thaxton." Elizabeth says dreamily then walks up the staircase.
      "Mother, mother?" Carolyn calls out as she watches Elizabeth.
      Elizabeth doesn't answer as she walks to her room.
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