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Strange Paradise: Episode 185

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  • Ron Janick
    *Episode 185a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2xcgvv* *Episode 185b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2ebtgk* *Episode 185c: Slideshow:
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      *Episode 185a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2xcgvv*

      *Episode 185b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2ebtgk*

      *Episode 185c: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/28k7pu*

      �Join us in speaking to the Supreme Guardian of our destiny. Oh ancient one
      the pathways of your servants converge tonight.� Julian says. Raxl silently
      says it with him. �Mademoiselle O�Claire we are waiting for you.� Julian
      says to Susan. Raxl turns and looks at her. �The pathways of your servants
      converge tonight.� Susan says then glances at Julian. �Erase the years that
      have separated us. Dissolve the fears that have endangered us. Give us the
      strength of purpose to carry through the task that fate has sent for us.�
      Julian looks at Raxl. �Bring me the document.� Raxl lifts her head and
      walks to the desk. She picks up the document and carries it to Julian and
      hands it to him. �Look upon this covenant sealed with your mark. Look upon
      it and restore to it the power it had when it was first composed. Unlock its
      secrets to us; reveal its true meaning of its mysterious words to us. So
      that we will comprehend what is expected of us.� Julian says as he turns
      towards Jacques portrait as thunder crashers and lightning flashes. Julian
      lays the document in front of the portrait then turns and looks at Raxl and
      Susan. �Bring me the book.� Susan turns and walks to the desk. She lifts the
      book and carries it to Julian. Julian takes it from her, opens it and faces
      Jacques� portrait. �The sun filled the square. Cathedral bells rang...� Raxl
      looks at Susan who has raised her head and covers her ears as she hears the
      church bells ringing. �Wait, the ashes.� Raxl says as she turns towards
      Julian. Julian glances at Raxl then places the book next to the document.
      �Yes give me the snuffbox.� Julian says as he turns towards Raxl. �I do not
      have it. I gave it to Miss Susan.� Raxl says as she turns towards
      Susan. �Hurry
      give it to me.� Julian says to Susan. �It�s in my room.� �Then go up and
      get it, quickly. We can not continue without it.� Julian says as Susan turns
      and rushes from the room.

      Ada knocks on Cort�s bedroom door and enters. �Mother what are you doing
      up?� Cort asks. �Oh Cort I can�t sleep. I keep hearing noises in the dark
      as if someone was moving up and down the corridors and listening outside my

      Cort sits up and turns on the lamp on the table next to his bed. �Oh it�s
      just your imagination.� He looks at his mother. �Why don�t you sit down and
      we will talk like when I was a little boy before you... Are you lonely
      Mother? Is that why you can�t sleep?� Ada sits in a chair near the bed. �No
      not really, I�m relieved now.� She says with a smile as she looks at Cort. �I
      don�t like to see you unhappy.� Ada glances away. �Oh it seems like I have
      been living with tension for so long that now that I am free of them I can�t
      believe it. I keep thinking that Laslo will return.�

      �He wouldn�t dare.� �Every footstep I hear I think it is his.�

      Susan rushes into her room and places her back against the door after she
      closes it. Philip walks over to her. �Susan what is the matter?� He asks
      holding her by the arms. �Help me please!� �How?� �Keep him away from
      me.� Susan says as she turns and places her face against the door. �Who do
      you mean?�

      Susan throws herself into his arms. �Julian Desmond.� Susan come on you
      know he�s harmless.� �No you don�t understand. He�s going to destroy me.
      He�s not what he says he is. He never has been.� Philip sets her back.
      �What is he then?�

      �I can�t tell you that.� �How can I help you if you can�t tell me?� Susan
      steps away from Philip. �He�s in the Drawing Room downstairs with Raxl. She
      turns towards Philip. �I want something out of that room and I don�t want to
      interrupt them.� �Susan what is it you want?� �A book about witchcraft
      trials.� �You mean the one that Emily had marked a passage in.� Philip
      says to her. �Yes, yes that�s it. Would you bring it to me please? It�s on
      the mantelpiece.� Susan says as she turns away from Philip. She looks back
      at him. �Oh and Philip the document that Emily found it is right next to it.
      Bring that to me too please.� �All right. Will you be alright?� Susan sits
      down and looks at Philip. �Yes I�m all right. I will be once I have them.
      Please don�t come back without them.� Philip walks out of the room as Susan
      stands and holds the tin of ashes. She faces her dressing table mirror and
      opens them box. �Philippe I won�t let them put you through this again.
      You�ve earned your peace from hatred and spite.� Susan closes the tin and
      rubs it against her cheek.

      Julian takes out his watch as he checks the time then glances at Raxl. �Why
      hasn�t that girl come back?� �Shall I go and see?� Raxl asks. �No stay,
      maintain the link we have established. Time is running out.� He closes the
      watch and walks away from Raxl. �We cannot continue unless she brings us the

      �She will not bring them to us of her own accord.� Raxl says to him. �She

      �She does not want to reenact the events of that day.� Raxl says as she
      walks closer to Julian. �That is why she hears the Cathedral bells and why
      she could not take the ashes from Jean Paul.� �If you knew that why did you
      give them to her?� Raxl walks across the room. �I thought it would bring
      her closer to us. It has only driven her away.� �I�ll bring her back to the
      circle at once.� Julian says to Raxl then disappears. Cort walks through
      them foyer to the door of the Drawing Room. �I thought I heard my
      Grandfather�s voice in here.� Raxl rushes to him. �Master Cort go back to
      your room. Everyone else is in bed.� �My mother is up. She couldn�t sleep,
      she thought she heard voices.� Cort says as he walks across the room and
      stands in front of Jacques� portrait. He turns and looks at Raxl. �Have you
      heard anything?� �Nothing.� Raxl tells him as she walks closer to him.
      �Persuade her to go back to her room and lock the door.� �Why should she do
      that?� �Don�t question it. You do the same, lock your door too.� �What�s
      going on Raxl?� �Believe me I must be alone.� Raxl says as she walks across
      the room. �I won�t leave until you tell me what you are doing.� Raxl faces
      him. �Master Cort your curiosity will do you harm believe me! Do not
      interfere with things you do not understand.� Philip enters the Drawing
      Room and walks to the fireplace. He picks up the document and book. Raxl
      stares at him. �What are you doing? Put that back!� Philip looks at Raxl
      then turns towards the door. Raxl rushes after him. �You have broken the
      link between us! Put that document down at once!� �I want to study it!
      There are some things I don�t understand yet and I think this might help.�
      Philip says then walks past Raxl. Raxl raises her hand. Church bells boom
      through the room and Philip stops. He starts breathing heavily as Raxl keeps
      him under her control. �What�s the matter Philip?� Cort asks. �Go upstairs
      and see if Susan is all right. Hurry!� Philip cries out. Cort rushes from
      the room. Philip raises his hand to his head. �Make the bells stop!� Philip
      says in agony. �Will you do as I ask?� Raxl says to him. �Anything you say
      but make them stop!� Philip says as he stumbles to the couch and falls
      against it. Raxl walks in front of him and again raises her hand. The bells
      fade away. Philip looks up at Raxl. �What do you want from me?� �Do not
      step between Susan and us.� �I am not doing that.� Raxl reaches down and
      takes the document from Philip and carries it to the desk. �Why were you
      taking this?� Philip stands shakily. �She wanted me to bring it to her.�
      Philip says as he still holds the book.

      �Did she want the book to?� Raxl asks as she puts the candles out. Philip
      walks over to her. �Yes she did.� Raxl looks at him. �She cannot send a
      messenger. She must come to them herself. She cannot change her fate.�
      Philip sets the book on the desk. Susan stands at the window looking up at
      the sky when the door opens. �Philip?� Cort walks into the room. �Oh it�s
      you.� Susan says to him.

      �I�m sorry to disappoint you. Philip is downstairs, he asked me to come
      upstairs and make sure that you were all right.� Susan sits on her bed. �I
      asked him to bring me something.� �Raxl has detained him I�m afraid.� �Well
      would you get it for me please.� �Oh you mean the document on the mantel.�
      Susan nods. Yes and there is a book next to it. Bring that also
      please.� Julian
      knocks on the door. He stands in the doorway behind Cort. Cort turns and
      glances at him. �Leave us alone. Go back to your mother.� Julian says to
      Cort. Cort glances at Susan then turns towards the door. �Cort? You won�t
      forget that favor I asked you will you?� Susan says. �I�ll attend to it
      right away.� Cort says as he looks at her with a smile. He glances at his
      Grandfather angrily then walks out of the room.

      Julian closes the door as Ada walks down the hallway and listens at Susan�s
      door. Julian looks at Susan. �You will be punished for defying us you know

      Susan glances at him. �I�ve been punished all my life and I�ve always

      �You were sent here for a purpose.� �I will not go through with it.� Susan
      looks away. �It�s not worth it.� �Before the night is over you will join us
      before the portrait with those ashes or you will never see morning
      again.� Susan
      looks at him. �I�m not afraid.� �Aren�t you? Not even of fire or pain?� Susan
      stands and looks at him. �Remember you will not choose the manner of your
      death.� �You wouldn�t do that. Not to me not after all this time. You
      wouldn�t.� �Do not push it to the test Mademoiselle O�Claire I warn you.�
      Julian tells her then disappears.

      Susan rushes to the window and looks at the sky. �If you are my star and not
      an evil substitute then come to me now. Free me, save me.� There is a knock
      at the door. �Come in.� Susan calls out. The door opens and Ada steps
      inside and looks around. �Oh excuse me I thought my father was here.� �Well
      he�s not as you can see for yourself.� Ada steps towards Susan. �But I saw
      him come in.�

      �Did you?� Ada nods. �Were you listening at my door Mrs. Thaxton?� �I was
      just curious that�s all. And I don�t know why my father would come to your
      room so late at night.� �Oh come on you, you still don�t believe that man
      is your father do you?� Susan says then turns towards the window.

      Philip stands and looks at Raxl. �Tonight of all nights you should not defy
      us.� Raxl says to him. �Because the star is out? It was out last night to
      and nothing happened.� �Last night I protected you in the tower room.� �But
      tonight you won�t?� �We do not protect those that defy us.� Raxl says to
      him. Philip steps away from Raxl as Cort rushes into the Drawing Room. He
      walks over to the desk and picks up the book. Raxl walks over to him. �What
      are you doing?� �I�m looking for something to read.� Cort says to her. �Put
      that book down on the desk and leave us.� Raxl says as she points at the
      desk. Julian walks into the Drawing Room. �Let the boy take the book.� �Thank
      you Grandfather.� Cort says as he looks at Raxl then walks out of the room.
      Raxl steps up to Julian. �Where is Miss Susan?� �She has defied us. Her
      fate is no longer our concern.� Julian says to Raxl. Philip walks to the
      window and stares at the sky as he sees the two stars. The heartbeat comes
      to him. He turns and walks towards Julian and Raxl. �What are you two
      doing?� �We are doing nothing Philippe. We are merely observers for what
      goes on, on this earth.� Philip walks to the table and picks up the
      document. �Leave that.� Raxl tells him. Julian looks at Philip �Let him
      have it. It doesn�t matter anymore.� Raxl walks to the table then turns to
      Julian as Philip leaves the room. �Please you will not let him harm anyone
      will you?� �Surely you know me better than to ask me that question.� Julian
      says then looks up at Jacques� portrait and smiles.

      Ada looks at Susan. �Well of course Julian Desmond is my father, everyone
      knows that.� �That man is not Julian Desmond.� Susan says to Ada. �He is

      �Look you haven�t seen him for over thirty years. He appears and you accept
      his word to his identity without ever questioning it.� �I�d know my father

      �And I�d know that man any place.� �Have you known him before?� Ada asks.

      �Yes a long time ago.� �When did you know him?� Susan sits down. �Ask him
      to recall for you the place and times we met before. Ask him about the first
      time, he�ll remember it. You�ll remember it to.� �Remember what?� Ada asks.
      Susan stands. �Why do you look at me as if I were insane?� �No I�m not. I
      don�t mean to.� Ada says as she turns away from Susan. �I�m not mad I tell
      you.� Ada glances back at Susan. �But the truth is a long time ago we once
      shared a horrible secret.� Ada turns away. �No that�s impossible, I never
      saw you before in my life.� Ada tells her as she walks across the room. �Don�t
      deny it, you know it�s true.� Susan says then turns towards the window. Ada
      walks to the door as Cort walks through the doorway. He glances at his
      mother then walks to Susan. �Here Julian gave it to me.� Cort says as he
      hands the book to Susan. �You know that girl is mad! She�s been saying the
      most incredible things about me and my father!� Ada cries out then rushes
      from the room. Cort glances at the door then back to Susan. �What did you
      say to my mother?� �Oh I didn�t mean to upset her. It�s just she said that
      I was insane.� Susan says as she walks away from Cort. �Do I seem insane to
      you Cort?� Cort turns and looks at her. �Of course you don�t. It�s just
      that she�s upset because Laslo has left. She will be all right.� �I hope
      so.� Susan says as she sits on the end of her bed and holds the book that
      Cort has brought her. �I hope everything will be all right for everyone.� Cort
      walks closer to her. �Is that the book you wanted?� Susan looks away from
      him and looks at the book. �Oh yes, yes it is. I�d like to read it now.
      Would you leave me alone please?� �Aren�t you going to thank me for
      bringing it up to you?� Cort asks. Susan opens the book. �Cort where is the
      document?� �Oh the document I forgot it. I�m sorry I�ll go down and get
      it.� Cort says to her as he walks across the room. �No never mind. I�ll
      just read the book, goodnight. Oh Cort.� Cort looks back at her. �I do
      thank you.� Cort gives her a nod and walks from the room.

      Susan stands as the sound of bells ring. She sets the tin of ashes on her
      dressing table and hugs the book against herself.

      Raxl turns and faces Julian. �We cannot allow that girl from preventing us
      from proceeding.� �We can only wait as we have waited before.� Julian says
      to her.

      Ada steps into the Drawing room. �Daddy I want to speak to you please.� �Can�t
      it wait till morning my dear?� Julian asks Ada. �No it can�t.� Ada
      says. Julian
      looks at Raxl. �Would you mind leaving us please?� Raxl gives him a bow
      then walks from the room. Julian walks up to Ada putting his hand on her
      shoulder. �Now my dear what was it you wanted to talk to me about?� �I
      don�t know how to say it.� Ada says glancing down. �Don�t try to spare my
      feelings. Speak out.�

      Ada looks up at him. �Why were you in Susan�s room just now?� �I had
      something to ask her that�s all.� �Well I went in there you know after you
      had gone and she was very upset. She didn�t even know what she was
      doing.� �Well
      she tends to be irrational shall we say.� �She�s making all sorts of
      accusations about you.� �Don�t take what she says seriously.� �She says
      that you�re not my father at all.� Julian touches her chin. �You know
      better than that.� Ada steps away from him. �Well she says that she�s known
      you from somewhere before and me too. That we have all been together
      somewhere.� �The girl is highly emotional.� Julian tells her. Ada turns
      and walks back towards him. �Did she know that you were coming here? Did you
      send her ahead of you?� �Send her? I don�t know what you mean Ada.� �You
      know Laslo never believed that you were my father either.� Ada says as she
      turns away. �And he warned me against you.� Ada walks to the couch and sits
      down. �Well we all know what Laslo�s motives were my dear.� Julian says as
      he sits next to her and puts his arm around her shoulder. �Are you going to
      take his word against mine now that you know all about it?� Ada looks at
      him. �I don�t know what to believe.� �Many things in our life are beyond
      our comprehension. There are protective Spirits and harmful Spirits.� �What
      kind are you Daddy?� Ada asks as she looks at him.

      With the heartbeat pounding in his ear Philip walks to Susan�s bedroom door
      and leans against it. He glances at the document then reaches for the
      doorknob and opens the door. Susan sits in her bed reading the book from
      the witch trials.

      Philip enters the room and after closing the door he leans against it
      staring at Susan. �Oh Philip you startled me.� �I brought the document you
      wanted.� Philip says as he walks towards Susan. �Cort brought me the book.
      May I have the document please?� Susan asks holding out her hand. Philip
      hands it to her.

      �Good now with this and the book I�ll be safe.� She glances up at
      Philip. �Safe
      from whom?� Philip asks. �My enemies.� Susan says then looks at his face.
      �Philip what�s the matter?� �Why do you ask?� �Well you look at me as if
      you...� She shakes her head. �No Philip no.� �This is what you�ve been
      waiting for isn�t it?� Philip says as he raises his hands. �Ever since you
      came to Desmond Hall.� He reaches for Susan�s throat. �No you don�t
      understand. Philip you mustn�t!� Susan says as she tries to scoot back away
      from Philip. On Philip hand is the Mark of Death. �No, no!� Susan screams
      as Philip puts his hand around her throat.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

      "God is great, beer is good,
      and people are crazy."
      ...Billy Currington

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