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Strange Paradise: Episode 164

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  • Ron Janick
    ** *Episode 164: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2jw3hb* “Don’t let her come near me!” Cort cries out. “You’ll never be free of me.” Raxl tells
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      *Episode 164: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2jw3hb*

      �Don�t let her come near me!� Cort cries out. �You�ll never be free of me.�
      Raxl tells him. �You lied to me! You lied to me from the beginning!� Cort
      says to her.

      �You invited your own death.� �I don�t want to die!� Cort cries out turning
      away from Raxl. Raxl walks towards him. �You asked me to help you to get
      what you wanted. I did so and now you defy me. Death is the price for
      defiance!� �You sent Emily Blair to me to be killed!� Cort shouts. �The
      star sent her to you!� �The star follows your orders!� Cort says to her. Jean
      Paul sits on Cort�s bed and watches Raxl. �You killed Emily Blair. Do not
      try to escape that fact by blaming the star on me!� Raxl says to Cort. �You
      promised me I�d be Master of Desmond Hall!� Jean Paul stands. �How many
      Masters do you serve Raxl?� �He lies to you. I did not promise him
      anything. He wants to take your place, inherit your fortune.� Raxl says to
      Jean Paul. �You encouraged him in that.� �Master I serve only one.� �Who
      ever it is it isn�t me, it isn�t Cort. Jean Paul turns towards Cort. �It�s
      all right Cort she won�t harm you now.� �You can�t stop her. She has
      powers!� Cort cries out and turns away in fear. �I know all about her
      powers. She used them against me for years.� Cort shakes his head. �Look.�
      Raxl stands with her hands together. �Demons of the Dark hear me. Powers of
      the night hear me. Bring down upon these two your ancient wrath. Flay them
      in torture. Send them to their doom. Oh Demons that have finally returned to
      me do your work now!� �No! No!� Cort cries out and rushes from the room. Jean
      Paul walks to the door and closes it. �I�m not a frightened boy Raxl. Your
      powers no longer harm me.� He walks to the dresser and uncovers the mask.
      �Gagossa kindred spirit look upon this woman here before you.� He lifts the
      mask as Raxl rushes to the door in fear. �Hold her in your gaze Gagossa, do
      not let her leave.� Jean Paul faces Raxl with the mask. Raxl backs away from
      the door in fear. �Here is the source of the curse that has followed your
      tribe for many seasons. Release her from evil with your benign powers.� Jean
      Paul turns towards Raxl as she back away. Raxl sits in a chair and looks at
      the mask in fear. �Now you will tell the truth.� Jean Paul says to her as
      Raxl pulls back in fear.

      Cort walks into Susan�s room and kneels next to her. Susan is sitting at her
      dressing table. �You�ve got to help me. No one else can.� �Cort what is
      it?� she asks turning towards him. �You�ve got to break the spell that Raxl
      has put upon me.� �But I don�t know anything about such things.� �Oh you
      must! You heard the laughter from the portrait. You�ve seen the star and
      you�ve heard the heartbeat.� Susan stands and turns away from Cort. �Well I
      hear and see strange things but I don�t know what they mean.� �Someone is
      telling you to save me!� �Cort the voices I hear don�t tell me what to do.�
      Cort stands and grabs her arm. �Listen to me. Go downstairs to the portrait;
      find out what it wants of me.�

      �But Cort it�s trying to reach you. It�s you who must go to it not me!� Cort
      walks to the door then looks back at Susan. �I never want to see it again,
      nor the star. And I never want to hear the heartbeat again. Oh help me!�
      Cort cries out. �You�re the only one I can turn to.� Susan walks over to
      him and touches his shoulder. �All right Cort I�ll try. I can�t promise you
      anything. Look you wait here okay.� Cort nods as Susan walks out of the
      room. He closes the door behind her and leans against it in fear.

      Ada and Irene enter the mansion. Ada turns towards Irene. �Of course I
      realize all the idle gossip that goes on in Desmondton but how could a story
      like that have been started?� �Well people feel envious that you live in
      this great big house, they imagine all sorts of things.� Ada hangs up her
      coat and follows Irene through the foyer. �Well you know I shouldn�t talk
      because I guess I�ve done my share of spiteful backbiting too. But not
      anymore I assure you.� �My dear don�t think about it anymore. All I want is
      to be friends with all of you again at Desmond Hall. That�s why I want to
      see Emily. She�s been somewhat remote the few times I�ve seen her since she
      stayed with me.� Irene says as she walks towards the staircase. �Well I�ll
      see if she�s upstairs. You just make yourself comfortable in the Drawing
      Room.� Ada tells her then rushes up the staircase.

      Jean Paul faces Raxl. �So all the time I thought you were serving me you
      were really seeking a new Master. What a fool I was to trust you!� Raxl
      stands. �You were a fool to turn from me for that mask. You deceived me with
      your cousin.�

      Jean Paul laughs. �You talk to me about deception.� He walks over to Raxl.
      �I put my life in your hands and you have made me a criminal!� �It was not
      I who made the pact with Jacques Eloi Des Mondes on Maljardin. I warned you
      that you would suffer but you would not listen to me.� �You could have
      stopped me.� �No one stops the Desmond curse.� Jean Paul nods and walks to
      the window. �I see so wherever it goes you follow.� Jean Paul glances back
      at her. �That�s how you have lived those three hundred years. The keeper of
      the Desmond curse, a handmaiden to the devil.� He says then walks to the
      dresser and sets the mask down. Raxl turns towards him. �Take care what you
      say. You no longer have allies in the Spirit world. They are not as patient
      as I am. They demand payment for defiance.� Raxl tells him as she walks up
      behind him. �Let them.� He walks away from Raxl. �I will not leave this
      evil behind as a legacy for other Desmonds. It will die with me.� �It dies
      with no one.� �Not even you?� Jean Paul asks. Raxl looks away. Jean Paul
      walks over to her. �So it does die with you.� �I do not choose to die.�
      Raxl says. �What is your life compared to all the others who have lost
      theirs? Compared to Emily Blair?� �My life is not to give. It belongs to
      the Desmonds.� �Does it matter which Desmond your life is bound to?� Raxl
      glances at him. �If you should die tomorrow another will take your
      place.� �And
      if we all refused then what would happen to you?� Raxl smiles and walks
      across the room. �Each Desmond has his own price. Yours was the return of
      your wife. Cort wants to be Master of Desmond Hall.� Raxl says as she stands
      in front of the window. She turns towards Jean Paul. �You cannot alter the
      plans that fate has put in motion centuries ago.� Jean Paul nods. �And
      would you send me to my death as you sent Emily Blair to hers?� �You know
      too much. We cannot have that my Spirit and I.� �Would you really kill me?�
      �I do not kill; I am only the guardian of the star.� Jean Paul shakes his
      head and steps away from her. �Am I to wake in the middle of the night
      wondering if the footsteps I hear will bring my death? If the woman I love
      or the friend I trust carries your instruction!� Jean Paul shouts. �Your
      death, the matter of your death is immaterial to me.� Raxl says as she walks
      to the door and looks at Jean Paul. �Your Indian mask cannot help you now
      nor can it stop me.� Raxl says as she steps closer to Jean Paul. �Nothing
      has ever saved a Desmond from death once he has defied me. And nothing will
      stop me from fulfilling my duty to my Master who gave me eternal life.� Raxl
      turns towards the dresser. �So call upon your mask.� She looks at Jean Paul.
      �It is no longer any use to you now that you have made me tell you the
      truth. And now that Cort has fulfilled his pact by killing Emily Blair your
      part in life is coming to a close.�

      Susan rushes down the staircase and stops in the doorway of the Drawing
      Room. �Oh excuse me I didn�t know you were here.� Susan says to Irene.

      �Come in. Its Susan isn�t it? I saw you here once before I think.� �Yes the
      first day I arrived.� Susan walks past Irene and stands in front of Jacques

      �Mrs. Thaxton went up to get Emily. I�ve been looking at the Desmond
      portraits, the family portraits. I forgot how distinguished a family the
      Desmonds really are. Although everybody talks about then we always have.�
      Irene walks up to Susan. �There�s nothing else to do in Desmondton except
      gossip about those around us. Of course you young people aren't interested
      in tradition or family histories.�

      Susan stands and stares at Jacques. �You haven�t heard a word I said.�
      Irene says to her. Susan glances at her. �Oh excuse me I think I hear
      someone coming down the stairs.� �Oh that must be Emily.� Irene says then
      walks away to the foyer. Raxl is coming down the staircase. Irene steps up
      to her. �Raxl? I didn�t expect to see you.� �What are you doing here?� �I
      came to see Emily.�

      �You know very well that Miss Blair is dead.� �Yes I know that�s what you
      think but Ada Thaxton came to me when you left and it seems you�re wrong.
      There�s been some mistake.� Raxl looks away. �Mrs. Thaxton, I told her I
      had come to see Emily but really I came to find out why it is so vitally
      important that you believe the girl has died.� Raxl turns and rushes up the
      staircase. �Gossip starts from little rumors.� Irene says. Raxl stops at
      the top of the staircase and glances down at Irene. Irene turns and walks
      back into the Drawing room.

      Jean Paul faces the mask. �Gagossa face of Orendo do not allow the evil one
      to leave this house. Do not allow the evil one to follow her intentions.
      Bring her back to me. Retrace her steps back to us Orendo.� Jean Paul lowers
      his hand. The door opens and Raxl enters. �So Emily Blair is not dead after
      all.� �How did you find that out?� �Mrs. Hatter came to visit her.� Jean
      Paul nods and turns away. �She will not be seeing her I think.� �You
      pretended that Cort had killed her. You both tricked me. You have brought
      the ultimate evil upon yourselves.� �I told you that I would do anything to
      prevent that star from going to Cort.� �You fool!� Raxl steps up to him.
      �The star can not be interfered with and now it belongs to no one. And all
      Desmonds will suffer needlessly because of you.� Raxl says then turns and
      walks to the door. �Where are you going?� �I will save myself. But you
      will perish.� Raxl walks from the room. Jean Paul rushes after her. �Jean
      Paul?� Ada calls to him in the hallway. He stops and turns towards her. �What
      is it? What�s the matter?� Ada asks him. He steps up to her. �Nothing.
      Where�s Emily?� �Well I just knocked on her door but she won�t answer. Mrs.
      Hatter is downstairs; she wants to talk to her.� Jean Paul looks away. �She
      would pick today of all days.� Jean Paul says as he steps away from her. Ada
      follows him. �Well you know it�s my fault because I went over to her place
      about a personal matter and she told me some strange story about Emily being
      dead. I told her it just wasn�t true.� Jean Paul turns and looks at
      her. �Then
      she insisted on coming up here with me to find out for herself.� Jean Paul
      stares at her. �What�s the matter? What have I done?� Jean Paul shakes his
      head. �No it�s not your fault. You didn�t know.� He says as he looks away. �Is
      Emily all right?� �Yes of course she�s all right.� Ada steps into the
      doorway of Cort�s room. �Well where is Cort?� Jean Paul puts his hand on
      her shoulder. �Listen I�ll send him up to you.�

      �I don�t understand.� �I know you don�t but please don�t worry about it.
      I�ll go down and talk to Irene and I think you better wait here for Cort.�
      Jean Paul tells her then walks off as Ada enters Cort�s room. Raxl enters
      Philip�s secret room carrying a candelabra. She sets it on the table and
      clasps her hands together. �Spirit of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes wherever you
      are come to me. Leave the portrait. We have been betrayed. They are closing
      in on us. Come to me here with the bones of your descendant. Tell me what I
      must do or you will burn in the fires of hell forever and so will I.�

      Irene looks at Jacques� portrait. �That man is a typical Desmond. Devil may
      care, self-assured.� Jacques� laughter fills the room. Susan turns towards
      the portrait and stares at it. Irene steps closer to Susan. �My dear what�s
      the matter? You look so pale suddenly.� Irene asks as she touches Susan�s
      arm. �No it�s nothing. Nothing at all excuse me.� Susan says then rushes
      from the room.

      Cort straightens his cloths as Ada stands next to him. �I want to know what
      that mask is?� Ada says. �I told you Mother it belongs to Philip.� �I want
      to know what you are hiding from me.� �I�m not hiding anything Mother.�
      Cort says angrily as he glances away. �Then why did Irene Hatter think that
      Emily was dead? What are you hiding from me?� Cort turns towards Ada.
      �Mother there are terrible things happening in this house. But they do not
      concern you. So do me a favor and stay out of this Mother please!� Ada
      grabs his arm. �Won�t you even let me try to help you?� �You can�t, Susan
      can and Jean Paul perhaps but you can�t!�

      �Let me try!� Ada says then looks away. �I won�t let you follow in the
      footsteps of my father. I won�t let you suffer the way Benjamin Desmond
      suffered! I can find a way to help you.�

      Irene walks into the Drawing Room as Jean Paul walks into the room. �That
      girl Susan is decidedly odd. Of course many odd things happen at Desmond

      Jean Paul stands next to Irene. �Ada should not have brought you here
      today.� He says to her. �Well it�s not her fault, I persuaded her.� �Look
      Irene we�re old friends and I know you won�t take offense.� �Are you asking
      me to leave?� �Look why don�t you come back tomorrow. I�ll explain
      everything then.� �I came to see Emily.� Irene says as she walks away and
      sits down. �I�m afraid Emily won�t be seeing anyone today.� �Jean Paul why
      do the Desmonds put themselves so far above the rest of us?� �What do you
      mean?� �The village is full of gossip. They say that Emily is dead and that
      Cort killed her. The entire town is gossiping.� Jean Paul sits next to her.
      �There are only two people in town who knew about it. Now if the whole town
      is gossiping then that would mean that only one of those people could have
      started this rumor. And Raxl never left the house.� �You led me to believe
      that Emily was dead. And Philip came to say that Cort was at the police
      station confessing the crime.� She stands and faces Jean Paul. �And Cort
      himself came to my house as if pursued by demons. Now what could the purpose
      be behind all this?� Jean Paul stands. �Whatever the purpose was it has
      been accomplished. Raxl is back.� �Where you can keep an eye on her?� Irene

      �She belongs at Desmond Hall.� Jean Paul says as he steps away from her.

      �What�s the matter, afraid she�ll unleash the family ghosts?� Jean Paul
      turns and looks at her. �Oh please Jean Paul can I see Emily?� �No she is
      not feeling well. And when she is I shall bring her down to you.� �Don�t
      bother; I know she�s not fond of me.� Irene says as she turns and walks to
      the doorway. She glances back at Jean Paul. �But I suppose a girl who is
      marrying into the Desmond fortune doesn�t need those who helped her when she
      had no friends.� Jean Paul steps closer to her. �You can think whatever you
      like but we will live as we wish.�

      �When you didn�t want Emily here I took her in. This is how I am being

      �You�ve made your point.� �There will come a time again when you�ll need
      friends in this town, when that time comes don�t turn to me.� Irene says
      angrily then walks from the room and out the front door.

      Susan rushes into her room. And sees Ada sitting in a chair. �Oh Mrs.
      Thaxton I thought Cort was here.� �He�s in his room.� Ada says to her. �Oh
      I must talk to him.� Susan says as she turns towards the door. �Oh wait
      please I beg of you.� Ada says as she stands. Susan stops and turns to look
      at Ada. �I need your help.� Susan walks up to her. �I�m powerless to help
      you.� �I implore you, if you care for any of us.� Susan�s vision blurs. �I
      am powerless to help you Madame Lacontese.� Susanna says. �I implore you,
      if you care for any of us.� �No one will listen to me.� �Oh we Des Mondes
      are an old family. Our pride blinds us from the lives of young people and I
      beg your forgiveness on my knees.� She kneels before Susanna. �Do not
      humble yourself before me Madame.� She helps her to her feet. �But only you
      know why Jacques is so dreadful to his brother.� Susanna walks away from
      her. �He is an evil man.� �I refuse to believe that.� �He�s turning the
      King against his own brother.� �I can not listen.� She turns away. Susanna
      turns and grabs Madame Lacontese�s hands. �Oh please go to Madame Des
      Mondestan, tell her your younger son accuses his brother of witchcraft so
      that he will inherit the Des Mondes fortune.� �I certainly cannot degrade
      myself before that courtesan.� She pulls away from Susanna and turns
      away. �When
      she engaged the pleasure of the King you did not object.� �You forget your
      place Mademoiselle O�Clair.� �And you forget your son Madame. There is
      still time to intercede with the King. You can save your family from a
      scandal that will stain his life forever.� �Do you really think that a Des
      Mondes would confess to looting? That a brother is turning against another
      one. You do not understand the pride of family which has made us what we
      are.� Madame Lacontese walks away. �Philippe's life is more important than
      your pride. Listen to me please Listen to me!� She cries out. Susan vision
      clears. �I need your help.� Ada says. �I�m powerless to help you.� �I
      implore you; if you care for any of us help Cort from this tragedy that has
      been following the family for generations.� Ada says then stares at
      Susan. �Why
      are you looking at me like that?� �Who are you? Ever since you came to
      Desmond Hall I have been wondering who you really are.� Susan walks to the
      window. �I�m not anyone. Not anyone important.� �But you carry echoes.� Ada
      steps up behind her. �From the past, from my father.� �I don�t know what
      you are talking about.� �You�ve come here to help us haven�t you? Because
      you knew Cort was in danger. Isn�t that the truth?� �No.� Susan turns and
      sits down. �The truth is I am here because there is a murderer in this
      house.� Ada glances away in fear.

      Jean Paul and Cort stand in front of the mask. �Gagossa face of Orendo look
      upon us and give us the shelter of your shield. Give us a sign that we are
      all under your protection now.� Jean Paul glances at Cort then looks back at
      the mask as tears run down its cheeks.

      Raxl stands in front of the skeleton with her arms held out from her side.
      �Jacques Eloi Des Mondes, Jacques Eloi Des Mondes your servant beseeches
      you. Send me an ally, send me an envoy. I can no longer serve you without
      assistance. Send me the ancient one. The one who knows us all. The one who
      lives at the heart of the Desmond secret.�

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

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      and people are crazy."
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