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Strange Paradise: Episode 163

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  • Ron Janick
    ** *Episode 163: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/34ecd6* Jean Paul stands, walks to the window and looks out. ’I have survived the night. I’m free of the
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      *Episode 163: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/34ecd6*

      Jean Paul stands, walks to the window and looks out. �I have survived the
      night. I�m free of the curse thanks to Orendo.� Jean Paul thinks to himself
      silently He turns and walks to the dresser and opens the drawer. He starts
      looking through the drawer. �The mask it�s gone. Well where it?� he says in
      a panic as he shuts the drawer. �Who could have taken it?� He turns and
      rushes from the room.

      Ada meets him in the hallway. In her hands is a covered tray �Good morning
      Jean Paul, my goodness you are up early.� �Have you seen Philip?� �Well
      he�s gone out already.� Jean Paul steps away from Ada. �Where?� �I don�t
      know. But he told me to tell you that he would talk to you when he came
      back.� Jean Paul walks back towards her. �Where�s Emily?� �Well she�s
      still asleep. I knocked on her door and there wasn�t an answer.� Jean Paul
      steps away. �I wouldn�t disturb her.� Ada says to him. Jean Paul glances
      back at Ada. �She wasn�t feeling very well last night. Susan is in the
      Drawing Room and I�ll be right down.� Ada says as she walks off.

      Jean Paul walks back to his room. He closes the door and walks to the
      dresser and again looks for the mask. He closes the drawer and turns away.
      �Orendo can you hear me? Why have you deserted me? What have I done?� Jean
      Paul says silently to himself.

      Ada walks into Cort�s room. �Well are you feeling a little better Cort?� She
      asks as she sets the tray down. �I�m a little tired that�s all.� Cort says
      as he stands near her. �I brought you some breakfast.� She says handing him
      a glass of juice.

      Cort takes it from her and drinks it. �Cort you know I know it is none of
      my business but I came to your room last night, the light was on.� She steps
      away from him. She turns and looks back at him. �Emily was here. She was
      looking for a book she had lent you. And I saw an ugly mask on the dresser.
      What happened to it?� She asks looking at the dresser. �I put it away.�
      Cort says as he sets the glass down. �Where did you get it?� �Well it was
      among some things I had bought at an auction sale.� Cort says as he walks to
      the dresser. �Well it looked like something from childish games of ghosts
      and hobgoblins. You know Cort someday you�ll be a very rich man with
      responsibilities.� �I know Mother I know.� Cort says with his back towards
      her. �And you are a very charming boy but sometimes you alarm me.� Cort
      turns and looks at her. �I told you I had reformed and I meant it!� Ada
      steps closer to him. �Now I don�t want to nag but I didn�t sleep a wink last
      night. You know you have been very irresponsible. And I am in a most
      unfortunate situation with Irene Hatter.� �Put it out of your mind.�

      �Well I can�t be unjust to someone and then just forget about it.� She says
      stepping away from Cort. �It�s all right. I�ll explain it to her.� �No I
      made the accusation and I will make the apology.� �Mother don�t go to Irene
      Hatters cottage.� Cort says as he steps closer to her. She will only
      humiliate you.� �Oh she can�t humiliate me any more than I have humiliated
      her. And I certainly do owe her an apology. Ada says then walks from the

      At the cottage Raxl sits nervously on the couch. She stands and walks to the
      window then turning she sits back down. Irene enters the cottage. �Where
      have you been?� Raxl asks. �I had some shopping to do.� Irene tells her as
      she carries a bag across the room. �Did you see anyone from Desmond Hall?�
      �No.� Irene says as she hangs up her jacket. �I wish I knew what was
      happening.� �I did hear that Cort had been released out on bail in Philip�s
      custody.� �Who told you that?� �The whole town is talking about nothing
      else. There has never been such a scandal in years.� Irene says as she sits
      next to Raxl. �They say that Cort has even implicated you.� �How can I be
      implicated in such a thing?� �He said that you are responsible for Emily
      Blair�s murder in order to get control of the Desmond estates. And you were
      going to accuse Jean Paul of the killing because Emily knew too many of the
      family secrets.� �Oh where is Jean Paul!� Raxl asks. �No one has seen him.
      And apparently he doesn�t know about it yet.�

      �Well why should they hide it from him?� �Everybody wants to spare him
      further tragedy.� Irene says as she stands and walks to the fireplace. �The
      death of his first wife on Maljardin, his brother disappearing and now
      this.� Raxl stands. �I must go to him.� �I�d advise against that. The
      police are looking for you. Cort�s accusations are not to be ignored.� �I
      see. So I am entirely at your mercy.�

      �Come, come such words mustn�t be used between friends.� �Wouldn�t it be
      wiser for you to turn me over to the police and be done with it?� �I�m not
      exactly well known for my wisdom.� �Unless of course you have something to
      gain by keeping me here.� Raxl says as she looks at Irene. �You can leave
      if you�re willing to ace what�s waiting for you outside my door.� �I have
      no choice.�

      �Good then you can help me as I have helped you.� Irene says with a smile.

      �Irene Hatter if you betray me you will be pursued by demons as long as you
      live.� �Raxl you said we had to trust each other didn�t you?� �Beware
      treachery will be repaid by exposure. You will be revealed for what you

      Susan sits on the couch reading a book when Jean Paul walks into the Drawing
      Room doorway. �Good morning.� He says to Susan. Susan glances up. �Oh I�m
      glad to see you. It�s quiet this morning. You know I stopped by Emily�s room
      but she didn�t answer.� �Yes Ada said she wasn�t feeling too well last
      night. She�s sleeping.� Jean Paul sits next to Susan. �Susan the mask is
      missing. Have you seen it?� Jean Paul asks as he glances at her. �It was on
      your dresser last night when I went to bed.� �Yes but its not there now and
      Philip is gone to.� �Maybe Philips got it with him.� �No he wouldn�t do
      that without telling me.� Jean Paul says as he stands and walks across the
      room. �Well you don�t need it any longer. It�s done its work. The star will
      never return to you again.� �But where is the mask?� Susan stands. �Maybe
      it�s with the one who follows the star now.�

      Jean Paul turns and looks at Susan. �What are you saying?� �Ask Cort. He
      saw the star last night too.�

      Jean Paul knocks on Cort�s door and walks in. He starts questioning Cort.

      �Everyone treats me like an invalid.� Cort says to him. �I�m sorry to
      bother you Cort. I�m merely looking for something.� �Well there�s nothing
      here.� �A mask, an Indian mask.� Jean Paul says to him. Cort turns away.
      �I haven�t seen it.� Jean Paul walks up to him. �Susan seems to think that
      you have.� �Well Susan is imagining things.� Cort says as he walks away
      from Jean Paul. �Did she imagine the star that you saw last night?� Cort
      sits on his bed facing away from Jean Paul. Jean Paul sits on the bed
      behind him on the other side. �How did you get the mask?� �Philip brought
      it to me.� �Why?� �He said it would protect me.�

      �Protect you? From what?� Jean Paul asks. Cort stands and crosses to the
      dresser. Jean Paul stands and walks up behind him. �I asked you a question.�

      Cort turns and looks at Jean Paul. �Why don�t you ask Philip because he is
      the one that insisted that I keep it here!� �He�s not here.� �Where is he?
      I need him.�

      Jean Paul steps closer to Cort. �You better tell me Cort.� �No I can�t!� He
      moves away. �Philip brought that mask to ward off that evil star.� �No he
      didn�t.� �It will bring the sound of the drumbeat to drown out the sound of
      the heartbeat.� Cort steps away. �It will eventually ward off the Mark of
      Death on your hand.� Cort turns and looks at him. �How do you know about
      these things?� Jean Paul steps closer to him. �I will tell you if you tell
      me where the mask is.� �It�s in the dresser over there.� Jean Paul walks
      to the dresser and opens the drawers looking for it. He finds it and
      uncovers it then sets it on the dresser top.

      Susan sits looking into the flames in the fireplace as Ada enters the room.
      �I thought Jean Paul was here. He hasn�t had his breakfast yet.� �Oh no he
      went up to see Cort.� �Oh I hope he doesn�t disturb Cort. He isn�t feeling
      well.� �No I think it best that he sees him.� Ada approaches Susan. �There
      is a sinister atmosphere about this house every once in a while don�t you
      think so too?� Ada asks as she sits next to Susan. �Yes sometimes.� Susan
      says as she looks away. �Maybe the spirits are trying to speak to us.� �Oh
      don�t talk to me about spirits. My father died because of such things and so
      will my son.� Ada says to her. �Are you sure your father died?� Susan asks
      looking at her. �Oh course I�m sure. He died when I was a little girl. My
      mother went to France for the funeral.�

      �Maybe that�s what they wanted her to believe.� Susan says as she looks away
      from Ada. �Who are they?� �They are the spirits you won�t admit exist.�

      �Thank you Orendo.� Jean Paul says as he covers the mask. He glances at
      Cort. �Now unless you want to incur the wrath of Orendo you will tell me the
      truth.� �It�s too horrible.� Cort says walking away. Jean Paul steps
      closer to Cort. �Did you kill someone last night?� Cort turns towards him.
      �No I did not!� he says angrily.

      �Did you try to?� �Yes.� �Who was it?� �Emily.� Cort tells him. �Emily?
      Why did you try to kill her?� �I didn�t want to kill anyone! I didn�t mean
      to!� Cort says as he steps away from Jean Paul. �If anything happens to
      Emily I shall kill you.� Jean Paul says to Cort. Cort looks at Jean Paul.
      �Emily is safe, the totem saved her.�

      �Then why is she hiding in her room?� �Philip has a plan.� �What plan?�
      Jean Paul asks as he steps closer to Cort. �I promised I wouldn�t tell
      anyone.� �Never mind who you promised, you tell me!� �Emily was to pretend
      that I had killed her.� �Why wasn�t I told?� �Well Philip thought he could
      resolve the whole thing before you woke up. Something must have happened.�
      Cort says as he walks across the room. �Well what did he hope to gain by
      all this?� �They want to deceive Raxl.� �Raxl? What has she done?� �She
      sent Emily up here last night. She told her that I could explain about the
      Mark of Death.� �I don�t believe it.�

      �The mark was on my hand when she came in the room.� Cort says with his back
      towards Jean Paul. �Well after that everything is a sort of muddle in my
      head.� Cort sits on the bed. Jean Paul walks over to him. �I won�t let it
      happen to you Cort. I will not let this happen believe me. The Desmond curse
      will die, it will die with me.� Cort glances at him.

      Jean Paul arrives at Irene�s cottage. Raxl lets him in. �Master you should
      not have come.� �Raxl why did you desert me?� �I was frightened.� Raxl
      says to him. Jean Paul walks closer to her. �You belong at my side where
      you have always been. If you had not left Desmond Hall then none of this
      would have happened. Miss Blair would still be alive.� �You cannot change
      the fates Master.�

      Jean Paul turns away. �And Cort must face the gallows.� �He brought it upon
      himself.� Raxl says to him. �We must help him.� �I will not lift a finger
      to help him after what he has done to you.� Raxl says as she walks closer to
      Jean Paul.

      Jean Paul turns towards her. �But you and I both know that it was not he who
      did it.� �But he confessed.� �Who killed Agatha Pruett?� He steps closer
      to her. �Who killed Annie Harrigan and the others?� Jean Paul asks as he
      stands next to her. �Please, please Mrs. Hatter may be listening.� Raxl
      says as she glances behind her. �It doesn�t matter who is listening. Cort
      must not be punished for the Desmond curse.� Jean Paul tells her as he sits
      down. Raxl sits next to him. �But we are powerless to stop it.� �We can
      try Raxl as you have so often tried for my sake. Now will you come back with
      me to Desmond Hall?� Raxl stands. �If you wish Master.� �Good then we will
      call the police and tell them the truth as we should have done long ago.� Raxl
      sits back down. �Tell the police about a star, a heartbeat and a mark that
      appears and vanishes on the human hand? Who would believe it?� Jean Paul
      glances at her then stands. �We must take that risk.� �There is another
      way. Send your cousin back to his own people. We were not in any danger
      before he came to your door.� �I have killed before Philip came. I never
      killed since he was there.� �You have driven the star away from you to
      Master Cort.� Raxl says as she stands and walks over to Jean Paul. �He will
      be its victim as you were unless you put yourself entirely in my hands.� �Is
      there no other way?� �As long as it is your star Master we can control it.
      We can keep you safe and free Master.� �Is that the only way?� �Yes
      Master.� Raxl says bowing her head. Jean Paul turns away. �The only way.
      Well then we must do that.� �Yes you will not regret it.� Jean Paul
      glances back at Raxl. �Raxl you must promise me that you�ll never abandon me
      again.� �I promise. Now you are my Master once more.�

      Susan sits on the couch deep in thought staring towards the fireplace. Ada
      sits next to her in the Drawing Room. �But why do you insist that my mother
      lied about my father?� �She didn�t know the truth.� Susan says to her. �Oh
      it can�t be true, it was so long ago that if he didn�t die then he certainly
      would be gone by now.� �Trust your star Mrs. Thaxton. Your father will
      return to you.� �Well I wouldn�t recognize him if he did.� �We never
      forget our father.� �Could that really happen?� �Yes only if you were pure
      in spirit.� Susan still faces away from Ada staring into the flames of the
      fireplace. Ada puts her hand on Susan's shoulder and leans close to her.
      �What must I do?� �Redress the wrongs you have done to others. Then the
      past will be free to enter the present.�

      Jean Paul and Raxl come back to Desmond Hall. They go to Jean Paul�s room.
      �What ever he tells you, you must not believe him. He will try to escape the
      blame.� Raxl says as she walks towards Jean Paul. �He wants to destroy you
      so he can inherit the Desmond estates.� �So that�s why Cort killed Miss
      Blair.� �So there would be no children to inherit your fortune.� Jean Paul
      nods. �I thought it was the star that prompted him to kill her.� he says as
      he turns away. �The star merely brings us our hearts desire.� �Then I have
      been its instrument all this time.� Jean Paul says, with his back towards
      her. Raxl steps away. �You wanted your wife back so you inherited the
      curse.� She says as she walks to the window and looks back at Jean Paul.
      �Cort wants your property. He is willing to align himself with the devil to
      get it.� Jean Paul turns towards her. �We mustn�t let him do it. We must
      bring the star back to me.� �Then all will be well again Master.� Raxl says
      with a smile.

      There is a knock upon Irene Hatter�s door. She walks across the room and
      opens it. Ada stands outside the door. �Pardon me for intruding Mrs.
      Hatter.� �What do you want?� �Well I have a confession to make to you.� �I�m
      not sure I want to listen.� Irene tells her. �Please hear what I have to
      say.� �Come in.� Irene says to her. Ada steps into the room as Irene
      closes the door behind her. �My son told me everything.� �Cort has told you
      what?� �Well he told me how he tricked Laslo into coming here so I would
      find him. He told me all by himself.� �Where is Cort?�

      �He isn�t feeling very well or he would have come here with me.� �I should
      think he wouldn�t be feeling very well.� Irene says as she opens the drapes
      to bring more light into the room. �He confessed the whole thing.� Irene
      turns and looks at Ada. �Oh my dear Mrs. Thaxton you don�t have to come and
      apologize to me, not at a time like this.� �I just couldn�t have the
      injustice weighing on me any longer.� �Isn�t there sorrow enough at Desmond
      Hall today without you having to...� �Sorrow at Desmond Hall?� �With Miss
      Blair lying dead, this is hardly a time for apologies.� Irene says to her. Ada
      looks at Irene. �Dead? Miss Blair isn�t dead.� �But Cort said...� �Cort?
      What are you thinking?� Irene glances away. �The village is full of the
      strangest rumors of what took place at Desmond Hall last night� She glances
      at Ada. �Mrs. Thaxton are we friends now?� �Well I would like to be.� �Then
      could I impose upon you?� �If you wish.� Ada says. �I would like to go
      with you to Desmond Hall.� Irene says as she glances away deep in thought.

      Cort is in bed sleeping as the door opens and Jean Paul and Raxl enter the
      room. Raxl walks towards the bed. Jean Paul walks over to Cort and shakes
      him. �Cort you have a visitor.� Cort opens his eyes and glances at Jean
      Paul. �There�s someone to see you.� Jean Paul says to him. Cort glances
      across the room and pulls away from Jean Paul. �Don�t come near me! She�s
      evil! She tried to make me kill Emily!� Cort cries out pointing at Raxl. Jean
      Paul sits on the bed and grabs Cort by the arms. �Cort listen to me. I know
      she did.� �What does this mean?� Raxl looks at Jean Paul. �You tricked me!
      You have just signed your death warrants both of you!� Raxl shouts backing

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

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