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Strange Paradise: Episode 142

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  • Ron Janick
    ** *Episode 142: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2r4c92* Ada: “Evening at Desmond Hall and as darkness envelops the Great House fear stalks those who would
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      *Episode 142: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2r4c92*

      Ada: �Evening at Desmond Hall and as darkness envelops the Great House fear
      stalks those who would solve its mysteries. For the Master of Desmond Hall
      Jean Paul Desmond is a victim of a curse. A curse that compels him to kill.
      He has allies now, those who would save him from his fate. But as they try
      new mysteries develop, new fears arise and they find themselves in a web of
      terror from which they may never escape.�

      Philip is in his room running his hand over the mask when there is a knock
      at his door. He places the mask in his dresser drawer. �Come in.� Jean Paul
      enters. �Cousin.� Philip turns towards him. �Oh I thought you were
      resting.� Jean Paul walks up to him. �Where is the mask?� �I hid it. No
      one should see it except you and I.� �May I see it?� Philip nods and takes
      it from the drawer; he holds it out to Jean Paul. Jean Paul reaches out his
      hand and touches it. �I want to believe in its power.� �You have to believe
      or it has no power.� �Will it really save me? Will it end my curse?� �I
      don�t know. It has made you one of us that�s all.� Jean Paul takes his hand
      away. �That�s what I don�t understand fully the curse or the evil we are
      trying to overcome. My Gods will try to protect you.� Jean Paul walks
      across the room and sits on the back of Philip�s bed. �They may fail
      me.� �Close
      your eyes.� Philip says to Jean Paul. Jean Paul does and bows his
      head. Philip
      caries the mask as he stands next to Jean Paul, he raises it. �Gagosso face
      of my Guardian Spirit, Orendo hear me. Can you save my kinsman? Can you end
      the curse that seeks to destroy him? Hear me, answer me. Give me a sign.
      Hear me Guardian Spirit, hear me.� Philip lowers the mask. �You can open
      your eyes now.� Philip says as he walks away from Jean Paul. Jean Paul
      opens his eyes and stands. �My Gods did not speak to me.� He turns and
      looks at Jean Paul. �I asked them a question that they can�t answer.� After
      Jean Paul leaves Philip�s room Emily knocks. Philip lets her in. �Raxl said
      you wanted to see me.� �Sit down.� Philip says to her. �There�s nothing
      wrong is there?� Emily asks as she sits in a chair. �You may as well know
      the truth. I may not be able to help Jean Paul.� �But you thought you
      could.� �Well I thought my Gods could protect him. I spoke to them, I asked
      if they could end the curse and they didn�t answer me.�

      �I don�t understand your Gods. I�m not sure I believe in them.� �You said
      you would try to believe.� �I know. I believe one thing we can save Jean

      �Emily you must leave Desmond Hall.� �Leave?� �Because you are not safe
      here.� �Jean Paul wouldn�t harm me.� �He tried to once.� Philip says to

      �No but he didn�t.� She says standing up.

      �I won�t argue with you. You must leave. I won�t let you risk your own
      life.� Philip tells her as he grips her arms. �That�s what you are doing
      isn�t it?� I�m a Desmond. I�m willing to risk mine but I will not let you
      risk yours.� �But you gave me the totem. Isn�t that going to protect
      me?� �Against
      normal danger yes.� Philip releases her and walks across the room. �But we
      are dealing with the unknown. We may be fighting forces more powerful and
      dangerous than we know.� �Yes but we must find out what those forces are.�
      Emily says as she steps towards him. �I can help you. You need me.� �I can
      accomplish everything I need too without you.� �But that�s not true.� Emily
      steps closer to him. �I�m finding out new and different things everyday. I
      know more about the Desmond Family than anybody else. I�m getting closer and
      closer to the truth.� �Maybe but...� Emily turns away. �I�m not leaving!�
      �You have got to be realistic. I know how much Jean Paul means to you.�
      Philip says as he puts his hands on her shoulders. �But it�s hopeless, now
      you�ve got to face it.� He says as he turns her towards him. �Are you
      trying to hurt me?� �No I�m not. I�m trying to reason with you.� Emily
      pushes his hands away. �I�m not leaving and that�s final!� She turns and
      walks out of the room.

      Ada stands next to the fireplace with a drink in her hand. Finishing it off
      she walks back to the table and pours another from the decanter. Turning she
      walks to the window and drinks while watching the storm that is starting
      outside. Emily walks into the Drawing Room. �Mrs. Thaxton?� Ada lowers the
      glass. �Oh you startled me.� she says to Emily with a smile as she walks up
      to her. �I�m sorry.�

      Ada looks back at the window. �It�s going to storm. I hope Laslo doesn�t get
      caught in the rain.� �Oh is he still out?� �Yes he�s out.� Emily looks at
      the glass in Ada�s hand. �Mrs. Thaxton I�ve been doing some research in the
      family history and there is something that puzzles me. I wonder if you could
      help?� Ada turns and walks to the table setting her glass down. She looks
      at Emily. �What would you like to know?� �The name Benjamin Desmond appears
      in the journals only twice. Once when he was born then again when he died
      nothing more. Do you know why?� Emily asks as she walks to the fireplace and
      turns and looks at Ada.

      �Oh the family didn�t want him included in the journals.� Ada says as she
      walks back to Emily. �Why not?� �Oh he became involved in a dreadful
      scandal. We don�t ever talk about him. Would you like some brandy?� Emily
      looks at the table. �Oh no thank you.� Ada walks back to refill her glass.
      �What was the scandal?� Emily asks. Ada glances at Emily. �I don�t drink
      often but tonight I find that it sooths my nerves.� �Benjamin Desmond was
      your uncle wasn�t he?� Ada carries her glass back to Emily. �Yes, I only
      met him once. I wasn�t allowed to see him very often.� She says with a
      laugh. �Well why not? What did he do? Can�t you tell me?� �I�d rather not
      say. It�s a family secret.� �Please it is so important to me to know
      everything about the family.� �Well do you promise it won�t be included in
      your research project?� �Oh I promise.� �Well Benjamin Desmond did a
      terrible thing.� Ada says as she walks across the room. Emily walks up
      behind her. �What?� �He murdered the woman who loved him.� Ada tells Emily.

      In Jean Paul�s bedroom Raxl asks questions. �No.� Jean Paul says to her.

      �You must tell me what Philip Desmond is doing. I want to help him.� �Raxl
      I realize that but he has sworn me to secrecy. I can�t tell you. All I can
      say is we may fail.� �He said that?� �Yes.� �Then you cannot put yourself
      in that man�s hands.� Jean Paul turns away from her and walks across the
      room. �Well there is a possibility he may be able to help me. I�ve got to
      take that chance.� �Think Master what do you know about this man?�
      �Enough.� �Enough to trust him with your life?� Raxl says as she walks up
      to him. �A few weeks ago he was a total stranger.� Jean Paul nods. �Philip
      is not a stranger now.� He sits on the bed. �Neither is Emily.� �The girl
      loves you but she cannot help you.� �That remains to be seen.� Jean Paul
      says as he glances at her. �Do you love her?� �I can�t love anyone you
      know that.� �Do you want her to die?� Jean Paul looks at Raxl. �If she
      stays in this house you will kill her.� �That is not true!� �You will kill
      her Master. She is already marked for death.� Raxl picks up a book. �Look,
      look at this picture.� �I don�t want to look at it.� �You must! Three of
      these women are already dead or disappeared. Emily Blair is the last. You
      will be her murderer.� Raxl opens the book showing the picture of the four
      women on the gallows. �Look at it. Look at the picture and decide what you
      must do.� Jean Paul stands and takes the book from her; he closes it and
      hands it back to her. �I will not harm Emily.� He says as he walks across
      the room. �Your hand will destroy her.�

      Jean Paul turns and looks at Raxl. �No.� Raxl walks up to him. �If you care
      for her spare her. Leave Desmond Hall now before it is too late.� �I can�t
      leave Raxl. Perhaps Emily should.� �Sending her away is not the solution.
      You might kill one of the others.� �No I shall never kill again.� Jean Paul
      says as he looks away from Raxl. �Do you honestly believe that? You believe
      that Philip Desmond will end your curse?� �I must believe it.� he says as
      he walks away from her. �But he said it could fail. You said so yourself.�
      �And I�m clinging to the hope that it won�t fail.� �It�s a very slender
      hope.� �Perhaps but it�s all I have.� �I only hope you know what you are
      doing.� Raxl says as she walks up to him. �What should we do otherwise
      Raxl? What would happen if we went away?� �I would guard you and protect
      you.� �I have killed before Raxl. You have tried to stop me and you have
      failed.� �Is that an accusation?� �No of course not.� he says as he turns
      away from her. �I have tried to serve you Master. I have devoted your life
      to you and the other Desmonds. Is that how you repay me?� she asks as she
      walks across. �Raxl I appreciate your loyalty believe me.� he says with his
      back towards her. �It does not seem so.� She walks up to him. �You keep
      secrets from me now, you never did that before.� �I�m sorry but that is the
      way it is.� �Master I beg you.� Raxl says as she touches his arm. He turns
      towards her. �Raxl we mustn�t speak anymore about this. Would you find Emily
      please and tell her to see me.� Raxl turns and walks from the room.

      Ada is filling her glass again. Cort is sitting on the couch. �Another
      brandy?� Cort asks. �I need it.� �I�ve never seen you drink so much
      before.� Cort says to her.

      Ada walks away from the table. �Well I�m a little on edge tonight, it�s the

      �Is it the storm or is it your beloved husband?� �Stop it!� �Well where is

      �Well he�s probably having a drink with a friend.� �A friend named Irene
      Hatter.� Cort says to her. �No, he�s broken off with her. He�s never going
      to see her again.� �Don�t tell me you believe that?� �Of course I believe
      it. Laslo doesn�t lie to me.� �Either you don�t mean a word you are saying
      or you are a fool.� �Don�t talk to me like that.� Ada says as she walks
      back to the table and refills her glass.

      Cort sits against the top of the couch and looks at his mother. �You�re not
      going to find the answer to your problems in a brandy bottle.� Ada walks
      away from Cort. �I�m not looking for any answers.� �You want one answer.
      Where is Laslo?� Cort comes to his feet and walks over to his mother. �Well
      I�m going to tell you whether you want to hear it or not! He�s at Irene
      Hatter�s cottage.� Ada glances at him. �He�s not!� �Oh I wouldn�t bet on
      that!� Cort turns to walk from the room.

      �Where are you going?� Ada asks. �I�m going to Irene�s cottage and I bet
      I�ll find Laslo there.� �You�re not going anywhere because I forbid it.�
      She says grabbing his arm. Cort turns towards her. �Why? Because you are
      afraid I might find out something.� �Mind your own business Cort. And leave
      me alone!� Ada says with a sob as she rushes from the room.

      Raxl is coming down the staircase as Ada starts rushing up the stairs. �Mrs.
      Thaxton?� Ada rushes past her without answering. Raxl walks the rest of the
      way down the staircase. At the bottom she glances back at the stairs then
      enters the Drawing Room. �Is your Mother all right?� �No but there is
      nothing you can do for her. Where is everyone?� �My Master is in his room
      with Mr. Philip.� �At this hour, why?� Raxl looks at him. �I do not
      understand everything that goes on in this house. I can only sense things.�
      �Well what do you sense?� �Danger, someone in this house is in danger.�
      �Who?� �I do not know. It might be you.�

      Cort smiles. �Don�t try to frighten me.� �I do not mean to frighten you. I
      only want to help you.� �Help me?� Cort laughs. �How?� �I will protect
      you.� �From what?�

      Raxl glances around. �The evil that threatens you.� �What evil?� �I do not
      know. I only know that it exists.� She says as she steps away from Cort. Cort
      smiles. �You are a very mysterious woman and an amusing one too.� Raxl
      looks at him. �Do not scoff at me. I live only to protect you and your
      family. I keep outsiders from harming you.� �Outsiders? Outsiders like
      Emily Blair? Oh what about my cousin Philip?� �So much has happened since
      he arrived here. Holly has disappeared, Helena Raleigh is gone and Quito is
      dead.� �What has Philip got to do with those things?� �Perhaps nothing,
      perhaps everything.� Cort steps closer to her. �What are you getting at?� �I
      have come to warn you, be wary of strangers. If you sense danger come to me.
      I will help you. I will protect you remember that.� Raxl turns away and
      walks from the room.

      Jean Paul is talking to Emily in his bedroom. �Then you are ordering me to
      leave.� Emily says to him. �I�m not ordering you. I�m asking you.� Jean
      Paul says as he grips her by the shoulders. �I won�t go.� �Emily it�s for
      your own safety that you leave.� Emily pulls away. �I�m perfectly safe.� �No
      you�re not; you�re not safe until you are hundreds of miles away from me.� �I
      won�t leave you.� Jean Paul turns away from her. �I really mean that much
      to you?� Emily walks up to him. �I want to help you.� Jean Paul turns
      towards her. �Emily I...� he touches her face.

      �Yes?� Jean Paul drops his hand and walks away from her. �Nothing.� �What
      were you going to say?� �It�s just that I�m grateful to you and Philip.� �I
      thought you were going to say something else.� Jean Paul turns and looks at
      her. �No, I can�t Emily you know that.� �Say it anyway.� Jean Paul walks
      past her. �You better go. We will talk later.� �All right but I won�t
      change my mind. I�m not leaving.� Jean Paul turns towards her as she
      speaks. She walks from the room. Jean Paul walks to the door and closes it.

      Philip holds the mask. �Gagosso face of my Guardian Spirit Orendo hear my
      voice and speak to me. Can I save my kinsman? Hear me, give me a sign.� The
      door opens and Cort walks into Philip�s room. �Ah Philip.� �Cort what are
      you doing in...� �What�s that?� Cort asks as he points to the mask. �Oh
      it�s an Indian Mask, a souvenir of my travels.� Philip says as he turns away
      from Cort. �I heard you talking. Who were you talking to?� �Myself, it�s a
      bad habit I have.� Philip says with a laugh. �You have many curious habits�
      Cort says as he walks through the room and sits on the back of Philip�s bed.
      �Yes so do you. Such as entering rooms without knocking.� �Well I can go
      anywhere I want to. This is my house and you are a guest here.� Philip
      turns towards him angrily. �Then as a guest I have the right to your
      courtesy. Now what do you want!� �What do you want?� Cort says to him.
      �What?� �Yes why did you come to Desmond Hall?�

      �I came to find my namesake, your cousin Philip.� �But you didn�t find him
      and yet you still stay. Now why?� Philip looks away. �Do I have to have a
      reason for staying?� �Oh yes you have a reason.� Cort stands. �And I want
      to know what it is.� �Jean Paul invited me and I find this house pleasant
      that�s why I stay.� Philip says as he turns his back to Cort. Cort walks up
      to him. �You�re not telling me the truth. You are up to something, I know
      you are.� �Well if I was I wouldn�t tell you about it.� Philip says as he
      looks at Cort. �All right cousin you just keep your little secrets. Because
      I�ll find them out.� �Consider me warned.� Philip says to him. Cort turns
      and walks out of the room.

      Emily walks out of the Drawing Room to the foyer. She starts up the
      staircase. Cort comes rushing down the stairs. �Oh Cort I�ve been looking
      for you.� �Oh have you?� �I want to ask you about one of your ancestors.�
      �Oh which one?�

      �Your Mother�s Uncle Benjamin Desmond.� �Well he was the black sheep of the
      family. No one ever talks about him.� �Can�t you tell me anything about

      �Well I know where he is buried.� �Well that�s not much help.� �Well he
      wasn�t buried with the rest of the family. He was buried on the edge of the
      estate all by himself. I found his grave one day quite by accident. I told
      my mother about it but she told me never to go there again.� �Why would she
      say that?� �I don�t know. She was frightened for some reason. I...� Cort
      looks away from Emily. �What�s the matter?� �I just thought of something.�
      �What?� �The mark, Susan saw a mark on my face. She described it; she
      called it the Mark of Death. I�ve seen it before!� Cort says as he walks
      down the stairs and looks up at Emily. Emily walks down the stairs and
      walks over to Cort. �Where?� �Come with me and I�ll show you.� He rushes to
      the door. �Where are you going?� �You�ll see.� he says as he helps Emily
      with her coat. Grabbing his he opens the door and leads Emily to the woods.
      Carrying a flashlight he shines it upon a headstone. It says Benjamin
      Desmond 1896-1935 and at the bottom is the symbol of the Mark of Death.

      Summary by Debby Graham and Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

      "God is great, beer is good,
      and people are crazy."
      ...Billy Currington

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