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Strange Paradise: Episode 138

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  • Ron Janick
    ** *Episode 138: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/334t8p* Laslo: “Morning at Desmond Hall, Jean Paul is locked safely in the tower room and guarded by Raxl,
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      *Episode 138: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/334t8p*

      Laslo: �Morning at Desmond Hall, Jean Paul is locked safely in the tower
      room and guarded by Raxl, .He has survived his second night of defiance of
      the evil star that instructs him to kill. New found allies shield him from
      the influence of the dreaded curse that haunts him. He sleeps this day, his
      secret at last revealed to the girl that loves him and to his cousin Philip.
      They each begin to trace clues that they learned from him. Clues that
      connect others in the family mansion to the mystery of the murdered girl
      Agatha. Who Jean Paul may or may not have killed.�

      Philip is getting dressed in his room when there is a knock at the door. �Are
      you up?� Cort calls out from the other side of the door. �Come in Cort.� Cort
      opens the door and enters. �What�s happened to you?� Philip asks as he
      looks at Cort.

      �I haven�t slept all night. Cort says as he leans tiredly against the door.
      Philip turns back to the mirror. �I�m sorry to hear that. What�s wrong?� Cort
      steps closer to Philip. �Jean Paul tried to kill me last night didn�t
      he?� �Nonsense
      he might have roughed you up a little bit if I hadn�t stopped him. But
      killing is going a little bit far isn�t it.� Philip says with a laugh as he
      looks at Cort. �I�m marked for death. I know it.� �You�re imagining
      things.� Susan said she saw the mark on my face.�

      �What kind of mark?� �She called it the Mark of Death.� �Well did she
      describe it?� �No she just said she had seen it.� Philip walks away from
      him. �Well you better ask her about it then.� �She told me I was going to
      kill!� Cort says as he looks at Philip. �Well do you believe that?� �But
      why would she say it?� �Have you killed?� Cort turns away. �What kind of
      question is that?� �Well have you?� Philip asks as he puts on his jacket. �I
      don�t have to answer that question.� �Why are you afraid?� �Leave me
      alone.� Cort says then turns to rush from the room.

      Philip quickly goes after him closing the door as Cort tries to open it.
      �I�ll make a bargain with you.� Cort looks at him. �Go ahead.� �I�ll
      answer your questions if you answer mine.� Cort turns away from Philip. �Am
      I marked for death?� Philip walks up to him. �Not as long as Jean Paul
      lives.� Cort looks at him. �What kind of an answer is that?� �Why I think
      it�s a good answer.� Philip says with a laugh. �Now you answer mine. �Who
      killed Agatha Pruett?� Cort looks then turns back towards Philip. �What did
      you say?� �Who killed Agatha Pruett?� �Why ask me?�

      �Well you knew her didn�t you?� Philip asks as he walks away from Cort. Cort
      walks closer to Philip. �Of course I knew her. She was living here. Jean
      Paul brought her to live. She was a common sort of girl. Nice in her own

      Philip turns ands looks at Cort. �And you became friends with her?� �Yes we
      all did. Jean Paul and Laslo.� �Well if she had friends she must have had
      enemies too.� �She was a Desmondton girl. She knew lots of people, anyone
      could have murdered her. Now I�ve told you all I know.� �No not quite, you
      didn�t tell me you were out in the fog with Jean Paul and Quito the night
      Agatha was killed.� �Oh and who told you that, Jean Paul?� �And what if he
      did?� �He�s not going to blame me for it.� Cort says as he looks away.
      �He�s not going to get away with it. Just leave me out of it.� He looks at
      Philip. �I�m not involved.� �You are involved if you like it or not. You
      knew Agatha Pruett and you knew her rather well I�m beginning to suspect.� �So
      did Laslo. Laslo knew her better than I did. So did Mrs. Hatter. She spent a
      lot of time down there with them.� �She did, did she?�

      Cort walks up to Philip. �You are getting yourself into things you should
      stay out of.� Cort says to Philip then walks out of the room.

      Emily is sitting at her desk in the Drawing Room with a book open when Laslo
      walks into the room. �Well, well it�s good to see someone up and about this
      early. So busy, you must take some time off you know. All work and no play
      is not good for pretty ladies.� �I�ll try to remember that.� Emily says as
      she glances up at Laslo. �Cort told his mother that you and Susan were in
      town last night.� He says as he walks across the Drawing Room. �News
      travels fast.� �Well I�d hardly recommend Desmondton as a safe place for
      two ladies alone without escorts.�

      Emily glances at him. �Why do you say that?� �Well there have been rumors
      of girls disappearing, being found murdered.� Laslo tells her as walks to
      the desk and sits on the edge of it. �Like Agatha Pruett?� Emily asks. �Poor
      Agatha, yes.�

      �You knew her very well didn�t you?� �Oh I wouldn�t say that.� �It�s funny
      just before I went down to Mrs. Hatters I remembered that she spent a lot of
      time there.� �Oh no. I can�t speak for Mrs. Hatter.� Laslo says. �When I
      was there you used to come and see us quite often though I don�t seem to
      recall our conversations.� �Woman�s conversations are hardly memorable at
      best I�d say.�

      �Perhaps not. We were talking about Agatha.� �I would love to sit here and
      gossip with you but I must go up and get ready for work.� Laslo stands then
      walks to the doors. Philip is walking through them Drawing Room doors as
      Laslo stops in front of him. �Ah another bright young face.� �Well you�re
      looking rather cheerful this morning.� Philip says to Laslo. �Emily and I
      have been having the most diverting conversation. If you want any help with
      your little mystery just let me know.� Laslo says to Emily, then he turns
      and walks past Philip and leaves the room. �Philip closes the doors and
      walks over to Emily. �What did you say to him?� �Nothing but he obviously
      caught on that I was trying to find something out.� Emily says as she stands
      and walks across the Drawing Room. �I must have been very clumsy.� �Or else
      he knows more than he lets on. Like his stepson.� Philip says as he walks
      closer to Emily. �Have you talked to Cort?�

      �Well he talked to me. He�s frightened and he�s a little incautious when
      he�s afraid.� �Well it might be useful.� �But he let it slip that Irene
      and Laslo knew Agatha rather well.� Philip says to her. �I thought so.� �Did
      you find anything in the books?� Philip asks as he looks at the desk. Emily
      shakes her head. �Nothing there is not a mention of a curse on the Desmond
      family. Although there was something very strange going on in the 17th
      century.� �What kind of things?�

      Emily turns towards Jacques portrait. �Jacques Eloi Des Mondes was engaged
      in cruel and sadistic practices. Perhaps even in something criminal.� She
      says as she walks towards Jacques portrait and glances back at Philip. �That
      portrait may be our clue.� �Jean Paul said it was Jacques who cast the
      spell on him at Maljardin.� Emily steps towards Philip. �Philip I want to
      ask you something, and please don�t spare me the truth. Do you believe that
      Jean Paul killed Agatha?�

      �I don�t know but we�ve got to find out.� �And if we find he did?� �We
      have no choice but to turn him over to the police.�

      Irene glances at her watch when there is a knock at her door. �Laslo?� The
      door opens and Cort enters. �Oh Cort I didn�t expect you.� �Sorry to
      disappoint you.� Cort says as he walks over to her. �What do you want?� �I
      want to untangle the relationship between you and my family. �You better
      tell me what you mean.�

      �Well let�s start with my stepfather.� Irene walks away from him. �Laslo
      and I are friends.� �That explanation may or may not satisfy my mother but
      it certainly will not satisfy me.� Cort says as he steps behind Irene. Irene
      looks at him. �You are a rude young man.� �I�m only trying to protect my
      fortune.� �That has nothing to do with me.� Irene says to Cort. �I want
      the Desmond fortune to become mine and I think you want my dear stepfather
      to continue to be yours. Am I correct?�

      Irene turns and looks at him. �You better leave.� �Of course Laslo only
      married my mother because of the Desmond fortune.� �What a dreadful thing
      to say.�

      �Well he�s never home except for meals. He spends most of his time here. My
      mother knows about you and Laslo.� �And how does she know that?� �Because
      I told her Mrs. Hatter that�s how.� Irene walks away from him. �You are
      insufferable.� She says angrily. Cort turns towards her. �I think Laslo
      better make a decision between his wife at Desmond Hall and his friend at
      your cottage.� �Get out!� Irene shouts. Cort walks around her. �Think it
      over. If you want Laslo help me to protect my family fortune. Then you won�t
      have to be married to a Desmond.� Irene walks up to him. �Get out I said!
      Go before I throw you out!�

      �You see you are more than merely friends after all.� Cort tells her then
      leaves the cottage. Irene stands staring at the door when the telephone
      rings. She picks it up. �Irene I must see you. Take care, don�t talk to
      anyone. Questions are being asked and we must be sure we have the same
      story.� Laslo tells Irene. �What do you mean I�m too late?�

      Emily is sitting at the desk looking over a book when Philip walks into the
      Drawing Room. �Why don�t you let that go for now? We will go visit someone.�
      Philip says to her.� �Who?� �Our local society leader Mrs. Hatter. I want
      to ask her a few questions about Agatha.� Philip says as he sits on the edge
      of her desk. Emily shakes her head. �You go without me.� �But I hardly
      know her.�

      Emily sighs. �I know her too well.� she says as she looks at Philip. �Why
      do you say that?� �I was very ill when I stayed with her. It wasn�t a happy
      time the house depresses me. I wasn�t myself. I was exhausted and feverish
      and I had hallucinations, bad dreams I think.� She says as she looks
      away. �Dreams?
      What kind of dreams? About who?� Emily shakes her head. �I can�t remember
      them. I only know that the house upset me and I can�t face it or her. Not

      �All right. I�ll go alone.� Philip says as he turns towards the door. Emily
      stands. �Philip please don�t let anything happen to you.� �You really do
      think that house is dangerous don�t you?� Philip walks back to her. �I know
      it�s silly of me.� �That�s all right don�t worry.� he tells her with a
      smile as he walks to the doorway.

      Cort enters the Drawing Room. �Oh still playing detective cousin.� �Yes and
      I see you are still playing comic relief.� Philip says to him then walks
      from the room.

      �If he isn�t careful he is going to find himself in a lot of trouble.� Cort
      says to Emily. �He can look after himself.� Emily says as she sits down at
      her desk.

      �Well I�m glad to know that someone can.� Cort says as he walks around her
      chair. �What are you frightened of?� �I�m not frightened.� Emily tells him
      as she looks at him. �Then why did you and Susan lock yourselves in her
      room last night?� �That is only a question Susan can answer.� Emily says as
      she looks back at her book. �Why don�t you go outside and find her and leave
      me to my work.� Emily says as she turns and looks at him. �Are you trying
      to get rid of me?� �Stay if you would like.� Emily says as she turns away.
      �Your pal Philip gave me the third degree this morning then he came down and
      reported to you and now witness dismissed.� Emily glances at him. �There are
      times Cort when I think you should be writing novels.� �Perhaps a mystery
      novel?� Cort says to her.

      �Well if that is what appeals to you.� Emily says as she looks away. �A
      slight mystery of two pretty girls locking themselves up in a room where no
      one has locked a door for years.� �Times change.� Emily says to him. �Or
      maybe the mystery of a man who locks himself in a room in a deserted wing of
      a house. Guarded at the door by his Old Faithful servant. Those are good
      ingredients for a mystery novel.� �It�s your story not mine.� �No it�s
      your too.� Cort says to her as she glances at him �Jean Paul tried to kill
      me last night.� Emily stands next to him. �There are times when the
      temptation to kill you is quite understandable.�

      �Don�t ridicule me you are starting to sound like the man you love.� Cort
      says then walks from the room. Emily looks away.

      Laslo is standing next to Irene in her cottage. �Of course I don�t like it,
      but that�s the way it has to be for the time being. You might try to look at
      it from my point of view.� Laslo says as he walks away from Irene. �Oh I
      do. It lasted as long as you needed me. As long as I had the powers to help
      you. And now they are gone.�

      Laslo grabs her by the shoulders and turns her towards him. �Don�t you
      understand. We are up to our necks in suspicion. We�re involved with the
      Pruetts who have disappeared and with their daughter who was murdered.� �We
      didn�t kill her.� Laslo releases her. �Can we prove that?� �Oh we have
      nothing to fear.� Irene says to him. �That girl Emily Blair knows all there
      is to know about us.�

      �She won�t remember it. I put her in a trance so she would forget.� Irene
      tells Laslo. �And since you have lost your powers how long do you think
      that will keep her in a trance?� Irene turns away. �I didn�t think of
      that.� Laslo walks across the room. �Well you should think of it. And other
      things as well.� Irene looks at him. �What things?� �We are just friends
      now nothing more.� Irene steps up to him. �I won�t let it end like
      this.� �Now
      listen to me very carefully. If I have to choose between a woman whose son
      will inherit the Desmond fortune and a woman who has lost the powers that
      attracted me.� �I believed it was the woman who attracted you not the
      power.� Irene says to him. �You�re a romantic fool. And fools are
      dangerous.� Laslo tells her as he picks up his coat and walks out of the
      cottage door. Irene walks to the couch and sits down. There is a knock at
      the door. Irene stands and answers it. Philip steps inside. �Mr. Desmond
      this town may be provincial but there are those of us with good manners to
      telephone when we want to visit.� Irene says to him after she closes the
      door. �My dear Mrs. Hatter you drop in so often unannounced at Desmond Hall
      I thought you would have no objection if I paid you the same
      compliment.� Irene
      turns away. �I�m in no mood for pleasantries, good day.� �I suggest you
      stay and answer a few questions.� �Why should I?� �Unless of course you
      prefer for me to turn my information over to the police.� �Are you trying
      to intimidate me?� She asks as she turns towards him. �No not at all. But
      if you don�t want to talk to me I�d gladly talk to the police. Could I use
      your telephone?� Irene walks to the fireplace. �What do you want to know?�
      �First about Agatha Pruett. You knew her didn�t you?� Irene looks back at
      him. �Only slightly.� �You knew her more than a little slightly. She spoke
      quite often about you to Emily Blair.� Philip says as he walks up to Irene.
      �What did that girl tell you about me?� �Emily?� Philip asks as he leans
      his arm on the mantel as he stands next to Irene. �I took her in when she
      was ill and upset because Jean Paul had jilted her for another girl.� �Well
      let�s leave Emily out of this.� �Now in gratitude for my kindness she
      spreads spiteful gossip about me.� �She said nothing of the kind about
      you.� �Then how did you know I knew Agatha Pruett?� She asks as she looks
      at Philip. �Mrs. Hatter secrets are not easily kept in a town this small.
      Now several people have been seen coming from your place constantly.� �It
      was Cort wasn�t it?� �Now why would he do that?� �Because he is a trouble
      maker. Besides he knows more about Agatha Pruett and her parents than any of
      the rest of us.� �Did I mention her parents?� �Didn�t you.� �Now why did
      the Pruetts leave town a day after their daughter was found dead?� �Did
      they?� �Mrs. Hatter I would be wasting my time and yours if I hadn�t
      checked a few certain facts in town before I came here.�

      �I hardly knew the Pruetts.� �They came several evenings a week. And after
      their daughter was found dead they packed their bags and left town, why?� �I
      am not some little Miss Nobody in this town Mr. Desmond. I have many
      friends. You are the stranger here not I.� Irene says angrily as she walks
      to the door. �I must ask you to leave.� �Wouldn�t you rather tell me what
      you know yourself then let me hear it from other people and it may be
      construed as gossip and slander?� �All right, yes. Yes I did know the
      Pruetts. We played bridge several nights a week.�

      �With Mr. Thaxton as a forth?� Philip asks. �You are impertinent!� �And
      you Mrs. Hatter are lying. Well if you don�t want to cooperate with me I
      have other ways of finding out what I want to know believe me.� Philip says
      to her then walks out the door. Irene stands staring ahead in anger.

      Cort sits in the Drawing Room at the desk looking through a book. Laslo
      walks down the staircase and enters the Drawing Room. He steps next to Cort.
      �Why did you tell your Mother what you did?� Cort glances at him then back
      to the book. �I don�t know what you are talking about.� �Oh you know very
      well. I want to know what you are up to?� �Your sudden interest in my
      affairs is overwhelming stepfather.� �You keep out of my business.� Laslo
      says to him.

      �And what is your business?� Cort asks as he looks up at Laslo. �Besides
      kissing Mrs. Hatter.� Cort says as he looks back at his book. �You hurt
      your Mother very badly. I want you to apologize to her.� Laslo tells
      Cort. Cort
      laughs. �Me apologize? Well she might have believed your little story about
      the peck on the cheek but I know you better than that.� Cort says then
      stands. �Don�t push me too far Cort.� �You only married my mother for the
      Desmond money. You never cared for her at all. Ever since you came here
      everything has gone wrong. First Philip disappears, now Jean Paul is...� �Yes
      what about Jean Paul?� �You�re trying to get rid of him aren�t you? That�s
      what it is.� �You�ve lost your senses.�

      �And I suppose my turn is next. Then you�ll have your greedy hands on all
      the Desmond money that you married my mother for.� Cort says to him then
      walks out of the room. Laslo slams his hand against the chair in anger.

      Philip sits on his bed talking to Emily. �She�s lying, Cort is lying and
      Laslo is lying. They are all lying.� Philip says as he stands. �No way are
      they going to tell us the truth. We have to find it out for ourselves.� �But
      they will do anything they can to stop us.� Emily says to him from the chair
      she is sitting in. Philip walks across the room to his dresser. He takes
      out the totem and carries it to Emily. �There is something I want you to
      take from me.� He hands the totem to Emily. Emily takes it and glances down
      at it. �What is it?� �It�s a totem my Grandfather gave me when I was a boy.
      It has protected me through out my life. I want you to keep it.� Emily
      stands. �No I couldn�t do that.� �As long as it is with you, you will come
      to no harm.� �Well what about you? Without it you won�t be safe.� �Don�t
      argue with me. Your safety means more to me than mine. Now keep it with you
      at all times.� Emily walks away from him carrying the totem. �Why have you
      given this to me Philip?� �Because I love you.� �Don�t say that.� �You
      mean more to me than anyone has or ever will.� �But you must know I love
      somebody else.� Emily says with her back towards Philip. �Yes. I�m not
      blind. For you sake as well as his I hope Jean Paul is innocent.� Emily
      turns towards Philip. �He is, he must be.� �Well if he is not I�ll be
      here.� He says with a smile. �Until then I want you to remain free from any
      harm.� The door opens and Cort enters. �Ah there you are.� he says with a
      grin. �Don�t you ever knock?� Philip asks. �Oh sorry. I thought you would
      be eager to hear what I have to say.� They both look at Cort.

      �I know who killed Agatha Pruett.�

      Summary by Debby Graham and Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

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      and people are crazy."
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