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Strange Paradise: Episode 125

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 125* *Episode 125a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2bleck* *Episode 125b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2g2app* Laslo: Night at
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 125*

      *Episode 125a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2bleck*

      *Episode 125b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2g2app*

      Laslo: Night at Desmond Hall and lightening strikes the sky over the Great
      House. For a violent storm is in progress. Inside the house the Master of
      Desmond Hall Jean Paul is sleepless as the storm continues. He has just
      learned of a strange legend. The legend of the Egyptian Key that may for
      some who try to use it may be cursed. He believes his brother may be a
      victim of the curse and before the night is out it may claim another victim.
      For the terror of this night has not yet ended."

      Jean Paul sits up in his bed, getting up he starts pacing the floor. Walking
      to the window he looks out. Raxl rushes into his room. "I couldn't find
      him." "Raxl have you searched everywhere?" Jean Paul asks as he walks up to
      her. "Everywhere. The house, the gardens. I couldn't find him
      anyplace." "Then
      where can he be?"

      "We both know where he went you as well as I." "You don't know that and
      neither do I." Jean Paul says to her. "He went down to the caves. The caves
      that exist beneath this house. He went to find the Egyptian Key." Raxl says
      to him.

      "Raxl why would he go there? He was afraid of the key. Now you saw his face
      when we showed him the picture. He was terrified." Jean Paul says as he
      turns from Raxl. "He did not go down to the caves voluntarily. Spirits from
      those long dead called out to him. And he could not resist their
      calling." "But
      the secret panel. There was no passage way there. It was blocked with a
      solid brick wall."

      "The wall exists for you and for the others who should not go down into the
      caves. But for those who are beckoned there they can enter through the

      Jean Paul turns away. "Tonight I've heard enough of your superstitions." "You
      believe the legend of the key. I warned you not to believe it. I persuaded
      you to forget it." "Why did you warn me when you believe it yourself?" "I
      was afraid you might try to find it." Raxl says as she glances away from
      Jean Paul. Jean Paul nods. "And if I did?" "If you used it you would die."
      "And Quito?" "If Quito even touches it he will die."

      Quito leans against a door sealed with the Egyptian Key.

      Jean Paul looks at Raxl. "If I use the key I would die." "If you pass
      through the door it will close behind you. You'll be trapped there. You
      could not return to this world." Raxl says to him. "Why?" "You are
      cursed." "The Mark of Death." he says as he walks around the room. "Yes.
      Only the pure in heart can go to the world beyond the door and return again.
      That is the most important part of the legend for those that seek the room.
      "What is this room?" "It's called the room of eternal peace. Those that
      find it and return bring back the secret of eternal happiness." "And you
      think that Philip went there?" Jean Paul asks. "Yes. I believe he did. That
      is why he showed you the key and showed the picture of the key to
      Holly." "And
      you believe he is trapped in that room?" "Yes, trapped between life and
      death. Trapped between this world and the next." "Supposing you are right.
      Why couldn't he return?" Jean Paul asks as he walks across the room and sits
      on the edge of the bed. "Because he was not pure of heart." "My brother
      was never an evil man." "No but he was not innocent either. He was
      ambitious; he wanted power and wealth even more than he already had. Those
      that seek the room for that reason find themselves trapped there." "Who can
      free Philip?" "Not you, not Quito. Perhaps no one." "You said that if
      Quito touched that key if he only touched it he would die." "Yes he would
      die as soon as it left his possession." "And yet the same thing would not
      happen to me?" "No." "Why not?" "You are an ordinary man. Quito is not.
      You know what Quito is." Jean Paul stands. "Yes, yes I know." "One of us.
      One of those initiated on the Island. If he touches the key the powers that
      protect him will leave him. And he will become an ordinary man again." "Then
      he would die." "The years would sweep over him like a tidal wave. And he
      would die a slow and painful death. If he even touches that key."

      At the doorway in the caves Quito reaches out for the key. He pulls it free
      then holds it. His hands start shaking and he silently screams. Raxl
      clutches her throat. "Quito!" she whispers. Jean Paul rushes to Raxl and
      holds her. "Raxl what is it?" "Something is happening to Quito. I can feel
      it." She grips Jean Paul's hand." "Master he has touched the key." She says
      as she holds her neck with one hand and Jean Paul's hand with the other. "Raxl
      how do you know what is happening to Quito?" "We both participated in the
      secret ceremony on the Island. We're bound together as long as we both
      live." Raxl says weakly. "What can we do?" "Nothing, we can do nothing for
      Quito now. He is doomed."

      Quito clutches his throat as he tries to breath and in agony he holds the
      key with his other hand. He stumbles away from the door.

      Raxl lowers her hand. "It's better now." "Are you all right?" Jean Paul
      asks as he holds her. "Yes, yes and so is Quito. For now he's still alive."
      "If he is in the caves Raxl perhaps he returned without bringing the key." "Oh
      no. No he has the key. I felt it the moment he touched it. I felt as though
      it had touched me."

      "You mean he won't die as long as he's in possession of it?" "Yes, he will
      not die unless he gives someone else the key." Jean Paul looks away. "We've
      got to find him. But where?"

      Laslo enters the mansion and shakes the water from his umbrella. He hangs it
      up with his coat and walks through the foyer and opens the Drawing Room

      Jean Paul paces back and forth in his room. Raxl stands and watches him.

      Entering the Drawing Room Laslo starts to pour himself a drink when he hears
      a noise from the foyer. He sets the decanter down and walks into the foyer.
      He watches as Quito climbs out of the secret passage to the caves. "Quito?
      What the devil. What is that?" Laslo asks looking at the key in Quito's
      hand. Quito walks to Laslo and places it in his hand. "Why do you want to
      give it to me?" Quito moves away from Laslo and steps up on the staircase
      and collapses. Laslo walks over to him and checks for a heartbeat. "Dead."
      He glances up the staircase then looks at the key in his hand, then puts it
      in his pocket. "Jean Paul! Ada! Cort!" Laslo calls out as he looks at Quito.

      Laslo, Holly and Cort sit in the Drawing Room. Cort stands as Jean Paul
      walks in. "I've made all the arrangements. He'll be buried in the morning."
      "I still can't believe it." Holly says sadly. "Death is always a shock
      especially when it's unexpected." Laslo says. "Oh count on stepfather for a
      word of wisdom." Cort says as he stands behind Laslo. "Was that necessary?"
      Laslo asks him.

      "Probably not." Cort answers. "I was just with him a few hours ago and he
      seemed fine then." Holly says to Jean Paul. "I never figured him to die of
      a heart attack. He always seemed as strong as an ox." Cort says. "Well it
      was. You heard the doctor." Laslo says to Cort. "Laslo?" Jean Paul calls
      out to him. "Yes."

      "How did he die? Will you tell me once again." "Well of course. I heard
      somebody in the foyer and I went out and there was Quito. He stumbled past
      me and fell on the steps. I examined him and found him dead." Laslo says as
      he looks at Jean Paul. "Where was he coming from?" "I assumed from the
      outside. I don't know. Does it matter?" "No perhaps not. Did he try to make
      any sign to you? Did he try to tell you something?" Jean Paul asks. "No,
      why? Quito died of natural causes didn't he?" "Yes." "Then why all the
      questions? It's seems as if you suspect something." "Oh no not at all. I
      suppose the questions aren't really necessary." "I can understand your
      concern. He was with you a long time." Jean Paul turns away. "All my life."
      Holly stands and touches his arm. "I'll miss him too Jean Paul." She says as
      she lays her head against his arm. "You know that I loved him and I think in
      a way he loved me too." Jean Paul turns and holds Holly. "Of course he
      did." He reaches for her hands. "Well I'll go upstairs now. Holly it's
      getting late you should be in bed too." "No I'm not tired. I couldn't
      sleep. I just want to sit near the fire for a while." "As you like.
      Goodnight." He says as he releases Holly's hands. "Goodnight." Holly says
      as Jean Paul walks out of the room. Thunder crashes as Holly hugs her arms
      around her middle. "Oh listen to that thunder." Cort walks up behind her.
      "Does it frighten you?" "I don't feel safe anymore." Holly says to
      him. "Because
      of the thunder?" Holly shakes her head. "No because of Quito. Because of
      the things that are happening around here." Laslo looks up at her. "You're
      perfectly safe my dear." "I don't feel that. I don't know why. But I don't
      feel safe at all."

      Raxl waits for Jean Paul as she stands in front of the window in Jean Paul's
      room. Jean Paul walks in and Raxl rushes to him. "I've been waiting for you
      Master." "I knew you would be. I didn't expect to find you down there with
      the others." "Did you search his pockets?" "Yes as soon as the doctor
      left." "And?" Raxl asks. "I found nothing." "Not even something that
      resembled the key?" "I found nothing. Nothing at all." Jean Paul says as he
      walks away from Raxl. "But he went down to the caves for the key. I know
      that. And that's how he died." "I believe that and I also believe that he
      didn't die from natural causes." "But he couldn't come back from the caves
      without the key." Raxl says. "Yes I believe that too, but the key is gone."
      "Then he must have given it to someone else."

      "Who?" Jean Paul asks. "Do you know who was with him when he died?"

      "Laslo." "Yes." Raxl looks away. "Laslo Thaxton." "Yes but why would he
      lie to me? I simply asked him the question and he didn't say anything about
      the key."

      "No he's a devious man Master. You know that as well as I do." "Okay, yes
      but he would have no reason to lie. He knows nothing about it. He would have
      no reason." "Oh perhaps he has a reason we do not know about." Raxl says to
      Jean Paul. "What?" "Oh I can't say. I only know I do not trust Laslo

      Holly stands next to the fireplace as Laslo walks up to her. "Holly you look
      exhausted. Why don't you go to bed?" Holly turns and looks at him. "I
      suppose I should." "Try to get some rest. It's very late." Holly nods and
      starts to walk across the room. Cort stands. "Can I get you something?
      Something to make you sleep." Tiredly Holly turns and looks at him. "No
      thank you Cort." "Why do you look at me that way?" "You can be
      considerate." "Is that such a big surprise?"

      Holly smiles. "Not really." She turns to walk away then glances back at
      Cort. "Cort you know a lot about the secret room upstairs. Maybe you can
      tell me something." "What?" Cort asks. "Do you know anything about an
      Egyptian Key?" "Egyptian Key?" Laslo has been facing the fireplace when he
      hears Holly mention the key. He turns and looks at her. "That's what it's
      called. It doesn't look like a key really. It's flat and shaped like a cross
      and sort of rounded at the top." Cort shakes his head. "I've never heard of
      it." "I thought you might have." Holly says to him then turns away. Laslo
      steps forward. "What is this key Holly?"

      Holly looks at Laslo. "It's part of an ancient legend. It�s supposed to have
      special powers. I saw a picture of it tonight." "Oh where?" Laslo asks. "In
      a book on the shelf in the secret room." "Do you know anything more about
      the legend?" "Well the key is called the Key of Promise. It opens the door
      to another world where all wishes can come true." "How fascinating." Laslo
      tells her. "It is. I wish I knew more about it." "We must find this book
      someday. Well goodnight Holly." "Goodnight." Holly says to Laslo then walks
      out of the room. "You seem very interested in Holly's legend." Cort says to
      Laslo. "It's a very interesting legend. Highly romantic of course but then
      legends often are." "I didn't know you were so interested in mythology." "I'm
      not really. I think I'll go to bed now. Goodnight.� Laslo says to
      Cort. "Goodnight."
      Cort says as he takes a few steps forward. Coming to a decision he walks out
      of the Drawing Room.

      Laslo enters Philip's secret room carrying a candle for light. Walking to
      the bookcase he sets the candle down and starts looking through the
      books. "Laslo."
      Cort calls from the doorway. Laslo turns. "What are you doing here?" "I
      could ask you the same question. I thought you were going to bed." Cort says
      with a laugh. "I'm not tired. I decided to try to find the book that Holly
      mentioned." "Ah I didn't think you were particularly interested in the
      book." "I'm not. I was just trying to find something to read that's
      all." "And
      you expect me to believe that?" "Why shouldn't you believe it?" "Well it
      must be very important because you wouldn't come into this room. It
      terrifies you because you almost died here." "I am not afraid." "Oh all
      this bravery for a book. It must be very interesting." "Cort do you follow
      me around for the express purpose of annoying me?" "I'm following you
      because I'm curious. I still am. What are you up to?" "I'm not up to

      "I know you better than that Laslo. Now what are you going to do? What are
      you up to?" "Nothing. Now you go to your room. I'm tired of arguing with
      you." Laslo tells him. "I don't want to argue. Now what are you doing
      here?" "I'm trying to find a book. Which I will do right now." Laslo tells
      him as he turns towards the bookcase. "Well go ahead. Don't let me stop
      you." "I won't." Cort glances up. "Laslo behind you!" "What?" "Look
      behind you!" Laslo turns around. A snake is moving in the bricks above
      Laslo's head slithering towards him. "Kill it! Kill it!" Laslo shouts as he
      raises his arm to protect his head and reaches his other hand into his
      pocket and pulls out the key rising up. Cort watches as the snake drops
      onto the table and moves around the jars then drops to the floor where it
      glides out of sight. "It's gone." Laslo lowers his hands. "It's
      gone?" "What's
      that in your hand?" Cort ask as he takes it from Laslo's hand and looks at
      it. "The key Holly was talking about. The key from her legend." "Yes."
      Laslo says as he looks across the room in fear. "Where did you get it? And
      this time tell me the truth."

      "I got it from Quito. Just before he died he came out of the secret panel
      leading to the caves. He stumbled towards me and pressed that key into my
      hand. And then he died and that's the truth." Laslo says as his hands shake
      in fear. "Why didn't you tell people you had this key? Why didn't you tell
      them Quito came out of the secret panel?" Cort asks. "Some instinct told me
      not to." "Instincts of a scavenger." Cort says as he turns away. "I
      thought I stumbled on something, something important." Cort looks at the
      key. "This key must have some kind of power. It made the snake back away and
      disappear. It's power must be stronger than the snakes." "I came here to
      find out what power it has." "Well we're finally getting to the truth."
      Cort says as he looks at Laslo. Laslo steps closer to Cort. "You mustn't
      tell anyone about this." "I mustn't?" "Cort I want to make a bargain with
      you." "What kind of bargain?" "I'll share it. What ever power it has I'll
      share with you.' "And what do I give you in return?" "Silence naturally."
      "Naturally. Well let me think about that." "What's there to think
      about?" Cort
      smiles. "Well I don't know if I want to bargain with you." "Well you have
      nothing to lose. You might gain a great deal." "I'll admit I am curious."
      Cort says with a grin. "Then cooperate with me. You have no reason to tell
      the others what we know." "All right stepfather. I'll keep your little
      secret for the time being."

      Jean Paul sits on the edge of his bed as Raxl walks up to him. "Quito!" Raxl
      says. "What is it?" Jean Paul asks. "Master, Quito is very near. His
      spirit, his spirit is near." "In this room?" asks Jean Paul. "Yes he's
      trying to reach us. He's trying to contact us. There's something he wants us
      to know." Thunder crashes. Raxl and Jean Paul glance at the window. Raxl
      walks over to the mirror. Jean Paul stands and follows her standing behind
      her. "Quito return to us. Speak, speak to us from beyond the grave. Tell us
      what we must know. Hear my voice Quito and return, return." Quito's
      reflection appears in the mirror. "Quito!" Jean Paul says. "Tell us what we
      must know. Did you find the Egyptian Key?" Quito's head falls forward in a
      nod. "Did you take it from the Door of Promise? Did you carry it through
      the caves?" Again Quito's head falls forward in a nod. "Did you give it to
      somebody before you died? Did you give it to Laslo Thaxton?" Quito nods
      then his reflection fades away. "So he has told us what we need to know.
      Laslo Thaxton has the key." Raxl says to Jean Paul. Angrily Jean Paul walks
      out of the room.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

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