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Strange Paradise: Episode 104

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 104* *Episode 104: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y98ztj* Laslo: Desmond Hall shrouded by night. While within, the occupants of the
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 104*

      *Episode 104: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y98ztj*

      Laslo: "Desmond Hall shrouded by night. While within, the occupants of the
      ancient mansion struggle against one another and against the evil which
      permeates its rooms and hallways. And standing alone in a secret room known
      only to a few a young woman makes her vows to a dark force. For Emily Blair
      has become a victim and servant of the demon of darkness which appears to
      man in a form of a serpent."

      Emily kneels "I'm ready to serve. But you will protect me won't you?" The
      shadow of the serpent appears in front of Emily. "Yes Serpent Servant come.

      Cort grabs his neck and cries out. "It's smothering me." Ada watches her
      son in fear. "Cort!" "Help me Mother!" He falls to the floor. "Cort, Cort!
      What is it! Cort!"

      Cort clutches his neck fighting to breath.

      Laslo and Helena hear Ada cry out. "Cort! Help him someone!" Laslo opens
      the door and walks over to them. "Oh Laslo help! He's taking a fit!" Ada
      tells him.

      "Cort stop this. Stop this at once." Laslo says to him. "It's choking me!"
      Cort cries out. Laslo bends down and shakes him. "Stop this!" Ada grabs
      his hand. "Laslo don't." Helena walks out of the Drawing Room and kneels
      next to Cort. Laslo steps back. "Cort give me your hand. Your hand, I won't
      hurt you. Put your hand in mine." Cort does as Helena tells him to do. "I'm
      here and I'm holding you. And nothing will harm you nothing. Trust me." Jean
      Paul stands on the staircase watching Helena and Cort. He starts walking
      down slowly. "Think about me. Look at my face. Think only about me. Think
      about my eyes looking at you. My hands holding your's. Only me nothing can
      harm you. Nothing, now stand." She helps Cort to his feet. "With your hand
      in mine I will take you to where no enemy can reach us." She leads Cort
      across the room. "We will talk about the good things. We will forget the
      bad." They walk into the Drawing Room. Jean Paul walks behind them then
      turns to Ada and Laslo. "Ada bring him something warm to drink and a
      blanket." Ada rushes up to Jean Paul. "But what is it? What could it
      be?" "It's
      nonsense, the boy is pretending for pity." Laslo tells them. Ada looks at
      Laslo. "No!" "Ada do as I ask." Jean Paul tells her then follows Cort and
      Helena into the Drawing Room. Ada walks past Laslo. "Ada you are not his
      servant." "Nor yours." Ada says then walks away.

      Cort is lying on the couch. Helena sits on the floor next to him brushing
      his hair back with her hand. "Helena?" Jean Paul whispers. Helena shushes

      "Helena is he all right?" Helena stands "He's sleeping." she whisper then
      walks to the fireplace. Jean Paul follows her. "Helena?" "Yes." "I saw
      what you did for Cort just now." She glances at Cort. "Yes it worked rather
      well didn't it?" "Very well. You know about what happened to him. What do
      you know about the Spirit of the Serpent?" "Nothing except what I've heard
      people say around here."

      "No it's more than that. You know how to defeat this power. You know more
      than you care to admit." "Jean Paul." She says with a smile." "Tell me!" "No
      Jean Paul." Helena walks away from him. "It was from a play. I was merely
      playing a role, reciting my lines. It was a play in which my lover was
      committing suicide. He was trying to take poison and I hold his hand and I
      talked to him just as I talked to Cort. I had to make him listen. I had to
      make him believe in me. That's all. Call it acting, call it what you will.
      Call it mind over matter but that's all I did." "Are you telling me the
      truth?" "What else? Oh Jean Paul you have been surrounded by dreadful
      people. People who are so against you, you have forgotten what a friend is
      like" Laslo walks into the Drawing Room and stands behind Helena. "Believe
      me it was only from a play, no secrets, no magic. Trust me." Ada enters the
      room carrying a blanket and a cup. She walks over to Cort. "Here I'll help
      you my dear." Helena says as she walks over to Cort. "I say its nonsense."
      Laslo says as he walks closer to Cort. Ada and Helena throw the blanket
      over Cort. Helena sits next to Cort holding the cup. "Cort wake up. Now
      drink this. Drink." Cort raises his head and takes a sip... "It will make
      you well." Helena says to him. "It happened again." Cort tells her. "Forget
      about it. It's over." She says brushing her hand across his face. Cort
      smiles. "You're kind." "I'm pleased someone recognizes it." Helena says. "Is
      he going to be all right?" Ada asks. "He was always alright. He was only
      asking for sympathy." Laslo says. "Laslo!" Jean Paul says. "A very
      convincing performance my dear." Laslo says to Helena. Helena glances at
      him. "Thank you." Laslo walks to the doorway. "Ada are you coming with me?"
      "No Laslo I'm not." Laslo turns and walks out of the Drawing Room.

      Ada turns to Jean Paul. "Oh Jean Paul what is it? What's happened to Cort?"

      Cort tries to sit up. "You mustn't worry about me Mother It's over." "I
      don't understand." "Ada please don't ask." Jean Paul says as he puts his
      arm around her shoulders. "You never done anything but help those who needed
      you and you don't deserve any of this." "Any of what?" Ada asks as she
      looks up at Jean Paul. "What's happening to Cort and to you Jean Paul? I
      don't know, I want to find out." Cort looks up at his mother. "Mother do
      you love me?" "Oh yes, yes you know I do." "Then don't ask for any
      explanations. No one will harm me." Cort takes Helena's hand and looks at
      her. "No one." Helena glances at Ada then back at Cort.

      Emily has her eyes closed as the Serpent's shadow is near her. She opens her
      eyes and walks towards the Serpent. "Yes, yes I hear you. I worship you. I
      adore you and I will do as you command. I have no other love but yours. And
      if you command me, if you saw so then Jean Paul Desmond will be yours. He
      will die."

      Emily stands at the top of the staircase with a smile on her face as she
      walks down to the foyer. Jean Paul walks from the Drawing Room.
      "Emily?" "Jean
      Paul how nice. I wanted to see you." "Where have you been?" "Sleeping like
      a child, like an angel. They told me you were asleep." Jean Paul takes
      Emily's hand. "Emily I want to talk to you." "And I want to talk to
      you." Jean
      Paul leads her to the Drawing Room. Helena stands. "Emily?" "But not him.
      I won't talk to him." Emily points at Cort. "I wouldn't think of disturbing
      a young lady. You don't have to address me at all." Cort says. "I mean it
      Jean Paul. He's cruel, I won't see him." Jean Paul stares at Emily. "Emily
      what ever can be the matter?" Helena asks as she walks up to Emily and Jean
      Paul. "Well you look dreadful, doesn't she Jean Paul." "Helena I would like
      to talk to Emily alone." "And spoil our little party? Very well. Ada
      darling why don't you and I put the naughty boy to bed." Helena says setting
      her glass on the mantel of the fireplace. "I'm not a naughty little boy
      despite what Emily says." Cort says glancing at Emily. "But you would like
      to be. Now don't tell me, I know young men." Helena says grabbing Cort's
      hand and pulling up from the couch. "Come along Ada." Helena stops in front
      of Jean Paul. "And I know older young men too. Well you to go ahead and have
      your little talk. Ada and I are going to put the baby to bed." The three of
      them leave the Drawing Room as Cort laughs. Jean Paul closes the door.
      "She's a very strange woman. I don't know what she meant." "About what?"
      Emily asks as she turns away from Jean Paul. "All this about older young
      men and little talks." Emily sits on the couch. "Don't you? You are a very
      changeable man Jean Paul." "Am I?" Jean Paul asks as he stands next to

      "Yes. One moment professing your love or afraid to profess it. Then the next
      denying it." "Emily?" "Oh no protest? I forgive you. I quite don't
      understand but I do forgive. May I have some brandy please.�?�Oh of course."
      He walks to the decanter and pours her a drink. "More than that." "What
      ever you say." He fills the glass halfway. Emily takes the glass from him.
      "Now come and sit by me." She pats the cushion next to her. Jean Paul walks
      around the couch and sits down. "Really Jean Paul you make me feel like the
      Parson�s daughter. Such respect, such propriety." "Emily I don't understand
      you." "I think my message should be fairly obvious." "Well that's what I
      mean. You're not like that. You're never obvious." "No, always shy, always
      timid, and always submissive." Emily says to him. "Yes." Emily laughs.
      "Yes what?" "I mean never devious or foolhardy or foolish." "Emily looks
      away.�Is that what I am?" Emily stands and walks away carrying her glass of
      brandy. "Well look at yourself Jean Paul. Our relationship was deep I think.
      It had a certain promise and then I felt completely forgotten." Jean Paul
      lowers his head. "Oh I know why, Erica came." Emily looks at him. "Or not
      Erica but a reasonable substitute. Now Jean Paul I know you loved her."
      Emily kneels on the floor next to Jean Paul. "I know how much you cared for
      her but this Helena, this actress. This witch!" "Emily you don't know what
      you're saying." "Oh I know. I always heard about such women though I've
      never met them." Emily glances down. "Forgive me Jean Paul. I didn't mean to
      say that." Emily sits next to Jean Paul. "I only know that I care a great
      deal for you. I make no demands. I only care. Jean Paul will you, could you
      help me."

      "Of course I must help you. That�s what we've came to talk about. Emily

      "No wait. I know what you're going to say but let me say it. I'm in the
      thrall of the Serpent God. And I am, I am Jean Paul and that's why I need
      your help. I want to be free. I came to Desmond Hall to work alone. I made
      no demands on anyone. I didn't mean any harm. Certainly not to you. I never
      even knew you existed. But look at me now. I'm a victim. I'm helplessly in
      love with you and I'm under the control of evil powers that I don't know
      anything about. Pity me Jean Paul. Help me." "How?" "Go with me to
      Philip's secret room. Confront the Serpent and tell him that I am yours." Jean
      Paul stares at Emily then glances away...

      Cort takes Helena to Philip's secret room. Helena looks at him. "Is this
      where it appears?" "Yes, here.": "You're not afraid are you?" Helena asks.
      "I'm not afraid as long as I'm holding your hand." "Then we shall challenge
      it together. You and I Cort. And if we die, we die." Helena looks into
      Cort's eyes with a smile. Cort smiles back.

      Ada is in the Drawing Room collecting the dirty glasses and straightening up
      the table when Laslo walks in. "Where have they gone?" "Where has who
      gone?" Ada asks. "Don't be clever with me. I mean Jean Paul, Cort and the

      "Especially the ladies." Ada says glancing at Laslo. "Ada I warn you." Ada
      angrily turns around. "About what Laslo?" "You are a very unbalanced
      woman." Laslo says as he walks up to her. "Some moments you show a great
      deal of devotion to your husband, to me. Then other you defend the other
      people who lie to you." "Perhaps you are the one who lies." "When we first
      stood together and exchanged vows I believed them, I always thought we would
      have devotion, obviously you didn't." Ada turns and looks at Laslo. "I'm
      not the finest man ever born nor the strongest. But I am yours. Sworn to
      you, married to you, devoted to you Ada." He holds his arms out. "Oh
      Laslo." Ada rushes into Laslo's arms. "I want to believe you. I want to."
      She sobs.

      In the secret room Helena calls upon the Serpent. "You have been challenged.
      Are you challenged? You don't answer. You don't appear." Helena smiles "It's
      a game, just a game." "I saw the Serpent. I saw him in here. He writhed and
      slithered through this room. He came towards me and wrapped his filthy coils
      about me." "Cort you mustn't think about it. Remember it as a dream brought
      on by superstitions and secrets in this long forgotten room. And you
      must..." The door begins to open. Cort and Helena watch the door. "Who is
      it?" Helena asks.

      Jean Paul enters. "Why did you bring her here?" Jean Paul asks angrily.
      "Helena you must leave." "What ever you wish. Cort the Master of Desmond
      Hall is speaking." Helena walks around Jean Paul. "Jean Paul I don't know if
      you're a victim or an instigator of this silly nonsense." She looks away
      from Jean Paul. "You can come in now Emily." Emily walks into the room. "You
      mustn't hesitate with me. I told you I wouldn't interfere in your plans."
      Helena looks at Jean Paul. "But perhaps someone should. Goodnight Jean Paul,
      Emily." Helena says then walks to the doorway. "Cort." She calls him.
      Cort says then follows Helena from the room. Emily walks to the door as it
      closes, then walks across the room. "Why was she in here? What did she do?"
      Jean Paul grabs her arms. "Emily you have got to stop this. You are getting
      too excited." Emily shakes her head." "I'm frightened. Oh Jean Paul I am so
      frightened." She throws herself into his arms. "I need you. You are the only
      one who can help. I need you."

      Helena and Cort walk down the staircase. They are holding hands. Cort stops
      on the steps. "Why did she take him in there? Why?" "Why did you take me?"
      Helena asks. "Well it's dangerous for Jean Paul." "As dangerous as it was
      for us?" "Well it's not the same. Emily is underneath the Serpent's
      powers." Emily releases his hand and crosses her arms. "You don't believe
      that?" Cort looks away. "I know it." "Does Jean Paul know the same thing?"
      "Yes. He's risking everything." Cort says walking to the bottom of the
      staircase. "Why?" Helena asks. "Why should he risk everything?" "Because
      he's in love with her." "Oh is he? Oh perhaps he should take the risk." Cort
      looks up at her. "Helena you don't understand." "I don't understand? You
      care for no one that's what you claim. You're waiting for only one thing.
      The Desmond fortune. And yet you�re concerned about Jean Paul. Why?" "We're
      victims all of us here. All of us for greed, for ancestors, for love." Cort
      says to her. "Desmond Hall doesn't do that to people Cort. The world does.
      Do I look greedy? No. Do I look loving? Perhaps. Let Jean Paul take care of
      himself. And you and I will take care of each other. Agreed." Helena holds
      out her hand. "Agreed." Cort says shaking Helena's hand.

      Emily steps forward. "Nothing I say will be true." She tells Jean Paul. "We
      are here. I have brought Jean Paul Desmond to you as you have commanded. I
      come before you obediently. I beg of you hear me. I beg of set me free.
      Haven't I served you? Haven't I done as you commanded me? I tell you now I
      do not love Jean Paul Desmond. I will sacrifice him for my freedom. I want
      above all to be free. I don't want to suffer any longer." Jean Paul glances
      up in horror as he hears the heartbeat. "I'm weary of fear. Weary of
      slavery. I know there is no way to combat your powers. No way to vanquish
      the Dark Spirit of the Serpent God. But can there be pity?" Jean Paul
      stands behind Emily and raises his hand. He looks at it. The Mark of Death
      has appeared. "Serpent come to me. Speak."

      Jean Paul looks at Emily as the Serpent starts hissing. Emily smiles. Yes.
      Yes I have obeyed you." Jean Paul steps closer to Emily. "Emily� he calls
      her quietly.

      "Serpent I hear you and I answer you. Yes, yes." "Emily." Jean Paul speaks
      louder. "I can help you. I can relieve you of your suffering." Jean Paul
      puts his hands on Emily's neck. "Silence! I only want to hear his
      voice." "Emily!"
      Jean Paul tightens his hands on Emily's neck. "Jean Paul!" Emily cries out
      twisting towards him. He tightens his grip and Emily screams.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

      "God is great, beer is good,
      and people are crazy."
      ...Billy Currington

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