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Strange Paradise: Episode 103

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 103* *Episode 103: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y6935s* Ada: Desmond Hall a mansion of stone and mortar looming high on the
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 103*

      *Episode 103: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y6935s*

      Ada: "Desmond Hall a mansion of stone and mortar looming high on the cliffs
      above the village of Desmondton. Home to a family once thought of as
      charitable and honorable. But now it represents a threat to the people
      below. For the Master of Desmond Hall has brought murder to the sleepy
      village. And in the town the people say that who ever visits the house
      enters a dark pit. The only exit being blood, torture and death."

      In the Drawing Room Helena arranges flowers in a vase. "White flowers a
      perfect gift from someone who respects a lady's purity." Laslo enters the
      room. "Miss Raleigh." He greets her. Helena turns. "Oh good afternoon." Laslo
      walks around the room. "All these flowers. You've transformed the room." "I
      hope you don't mind." "Not at all. I'm just as romantic as the next man.
      Perhaps even more so." "Are you really? That must be so reassuring for your
      wife Mr. Thaxton. You impress me as being a man who has romantic
      inclinations with marital fidelity." Helena says as she walks to the
      fireplace and turns to face Laslo. "You have read my character perfectly."
      Helena walks to Laslo carrying a white flower. "For you." "Thank you."
      Laslo says taking the flower from her. Helena smiles at him and steps away.
      "Think nothing of it. They arrived as a gift from an admirer, a secret one.
      I can't imagine who it could be." Helena says standing next to the vase of
      flowers. "Can't you?" "Though secret admirers are stimulating and
      mysterious, and I do enjoy a mystery." Laslo walks up to Helena. "It's not
      all that mysterious. There's an envelope and a card. You must have dropped
      them." Laslo says as he picks it up and opens it. "The card is signed Erica.
      Erica Desmond." Helena looks at him with a smile. "Would you like to have
      it?" Laslo asks holding it out to her. "No thank you. But it would make a
      remarkable keepsake since Erica Desmond is dead." says Helena. "The mystery
      should also please you." Laslo says to her. "It doesn't. You sent them to
      me Mr. Thaxton and signed Erica Desmond's name." "Now why should I do
      that?" Laslo asks. "To frighten me." "Oh perish the thought. However it is
      Mrs. Desmond's signature. I have some correspondence on record." "And you
      found an old card she had signed and included it with the flowers." Helena
      says. "How little faith, how little faith you have in me Miss Raleigh. Did
      you know that Agatha Pruett is dead?" Laslo asks as he attaches the flower
      to his lapel. "Yes." "Poor girl, suicide. Saying the most outlandish
      things. Did she ever speak to you about me?" "No. Why should she Mr.
      Thaxton?" "Oh no reason. No reason at all. But since she called Jean Paul a
      murderer I thought no reputation was safe." "She did not speak to me of
      you." Helena says with a smile. "Yes well." He walks to the door. "I only
      brought up her death because it doesn't speak well for Desmond Hall. I
      should hate for anyone to conclude death is the fate of our houseguests, you
      understand." "Of course I do. I understand a threat when I hear one." Laslo
      laughs. "Ah little faith again you see." Laslo walks out closing the door
      behind him. Helena turns and sits at the table. She picks up a pen and
      paper and putting the card signed by Erica sets it in front of her. She
      copies Erica Desmond's signature. With a laugh she tears both up and walks
      to the fireplace placing them in the fire.

      Laslo walks into the foyer and puts his coat on. "My dear Ada you are
      delaying me with your questions. I have business in the village." "I want
      to know how she died." Ada says. "Suicide. The girl was unbalanced." Laslo
      says as he turns to the door. Ada grabs his arm. "Laslo?" He turns towards
      her. "Last night you told me that Agatha Pruett would have to die." "Did I
      say that?" "You said she would have to be removed for your protection and
      mine. Now what did you mean?" Ada asks. "I do get dramatic at times. Now
      excuse me Ada." "Laslo did you harm that girl?" Laslo turns back to Ada.
      "You mean did I murder her. Push her into the river? What a question for a
      devoted wife like you to ask. You have no idea Ada how you break my heart."
      "Laslo answer me." "If you're looking for a murderer dear Ada I suggest
      you look elsewhere." Laslo walks to the door and opens it. He looks back at
      Ada. "And to start with if I were you I should look to the head of this
      family." Laslo walks out closing the door behind him. "Mother." Cort calls
      from the staircase. "Where have you been?" Ada asks turning around to face
      Cort. "Sleeping, Mother." "Until late afternoon." "Well I spent a very
      exhausting night searching for some young lady who seemed intent on killing
      herself." Cort says walking down the staircase. "I know all about the young
      lady. And I regret the day that Agatha Pruett came into this house. She's
      dead." "I know that." Cort walks up to his mother. "Mother help me." Ada
      looks at him. "Help you?" "They've all turned against me. Jean Paul, Raxl
      the whole merry group." Ada touches Cort's shoulder. "Jean Paul couldn't
      have turned against you Cort." "Oh no, well by his command Quito trapped me
      and by his command he threatened to feed me to a serpent." "Oh Cort what
      are you saying?" Ada touches his face. "You love me don't you Mother"

      "Oh yes. I do I do." "Then help me. Trust me because you're the only one I
      can depend on." Ada hugs him. "Oh Cort that's what I wanted to hear. That's
      what I ever wanted, your respect and your loyalty as a son." "You have it,
      I promise you. If you'll trust me I'll be able to bring about all the things
      you want. No more unpleasantness. No more hatred at Desmond Hall. It will be
      the way it was Mother. Long summer days, picnics down by the river." He
      pulls back from Ada. "Sunshine and peace. For you, Mother. You and me." He
      holds his mother as she closes her eyes in happiness.

      It is evening as Helena sits in the Drawing Room at a table writing a
      letter. "Dear Mr. Shimpkin. I have decided I must cancel the rest of the
      tour. I'm too exhausted mentally and physically to go on. I know you have
      plans for me to act in the Norah Cara play. 'Oh really darling. I could play
      that." she says looking up from the letter. "But for now only rest and
      refueling. Love Erica. 'Oh no of course not' Helena." She is folding the
      letter when Emily walks in. "I hope I'm not disturbing you." Emily says. "Oh
      no not at all. Do sit down." Helena stands. "We'll ring for champagne shall
      we?" "Oh no thank you. I really don't think I should drink." Emily says as
      she sits on the couch. "But you look so pale Emily. No wonder, moping
      around in that room." Helena says as she walks to the fireplace and stands
      in front of it. "Helena?" "Yes Emily?" Helena turns to face Emily. "I've
      been doing a great deal of thinking lately." "Have you darling." Helena
      says with a smile as she drags out her words. "Yes and I'm not going to do
      what you want me to. I'm not leaving Desmond Hall." "Strange misguided
      girl. What ever made you think?" Helena says walking towards Emily. "I know
      what you want, Jean Paul Desmond." "Oh really, darling." "Helena you don't
      have to perform for me. This isn't a stage. I'm sincere not play
      acting." "Very
      well then I shall be sincere and sympathetic like something out of Little
      Women." Helena says as she tosses a pillow to the floor and sits on it.
      "Well?" "Jean Paul loves me." Emily says.

      "I'm delighted." Helena says smiling. "I mean it. He loves me and I have
      friends now. Powerful friends who will crush anyone who will get into my
      way." Helena stares at her. "The word crush is a little one. It means
      crush." She raises her hand and closes it into a fist squeezing it tightly
      then lowers it. Helena watches her. "Can this be, can this be sweet little
      Emily? The little librarian, the quiet researcher who has won the heart of
      the Master of Desmond Hall? Crush me is that what you'd do?" Emily lowers
      her head and shakes it no. "But that's what you said sweet Emily." "I
      don't know. I didn't mean." Emily says as she becomes upset. "Emily what is
      it? One moment repentant, shy and timid as a fawn and the next full of
      strength and threats. Threats of murder." Emily shakes her head looking at
      Helena. "I didn't say that." "Emily what is it? Tell me." "I don't know.
      Something comes over me like poison running through my blood. And then I
      don't hear what I said. I don't know what I'm saying. Helena what can I do?"

      "Do? But you are under the protection of Jean Paul Desmond who loves you.
      Staying at Desmond Hall with the man you love." Emily lowers her head and
      shakes it no. "Helena." "I think that's an amiable position. What woman
      wouldn't envy you? And Emily if such ecstatic love has moments of
      forgetfulness, moments when the tiger shows her claws and the snake exudes
      venom my dear remember it's been that way since Eve." Emily looks at
      Helena. "Why did you say snake?" "Oh a classic symbol." "You frighten me."
      "I shouldn't frighten you Emily. There's no need of you to be frightened of
      me. I love a good love story with a happy ending. But from now on I shall
      devote myself to you and Jean Paul. And make sure your love comes to a
      proper ending." Emily stares at Helena.

      Laslo enters the foyer from the outdoors. "Cort?" Laslo walks towards him.

      Cort turns, "Yes." He holds a plate. "What are you doing?" "I'm feeding my
      pets. An errand of mercy. I find the people here at Desmond hall distasteful
      and hardly worth the preservation." Cort turns away from Laslo. "But we are
      surrounded by little friends." "Do you usually feed them in the foyer?" "I
      came from outside."

      "Most peculiar. I came from up the drive just now and I saw nothing." "It's
      dark." Cort says as he turns and walks away from Laslo. "Cort?" Cort turns
      and looks at him. "Does your mother know about your feeding plans? Does she
      know what you take from the pantry?" "What do you want me to do, count
      every scrap? That's all they are, table scraps." Laslo takes the plate and
      looks at it. "You're ridiculous do you know that? Here you accounting for
      every penny at Desmond Hall and every crumb as if anything here belongs to
      you!" "I'm looking after your inheritance, your future." "I thin I'm quite
      capable of doing that." "No you're young. You're careless." "What I am is
      none of your business!" Cort says to Laslo. "And also dear stepfather when I
      come into my inheritance it will have nothing to do with you because you'll
      get nothing! Absolutely nothing!" Cort walks away and passes his
      mother. "Cort?"
      she calls to him. Ada walks up to Laslo. In her hands is a tray. "What
      happened?" "Oh nothing. We just had a little talk that's all. Well, well,
      well what's all this?" Laslo asks looking at the tray.

      "Hors d' oeuvres for the guest." She says with a smile. "You work too hard
      Ada for our guests. I think it's time to trim the number of guests." "The
      way you decided to do away with Agatha Pruett?" "Ada, Ada when will you
      understand me correctly." "I don't know. But perhaps when I do we will both
      regret it." Ada walks around Laslo. She stops and looks back at him. "Oh one
      thing more Laslo."

      Laslo turns and looks at her. "Cort is my son and I love him and if there
      ever should be a choice. If my devotion as a wife and a mother should ever
      be tested."

      Laslo steps towards her. "Yes Ada?" "I'm not afraid of you anymore." Ada
      tells him as he stands next to her. "Aren't you my dear?" he says crowding
      her. Ada backs away. "No I'm not." Laslo puts his hand on the side of
      Ada's neck. "I never expected you to be frightened of me. I only want
      devotion." He slides his hand until it is gripping Ada's neck.
      "Laslo!" "Devotion
      and obedience like any husband wants." "Laslo you're hurting me!" Ada says
      as he tightens his hand.

      "Oh you mustn't be afraid. You must be careful Ada or you'll drop your
      tray." Laslo releases Ada's neck and hits the tray sending the food and tray
      to the floor. "Oh Ada how clumsy. A waste, all that good food gone to
      waste." Ada kneels on the floor. "Waste not want not I always say. But
      then you've forgotten a great many of the lessons that I've taught you." Ada
      glances up at him. "We must have a talk tonight you and I. A very serious

      Emily hands her empty glass to Helena. "Better now? Helena asks. Emily
      nods. "You see I do know what's right. You do trust me don't you?" "I want
      to see Jean Paul." Emily says looking away from Helena. "He's resting."
      Helena tells her. "Tired and heart broken." She hands Emily another glass of
      wine. "Did you know that dear Agatha Pruett is dead?" Emily accepts the
      glass. "No I didn't know." "She was a rival of your's, wasn't she?" "A
      rival?" "For the affection of Jean Paul Desmond." Helena says as she walks
      across the room. "Jean Paul pitied her."

      "I know he wanted to protect her. Poor lonely girl and yet she died. She
      drowned I understand in the river." "Drowned?" Emily asks. "Last
      night." "She
      was wicked." Helena walks towards Emily. "What did you say?" "She would
      not serve." Emily says as she stares straight ahead. Helena squats next to
      Emily. "Serve? What is it Emily?" Emily glances at her. "Oh I don't know
      why I said that." She says with a laugh. "Who do you serve?" Helena asks.

      "You do serve don't you?" "I don't know what you're talking about." Emily
      says then takes a sip from her glass. Helena sits next to her. "Emily, tell
      me. You can tell me I'm your friend. Unless you talk unless you talk to
      someone well there's no telling what might happen to you. They may send you
      away." "No." Emily says.

      "Jean Paul won't be any help to you. Not any more help then he was for poor
      Agatha." Emily shakes her head. "Emily, look at me." Emily turns her head
      towards Helena. "You must confide in someone. You must confide in me. I know
      this is a dreadful thing to say but if you don't I'm afraid in your
      desperation you could land up in the river below the cliffs." Helena tells
      her. Emily turns away upset. "Well ladies sharing a before dinner drink?"
      Laslo asks as he walks into the Drawing Room. "How pleasant, do you mind if
      I join." Laslo walks to the wine decanters. Emily stands. "I'm afraid I
      have to go. I don't feel very well." Laslo walks around the couch to Emily.
      "You don't look well Emily. We can't have that can we?" He reaches for her
      glass. "I want to go to my room." "I'm afraid solitude is not the
      solution. Do stay." Laslo says. Emily walks around him. "Miss Raleigh, use
      your influence." Laslo says to Helena. "I'm afraid I already have." "Emily
      you might consider Ada." He says walking towards Emily. "My wife has been
      very overworked. You'll find her quite worried tonight. She'll still have to
      take a tray to your room." "I don't want a tray. I just want to be left
      alone." Emily says then rushes from the room. Laslo turns to Helena. "I
      can't imagine can you?" "A complete mystery Mr. Thaxton." Laslo walks to
      the table and pours two glasses of wine. "Mysteries please you so and that
      being the case I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay at Desmond Hall." He passes a
      glass of wine to Helena. "To you Miss Raleigh and to the mysteries that lie
      ahead." "To me." Helena says. "And if I may a more solemn toast. To the
      dear departed. To Agatha." "Poor Agatha." Helena adds. "And to Erica
      Desmond." says Laslo. "Wherever she may be." Helena says. They touch
      glasses then drink.

      Cort stands next to the staircase; he turns and starts pacing in the foyer.
      He stops and leans on a table with his hands on the top of it. "I'll kill
      him! If he touches her again I'll kill him!" He says angrily. Ada walks in
      carrying a fresh tray. "Shhh someone will hear you." She sits the tray next
      to Cort. "I don't care. It's about time they knew that Laslo was a
      monster." "I married him Cort." "Are you afraid of him?" Cort asks. Ada
      shakes her head. "No because he was kind."

      "Pretense." "No he was. I remember." "My memories are more recent. I
      remember you down on the floor cleaning it. And the marks from his fingers
      were on your neck! When are you going to tell him to leave!�? "Leave?" "You
      better do it before I do something worse." Cort turns away. "I hate him!
      I've hated him from the first day you introduced me to him!" Cort looks back
      at his mother. "This is your new papa Cort!" Cort shouts. "Cort stop it!"
      Ada says. "He's going to look after us from now on! Because he loves your
      mother and he's going to love you like a son! How could you! How!" Cort asks
      as he walks towards Ada. "When I still remembered my real father and how
      much he loved me!" Ada puts her hand on Cort's shoulder. "Cort." Cort
      pulls away. "Don't you touch me! You bring him delicacies and you bow when
      he tells you to bow! But I've got other plans!" Cort turns and rushes off.

      Emily enters Philip's secret room carrying a candle. Walking to the table
      she sets it down... "I'm here and I'm ready to serve. But you will protect
      me won't you? You won't let me come to harm? And you will save Jean Paul for
      me? For me. The others will be provided for. I will sacrifice them to you.
      I'm ready to serve and I'm not afraid." Emily raises her arms. "I'm here and
      you will protect me won't you." The Serpent's hissing surrounds Emily.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

      "God is great, beer is good,
      and people are crazy."
      ...Billy Currington

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