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Strange Paradise: Episode 82

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 82* *Episode 82: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y6rpn6* Raxl: In the late and lonely hours of the night Desmond Hall does not
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 82*

      *Episode 82: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/y6rpn6*

      Raxl: In the late and lonely hours of the night Desmond Hall does not sleep.
      Jean Paul Desmond doomed to kill despite his own efforts to free himself
      from an ancient curse can not rest. For suspicions are beginning to rise.
      His secret is threatened with discovery. And through the dark corridors the
      evil Irene moves intent on using her witchcraft for Jean Paul�s final

      Holly is asleep in her room but tossing restlessly. "Jean Paul. Jean Paul
      take me away. Please." Holly calls out in her sleep. Irene enters Holly's
      room. "Who's there?" Holly asks raising herself up. "Shhh its Irene." "What
      are you doing here?" Holly asks turning on the light. "I've come to protect
      you. I'll just sit by your bed and watch over you as you sleep we don't need
      the light my dear." Irene says reaching for the lamp. Holly puts her hand
      out. "No I want it on. What do you want? It's late." "I have learned
      tonight that you are constantly in danger." "I don't care as long as Jean
      Paul is here." "My dear that's just it. You are in danger because of Jean
      Paul. You're good guardian by his own admission is a murderer." Holly looks
      away from Irene. "Irene that can't be true! Jean Paul?" Holly says getting
      out of bed. "Unfortunately it is the truth." "He couldn't murder anybody."
      Holly says. "Quietly, quietly. Nobody must know that I'm here." Irene says
      dropping the hood on her coat from her head. Holly stands next to Irene. "I
      want to see Jean Paul. I want to talk to him now." Holly says turning
      towards the door. Irene grabs her arm. "Jean Paul is asleep. Now you must
      be quiet Holly." "I want to see him. Let me go!" "I can't. I can't." Irene
      says to her. "You're hurting me." "For your own good I can't let you go.
      Now Holly I am your friend. How could I harm you? I am your good
      friend." Holly
      stares into Irene's eyes. "Yes. Look at me. How could I ever harm you?" Holly
      stands still and stares at Irene. "Now sit down quietly." Holly walks over
      to a chair. Irene helps her sit, then she walks across the room. "And I
      shall turn out the light." After turning off the lamp she walks back to
      Holly. "And you will listen to your good friend Irene."

      Raxl is sitting on the floor near the fireplace tending the fire. "Yes
      Master." "Raxl I have tried haven't I? I have tried to fight off the curse
      of the Mark of Death. I never wanted to kill anyone and yet I have killed."
      Jean Paul says from the couch. "And the innocent have been blamed. Raxl what
      am I to do? Tell me?" "Will you listen to my warnings? Will you do what I
      tell you, you must do?"

      Jean Paul shakes his head. "I feel powerless, powerless to do anything."
      Jean Paul says then stands. He walks forward a few steps. "Oh I wish to
      heaven I never knew Erica. I should have never called her from the rest of
      death. Oh what a mockery it all is." He walks around the room. "For love I
      called her back from the grave. For love I made a pact with evil. And now
      I'm forced to kill with these hands." Jean Paul says opening his hands and
      showing them to Raxl. "The strange results of love." Raxl stands. "Master
      you must not think of the past. We must act now." "How? Where can I run to?
      Where could I go without the curse pursuing me? There's only one answer left
      for me. There is only one step I can take to freedom. Death." Raxl shakes
      her head. "You must not allow yourself to think that." "Oh but I do Raxl. I
      do." Jean Paul steps away. "And I carry with me one solution." Jean Paul
      says taking a gun from his pocket. He looks down at it. "If I only had the
      courage to use it." "Give it to me. Give me the gun." Raxl says holding out
      her hand. "Master you are not the kind of man to take your own life. Don't
      you see that is what the evil one wants of you, your soul forfeit to him
      condemned forever? Give me the gun." Jean Paul looks down then away handing
      the gun to Raxl. "There are other means." Jean Paul says then he walks to
      the window. "The cliffs, oh the cliffs are high. And the rocks beneath them
      are jagged and final. Perhaps that would be the proper solution, to die
      beneath the cliffs of Desmond Hall. So that my brother Philip... Philip?"
      Jean Paul says turning away from the window. "Yes. Philip think of him
      now." Raxl says walking to Jean Paul and touching his arm. "And if you are
      ever tempted by the icy fingers of death remember Philip." Jean Paul looks
      at Raxl. "Philip is dead." He walks away from Raxl. "You don't know that.
      His spirit has spoken to you through Miss Holly. That is all we know." "Do
      you believe that he is alive?" "I feel a presence in the house, a spirit
      in pain and anguish. Oh Master you must answer his plea for help. You cannot
      die. I will help you against the evil in this house. I will stay here as
      long as you want. But you must swear to me one thing that you will not take
      your own life. Live Master live!" Raxl walks over to him and puts her hand
      on his arm.

      Quito is asleep in a chair in Jean Paul's room when there is a knock at the
      door. Quito awakens gets up and hides next to the dresser. Laslo enters the
      room with a tray. "Jean Paul?" He looks around and sees Quito. "Well well
      well. Our wandering boy has returned. Oh don't be afraid of me Quito." Laslo
      says setting the tray on the dresser. "I wouldn't hurt a fly. And you are
      not a fly are you?" Quito still hides next to the dresser. "Now, now
      please. It's all right Quito. You see I saw the light shining under the door
      and I came to share a drink with your Master. Now come along. You and I
      shall have a drink." Laslo says opening the decanter and pouring brandy into
      glasses. Quito still hasn't moved from the side of the dresser. "Oh come
      now. A person like you is much more of a match for a simple sip of brandy.
      Take it. Take it!" Laslo commands. Quito reaches out and holds the
      glass. "You
      see Quito your Master and I had an argument tonight, bitter, unnecessary. I
      came to make my peace with Jean Paul despite the fact he all but accused me
      of murdering his brother Philip." Quito stands and the brandy spills. He
      again hides on the side of the dresser. "Oh you spilled your drink. Just
      because I mentioned the word Philip." Laslo says walking closer to Quito.
      "Do you know Philip Desmond? Oh come on Quito at least you can nod. Or has
      the cat got your tongue permanently." Quito cringes. He looks down and away
      from Laslo. "Have you seen Philip Desmond? Look at me when I talk to you."
      Quito looks up. "Have you seen him, is that it? Give me your glass." Laslo
      says holding out his hand. Quito doesn't move. Laslo reaches for the
      decanter. "We will sit. We will have a drink you and I and we will talk
      about Philip Desmond." Laslo pours brandy into Quito's glass as Quito holds
      it. Holly is sitting in a chair staring straight ahead. "You have been
      trying to resist me haven't you Holly? I asked you to cooperate with me and
      my friends. Do you remember the circle of friends who gathered together in
      my cottage and formed the ring of fire?" Irene bends down to Holly's chair.
      "Think of it. Recall each detail and the promises you made. Remember it now.
      But never when you're fully awake. Are you awake Holly?" "Yes." "But not
      fully?" Irene asks her. "No. I feel warm and comfortable as if my hands and
      arms and legs were sleeping. But I can hear and see." Irene glances down.
      "Then listen to me." She looks back at Holly. "I have something for you, a
      present. You will like this gift and you will use it." Irene holds a red
      cloth. "I will." Holly says. "When I called you to help me you agreed with
      me that Jean Paul must die. But you weren't quite convinced were you?" That
      you would cause the death of a good and noble man. Well now I'll tell you
      what I heard with my own ears. Jean Paul says he is a murderer. Holly do you
      believe me?" "I don't know." "He is a murderer Holly. He said so in this
      very house. He said because of his brother he has killed." "Philip?" "Do
      you understand?" Irene asks Holly. Holly nods. "Yes." "Good, now listen to
      me. You will take this gift and you will use it." Irene hands the red cloth
      to Holly. "You will use it when Jean Paul is asleep because any man who is a
      murderer must die." Holly unwraps the cloth. Inside is a jeweled
      dagger. "Beautiful
      isn't it? Jeweled and pointed and sharp. It will be easy. In the dead of
      night when Jean Paul is asleep you will go to his room and see his sleeping
      form. Lift your arm. Lift your arm!" Holly holds the dagger and lifts it.
      "And with all your strength you will plunge the dagger down!" Holly lowers
      the dagger striking downward. "That's right but not now. But when the
      murderer sleeps." Irene takes the dagger from Holly. "I will put the dagger
      beneath your pillow." Irene walks over to Holly's bed and puts the dagger
      under the pillows. Holly starts to stand. "Wait." Irene tells her. "Beneath
      my pillow." Holly turns and looks at Irene. She walks over to her. "Other
      voices have been trying to reach you. You must not listen to them. You must
      say there is no time. No time to listen because you will kill tonight."
      Irene says to Holly. "No time to listen, it must be tonight." Holly
      says. "Tonight."
      Irene repeats with a smile.

      Laslo pours Quito another drink. "There now. That's better isn't it my
      friend." Laslo says to Quito. Quito sits in a chair holding his glass. Laslo
      sets down the decanter and turns back to Quito. "Listen to me Quito. You're
      well known for obedience so obey me now. I have been kind to you haven't I?"
      Laslo asks walking around Quito's chair. "Yes I have. The people down there,
      the people in Desmondton are interested Quito in you at a time we do not
      need interference by prying into our private affairs. So you must run Quito.
      Run. If you do not they will come, men who intend to harm you and therefore
      harm your Master. Do you understand? I respect you Quito as an obedient
      servant. A servant who would die if need be for his Master. So you must go.
      Far away from here and they will forget. If they find you Quito, if men
      follow you as you cross through the forest then you will become the loyal
      scapegoat for your Master. And the disturbance because of the killings in
      Desmondton will end." Laslo leans on Quito's chair looking down at Quito.
      "Do you see what you can do for your Master Quito if you die?" Quito looks
      up at Laslo.

      Jean Paul stands at the window looking out. "The fire is dying Master. It
      is time to sleep." Jean Paul stands staring at the sky. "Master?" Raxl
      says as she steps closer to him. "I've been looking up at the sky Raxl.
      Looking for one star that would bless me somehow." He turns away from the
      window. "I have suffered enough of curses." "We will end it." Raxl says. Jean
      Paul nods with a slight smile. "Yes we will try. Now go to bed Raxl I want
      to stay here alone." Raxl stands looking at Jean Paul. "Take the gun with
      you. I promise my life won't end tonight." Raxl walks away carrying the
      gun. At the door she turns and looks back at Jean Paul. "Goodnight Master."
      Raxl turns and leaves the room. Jean Paul watches her go. "Goodnight friend
      Raxl." He walks around the room, stretches and rubs his eyes tiredly. He
      stops at the wine table. Picking up the white wine decanter he opens it and
      holds it up. "So clear, so luminous." He laughs. "Be grateful Jean Paul that
      there is something on this earth that is clear." He picks up an empty glass
      and pours the wine into it. The wine turns red. "Blood red. Blood." He looks
      at the decanter then sets it down. "White wine turned to blood. From my
      touch." Jean Paul walks caring it in his hand looking at it. "Why is it that
      everything I touch turns to ..." He hurls the glass at the fireplace.
      Holly's name appears on the inside wall dripping in blood. "Beware Jean
      Paul. Jean Paul!" Philip tries to call out to him. "Holly!" Jean Paul cries
      out seeing her name. "Holly, Holly!" he shouts and rushes from the room.

      Holly is lying in bed. Irene bends over her swinging the pendant. "You will
      sleep now Holly. Sleep until the darkest hour before the dawn." Irene sits
      back laying the necklace on the nightstand. "Then you will take the dagger
      and you will go to Jean Paul's chamber and you will..." The door flies
      open. Jean Paul stands in the doorway. "Irene what are you doing here?" "Shhh.
      She's almost asleep." Irene says putting her finger to her lips. Jean Paul
      looks at Holly then back at Irene. "What are you doing to this girl? Tell
      me?" Jean Paul sits on the edge of Holly's bed and awakens her.
      "Holly?" "Yes."
      Holly sleepily looks at Jean Paul. "Yes." "What is it? What has been
      happening to you?" "Go away Jean Paul. It's not time yet." Holly says then
      turns her face away. "She's delirious. She has a fever and is badly in need
      of sleep." Irene says to Jean Paul. Jean Paul stands. "Why are you here
      this time of the night Irene?" "Ada telephoned. She was concerned about
      Holly and she thought everyone in the house was asleep." "I was not asleep.
      And I could have been awakened." Jean Paul glances at Holly. "You were
      saying something to this girl when I came in. What was it?" "To sleep."
      Irene answers. Jean Paul notices the pendant and picks it up. "What were
      you doing with this?" "That? That's something from an old wives-tail."
      Irene says with a smile. "My mother used it to sooth me as a child.
      Goodnight Holly dear. Goodnight I'm glad you sent for me." Irene says
      stroking Holly's face. "I'm very tired now." Holly says "Holly are you
      sure there is nothing wrong?" Jean Paul asks bending over her. "Nothing
      Jean Paul nothing at all." "I'll stay with her and make sure nothing
      disturbs her." Irene says to Jean Paul. "No I want you to leave this room."
      He walks to the door. "You have an explanation Irene." "Very well." Irene
      walks to Jean Paul. She turns. "Remember Holly to rest." she says then walks
      out the door with Jean Paul. Holly starts falling asleep. "Holly. Holly its
      Philip." "I don't want to see you." "You mustn't do this. You must forget
      what Irene told you!" "Go away Philip. You can't touch me now. You can't
      touch me now." Philip fades away. "Holly, Holly!" Philip's voice calls to

      Laslo takes the glass from Quito. "Please. Go now Quito. Go before it's too
      late to save your Master." Laslo helps him up from the chair. "Go Quito and
      never return." Quito backs away from Laslo. "Go you stupid ape! Do as I
      say!" Quito becomes angry and grabs Laslo around the throat. "Quito I'm
      your friend. Stop it!" Laslo gasps. Raxl walks in. "Quito stop it!" She
      tries to pull Quito off of Laslo. "Stop!" He backs away. "What are you
      doing? What are you doing to us all?" Raxl shouts. Quito opens and closes
      his hands. He then brushes Raxl's cheek then walks out of the room. Laslo
      stands against the wall holding his throat. Raxl rushes from the room
      shouting. "Master!"

      Jean Paul kneels next to the fireplace. "The wine turned the color of
      blood." Jean Paul says reaching towards the back wall of the fireplace.
      "Here." He runs his hand close to the back wall. Irene looks at him. Jean
      Paul stands. "It was a warning." "Your superstitions are getting the better
      of you Jean Paul. You live too much in the past. Nobody is going to be
      harmed here. Not Holly not anybody and certainly not by me." "Master!
      Master!" Raxl shouts. Jean Paul walks to the doorway. Raxl rushes up to
      him. "He's gone! Quito!" Jean Paul rushes to the open outside door. "He's
      gone mad! He tried to kill me!" Laslo says rushing down the staircase. Jean
      Paul looks at Laslo then turns to the open door. "Quito! Quito!" he shouts.
      Irene rushes up to Jean Paul. "He'll return. Go to bed Jean Paul. Laslo will
      take me home, go to bed."

      The clock strikes four in the morning. Jean Paul is asleep but restless.
      "Jean Paul my brother. Do not sleep. Hear me Jean Paul." Philip calls to
      him. Jean Paul's bedroom door opens and Holly enters. She walks over to the
      bed and raises the dagger.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

      "God is great, beer is good,
      and people are crazy."
      ...Billy Currington

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