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Strange Paradise: Episode 81

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 81* * Episode 81: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/y79c4n* Raxl: Desmond Hall sitting high on the cliffs among rushing rivers. And
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 81*

      * Episode 81: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/y79c4n*

      Raxl: "Desmond Hall sitting high on the cliffs among rushing rivers. And
      beneath the house itself winding caves leading deep into the earth. Caves
      which the Desmond family tried to seal up long ago. For in their dark
      passages are secrets which endanger anyone who enters. This night at Desmond
      Hall a door has opened and the voice of Philip Desmond has offered an

      "Come to me Holly. Enter through the doorway and descend to me. I won't hurt
      you Holly, not anymore." Philip's voice says from the opening under the
      staircase. Holly stands and looks at the opening. "Cold. It's so cold." Her
      teeth are chattering, "Yes but you'll set me free Holly. Out of the
      darkness and out of the cold." "No. I want to leave!" Holly backs away
      getting upset. "I want to leave this place!" Holly shouts. "Holly!" Jean
      Paul calls to her from the staircase. He rushes down the stairs. "Jean
      Paul!" Holly cries running to Jean Paul. He holds her in his arms. "Jean
      Paul help me please!" Holly starts to cry. "I've got to leave this place
      before I go insane!" "Holly? Tell me what is it? What happened?" "The
      door, the door!" Holly cries out hiding her face against Jean Paul's jacket.
      "What door?" Jean Paul asks. Holly turns around. The panel beneath the
      staircase is closed. "I don't see anything. There�s nothing there." Jean
      Paul says to her. "Am I losing my mind?" Holly says to herself. "Holly
      what frightened you?" Holly looks up at him. "It's all right. I'll protect
      you." Holly shakes her head no. "No, he was right. I have to leave Desmond
      Hall for your sake and mine. I�ve got to leave Desmond Hall." Jean Paul
      looks at Holly. "Who was right? Who told you to leave?" "Philip, Philip
      Desmond." Holly says hiding her face against Jean Paul. Jean Paul looks up
      with a stunned look on his face. Holding Holly he calls for Raxl. He looks
      down at Holly. "Holly? Holly nothing is going to hurt you anymore. Speak to
      me." Holly lies against him, her eyes are closed. "Raxl!" Jean Paul
      calls. Raxl rushes into the room. "What is it Master?" "Holly has fainted.
      Please help me take her to her room will you." Raxl puts her hand on the
      side of Holly's face. "Holly. Awaken Miss Holly." Holly opens her eyes.
      "Jean Paul." she says quietly. "Raxl." She looks over at the staircase.
      "Behind the door. Mustn't go, mustn't go near the door." Holly says getting
      upset again. "Holly, Holly listen. You're here, here at Desmond Hall. You
      mustn't be afraid." Jean Paul says. "Come with me Miss Holly." Raxl says to
      her. Holly pulls away from Jean Paul. "No! I don't want to go with anyone!
      I have to leave this place alone!" she says rushing across the foyer. Jean
      Paul runs and grabs her. "Holly you're in no fit condition to go anywhere.
      Now you must go upstairs to your room." "No! I can't go to my room! He's
      there! He pretended to be kind but he hurt me!" "Who hurt you? Who are you
      talking about?" "I told you! Philip, Philip Desmond your brother!" "Where
      is Mr. Desmond?" Raxl asks. "Has he been here? Has he returned?" Jean Paul
      asks lowering his hands. "I don't know where he is! But he spoke to me and
      he hurt me!" Jean Paul grips Holly's arm. "Philip wouldn't hurt you He
      wouldn't do a thing like that." Holly pulls away from him and rushes over
      to the staircase. "Are you telling me I'm crazy?" She turns towards them.
      "Do you think I'm losing my mind? Is that it?" Holly cries out. "Holly no."
      Jean Paul says to her. "Maybe you're right. Maybe I am. Perhaps I should go
      away." Jean Paul walks over to her taking her arm. "Holly, Philip wouldn't
      do a thing like that. Philip wouldn't drive anyone away from his house." Holly
      looks at Jean Paul. "He did! He said I must tell you, to tell you to send me
      away or you will die." "Listen Holly, Raxl will take care of you." "He
      did! Jean Paul he said you would die!" Jean Paul stares into Holly's face.
      "What else did he say to you? Anything else?" "He said, he said to tell you
      not to trust Irene. That she's evil." Holly says looking away from Jean
      Paul. "Holly where did he speak to you?" Holly looks at him "In my room ,
      in my room! I don't want to see him anymore!" "You saw him. How did he look
      when you saw him?" "Very kind at first but then he turned against me. He
      became cruel." "Listen Holly, I think it's very important to tell all to
      me. You must go upstairs to your room first." Jean Paul says brushing
      Holly's hair back with his hand. "Raxl will see that you get upstairs all
      right. You must rest." Holly looks at Jean Paul. "Please if I do will you
      take me away. Tomorrow?" "We'll see about that tomorrow." Jean Paul says
      brushing his hand across Holly's face. "Raxl will you help her upstairs. See
      that she gets some sleep." Holly walks to the staircase, Raxl follows her.
      "Perhaps we better call a doctor." Jean Paul says. "No. No doctor. �Holly
      says as she stops and looks at Jean Paul. "I agree Master. Your doctors
      could do no good." Raxl says to Jean Paul. "Come along Miss Holly." Holly
      and Raxl walk up the staircase.

      Jean Paul walks into the Drawing Room looking around the room. "Philip." He
      calls out. "Jean Paul." some one calls from the hallway. Jean Paul turns.
      "Oh it's you." he says to Laslo. "I heard a fuss going on." "It was
      Holly." Jean Paul tells him. "Holly? I hope she's all right. I warned her
      not to leave the house and go looking for you." "She was in this house and
      she's very frightened. "Oh. Perhaps I can help." Laslo says. "Perhaps it
      is none of your business." "I don't understand." Laslo says. Jean Paul
      steps away from Laslo. "Or maybe it is something of interest to you after
      all." Jean Paul looks thoughtfully away then turns towards Laslo. "Holly
      believes she spoke to my brother." "To Philip?" "Yes, to Philip." "Nonsense.
      We both know..." "Know what?" Jean Paul asks. "That Philip is away and
      will not return immediately." "That's your story not mine." "You can call
      it a story if you like. I call it fact. I've given you proof of that fact."
      Laslo says walking away from Jean Paul. "I don't always agree with your
      proofs and your facts." Jean Paul says to him. "Have you proof to the
      contrary? Have you a theory of your own?" Laslo asks looking back at Jean
      Paul. Jean Paul nods. "Yes." He walks towards Laslo. "I'm afraid my brother
      is dead." "Dead. Nonsense." "And he was dead when I arrived in this
      house." "If your brother had died surely you would have been
      notified." "Perhaps
      not if he had been secretly murdered." "You will regret this. You will
      regret this entire conversation." "Laslo why did you turn pale when I said
      that Holly spoke to my brother?" Jean Paul asks stepping closer to Laslo. "I
      was frightened for the girl. She's a very disturbed young lady. I talked to
      her today." Laslo says looking away from Jean Paul. "Very calmly, very
      sympathetically. Her conclusion was that I was somehow her enemy." "And
      you're not? Is that what you're saying?" "I am no ones enemy. But I have
      been treated like an intruder ever since you arrived. You're very fortunate
      Jean Paul that I am not a vengeful man. Very fortunate indeed. Now if you
      don't mind I will go to my quarters. My wife is also upset because you are
      here. You and your friends." Laslo says then walks out of the room. Jean
      Paul looks away angrily. He walks to the table then glances around. He
      shakes his head then turns off the lights. Walking out of the drawing room
      he enters the foyer. He stops and glances around then walks up the staircase
      turning the lights off as he heads for his room.

      Under the staircase the panel in the wall opens. Quito climbs out of the
      passageway. He takes a few stumbling steps and collapses.

      Jean Paul is in his room when Raxl enters. "She is sleeping Master." Raxl
      says to him. "Perhaps she shouldn't be left alone." Jean Paul says to Raxl.
      "She will not waken for many hours I can promise you that." Raxl says
      closing the door. "Raxl, why did you say no doctor?" "The girl is not ill.
      She is under some spell." "How can you be sure?" Jean Paul asks. "Master I
      have known the girl since Maljardin. I remember how easily she fell under
      the spell of my Mistress." Jean Paul looks away. "Maljardin has been left
      behind." "But the girl remains as she has been. Victim of evil forces." "But
      she spoke to Philip. He's no evil force." Jean Paul says walking across the
      room. "Dead or alive he's..." Raxl walks over to him touching his arm.
      "Master I know this is painful for you but you must not think of your
      brother." "I know but wherever he is he's crying out. I know that he needs
      my help." "And you forget your own torment. You forget Master that at any
      time the Mark of Death could appear again. And all would be lost,

      Quito wakes up and pulls himself up the staircase.

      "Master forget. Forget all this and leave Desmond Hall. You and I we will
      find Quito together and go back to the world where we belong." "I'll never
      go back to Maljardin. Ever." Jean Paul says turning away from Raxl and
      walking to the bed with his back towards Raxl. "It is our only refuge.
      Otherwise I feel the spirit of death upon us all.' Jean Paul sits on the
      edge of the bed. Raxl walks to him and kneels next to him. "Master think of
      your brother if you must if he is gone forever. But we must leave here now."
      There is a light tapping at the door. "Who is it?" Jean Paul says looking at
      Raxl. A harder pounding is coming from the door. "Raxl answer the door. I
      don't want to be disturbed by anyone." Raxl walks to the door and opens it.
      "Master!" Raxl shouts. Jean Paul quickly rushes to the door when he sees
      Quito. He grabs his arm. "He's exhausted. Over here, sit down. Sit down."
      Jean Paul says as he and Raxl help Quito into the room and to a chair.
      "Quito? Quito where were you?" Jean Paul asks. Quito tiredly tries to sign
      to Jean Paul pointing to the floor. "Where Quito? Tell us somehow. Where
      were you and how did you get back?" Jean Paul looks up at Raxl. "Raxl get
      some food and drink as fast as you can. He's in a state of exhaustion." "It's
      a sign Master. Quito has returned. It's a sign. We must leave here now while
      we are all together!" Raxl says then rushes from the room. Jean Paul bends
      over Quito's chair. "Quito I know you're exhausted and I know you can't
      speak but somehow you've got to show me where you have been. What happened?"
      Quito touches his fingers and opens his hand. "What's that?" Jean Paul
      asks. He picks up a chain from Quito's hand. "This is Holly's locket. How
      did you get it? What happened to it?" Quito looks at his other hand and
      opens it. Jean Paul looks down and picks up a bolt. "A bolt? It's all
      rusted and old." He looks at it. "It's been shattered." Quito starts
      sobbing. "Quito did you break this? Did you have to break this in order for
      you to escape from where you were?" Jean Paul asks as he watches Quito cover
      his face with his hands. Jean Paul puts his arm around Quito's shoulder.
      "Quito, Quito you're crying. I've never seen you weep before. What it that
      made you weep? What have you seen?" Raxl walks in with a tray. "Raxl he's
      seen something terrible. Something pitiable to make him weep like this." Raxl
      brings Quito a drink. She takes his hand and puts the cup in it, then she
      puts her arm around his shoulder. "Perhaps he was pursued by some of the
      townspeople." Jean Paul says then stands. "Or perhaps..." He looks at the
      bolt then walks to the window. Jean Paul turns towards Quito. "The caves.
      The caves along the river. This is the kind of bolt that seals the entrance
      to those caves. It's rusted because of the high water tide from the river."
      He looks at the bolt as he walks towards Quito and Raxl. "But it's broken.
      Quito indicated that it was down." Jean Paul points at the floor. "Down in
      the caves. Quito? The caves, were you lost in the caves?" Jean Paul looks
      down at him. Raxl pats Quito's back. "You're safe now." Quito looks up at
      Jean Paul and nods. "How did you get to the caves? How did you get in?
      Those entrances are sealed." Quito shakes his head no. "No? Then how did
      you get in? How did you get there?" Quito shows him the sign for swim. "You
      swam? You swam the river? Were you pursued by someone?" Quito hunches down
      not looking at Jean Paul. "Quito how?" Jean Paul asks. Quito covers his
      face looking down as he sobs. Jean Paul kneels next to him. "Quito did you
      find a secret entrance or a forgotten entrance?" Quito looks away from Jean
      Paul and looks at Raxl. "He doesn't remember." Raxl says. "Quito how did
      you escape from there?" Jean Paul asks. "Wait a minute, his cloths are dry.
      You swam there but how did you escape Quito?" Quito looks at Raxl. He opens
      his mouth then puts his fingers near his mouth. "Where did you go?" Jean
      Paul asks him. Raxl stands. "Master he doesn't know. He's weary. Let me
      take him to his room." "Yes. Yes make sure he keeps warm." Jean Paul stands
      with Quito. Raxl and Quito leave the room as Jean Paul stands and looks at
      the bolt. He walks forward. "This bolt. What could he have seen that made
      him tear an iron bolt from the wall? Quito is powerful. What could have
      caused him to be so afraid? To weep? What awful thing exists in the black
      caves under Desmond Hall?"

      In Irene's cottage. "Philip's voice. That�s what he said." Laslo says to
      Irene. "I think he believes the girl." "Philip couldn't possibly?" Irene
      says. Laslo lowers his tea cup. "I�m not concerned with Philip Desmond.
      What is important to us now is what Jean Paul believes." "I wouldn't worry
      about Jean Paul. He's manageable believe me." "There is another thing I
      forgot to mention. Another small matter, Jean Paul thinks his brother was
      murdered." Irene stands. "Murder you say." Laslo sips from the tea cup.
      "Does the word offend you?" Irene walks to the fireplace. "How could he
      think, unless, unless." She sets her cup on the mantle and looks at Laslo.
      "He connected you somehow with the murder." "Why me my dear Irene? Do I
      have the aura of a murderer? Surely not." "I know you Laslo, I shared your
      life. What ever your aura may be I know you�re capable of almost anything.
      And if Philip is found." "Be quiet. Don't say that." Laslo says looking
      away from Irene. "A little jittery tonight aren't we. At least you are."
      Irene says with a smile. "But I'm not afraid Laslo. I am pleased that you
      told me about Holly and the so called voice of Philip Desmond. There has
      been interference, I told you that." Irene says walking across the room.
      "Just when I have her under my influence she withdraws or laughs at me. This
      will end. It will end." "Leave her alone. I told you I will take care of
      her." "And I told you I heard the voice of Philip Desmond ordering me to
      stay away from Holly." Irene walks over to Laslo. "But that no longer
      frightens me. What makes you think you do?" Irene asks walking away. Laslo
      glances back at Irene. "Where are you going?" "To Holly." "Irene I have
      warned you, you will ruin the plot." "I will not ruin anything but I will
      destroy the voice of Philip Desmond!" Irene says grabbing her coat.

      At Desmond Hall somebody is pounding on the door. Raxl answers it. "Who is
      it?" she says against the closed door. "A gentleman." "What do you want?"
      Raxl asks. "I want to see Mr. Jean Paul Desmond." "He's asleep." "What is
      it Raxl?" Jean Paul asks from the staircase. "A man to see you." "Well let
      him in." "Master it is the middle of the night." Raxl looks at Jean
      Paul. "Let
      him in." Raxl open the door and holds it open for the visitor. An older man
      walks in. "Jean Paul Desmond?" "Yes." "Lucky you let me in. I have others
      out there who would have come to help me knock the door down if you didn't
      open it." "Who are you? What do you want?" Jean Paul asks. "I told your
      servant here I am a gentleman. The Desmonds aren't the only gentlemen around
      here in these parts." "Agreed. But what do you want?" "I want your
      servant. The big strong one that can't talk." "Quito." Raxl says. "He
      isn't here." "We think he is." He tries to walk past Jean Paul. Jean Paul
      stops him with his hand. "I tell you he isn't here. He disappeared and
      hasn't yet been found. Now will you kindly leave or should I call the
      police?" "We can't wait for the police. That's why I'm here. Your servant
      with the funny name is a murderer." "That is not true." "We saw him around
      town the night the girl was killed. Big boot prints in the sand near the
      spot she was thrown in the river." Jean Paul turns away from him. "Well I
      suggest you let the police decide how the girl died." "Didn't I see you
      around there too?" Jean Paul stares straight ahead, then looks at the
      visitor. "Walking alone around the dock. Yes I remember the face now." Jean
      Paul looks at him. "Leave my house now." "Maybe I will. But the police are
      going to find out what I just remembered." "Get out!" Jean Paul shouts. "Are
      you afraid of the police? Well they will be here but not for the reason you
      want Mister. He walks to the door as Raxl holds it open. He glances back at
      Jean Paul. "If they won't come we will. And the next time we will be
      carrying torches." He walks out the door. Raxl closes the door and walks
      over to Jean Paul. "You heard, you've been seen." Jean Paul turns away
      angrily. "That hardly seems extraordinary Raxl. After all I did kill the
      girl! Well when should we expect the police? Tonight or in the morning!" "Hear
      me Master. Now is the time. Now we must get away." "Leave! Leave my dear
      dead brother who has spoken to everyone except me!" Angrily Jean Paul rushes
      to the Drawing Room, throwing the door open. "Philip! Philip where are you!
      Speak to me! Because of you I have to remain here! Because of you I have
      murdered! Speak to me!" Jean Paul shouts.

      Irene stands in the in the foyer listening to Jean Paul.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

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      and people are crazy."
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